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    Hey all.... So I was able to sneak out and give my 'new souped up SDC' a run today. It's hard for me to imagine that changing the batteries could make the detector work better, but it seemed to be the case. I went to two separate spots that I've been skunked the last few times. I guess there was still a few left.... Luke
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    Got the big o`l skunk last weekend hunting for new patches, so I thought i`d share a couple that I detected a while back. Under a full moon in Peoples Valley ... And here`s a nice half ounce piece accompanied by a one + ounce slab of gold ! Enjoy !
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    lol no doubt, ill be ok.. I just cant believe all the negativity out there in all forums im in... and I cant slap them from my desktop :P
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    Mining lands actually opening (not closing for a change) and talk of offroad vehicles roads opening. Is this to good to be true? Will Nevada and AZ be next? Trump Desert Mining Lands
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    A few live digs from last night with the Minelab Equinox 800
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    Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm running Li-ion batteries now. I ran the detector for 7.5 hours and the battery meter still says 'full'. The first nugget of the day was a .33g piece. When it was in the scoop the detector made the overload sound. I don't remember that happening before. Most of the finds today were just warbles to start with. It just seemed I was finding targets a tiny bit deeper than before. I've never found 7 in one day at the second spot. I broke my old record of 12 in one day with 13. Luke
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    Of copper Lo and behold, my propensity for finding strange things that aren't gold, continues! Drove Patches into a new area loaded with OLD mining activity. Found some small lodes on the hillsides that were scratched off and the wash was dug out. Figuring they must have been finding some color to move that much dirt. We decided to spend a couple of hours digging crap in hopes of finding a leftover nugget or two. Did find some interesting stuff, but no gold. The copper slug and an old Cutex lipstick tube were the prizes of the day. I didn't have any pool acid to clean the copper, so I hit it with my soda blaster. It appears to be slop from pouring hot copper from the smelter into a mold. One side is flat like it landed on a steel table.
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    not my video but excellent results https://youtu.be/k8xzHOTxwTg
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    Luke Nice batch of Nuggets! It is awesome to break your personal best! There is nothing like seeing that piece of gold on your coil. I seem to do better every time I change the batteries. But getting the detector in different spots in an old patch really strike an accord in my playbook. sometimes it requires a hoe and a rake to hit the spots that the detector didn't reach.
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    Nice job Luke, great nuggets As Bob noted a lot of factors to consider but, I noticed a performance difference even with different brands any types of batteries on my SDC too It was a fun machine to own and hunt with. Might have to get another one sometime
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    Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words and response. What I learned is that thru those skunk days, I simply hadn't put the coil over the gold. I was mainly hunting and exploring in new areas which had exceptionally hot ground and was hoping the Monster (with all its whistles and bells) would find some nuggets in these hard to work areas. Anyway, I feel more comfortable that the Monster will get me the gold whenever the coil crosses over it. Cheers,
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    Man I sure opened a can of worms with this video lol some extreme minelab fans, paid sponsors, or dealers or whoever sure jumped my case for a statement in this video that was simply my opinion. I stated in the video that the Equinox will definitely not replace the Etrac or CTX, I own a CTX and personally dont see the the variety of tools it has to offer, at least yet.. so the comment was made innocently but they turned it into a lynching pretty much.. Maybe its all the anger they built up waiting months to get theirs I dont know but I was in no way trying to critique the Nox, i love it so far and Im sure after I learn all it has to offer it will be in the top of my collection. Just wanted to clarify this was simply my opinions on it, I never force my opinion on people you take it or leave it, but I try to be honest , sometimes too honest. Bill knows my personality and even cracked a joke about how critical I am at times and to make sure to give it a chance. In all honesty I couldnt find any flaws in the machine. The video was meant to more to show how pleased I was but a few turned it into me attacking it or minelab... I am a very unbiased person. I am hoping to provide a better opinion shortly was just trying to get some info out there quickly for those waiting Currently I feel I got every bit of value out of my money, its a great machine and I already know it will be a keeper for me... CTX will be taking a vacation for now lol
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    Luke I can see your hunting skills are also getting better. Battery maybe? unless you where hunting with a weak old battery. Could it be its rained since you last hunted it, erosion, damp ground etc. lot of things to consider. I use all of these to my advantage on old patches. all I can say is, that placer patch isn't over until you hit bedrock. best of luck on more. AzNuggetBob
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    Way-to-go Luke; You seem to be having a hot streak lately,.. keep it up! I can't seem to get rid of this skunk that has been following me around since this New Year started. All I am finding in my outings is very old lead slugs (time after time), boot tacks and "very-"dinky"" pieces of rusted wire. My Z-7000 really amazes me as to just how small of "lead-fragments," and "barley-visible-dinky pieces of wire" it's coil will pick up a signal from!!! I mean I see pretty darn good, but I literally had to use my pinpointer on the dinky-wire-piece (which by the way was lodged down in a crack about 4" ) just to be able to find it. So, finding this small stuff with the 14" coil,... once I do "eventually" get my coil over some gold I know for a fact it won't miss it. SO, I am ready to get-rid-of-this Pesky Skunk,.........Hey adam, I've got a present for ya,............. or maybe Tom H will give it a ride for a while??? Gary
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    Those are Awesome! almost looks like they were together at one point and then split up. Thanks for sharing, and nice looking night in Peoples Valley.
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    Mitchel, Thank you for asking. It is like night and day. Before the operation, about 3 hours into the day I would start having unbelievable pain on the left side. I couldn't carry my pick over there because it put too much weight on that Sacro-Iliac joint. I also modified my Camel back to be on a 2 inch Nylon web belt. So I actually carry it horizontally across my back at the waist. I could not stand the weight of that either, so I would have to rotate it around to the front. I would get to the point where I had to take little short steps just to get back to my ATV. A day of hard hiking while prospecting, and I would be laid up for three days. I could not stand up out of a sitting position. My wife would have to pull me up. I would lay on a heating pad, and alternate with an ice pack. I would use muscle relaxers (which were of questionable help) and use Voltaren, which is a prescription anti-inflammatory cream that is absorbed through the skin. I would have to go to the Chiropractor, and he would put the joint back in place. When it was out my left leg would be 2 inches shorter than my right leg. Now, zero problems. I can detect all day, never have to move my pick. Virtually painless. Best thing I ever did. I am just amazed at what a 1 hour operation can do for your quality of life. I would have done it a lot sooner had I known. Here's the xray. What they do is fuse your pelvis to your tailbone so the tailbone can not slip down between your pelvis and get stuck. This SI Joint Dysfunction happens when you tear the ligaments across the front of the pelvis that hold the pelvis tight to the tail bone. I get the right side done sometime in April. My right side was never as bad as my left. But doing one side and not the other, usually puts a lot of stress on the non fused side and you end up in pain on that side too, along with the osteo arthritis, so I would prefer to nip it in the bud rather that let that side go all to hell. Doc
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    OK, but it will be in your hands when I get my next batch and well before even March 1st, I will keep everyone updated as things progress and I know it sux missing the first round. Minelab is doing the best they can and with such a good reputation for having the best detectors when they make a new model this is always how they handle it and the exact reason they contact up and allow prepay orders for those wanting one ASAP after release. No dealers have any on the shelf yet and will not until all prepay back orders are filled
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    seems like dealers should get first dibs so they know how to help the customers.... fred
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    They are simply trying to be fair because there are so many orders, yous will be in the next round and will be here very soon. I would have loved to get more, but they send the same to everyone until caught up. You will have yours sooner than you think I expect and you still will be taken care of before any of us have them on the shelves or own one. We are restricted from even getting a demo until all you folks get yours, so I will be last.....
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    Chuck, old buddy; it is more likely the Indian valued his life more than the horse....the horse cost him something, just not money... fred
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    Nice finds Dave. Hey, check that lipstick tube there might be some gold dust inside. An old timer might have taken the lipstick out and used it fore a poke? Old Tom
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