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    Exposed bedrock & hardrock specimens
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    Well....barely .17g Found about 10' from the buggy and was the first target of the day in an area not known for gold. Also found a strange tarnished silver looking piece of something. It's not foil, but heavier and much stronger. Under a loupe it seems to consist of several tiny ribbons spiraled around and twisted in a random fashion. Weather was fantastic with temps pushing the high 70's.
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    A place where the gold is generally found as small, 'chunky' dinks that weigh in the .1g range or less, and are more rounded than flat. Similar to birdshot. ....and like Adam said, shallow ground. There is no 'best' detector. Only the one that suits the area you are detecting the best. Good Luck !!
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    Today in lala-land, I was hiking aimlessly, willy-nilly , with no concerns, and not paying one bit of attention to ground conditions. All I asked for was bedrock, and gold.......Maybe it was a stroke of luck? ... I found both.
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    We are friends of the landowners on Glorieta and will probably hunt there this summer by invitation. Unfortunately too many meteorite hunters have hunted the private lands there without permission in the past. Disrespect of property rights is frowned upon. There is now a lot of suspicion of anyone traveling or hunting there without a local. A lot has changed in that area over the last 15 years or so and the Grantees aren't as tolerant of uninvited visitors as they once were. The Sheriff needs those local's votes so he can stay in office and the Judge is elected by those same people. They understand the feelings of the people who own the land there and take trespassing complaints by them seriously. The alternative to that system would be much more unpleasant so sneaking around those property owners would be a poor choice - better to face the Sheriff than Los Hermanos. If you want to hunt Gloreita these days it's best if you have a personal invitation. The people there are generally friendly and if you speak high Spanish and show respect for the Penitente culture you probably won't have too much problem getting an invite.
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    20 18 is going to be a great year.
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    See you don't need me! Old Tom
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    Or get a good Minelab and start hunting the banks and ridges above where the old timers worked and find larger nuggets. All the gold is not in the wash. Keep it up Adam and I'm going to have to put some nugget porn That were not found in washes/creeks with blond rocks whatever. AzNuggetBob
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    It's interesting that the 'mystery' piece is shaped like a question mark.
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    From another spot, less than 3 miles off a paved road and less than 5 miles from a major highway. This spot is very trashy and the way I see it, you’ve got a few choices as to how to approach that scenario with a detector on a short hunt: 1) Trust your discriminator (nope. plus you’ll often end up not going deep enough by not digging past the trash to get to the gold) B) Fight through the trash in the wash (time waster) 3) Say to hell with detecting, enjoy your coffee, and just watch the sunrise (not a terrible choice) 3) Rake the wash out in a (hopefully) shallow drop zone using a rake and neodymium magnets (won't get it all the trash but sure helps) 5) Hunt the benches and hillsides (a lot less trash often) Being in a laid-back state of mind and having other things to do with the day, I opted for the latter. Good time management Got the first little dink right off the bat and the second took some time Sure was another beautiful sunrise. It’s out there!
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    Congrats Dave !! While it might be small, the character of that nugget is nice. Like Tom said, a few macro shots would probably look pretty cool. First of the year and hopefully not your last.... Luke
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    I love the name... "BANG GOOD"
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    Some of the olde timers on here may know of Dan and Denise in Colorado, they run a gold prospecting club in Colorado and also a forum, ColoradoProspectors forum, and they are the salt of the earth and such great people, they also have a son, Tim. Dan passed away unexpectedly a week ago on Friday morning. Dan RIP Here's the post from Denise on their forum. http://www.coloradoprospector.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5471&st=0&gopid=47895&#entry47895 "It floods my heart with overwhelming sorrow to inform everyone that my husband Dan passed away early Friday. The sudden loss of him has left me beside myself and confused. Tim and I are doing our best to hold ourselves and things together but it is very difficult right now. Please bare with me as I am also having problems access the work computer. If you have signed up or am trying to notify us by e-mail, please be patient and I will respond as soon as I can. For now I can be reached through the personal messenger in the forums.Thank you all very much for your prayers and understanding!Denise "
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    WTG looks like it was in the caliche Mike C...
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    nice start , now keep it going
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    I agree but the "main" areas of some districts have been beat to death with every type of machine. In these cases it might be better to hunt the peripheries. I've had lots of success with this.
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    Thanks for replying to the photo, but some of you had to figure I was baiting you on the subject. Boulder dash and I have removed over 17 ounces of gold from the ground in that picture. Its likely even more than that, but I dont want to give you false information, or exaggerate , so I will keep it a conservative estimate.
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    This video is 8 years old, but it gets the blood pumping, a find of a lifetime for sure!!!
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    Where does gold come from? I'll show you, or maybe I should say I'll let Hubble show you. and because it moves so slow it will only give you a glimpse because it can only look at an incredibly small chunk of space and when focused in on deep space and misses about 99.9999999 percent of everything that's happening around it at any given time. If you look at some of the photo's from Hubble you can see how exploding stars are spreading star matter out into space and they are regrouping into new stars. have you ever noticed how water tends to want to ball up when not influenced? gold and other metals when made fluid do the same thing. so destruction and re-creation is going on all the time.Its a never ending process. the only thing that changes is that the universe keeps expanding and time moves on. Initially gold comes from exploding stars. Here on earth its just "flak" shrapnel from those explosions sometimes in the form of meteors, asteroids and even space dust in some cases over even millions if not billions of years. with the completion of James Webb space telescope we will learn even more about it's creation and formation and what else is created in these star explosions and what causes them. we are learning about new types of stars with every new satellite and a new comprehension of different physics in space that don't exist here on earth or even in our solar system. AzNuggetBob https://youtu.be/U1niwcncpKM https://youtu.be/Xi-aQVgL66s
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    Thanks. I've been finding a bee or two in my outdoor storage parking spot. I was starting to think I might have a hive inside the vehicle somewhere. I think the one or two bees I find might be attracted to the neon blue cover I use. These are fuzzy bees, so I think they're some type of honey bees.
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    I remember looking like that a couple of times Bill. It comes with the business I guess. It never did stop me and like you said it's good for the arthritis. I only wore a veil once or twice while catching swarms and usually in a tee shirt. That was of course before Africanized Bees. I had a really nice pair of leather long sleeve gloves that I was going to give to you but they rotted in the barn from not being used. A couple of stings aren't too bad but if you get ten or twenty and start breaking out in hive on your skin head for the emergency room. The more you get stung the more you build up your tolerance to the venom. It got so that stings didn't bother me too much after a few years, but in the face around the eyes it's a totally different story. The lip don't feel too good either. The guys have suggested an Epi-Pen and I think that you should look into having one around just in case Bro. Old Tom
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    Normal isabout 2 miles to forage, but can do 4 square in hard times.
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    You really were in "lala land".... Today is Monday. Nice work anyways... Luke
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    No Billy, It wasnt us. These areas dont have people within miles, usually even more