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    I have hunted directly under the high tension lines at JJ and Soldier Boy (GPAA claims in Dewey-Humbolt AZ with both my 4500 and 5000 with the stock 11" DD coil and coil type switch in Cancel. i also have a small DD elliptical that I found was easier to use and seemed more sensitive to the shallow ground I was hunting at the time. I was able to easily hear the targets and recovered a few pieces of yellow from the area. You will be fine with a small DD coil.
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    We are aware of this issue, like many other TMP's in the West. Most were done and are being carried out from the remnants of the Obama Administration. We have finally broken through President Trump's firewall and have a line of communication with his Administration. We are working with Ryan Zinke on several other USFS and BLM issue's. This one just moved up on our list. We recommend you join our Facebook page "American Mining Rights" to keep up with any updates we have, and if we need you to write letters or make calls to particular Senators, please encourage your friends and fellow miners to do the same. If we remain silent, or act alone we will be crushed. We must unite and stand together. Shannon Poe, President AMRA
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    Even a tidal wave starts with a tiny ripple.
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    Greetings Skip P....I could only wish that was a 1916D ... It would be worth a small fortune! Actually it is a P [Philadelphia] ..This one I did not find although I have many in similar condition worth more.. it just looked good there... More than likely traded for a chunk of ~float Copper~ which I have thousands of pieces over the years.Up here in the U.P of Michigan it can be found but it's getting harder and harder to find just like gold...BUT as we all know... THEY DIDNT GET IT ALL! Peace to you Skip P. and a Merry Christmas to you and all our friends here at Nugget Shooter!
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    What Mike C said ... times 2! Thanks Clay!
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    I for one would be interested to see what you did ... Thanks for offering!
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    YES. BTW; you can do something similar with a ruck-sack or small canvas pack with straps (military surplus) . Just cross the straps on the harness....for those days when you want to carry extra stuff. If anyone is interested I could post some pics of my various oddball ideas.... fred
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    These occasional, well thought out, well expressed nuggets such as Doc's in this case are sooooo satisfying to read and follow. Not everyone may agree with each point made, but just having someone actually take the time and patience to put together a well argued and supported point of view is one of the things that makes me keep returning to this forum. Thanks Doc, even though I'm a believer that sometimes gold just IS where one finds it.
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    Thanks Clay for all you do for this great hobby Mike C...
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    I'm 5' 7" inches tall. I have had left shoulder rotator cuff surgery, and 12 months ago I had the head of my radial bone in my right arm cut off and the nerve in my right elbow relocated. My right arm is my swinging arm. I swing the GPZ7000 10 hours with not so much as a twinge. When I take a break it's not because I am worn out, it's only to get a sandwich or a drink, or drive to a new location. The harness "Pro Swing 45" is an absolute must. The Swing Assist arm is also another must. If you don't like it, it is because you do not have it adjusted correctly, and you are trying to use it the way Minelab recommends. First, forget about using the "J" rods on both sides and the yoke that goes across your chest. Only use the "J" rod under the arm you swing with. In my case that is the right arm. Second, have someone help you in adjusting the harness correctly. From the middle of your waist at the back where the rod snaps into the wide belt, adjust that only far enough out that the rod, when it runs under your arm stays very close to your body. You don't want your arm bumping against the J rod as you swing. You want it tight to your body. When you get that adjustment right, put electrical tape around the adjustment screw so it stays how you adjusted it. Third. Where the rod goes up inside the shoulder strap, you want it HIGH! High enough that it actually lifts the strap off of your shoulder. When you pull down on the bungee you do not want to feel that strap touching your shoulder no matter how hard you pull. What you should feel is the weight, being transferred down and under your arm and pushing the wide belt around your back out and away from you. Basically you will feel no weight at all. Again when you get this adjusted correctly, electrical tape. Then also tape the joints on the J rod so they do not pull apart. I have gone through this with too many customers to count. "I don't like it." Really? Put it on. What don't you like about it? Are you right handed or left handed? I do the adjustments I have just described and 100% of the time the response has been, "Holy crap, what a difference, the GPZ weighs nothing now." I had a customer that I sent his GPZ to him in California, he said he could only swing for 2 hours at a time. Once he got over to Las Vegas to go out for his training I rigged him right. He swung for 8 hours that day, only stopping for lunch. Zero problems. Trust me, if you don't like it, it is only because it has not been adjusted correctly, or you are trying to use that YOKE system across the front of your chest, which to my way of thinking is worthless and cumbersome. Doc
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    Thanks Fred & hermit.. Have some info searching to do now.. I'm good with smaller objects "skipping" off the atmosphere.. Entering, making ground contact and still having escape velocity though..? Ties my brain in a knot lol.. Even given a super-shallow angle the object would need to be going sooo fast I'm having a problem imagining its composition in order for it to hold together.. Like -- diamond and titanium..?? Or what..? Swamp
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    Well, this is humble compared to what I've seen but I had 2 visit's each lasting 2 days. The 2nd time I will never forget. The rain was so bad we had to cross a creek at Rich Hill to get out or we might not have left for goodness knows how long.. I remember the desert being so green and I was literally sloshing around in the mud.. Camped in the truck but the water got in and I was just about floating in my sleeping bag.. Loved every minute of the visit! Yes there is some silver in a few nuggets.
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    Yea Fred, i think you may be talking about the Hoba meteorite, that's one scientists figure came in at very low angle, and maybe even skipped on the surface. The west coast is all about plate tectonics, that's my take on how the central valley was formed.
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    Ah this is so cool! I never win anything (well except for that wet Tshirt contest). I'm just down the street from you Bill, how about I stop by your shop later this week and save you the postage? I'd like to thank you in person.