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    Overall good day out on my elusive hunt for Gold. I did get a compressor and the ride was much smoother. Thanks for the tips. What I did see was a sign closing the road to motorized traffic because of a BLM limited use area (pic posted). I was real bummed to see that. I also see that there were definitely tracks for people who drove there. I am the type of guy that follows the rules, so this slowed me down getting to my spot. Although it is not on the map desert pilot posted, I did look for an older area that had Schist, not Pinal Schist or Yavapai Schist, but Schist none the less. Probably won't go to that spot again, but will continue looking at the area. I had enjoyed a night sleeping in the bed of the pickup on a cot watching the meteor shower. I mentioned the trip to a couple of people I work with, but they just don't get the adventure.
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    Definitely fun to get out. I think remote away from populated areas is key. Next one's going to be more remote. Even though I had to walk in for this one, three years ago, that sign was not there, so anyone could have driven to that site. Also, it's the first area to look at on BLM land after you leave the black top, even though it's three or four miles from it. I'm sure there's at least a dozen forum members that have been down that road, and I wouldn't be surprised if they detected the same washes. You follow the access roads and it's the first place on the map, even though you have to walk from the access road. People will still go to those remote areas, but if they are not a day trip from a valley of four million people, the pool gets smaller and smaller. For this trip, the copper ore came from an area marked pre-Cambrian ,1 billion years old, on the map but looked a lot like the ore from the last mine I went to that was marked Tertiary, up to 20 million years old. I was kind of expecting the copper staining to be much bigger. The picture where I'm pointing is the ore from the mine with the young rocks, and the other pic is the mine with the old rocks. The amount of trash in the washes in the area made metal detecting painful. Most of these washes were covered with brush. Not a geologist, but the geological maps had marked the area with phyllite, but I didn't see any. There was definitely Schist, but sometimes it was deep, and looked to be buried by lava in most places and could mostly be seen where a creek cut deep or a shaft was dug. Also, this was the biggest operation I've been to in the area and was surprised to see the mine was not named and there was nothing on minedat about it. Tailings piles were 12' deep in places. Much bigger than the Eagle Cloud mine by the Little San Domingo.
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    I grew up working on sport boats in cali and then I heard about gold.
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    Finally got Patches finished enough to take it for a test run yesterday. We went for about a 20 mile loop through the Vulture mountains. I am IMPRESSED. Point and shoot... and it will climb some crazy stuff with ease. It is short enough to be super nimble on the trail and will flat go faster on rough ground than I normally care to. I built a cargo rack for the top for beepers and whatnot, added a windshield for the winter(will be removed for most of the year). We also added hood and side covering for cactus protection. Re- Jetting the carb was fun. It's an old Zenith that you can't get parts for. Ordered a set of jet reamers and soldered up the jets and reamed to a more appropriate size. That worked pretty good. Also I rewired the entire thing, eliminating several yards of unused wires going all over the place. Ran all wires for the upper lights inside the tubing for a clean appearance and less chance of trail damage. Bad news is after making it home and unloading, I came back outside to grab the key...and it was on fire! The old generator gave up the ghost and was happily burning away. Unhooked the battery and cooled everything off before something else got damaged. Time for a new generator or convert to an alternator. By far the most comfortable off road rig I have ever owned. Takes on the terrain like a champ. Aside from the generator, I still need to make the lower rack over the fuel tank and tidy up some loose ends from the construction. Old School...I like it.
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    I took a friend of mine out for his first exposure to Gold Prospecting. His name is Nate, he is a Nevada Highway Trooper, and my neighbor. As I also was a police officer the two of us hit it off immediately when we met 8 years ago. He is the range master for the entire State of Nevada Highway Patrol. He's a huge hunter, deer, elk, antelope, etc. So he loves the out doors. So I had promised I would take him out gold prospecting. I was letting him use the Gold Monster 1000. After a couple of hours of explaining geology to him, and some quick explanation of the GM1000 and the differences between VLF, pulse induction etc. off we went. I was scaring up targets with the GPZ and then calling him over and letting him dig the target; hoping he would find a little nugget. Well he soon got tired of having to walk all the way over to me to dig tin foil and specks of aluminum and lead. So I let him do his thing. He was quite diligent and thorough in his approach. He was digging plenty of trash on his own. We were working a gully where I had taken out about 19 nuggets and I was sure there were a couple of dinks still hiding there . No luck. It was getting around 2:30 and we had agreed we would head back home around 3:00 pm. So I am just sort of wandering around about 20 feet up the hill from the gully when I come upon a little flat area, that would be a perfect resting place for a nugget. So I get a little target sound. I am convinced it is probably a piece of trash. I can see Nate he is only 20 yards away. So rather than make him walk over, I figure I will kick some dirt off of it first and see if it moves, (meaning it's shallow and probably trash) or if it is deeper, in that case maybe being a better chance it is gold, I will call Nate over to dig it. So I kick about two inches of dirt away, and sure enough the target moves. So I assume it's trash. I go ahead and isolate the target anyway, just so I won't have to deal with a little piece of lead the next time I am out there, and what do you know. It's a little nugget. I called Nate over and asked him if he could see the nugget in the plastic scoop full of about 8 like size pieces of rock. He couldn't see it. You know how nuggets come out of the ground, usually they are indiscernible until you put a little water on them. So I told him go ahead and just dribble a little water into the scoop. He did and the nugget immediately revealed itself. "Holy cow, that is so cool." So I gave the nugget to Nate as a remembrance of his first gold prospecting outing and so he would have a test nugget. He seemed over the moon about this little piece of gold. I know he would have rather been able to find it himself, but I was sort of shocked that even I found it. Seemed like it was going to be one of those "slim pickin's" days. However, he really enjoyed himself and it was a beautiful day and we found a nugget; so how can you complain? I get a great thrill out of introducing people to this fantastic hobby of ours. BTW, I have found with the GM1000, being it is as sensitive as it is, it is sometimes hard to use your hand to sweep a little pile of dirt over the coil, because the coil actually reacts to your hand. I have found using two scoops to half the dirt with is very helpful. That way you are keeping your hand away from the coil and only using scoops. You'll notice Nate has two scoops laying on the ground next to him. He found it less frustrating to use two scoops. Doc
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    Met up with Boulder dash for a 24 hour hunt. We detected at night for about 6 hours, during a very bright, near full moon. A few nuggets were recovered that night and the following day. After what seemed like miles of hiking equipment in, we dry washed a hillside looking for a source, and we are very, very close to locating it. Time ran out and it was time to get back to priorities. Heres the take .....Mine on the left and BD`s on the right. Thats 16 grams on the left and I think BD came out with 10 grams ? Heres a small area of placering that I worked on for a while.
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    Thanks to all of you that have bought hats and I am a bit overwhelmed at the support, also had to order more already. Eventually I will decide on a couple other colors like light OD Green or maybe even pink for the ladies
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    Very nice buggy by the way.
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    When I worked with a German father an son team they told me those 2 words meant " no difference" !
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    When you start doing this, strap your detectors down!
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    Cool Beans ! Will be making my order next week.. Thank You.
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    if it gets you there and gets you back and you are happy that is all that matters... if you see Ed and Claudia down there get them a chat...they will be drywashing. fred
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    that was one big plow job! As I recall there are some similar meteorite scars in Australia...but uch smaller and the meteorite stayed around for a visit. fred
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    I go out on the boats sometimes, more when the Bluefin Tuna are close. I got 2 bluefin tuna this year. I like to do a bit of everything, fish, hunt, gold prospect, camp.
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    I'm just kiddin ya Scott. Im sure someone will help you out here. AzNuggetBob
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    Well if he catches calico bass,. AzNuggetBob
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    Thanks guys. I just now read this or I would have answered sooner.
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    Are you suire it's not a fossil?
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    I couldn't imagine what you would of found if you could've use both arms, very nice!!
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    Gotta take a picture of that
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    Don't worry about the last woman in the bar at closing time..... better worry why your the last man there! A pick up line for her: you might not be the best lookin girl here but beauty's only a light switch away.
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    Did some one arm swinging today along with some one arm picking. It turned out to be an alright day!! The top three were within a half hour of starting out and very close to where we parked (stones throw away!!) A re-hashed. . . TIP of the day. . . swing where you park. Totaled 5.9 grams or 3.8 dwt
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    I'm not sure if it's an alien spacecraft or probe, BUT it does look like it could be a gigantic alien TURD, possibly shot out of a far away place similar to Uranus!!
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    Dave I will just tac glue them to some card board to get them Nulled. That requires moving one or both coils to the point that the Rx Coil is cancelling out the Transmitted signal. At this point the Receive signal will be based on mostly the Target Signal only. Later I will glue the card board on some foam as filler/spacer. Later I'll blow expanding foam in the housing securing all. In this case the Shielding is going to be a Conductive Carbon based paint within the coil housing. This one is for the guy I'm building the TGSL detector for. All Documents required can be downloaded from Geotech if anyone is interested. Files are to large to post here. http://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?15710-TGSL-Complete-Details Dave, I'm still working on the Engine Management. Just getting this one out of the way.
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    Ok, Getting there ! I got the issues corrected. Tx Gauge 32 (AWG) 214ft Wire Resistance: 38.764 ohms 107 turns 6.05 mH Rx 32 (AWG) 224ft = 39 ohm 113 Turns 6.507mH Going to fit in the Housing Nice. Now I need to tac glue it to a peace of card board and tune Null it.
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    Congratulations !! Your 'story' should be a good lesson for all who are wanting and trying to score some gold with a metal detector. Looking forward to seeing what you'll dig up next. Luke
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    I checked the County Recorder too. Nothing there. Must be fake news.
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    Scott... if you are going to be there during the week days you shouldn't have any problems. I tend to stay away during the week ends, that is generally when the rowdy ones come to drink and shoot. You'll probably run into some of the retired GPAA and Roadrunner club members out there this time of of year. I'm hoping to get out to the area next week if I can get my old mule ready by then. Have fun and save some gold for the rest of us. Jim
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    Lightning Facts - The picture alone is worth clicking http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/11/30/lightning-bolts-are-churning-out-antimatter-all-over-planet-earth.html
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