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    I took a friend of mine out for his first exposure to Gold Prospecting. His name is Nate, he is a Nevada Highway Trooper, and my neighbor. As I also was a police officer the two of us hit it off immediately when we met 8 years ago. He is the range master for the entire State of Nevada Highway Patrol. He's a huge hunter, deer, elk, antelope, etc. So he loves the out doors. So I had promised I would take him out gold prospecting. I was letting him use the Gold Monster 1000. After a couple of hours of explaining geology to him, and some quick explanation of the GM1000 and the differences between VLF, pulse induction etc. off we went. I was scaring up targets with the GPZ and then calling him over and letting him dig the target; hoping he would find a little nugget. Well he soon got tired of having to walk all the way over to me to dig tin foil and specks of aluminum and lead. So I let him do his thing. He was quite diligent and thorough in his approach. He was digging plenty of trash on his own. We were working a gully where I had taken out about 19 nuggets and I was sure there were a couple of dinks still hiding there . No luck. It was getting around 2:30 and we had agreed we would head back home around 3:00 pm. So I am just sort of wandering around about 20 feet up the hill from the gully when I come upon a little flat area, that would be a perfect resting place for a nugget. So I get a little target sound. I am convinced it is probably a piece of trash. I can see Nate he is only 20 yards away. So rather than make him walk over, I figure I will kick some dirt off of it first and see if it moves, (meaning it's shallow and probably trash) or if it is deeper, in that case maybe being a better chance it is gold, I will call Nate over to dig it. So I kick about two inches of dirt away, and sure enough the target moves. So I assume it's trash. I go ahead and isolate the target anyway, just so I won't have to deal with a little piece of lead the next time I am out there, and what do you know. It's a little nugget. I called Nate over and asked him if he could see the nugget in the plastic scoop full of about 8 like size pieces of rock. He couldn't see it. You know how nuggets come out of the ground, usually they are indiscernible until you put a little water on them. So I told him go ahead and just dribble a little water into the scoop. He did and the nugget immediately revealed itself. "Holy cow, that is so cool." So I gave the nugget to Nate as a remembrance of his first gold prospecting outing and so he would have a test nugget. He seemed over the moon about this little piece of gold. I know he would have rather been able to find it himself, but I was sort of shocked that even I found it. Seemed like it was going to be one of those "slim pickin's" days. However, he really enjoyed himself and it was a beautiful day and we found a nugget; so how can you complain? I get a great thrill out of introducing people to this fantastic hobby of ours. BTW, I have found with the GM1000, being it is as sensitive as it is, it is sometimes hard to use your hand to sweep a little pile of dirt over the coil, because the coil actually reacts to your hand. I have found using two scoops to half the dirt with is very helpful. That way you are keeping your hand away from the coil and only using scoops. You'll notice Nate has two scoops laying on the ground next to him. He found it less frustrating to use two scoops. Doc
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    Met up with Boulder dash for a 24 hour hunt. We detected at night for about 6 hours, during a very bright, near full moon. A few nuggets were recovered that night and the following day. After what seemed like miles of hiking equipment in, we dry washed a hillside looking for a source, and we are very, very close to locating it. Time ran out and it was time to get back to priorities. Heres the take .....Mine on the left and BD`s on the right. Thats 16 grams on the left and I think BD came out with 10 grams ? Heres a small area of placering that I worked on for a while.
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    That sure was a fun 24hr trip. Night detecting was a slippery blast. I was definitely more focused during my night hunt. Yup 10 grams.
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    When all is said and done, it's a little piece of yellow metal. Certainly not more valuable than a friendship. I can always find more gold, friends are much more rare. Besides, next time a State Trooper stops me I am going to drop his name like a hot horseshoe. Doc
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    Words to live by right there. Also red clay and old handstacks
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    I don't do dust very well and definitley don't like it on all my chit before I even use it. Well on our first 75mi ride in our new '15 Polaris Hunter Edition XP900 Ranger that is exactly what I got. Ice chest, chairs and a camo bag full of gear that you couldn't even tell was camo was covered in bugdust before lunch. I built this OSB board bed cover and coated the top with Herc-u-liner truck bed liner. I also built a back drop (not pictured) out of OSB and hindged it to the rear top cross bar. I made it so that the back drop could be held up using a tiedown strap and give you some shade while sitting on the tailgate eating lunch. If you drop the tailgate, it could also swing into the inside of bed and held up with a bracket to give you clear rear-view driving when dust isn't a problem. I held it to the bed with turn buckles in all 4 corners so that it didn't hop while off road. It is the best thing I have done, as it keeps out 99.5% of all the dust in the bed. . . no matter how dusty the trail is. The little extra weight is well worth it.IMHO Hope this is worth the share and helps someone out that doesn't like the dust. Edit: Found a hunting pic that I cropped to show the back drop. It is actually painted camo, but you can see it is covered in dust that didn't make it in the bed.
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    I am new at detecting and I feel like I just stuck a needle in my arm. I live in the hualapai mountain been to gold basin twice and the wife and I are going to Quartzsite for a week. Bought our first two detectors about a month ago (Whites gmt/mxt) and should get my Garrett atx delivered tomorrow! Haven't found a nugget yet but when I do my wife might find me sleeping under a bush in a wash somewhere not wanting to leave. Retired and found a new hobby that I really 'dig'.
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    I always like a trip report, finds or no finds. Thanks for taking us along.
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    Doc, Good luck with the procedure. Your details leave most of us cringing from what you are about to experience. All of us will keep in mind your situation that causes it to happen. I have friends that are very grateful AFTER the recovery period and they would do it again. Just tell them whenever they are done you want your ass to be off the ground because that is where you have to swing your coils! Mitchel
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    No one has ever stacked, nor relocated overburden in this wash; and I think that the only others (few if any) that had tried to detect here where the guys who had the early VLF detectors. But I'm sure that the high mineralization and overabundant supply of iron stone hot rocks made them seek easier ground to hunt. Most likely drove them "Nuts". Gary
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    I love the night hunts. And if you get tired then you can take a nap under the stars without waking up fried to a crisp! Then again, it's pretty obvious neither of you took any naps. As the others have already said, nice work and thank you for sharing. It keeps the fire burning.
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    It does happen. This was found off a forest track. https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=36590 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1783_Great_Meteor https://www.justcollecting.com/miscellania/rarest-and-most-interesting-meteorite-in-the-uk-will-star-at-rob-elliotts-auction
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    absolutely killing it you two! Oh to be 20 years younger!
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    "Pick up some bacon" The most beautiful words in the English language Thankfully the dead avoid me like the plague. I've never seen, heard, or felt anything that couldn't be explained. People that I hold in high regard for honesty however, have seen strange things, so I can't rule out the possibility. It just never happens when I'm around
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    He knows I'm into computers, We think he just see's it as a BIG COMPUTER thing Hanging from the Ceiling. Err Will be . It's still in the box waiting to be hung. Or Sump-thing. LOL Thinking about that one. I still owe him a good time. A good time like when he watched our kid for the day and gave him like three 20oz Code Red Mtn Dews and dropped him off to crawl the walls.
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    You know, he knows that you guys don't watch TV in your house, why don't you go out and buy him about a ton of fertilizer or something that he can't use and dump it on him. But then maybe Wanda would get wicked, its her Brother. Old Tom
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    That type of exercise sure beats a 24Hr Fitness membership!! Nice gold.
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    Well, we all have out limitations, and sadly they become more prominent as we get older. You can only do what you can do at any given moment, so do all you can-do when you still can. Hey, nice looking dredge,... I'll bet that was a producer. Are you still allowed to dredge over there?? Your location says that you are out of Redding, Cal. I used to ride bulls over there whenever there was a rodeo back in the late 60's to early 70's. One of my limitations,... I can't do that anymore. Gary
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    Dodacious and I communicate telepathically so often and accurately that it is a common part of our marriage...I'm talking both big and small things, as common as, "While you're at the store pick up some bacon." Cheers, Unc
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    I believe in the para-normal if you want to call it that. I have had many 'premonitions' in my life ... mostly about my family and very close friends. A couple of them I had to call the person to verify as I was living far away from them so couldn't just go cross town. Those were not life threatening but in both cases they were in very serious accidents. One was in a car and the other on a snowmobile. I think this happens to folks more often than not ... most don't admit it or just plain don't listen to what their mind has picked up! It's out there ... we just have to be open to it!
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    Yep agree on cap and artist is changing the hat to ball cap and moving detectorist more to left to show N better, thanks for your input.
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    To me being young again is being ready, willing and able to indulge in such vigorous attempts to get at the gold. NOT being able to go to such extremes is indeed vexing but at least I did for many many years,hence envy to say the least.John
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    One of the local prospectors (150) took his new toy (Minelab 7000) to one of the oldest worked out areas last week for a test. I only heard about this after the fact but how do you test a new machine when you can't even read the owners manual which is in English. He said he and his buddy dug a lot of trash targets but one of the targets really blasted his ears (his words). Turns out it was a nugget about a foot deep. I didn't see the nugget but it was described as the shape of your index finger and weighed 300 grams!
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    No more dredging or mechanized water mining in calif. ,legally that is. Waiting on Judge now for his written ruling on many aspects. I loved all mining anywhere using anything as a addict and proud to be a has been. Still detecting but even a sluicebox will/can get you in trouble here now....sic sic sic illegal harrrasment-John