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    Bill's Outing before last I got skunked. But the first time, and then of course this last time I scored nice nuggets. As you saw the last one was a pendant type weighing 3.2 grams, but the first one I got from the same wash was 3.6 grams. All in all not bad considering that is not my normal stomping grounds. Fortunately Bill had asked some of his mates to let me tag along on the first excursion and show me the ropes. I dug the first nugget out to show it side by side with the current one. I don't think this will be my last trip down to San Domingo. The place has been good to me. Doc
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    Funny thing about AZ is everywhere I've found gold I've found copper. The current place I'm working has both copper and gold nuggets in the same creek bed.
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    So I pulled a couple more out of circulation. Tonight my daughter lost another tooth, I went to the change bowl to find a couple Sacagawea dollars for the tooth fairy to leave under her pillow and found these two guys in there!
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    It looks like Max was determined to check and make sure that all food was properly prepared!!
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    Welcome to posting bc5391, glad to have you joining in adding content on the forum! You have actually been a member here since early 2010, over 7 years, time flies when you're having fun, HUH?
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    I don't do dust very well and definitley don't like it on all my chit before I even use it. Well on our first 75mi ride in our new '15 Polaris Hunter Edition XP900 Ranger that is exactly what I got. Ice chest, chairs and a camo bag full of gear that you couldn't even tell was camo was covered in bugdust before lunch. I built this OSB board bed cover and coated the top with Herc-u-liner truck bed liner. I also built a back drop (not pictured) out of OSB and hindged it to the rear top cross bar. I made it so that the back drop could be held up using a tiedown strap and give you some shade while sitting on the tailgate eating lunch. If you drop the tailgate, it could also swing into the inside of bed and held up with a bracket to give you clear rear-view driving when dust isn't a problem. I held it to the bed with turn buckles in all 4 corners so that it didn't hop while off road. It is the best thing I have done, as it keeps out 99.5% of all the dust in the bed. . . no matter how dusty the trail is. The little extra weight is well worth it.IMHO Hope this is worth the share and helps someone out that doesn't like the dust. Edit: Found a hunting pic that I cropped to show the back drop. It is actually painted camo, but you can see it is covered in dust that didn't make it in the bed.
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    I'm not really a coin shooter but I do try and keep an eye out for cool stuff, and the other day I noticed this in my change from the day before I threw it in the jar to someday be rolled and turned into the bank. I thought it was neat enough to share, but I also don't know anything about coins.
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    Very Nice Doc Now I need to run out there before the next rain and track down your footprints.... What size and type of boot do you wear? Luke
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    Doc Very nice finds. I think its obvious those nuggets came from the same source. so you know in your heart there is a least one more in there with your name on it. AzNuggetBob
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    Talking about his pictures of the mine shaft(colors) along as where his finger is pointing. Thanks for the welcome, I've been a member for 3 or 4 years, I just do not post. picture is of a Malachite /azurite formation (Wikipedia) very common here in Southern AZ. you will find it Globe, Bisbee, Arivaca ,can be found where copper is found, as well as Chryscolla . Chryscolla and Malachite look very similar.
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    NO SEX AFTER SURGERY A recent article in the San Francisco Examiner reported that Nancy Pelosi has sued Stanford Hospital, saying that "after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex." A hospital spokesman replied: " your husband was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight."
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    Is someone local building these..? Seems to me I saw one nearly identical in an outing pix.. Or are we looking at the same toy..? Regardless, very kewl..! Swamp
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    LOL, Could be. High Temp Silicone 14 AWG. COMMUNIST RED in color too ! https://www.banggood.com/DANIU-5-Meter-Red-Silicone-Wire-Cable-10121416182022AWG-Flexible-Cable-p-1170292.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN
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    Oh Crap! You might need to re-order, the wire you're waiting is most possibly in a North Korean missle by now!!
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    Not a problem Sir. This is going to happen. I still have some wire missing over the China Sea some place. LOL.
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    You talkin' about D.B. or Mini..? Or the tire mfg..? Or Charles, the only person I know IRL to ace the SATs..? Just wonderin' is all.. Swamp PS: Welcome to the forums..
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    Certainly hope you can. It is such a great bunch of down to earth folks. There are a lot of outings out here centered around prospecting for both the experienced and novice. But the Nuggetshooter is by far the best! Cheers!! Mike
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    I brought the detector hoping when I got to the mine, the tailings piles would be full of quartz that would be crushed and then free milled for gold. Their was no quartz in the area. After detecting the tailings pile and checking the mine out, I brought the detector down in to the creek, and checked a few spots on the way back. The creek time was mostly detecting the areas where the bedrock was scrubbed clean and about 50' before and 50' after that. Spent some extra times on the corners and mostly ignored the sloping falls with a bowl shape on the bottom.
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    OK will get on it and post soon....... UPDATE, Logo design in progress and once completed will have a batch made per order. In other words I will let you know you can order and once minimum order reached we will get them.....
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    I had a 200 pounder once, but the line broke !
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    Here they go with that ASSUMING again. That's Assuming the Little or not so Little Grey guys would know how to decipher our Digital Modulation . My bet is all the Nuclear Blast we have set off produced enough EMP noise out there to get some attention if there was anyone in ear shot. Besides ? What makes them think we are even worthy of a looks see ?
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    Yeah, I like camo and I tend to hunt like I swing.. away from people. There is quite a story behind this hunt. In short: I spotted him opening morning but couldn't get close to him. I waited a few days until my wife could join me. We headed back up a deadend road and spotted him laying down in a tall grass high in a bowl.(450+yd & steady cross wind) She stayed in the Ranger, glassing him the whole time as I snuck to within 220yd. It was 9:30am. my field of view changed and I could see but just tips of horns. So I waited. At 3hrs a forky-horn (that I couldn't see) stood up - streched and layed back down at 1:30 he stood - bang - back down he went. Meat in the freezer. . . so I thought!!! There was a reason he didn't want to get up - he was hurting. The shinny spot above his left eye (that is no longer there) is a bulit stuck in his hide, betterhalf is pointing at it. My 1 shot was true, but he was also hit in the intestin. It must have been a few days earlier as he was already septic and not consumable at all. NDOW thanked me for taking him out of his pain and offered me another tag, but I declined. I thought who knows how many other people just fling lead in hopes of hitting/wounding and not retreaving their game. Besides, I am not alwasys blessed with such great company and wanted to remember the hunt with the mounted rack. To those that hunt... learn your gun, go to the range and practice Just flinging lead could injure more than game, as bullets travel a long long way and still do damage. To get out of the weeds and back 'on-topic' track . . . You can see how the gun scabbard doesn't have dust on it.
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    Learned something new this morning! Everybody back home just calls them SUSV's because thats what the Army calls them. Not as many of them around anymore. Mostly HEMTT's and now STRYKR's I spent a LOT of time on Ft Richardson outside of Anchorage as the warranty rep for OshKosh. I performed warranty recalls on hundreds of HEMTT's. Which mostly consisted of removing a grease zerk from the streering column and securing the harness with super huge zip ties to keep it from chaffing on the column. Ahhh...the good old days. Easiest job I ever had. The hardest part was tracking each unit down. Amazing how the Army could loose a frickin HEMTT...
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    Follower of Islam ? LOL