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    By the time the GPZ 15000 comes out, everyone is going to need one of these to dig their targets.
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    I've been detecting daily for some time now...and I have observed a few things I would like to share regarding older coils made by Coiltek and Minelab commander .I am beginning to realize that those so called older coils work very well indeed. Today I used the 15" Coiltek orange mono coil in a pounded patch that i hit probably 40 times with a variety of coils including the 12" round and the elliptical 17 Evo coils. I noticed a slight threshold drop as I passed, now you have to realize when a patch is what i call dead...you need to listen and listen carefully to the slightest change in threshold. So digging down about 14" thinking a nugget for sure, I even took out the cell to video it...but alas a boot tack! This was deep...another hole I dug produced a lead old flattened lead ball, third hole was a nugget and real deep!! All these areas I hit with Evos...so the point of all this is , if you have some old coils you wanna get rid of, give me a buzz, I like them. I have found regardless of the coil you're using, the key is..to swing slow, very slow and listen like you never listened before, get in the habit of doing that. Another thing I've changed is my gain...I max it out ...if the ground can handle it...I think sometimes we get in the habit of running the same gain settings. If anyone has a 16" Round Mono coil they want to get rid of....let me know. Remember don't walk over gold, go slow..slow..low,low and listen very carefully for the slightest change in threshold and dig it all. For what it's worth...
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    Makes sense to me Skip .
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    The little Wednesday nugget (above) and the large nugget above the cornflake in my prior photo of Monday's finds on the previous page both came from what I suspect is a deeper, geologically older pay layer. Each shares the coarse "spongy looking" surface feature and each has a lighter gold color (suggesting a higher silver content) compared to the "buttery yellow" shiny, smooth surfaced nuggets. I can't tell for certain whether the pits or "pores" run throughout. There does seem to be a bit of magnetite embedded in them though. I used a 15X macro lens on my iPhone to take the above close-up. The diffused purple tone comes from one of my bride's velvet pillows that served as a base. My intention is not to hijack your thread, but to encourage more photo submissions with some added dialog -- a combo that may stimulate some reflection and make following Bill's forum fun.
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    I wouldn't do that, you're just inviting them to come up with a reason that you can't do something that you can do anyway without asking!
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    OK, OK. While Bob is away let's talk about what really matters...."Where IS gold?". Where it came from has been debated for a long time. Granted, recent discoveries are giving us a better idea of where it comes from, but what nugget shooters really really want is that sweet signal from their detector. It doesn't happen everywhere, it just happens where gold is now, today. After searching for over a year in various places, I found my first nugget at Rich Hill near Stanton, AZ. Many other people have found gold at Rich Hill after striking out elsewhere so my suggestion is: "Go where gold has been found."
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    Still think having a personal digger and pay him/her digger a commission on the finds....Seen nugget hunters in Africa do that. Or a flat fee of 10 bucks a day........imagine just flagging targets as you go along and have 1-2 people digging...and pocketing your gold!!
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    That is almost exactly what he uses. Just a different brand.
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    My friend with the pull behind digger stays on his claim 2 months out of the year and the forest circus and BLM give him more problems for camping too long than they do for his digger. I was there for one of the encounters and they told him that since it didnt drive and move under its own power, that he was ok to use it. The bucket is the size of maybe 3 regular shovels, so not too much production there. As for the rototiller, there are guys that i have seen up in Majuba and Rye patch area that use them. They said they were told it wasnt a big deal. I wasnt there to confirm that though. But the little pull behind digger i was.
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    Way to go Dave, bet you cant wait to get back there!
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    Thanks everyone.... Chris, that gold does give some choppy signal on the 7000. I did have clay hits on the 5000 a few years back, the mineralization of the clay gives the detector almost like a mellow zip, not quite as good as a nugget, but can still make you think you got something, I guess we learn the hard way with 5 foot craters in the ground.... Dave
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    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your nugget(s).
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    I got my permit today so now I am all set for the outing , can't wait.
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    Nice nugget. Thanks for sharing. Here are some I detected in the high desert of SoCal on Monday.
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    "Where Does Gold Come From" Metals and other elements created in space from stars. I'm thrilled. Finally proven to my satisfaction and no longer just another theory. many scientists have been working on this and waiting for this Neutron star COLLISION TO HAPPEN. I have known about this for some time and was going to use it in my book as the final chapter. I can tell you that information is still pouring in on the collision. Just wanted to let you know I have just been invited into another project and not sure I will have time to keep up with this thread. So if it takes awhile for me to respond to comments or questions I hope you understand. I hope we have given enough information and links here to help you research it more and also help you find more gold here on earth. Also,There is no estimated time of publication on my book. I'm still working on it and compiling a lot of information. Will let you know when it's published. Take care out there and don't let your pick get rusty. AzNuggetBob
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    Oh, I'm with you Gary.... I was just responding in the 'spirit' of your post. Weekend before last, I went exploring for new ground. Did a lot of hiking, viewed some wildlife, and had a 'run in' with a Fish and Game dude. Didn't find any new gold ground. So on the way home, dropped by a hammered club claim and picked up a few dinks with the SDC for a half a gram in two hours. I know many guys would have thrown these back, but I thought they were keepers. Luke
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    .Azdigger, Unless you plan to dry wash that dirt I wouldn't bother. Focus on detecting in ground shallow enough for your detector to see. Once you find a patch you might consider tilling and dry washing but it's been my experience where I live in SE AZ that nugget patches aren't great for dry washing due to spotty fine gold. As always ymwv. BTW like many on the forum it took years to find my first nugget. I suggest that you maybe contact Mike F. on the forum and he can help shorten the learning curve for you. After finding my first nugget I relized that I really needed to get spooled up on geology. After spending a couple of years studying geology and doing some work underground with some old school miners the whole prospecting thing clicked and now I'm finding gold regularly. Chris Ralph's Fists full of gold is a excellent place to start in learning geology then move on to more technical book thereafter. You asked about seeing an old patch and chances are slim that people will give up that hard won data. Instead go to mindat.org and do a search for gold mines in the area you want to detect. Drive or hike to those mines and examine the host rock and vein structure the gold runs in. Now search open ground in the area looking for similar host and vein material. That technique works great for me. DP
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    Looks like we will have a good one this Fall, GPAA and Minelab will also be attending and the training will be likely held on one of the GPAA claims. There will be some great giveaways and other stuff as well. Good food, good friends, new friends, and gold! Stay Tuned as we get this put together my friends, gonna be epic....
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    Well now you both had your heads ran over at least once while moto-xing way back when, that explains a lot, sorta like "I was dropped on my head as a baby!!!!
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