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    Since its kinda slow here thought Id post this one that I found a few weeks ago- I awoke it from its long slumber-I took my time on this one I usually just dig em out and maybe take a pic-I know its small Its a whopping 2.5 grains and was down about 3 inches-found with a 2300 -Funny thing is a 5000 had just gone over it and didnt even hear it so I guess the 2300 is good for something Mike C...
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    Looks like a fun area Tom and glad you guys got out, sure you got those monster settings right? It should hear all those pieces you vacuumed up! I popped this little guy yesterday and it was an easy to hear target under hematite gravel about an inch in bedrock. I'm in love with a monster!
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    I agree about the soil. but I'm sure Mike will tell us where he found it to help solve the mystery. Nice find Mike, hope you find more in there. AzNuggetBob
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    Decomposed granite bedrock-the redder the better Thanks Mike C...
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    I know it's been a while since I last posted but stuff happened. I have been actively searching for specimens to add to my collection but finding affordable material large enough to make a sphere in a classification that I need has been difficult But despite those barriers I am up to 20 meteorite or meteorite related spheres and I just bought a Mesosiderite, which has been very difficult to locate at an affordable price Here is my collection, the individual images are listed in the order they were obtained. GIBEON IAV / FINE OCTAHEDRITE IRON- 488 GRAMS NWA 869 L3/6 CHONDRITE - 225 GRAMS CAMPO IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 485 GRAMS BRAHIN PALLASITE - 335 GRAMS SEYMCHAN IIE / UNGROUPED IRON - 520 GRAMS GUANG DONG TEKTITE - 145 GRAMS NWA 2828 EL3 CHONDRITE - 158 GRAMS DRONINO ATAXITE / UNGROUPED IRON- 536 GRAMS GAO-GUENIE H5 CHONDRITE - 227 GRAMS URUACU IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 533 GRAMS NININGER MUSEUM WALL BRICK- 171 GRAMS BLACK ONAPING SUDBURY IMPACT MELT- 185 GRAMS TOLUCA IAB-sLL COARSE IRON- 528 GRAMS CANYON DIABLO GRAPHITE - 247 GRAMS NWA 791 L6 CHONDRITE - 220 GRAMS DHOFAR 1289 L4 CHONDRITE - 214 GRAMS LIBYAN GLASS IMPACT MELT GLASS - 147 GRAMS ZAG H3/6 CHONDRITE - 246 GRAMS GHUBARA L5 CHONDRITE - 230 GRAMS DHOFAR 1724 H4 CHONDRITE - 222 GRAMS
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    Mike...............you know, you got to bring the pistol, rifle, and shot gun to get everything WTG Great find. Tom H.
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    looks like a nice day, with some gold..... thanks for sharing...
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    Thats the coolest walking stick i`ve seen. Nice job on the color kids !!
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    Hope you had the spot blue staked... http://www.arizona811.com/
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    Wanted to pass a couple of things I did to our Monster to make life easier. First the detector seems to like to lay on its side when you set it down to work a target. I spread the feet on the base out and put a thin aluminum strip on the bottom to give it more of a base. Works a LOT better. Also put some weather strip foam around the top to pad is some for when it does flip over. Probably will still have to work this as I dont see it staying on too long. Last, put a MATTE finish screen protector on the LCD screen. It cuts down on the sun reflecting back into your eyes Also wrapped some thin foam around the hand hold area to give it a little cushion. Tom H.
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    What! I didnt say the monster sucked??? Headed out to the hills with dad today to meet up with a good friend that let us come into a area hes been getting a lot of small stuff out of. So..........were tooling alone the freeway, cop on the side of the road with flashers on...no biggie...keep cruzing. 5 miles down the road, im getting lit up! What the heck!??? Pull over and he explains to me that I did not follow the "pull over" law. Guess if they are stopped on the side you have to slow down and pull over into the other lane. WTheck...there were cars in front/behind/and beside all just cruising along....Guess I had the only vehicle he could catch that stood out. Whatever...I just said yes sir, no sir....and got my warning. To the gold fields!!!! Did some placering today dug a few spots out and sucked them up. Did some detecting with the 5000 and didnt get anything yellow..lots of other stuff though! So the other guy is detecting where the wash crosses the road and bang...he gets two, one a sunbaker I took the monster over and beeped the single one in the pic. He left the little guys there for me to suck up. Cleaned up the road/wash area with the vac. Bout 3/4 bucket. Got some nice pieces out of it! The second bucket didnt fare as well. But, all in all it weighed out to .4 grams. Paid for the gas anyway Great day out with Dad and friends. We got a pic of a walking stick bug also. Oh, also my feeble attempt at hand stacking Tom H.
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    Well sounds like a good spot to placer and monster. Looks like you were 500' higher in elevation than I, surprised I didnt see you on the way out. Maybe next time!
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    Thank you for the kind words. I have looked at those but finding one big enough hasn't happened yet, however, feel free to send me if you got it I use a machining process to make the irons and the standard 3 head sphere machine for the non-iron specimens. Both of my processes use considerably less material then the conventional methods. For instance, to make a 50mm sphere on a 3 head machine most cutters start with a 70-75mm cube that gets cut into a soccer ball like rough The Rare Earth Trading Company uses custom made core bits they are thin walled and in my case produce a 52mm rough.
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    Nice nuggie Mike. Adds to the collection no matter what size.
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    Interesting soil.... Nice nugget Mike Thanks for sharing Luke
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    LOL why would you think I would need to get it blue staked My avatar thanks to Mr Southern is exactly how I live and what my property is, there are absolutely no buried utility's any where close to where I detect I know that for a fact closest utility's to my property is at the vary least 30 miles from me the power to my cabin is supplied by solar and batteries and they are no where close to where I detected the target which is up on a mountain at least a quarter of a mile from any of that so no I did not call blue stake no need to
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    or the can on the other side of the bush...it pays to search around a bit before going for the big dig!
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    Guilty also....good lesson though-
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    Now who would let something that silly fool them? Or even the rusty can above the hole that blends in with the dirt? Tom H.
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    Interesting and I as well would have to look, Gypsum is soft, a (2) on the harness scale and your would be able to chip into it with a pick I would think. If a harder mineral like Quartz or Calcite who knows what you have in there. I dug for several trips into a spot in Quartzsite where several of us on the forum were trying to excavate a target from solid mineralized Quartz and after breaking a pick and pry bar we finally got to it at about 8 inches into solid (we thought) rock. It was a small brass blasting cap that had not detonated decades ago at the bottom of its hole. Sure sounded good and we all got a good laugh from that one.
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    Is there a bush hanging over your hole ? Ive had wire hanging in a bush close or above a hole more than once-figured it out after digging to BFE Mike C...
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    That's some nice gold Tom !! Cool hat too. It sure is nice when your friend takes you to a spot and you find some gold. I, too, have been very fortunate to have a few friends that have taken me to some good spots. Here's to friends !! Luke
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    Nice, Tom! That place looks familiar. You guys must have been in Greaterplaceritasandomingobasinville again! Nice going! Dean
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    Check the sides of your hole Mike C...
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    Welcome from White Plains, New York. Working with black sand (BS) in Arizona, I can tell you it is hit and miss. I have run BS through sluices and dry washers, and sometimes there is flour gold - most times there is not. We have a wash near Congress, AZ, that has almost 30-feet of BS overburden. The Highway Department went in there and scooped out about 10-large dump trucks full of BS after a flood in 2009(?), and we went in behind them to see what was there - Nothing. The trick is to get LOCAL info on your area. If folks are netting gold from BS then all is good. If nobody is, too bad. Don't invest in equipment until you do your research! - Good Luck!
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    well, my credibility may be questioned...but... sometimes the plastic molding is not properly formed and so the male plug does not penetrate far enough... not an uncommon complaint from some...people fred
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    OK, now I see why no training was offered and perhaps at the outing I will have time to help out. With the 4500 keeping it stable is very important especially if looking for deep targets. The "sensitivity" "threshold, and GB are very important in helping achieve this. Factory pre set setting are OK to start out, but it is only a starting point and up to you after that and try adjusting different settings related to stability over a in ground faint target before you dig (not planted) see if you can increase the detectors ability to "see" the target or not and pay attention to what settings work best for the area you are in. HUNT SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW like a snail with a broken foot...
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    Bhogg I plan on making that trip I was talking about tomorrow. I can't see anything will be better that before being nothing was done to the unit. I really hope it works great and I will give it my best. I will report all in what I done plus all the settings I used here. The area has lots of black sand and a high mineral content with a small amount of gold plus some silver. Sending me another 5 in. coil in my opinion don't constitute a fix when it shows the same trouble. Until Then Chuck
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