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    Awwwws Man! What ya have to go do that For ? Sniff, Snert, Snert. Some of that river stuff was a bit too low for my comfort zone.
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    Ha thanks everyone for the info. We went to the rim last weekend the family (wife) ? decided it would be to hot in box canyon and wanted higher elevation. East clear Creek was perfect! Not too many people and not hot. We will go back again.
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    Homey, this guy has passed on, but someone keeps his blog up. There are numerous entries worth a read. Ol' Bob was a sharp fellow and thankfully wrote some of his stuff down. http://bobhooversblog.blogspot.com/2006/11/av-how-to-make-ribs-out-of-old-orange.html?m=1 http://bobhooversblog.blogspot.com/2006/11/flying-on-cheap-wood.html?m=0 Might take some time, but anybody can do it. You too.
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    If I can do it, so can anybody else. Go for it! Don't watch this one Luke.... No crazy flying, but Les got over 10,000' msl. Heck of a view from up there.
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    Yeah.... so now I've got to build myself one too. For the most part, I've been 'okay' with not flying for the last 15 years. Then I see this... Luke
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    Here's a cool clip of ol' putt putt laying it down...low and slow. Crank the volume and set it to full screen. Enjoy
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