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    You'll be "sorry" for not going,...the coooool pines of Prescott, and the Lynx are calling to you,..."come-hether",..come-seek-out my Gold,...I'ts here for the taking, but only "the Shadow" knows where. Gary
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    My local Walmart carries Whink. They had it on the BOTTOM shelf until I told them how dangerous it was and that it DID NOT have any seal on it. Any little kid could open it up. They moved it up higher. And, it does work good on quartz samples.
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    Yeah nice shootin Bob! Way to pull out the only nugget of the day! 4500...skunk 7000...skunk... GB2...scores!!
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    What..? Wait..! So you're saying there's reason to come to Prescott besides the In-n-Out Burger and that bar with the really well-tuned honky-tonk pianer..? Kewl..! Swamp
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    Fred, It does attract a frig magnet on a thread. To be honest, I think that is about the best pictures my old camera will take. Not sure how to start a new thread....not really that savvy. But will try to reshoot and repost under another thread. Thank you, Rads
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    Gee whiz Gary that is some good looking stuff! I think you are pulling me to the dark side.
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    I think I see the future here with BD and Adam.... Tom H.
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    I Doubt there are ANY of you folks out there that do not know of Some One who did not come Home. This is the time to Refresh THEIR FACES in Your Minds. Have a Good Holiday We the People ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_Day
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    I'm posting a link that exemplifies what Andyy just said -- let's call it the "So near yet so far" syndrome: http://abcnews.go.com/US/treasure-hunters-retrieve-45-million-gold-coins-sunken/story?id=33204481 Over the past seven years I've walked past and detected this exact spot close to two dozen times, at least as far as low tide would allow that is, with nary a hint of a whispered hit of any sort.. Of course, as you'll see in the vid I could have been standing directly on top of it and most likely wouldn't have gotten any sort of reading anyhow due to depth.. These gents only got to it due to a fortunate blind luck "let's punch a prop wash hole here today" choice, which doesn't take away one bit from the fact they're out there every day possible working their butts off either doing this or other search / recovery techniques.. The gentleman at the podium is the actual lease holder, purchased from Mel's estate a buncha years ago.. Swamp
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    Of the 29 countries that I've been lucky enough to visit it's my firm belief that here in the USA we have more military hero's, past and present than any other country. THANK YOU VETS
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    The only certain test is by a reputable lab...it is mostly round which would be unusual for a meteorite...usually the "thumbprints" would be obvious...but, I am just shooting an opinion to be polite. How or why it got where you found it is anyone's guess... I am voting for a strong maybe...get it tested...
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    May I suggest better pictures and a new thread...also, what happened when you tested with a magnet? BTW; honest inquires are certainly welcome...one thread of this type might give an unseemly impression... fred
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    Thanks Tom I didn't think about box canyon. I think we will go there. That area is really nice. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for the reply Chris you are right about the local lashes they will be hot! Prescott is way nicer than the valley.
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    Hey Justin, I don't know if Lynx is running or not but it will be awful crowded with people this weekend. The last time we went we were run out by unruly campers. Just a thought consider Eugene Gulch, it has a creek and a waterfall there. Box Canyon above Wickenburg is a good place for kids also, and the water runs late into the summer. Try calling the ranger station for the area to see if water is running in the creeks. Old Tom
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    Found in a hurry.
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    Thanks guys Tortuga put me on one of his spots so that was cool too!
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    Hey All.... With all you guys posting your recent finds, I decided to go out and find some gold of my own. I went out last night for a full moon hunt. Started off exploring some new areas, but ended up in a hammered gully that I like to call the 'Roadside Patch'. I've taken a few out of there in the past, and by the looks of the place, it's been worked pretty good with rock throws on each side of the gully. Because it's been hunted by myself and others, there's very little trash left, so when you get a signal, there's a good chance it's what you're looking for. This time around, I chose a spot where the gully crosses the road and flows over some exposed bedrock before dropping a foot or so and then turning and widening out. I used my Burro pick to clear the first few inches of rocks and gravel away and was just able to get a break in the threshold. A little more digging and the larger nugget on the top came to the surface. After finding the first one, I just expanded the scraped area to about 4'x4' and got another signal. Two targets in the hole this time. The second nugget was found first and then a large piece of lead (.38 cal) was also in the hole. With the bullet being so much larger than the nugget, I'm thinking that I detected the bullet and the nugget just happened to be there too.... ??? Anyways, it seems the lead, led me to the gold. No more to be found last night, but it's good to know that when you think a place has been picked over, there's still some gold hiding somewhere. Good luck out there. Luke
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    Sierra Chemicals in Sacramento have gold chemicals. Must have a business license to purchase. I think it was about $65.00 gal/50% last time I checked. http://www.sierrachemicalcompany.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=35&Itemid=2
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    Nice one, Roy! That's one clean StV rock wow.