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    Picked this up the other day. I think it's a J. Some others have other ideas. It was the last one of the day. I was walking back to get off my quad and just swinging super fast and high. All of a sudden, BAM! It blew out my headphones. It was in the grass on the top of a little rise.
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    Morlock I dont do Montana, but I have hunted Idaho a few times. My guess is we met at Burns brothers. here is an old photo of me. AzNuggetBob
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    It look like you are coping well with the task at hand. Nice fitment.
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    I wonder if somebody just pocketed the insurance payout and walked away. That would take the joy right out of it for sure. Low and slow VFR is the way to go for me. I have no interest in pursuing anything past my LSA ticket.
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    Just reading the latest ICMJ article that showed some of Steve Wandt's (naturalgoldjewelry.com) work in it, reminded me to post this dandy cabochon that he did for me a few months back. I hadn't ever had a cab done before so I wasn't sure if the piece was a good candidate, but I'm sure glad I did... I thought it turned out very nice, way better than I expected.
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    Beautiful piece. Having one made is my next goal. I have to find a specie that nice first, though! Dean
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    I rarely hunt with anyone other then occasional gf or my son. I suppose we could have met at some point in time but have talked to hundreds during my travels. Very poor memory. I hunt mosty in Montana and Idaho with occasional forays down south.
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    I wish I could help you on that. A couple locals showed me around and that's how became familiar with the whole area in general. Can't recall which roads I used. You'll have to just pick a road and see where it goes. The one piece of advice I can give you is if someone tells you about a certain patch, forget about it. Disregard the usual signs and find your own patch. A patch could be anywhere as long as it's in gold country. I've had more success overall searching where everyone hasn't then following the crowd to the patches that have been already worked. Just drive around and find someplace far from the crowd, get out and start searching with your detector. Forget the red dirt.. Forget the hematite cubes. Forget the quartz. Gold has been found in areas without the usual signs. If you come across an area that has them, by all means search it but never assume there's no gold without those signs. There's a good chance you may never find a patch on your own but if you do, it'll be much more rewarding then hunting a known patch.
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    From info I have, its legal to land and take off from BLM land without a permit, provided it is not for hire. For profit use requires a permit. State trust land is usable as well. Affix a ohv sticker somewhere in case you get stopped. Why is there not more? Good question...probably because of the testicular fortitude( or stupidity) required to strap yourself into something you built and go hurtling through space. The ground is hard...
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    Heres a unique recent find ...1.7 Gram
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    Cool specimen I got a while back, it amazes me how gold forms within host....
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