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    Fishing8046 I'm just going to start from scratch here. Try pulling your coil cover off and make sure you dont have any black sand in it or water. dry your coil for a few days in the sun. Then drop some thick super glue on the coil seam. hook it back up to the detector turn it on and jiggle your coil wire at the coil and then at the plug. no problem? AzNuggetBob
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    All you have to do is decrease the sensitivity a tiny bit to reestablish it's righteous performance. Or change modes as you did not specify which mode the problem started in? Wet soil makes that GB2 an even better machine, just adjust to soil conditions as you go from wet/dry/damp and you will benefit greatly. OLDER coils( Los Banos real fisher) are much superior to new coils, especially water hating pro. Learn that machines quirks and benefit-practice practice practice-John
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    John, there are many different types of bees and also some types of wasps along with many other insects and not to mention wind, etc. that pollinate plants, and those critters and natural forces did all the pollinating before we got the honey bees added to the pollinating work force!
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    He's being facetious, discrimination is a gimmick and should not be used for propecting as it dumbs down your machine. Or, turn it on if you like to pass up gold.
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    Headed into the hills this morning with the Toms and my buddy James. We went back to an area thats been pounded to death in hopes the recent rainfall redistributed some fresh gold. I got skunked...but James did not. He found a tiny wash that hadn't been hit and scored 6 in a row. He came back to the Jeep smilin' like an idiot. Wtg man Total weight 5.7 grams. The one nugget looks like either a squirt of toothpaste ...or a turd. Windy and frigid today in the desert. Even saw a frozen waterfall!?!
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    Discovery had a special on the world of bees and many other non native animals/plants/and much more. Interesting that they specifically stated that all tests have proven that Arizona only has Africanized bees left as invaded for many years. O sage of the honey kind what say ye??? Lots of info and also stated that bees are NOT indigenous to the Americas but imported with the relaxed European strain??? Makes no sense as how would plants pollinate like they do now bee style? John
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    Fishing8046, I was hunting one day and used the coil under water quite a bit. A little while later it started going bonkers, and I couldnt use it anymore. Thanks to boulderdash, I switch to a backup coil ( worked fine) for the remainder of the trip. I sent the unit and "bad"coil to fisher , everything checked out fine , and have not had any issues since. I suspect that the coil dried out or water was under the cover causing problems and dried out.....
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    Went out today and the machine ran fine all things back to normal?
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    Owner of the Tayopa mine complex, a former border patrolman...down in the bottom left area. Last winter about this time of year, he finally located the door of the Tayopa mine. After years of searching, found it and another of the lost mines, about 18-19 in all were once Jesuit, including an emerald mine. Added note, he still gives me credit for input, that is forum post comments leading to discovering the entrance.
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    I didn't even know what "Etsy" was But Dodacious set up a shop there for our kids books... You grammas and papas might like it...Cheers, Unc
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    Well, I didn't have any success. Ended up taking both detectors, and I needed both as it turned out, and Jim M. your settings are spot on. I left before you posted, but those settings on the GMT are exactly where I ended up. My main reason for going was running down an old story about diamonds in the McCulloughs. I was mainly looking for kimberlite-indicator minerals. I didn't find any in the areas I looked at. But, i'll go back next winter. I only got in about 6 days of prospecting...the weather kept me in the camper for several days. Lots of rain. My best find was an old leghold #3 Victor trap. I hiked into McCullough Spring, and took a shortcut, and found the trap on the edge of a drywash, about a mile from the road into the spring. A big problem with that country is lack of access. It's illegal to do any offroading, and the base of the mountain range is 1-3 miles from the powerline road that runs down the valley. So, you're going to backpack at least 2 miles just to get to the base of the range. I'm 68 years old, and still pretty fit and tough, but my limit now is about 6 or 7 miles/day, and i can't do that every day...I need to do a short day to rest up between long days. Climbing mountains doesn't get easier with age...LOL. Some of the area south of McCullough Pass probably gets very little human activity because of the poor access......hiking 3 miles, and then 3 miles back makes for a really long day, and then the actual hiking into the range adds to that. It's a shame that the Feds have effectively locked that country up. I know some people get to the base of the mountain by riding ATV's up the dry washes, but it's illegal, unfortunately. I may try that next year, now that I know what I'm facing. I did see 3 sheep, and saw several sets of cattle tracks....I assume they're wild as I don't think they allow grazing in there anymore. You aren't even allowed to take horses in there. I saw no reptiles of any kind, and few other critters.. a few birds, and a couple of ants...not much fauna at all....probably because it's winter. The snow level got down to about 4,200', and there were icicles hanging from the rocks at McCullough Spring. Highs were mostly in the lower 40's at 4,000' I did bring home some nice mineral specimens. I was surprised how few fluorescent minerals there were. Jim
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    Visited my old patch again yesterday. With a 12 month growing season here the some of the weeds here are over six feet high. Took the local metal detector dealer here with me and after three hours I thought he was going to get sick. He though his new whiz bang German detector would get those little nuggets that my old ten year old GPX 4000 had missed. Glad to know I didn't miss any in the spots he checked. Hard to beat a Minelab with a Coiltek coil or a Detech coil. EMI's were tearing us up, worse I've ever seen. Lightening didn't help any either.
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    Great story Andy. We love finding the Chinese relics. Weve learned a lot the last couple of years about the Chinese roll in mining around here. Very interesting. Swamp, let us know what you find out about it. The oldest boy really likes it haha. He said great job also.
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    Very good writeup, Swamp. When you find out more about the button, please include it so we can all learn a little more. I have to admit my history and therefore relic knowledge is pretty bleak, but since I've gotten into the prospecting side of the hobby, I tend to look at junk I find much differently. For example, me and a buddy were out prospecting the outer bounds of an area we had found gold at before. We didn't see each other most of the day until we came back to the truck. He asks if I got anything and I showed him a little bit of gold I found. There was a look of frustration on his face as the skunk has had him for over a month. He looks at me and says "I'm glad someone can find gold .. all I found was a stink'n button!" So he throws it in the back of the truck and I said "hey, let me see it. You don't just find any buttons in the desert". So I take a close look at it rubbing off a little bit more dirt and once I looked closer I could see the Chinese letter symbols circling the center of the button. I said "what do you mean you didn't find anything, you found a button from a Chinese prospector that worked this very same ground over 100 years ago!" The way I understand it is that when the Chinese workers stopped working the railroads, they went and prospected many of the Arizona gold fields. They were pretty good at it, too. When my buddy heard this, he held the button in his hand for a while and the frown left his face. Eventually, he looked up and said, "hey Andy, wanna trade?" LOL. I told him to get his a$$ in the truck.