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    Went to the Va clinic today, they gave me some antibiotics and ear drops, will be on it for 10 days, my hearing aids, the part that goes in your ear, is plastic, DR. said I'm allergic to the plastic, so, now I have to get some that are made from medical silicon. Grubstake
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    I agree with homefire, those don't look like meteorites.
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    I hope you didn't walk up and tap Bill on the back of his shoulder while he was whispering to the nuggets. Talk about making ya mess your britches!! OOooooohh... even worse, imagine doing that to someone on a night hunt. Daaaaamn!! I think I'd die right there.
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    Hummm, smeared gold in the bottom of the pan? Sounds like pyrite, especially if it was "floating" on top of the black sand.
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    FAMILY FIRST Mom Tells Son They’re Picking up Military Dad. But after THIS, Son Never Made It out Door… http://www.liftable.com/keeleybrooks/mom-tells-son-theyre-picking-up-military-dad-but-after-this-son-never-made-it-out-door/?utm_source=www.westernjournalism.com&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=hpfeaturedlinks&_ga=1.31773950.1954892783.1480152128
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    It was good running across you (and your dog) out in the wash down on LSD yesterday. Not being familiar with that area I felt like a fish-out-of-water when it came to determining where to go,and didn't know the character of the gold down there?? It was a little warmer up here on and around the Lynx, so I was able to get out for a few hours today, and managed to snag these. I'm more familiar with the terrain up here, as well as the nature and character of where the gold should be. Again, Good Talking with ya. Gary
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    What Skip said; (and I'm positive GeoJack meant mica but said pyrite..) Since millable and chemically-locked Au can be found located together I can't doubt some of what you have could be raw gold.. For sure, however, it was not gold that smeared in the pan.. The gentleman is in error if he was saying it's the gold that's being smeared, as gold doesn't smear; it can be construed his being correct if he was truly meaning an indicator mineral was being smeared.. Gold leaf will not smear either.. Almost assuredly what smeared is mica.. Swamp
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    Well if you start feeling better and would like to get out, I am getting a sdc2300 for my son and you are welcome to use it or my 5000.
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    Gold is a metal and will not "smear" on the bottom of your pan, I have never seen pyrite smear either, crumble and break into pieces yes which usually takes a good bit of pressure because pyrite is harder than common steel but it is rather brittle, now mica on the other hand will smear in the bottom of your pan, so I question your "experienced" man's knowledge on gold if he's identifying it as gold, get another opinion, but I can assure you it's not gold if it's "smearing". Fine flake gold will sink below blacksand if the material is liquefied properly and with the correct agitating actions, now it is sometimes hard to pan out the blacksand without some of the fine gold trying to come along but if you re-settle the gold often it can be done fairly easily though it can be a slow process.
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    Most always you can get the fines to go to the bottom or separate by using the "tapping" method. Use a magnet so you are just working with as little black sand as possible. Use a drop or two of Jet Dry to break the surface tension. A little "tapping" and a sucker bottle usually gets it done.
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    Same deal back home as a kid, HJ.. In the nineteen-si-hack-koff, 'scuse me, we had a pool life guard who was also one of the swim team coaches who'd run that same 50/50 mix through all of us on our way out of practice every Mon & Thur.. No one ever had swimmer's ear, which was very cool now that I look back on it for the first time in forever.. Pretty sure he used ethyl alcohol, not isopropyl, as they're both classified as rubbing alcohol and the ethyl evaporates more quickly (more likely to break the water molecules apart??).. He also kept a mixed bottle on hand at the main life guard station for general pool users who got water in their ear that wouldn't break free doing the tilt-head-and-pound thing, along with a bottle of straight-up 70% ethyl for particularly stubborn cases -- of which ya could get only once.. Past that if the mixture wouldn't work that's as far as he'd take it; you'd need to see a Dr.. Never saw one or the other not work, however.. And Happy Birthday, Matt.. Swamp
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    Weaver Hill bille, granted much better and bigger gold here, but mostly on private property. Tired of dealing with people. Open BLM land in AZ and can deal with people I want to be with. Just say'n