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    That skunk was so old it fossilized. First of all, thanks to Luke J for the welcome wagon every weekend and the use of his SDC 2300. The Toms, Dean and all the support from the forum. (It's not an academy award, but it is the right color...) Luke met up with me at the golden gate Sat morning and we hit a spot He and Dean had good fortune with earlier this month. I have always enjoyed the anticipation and the great outdoors, but I have to admit I had felt jinxed for quite a while. As we set up for the hunt I noticed a large rock sitting half way in the mud that hadn't been moved in a while. I wiggled it loose and lifted it up only to have it try to sit in my lap. One more flip and it rolled over. The SDC gave a sweet tone and I was ready for my first piece of lead. One scoop full, nothing. Missed it. Second scoop,Missed it again. Then Luke said "Look! There it is!" Speechless. Stunned. Oh, and all within about ten minutes of starting. A childhood dream of finding buried treasure, agonizing over buying the "perfect" detector , and just sheer determination all came down to that moment. How much does it weigh? Don't know. Never needed a scale before. To me it's as big as a dream I've had for a long, long, long time.
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    Congrats! Over the years I've got a lot of people over their first nugget and really believe that you do find more nuggets, more quickly after your first. Based on those experiences and my own first nugget (long ago) here's why. Its really a paradigm shift in the way you think (maybe even subconsciously) that changes your behavior. After however long you have finally have accomplished a big goal. Its real to you now. Yes you can do this! The first find reaffirms to you that yes the gold is there. Being real now you begin to change how you detect, swing speed, methods, etc. You really want to find more. And the confidence boost from that first find just propels you forward. It all begins to come together. Just food for thought. Congrats again!
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    Couldnt have said it better Plus, on the skunk days...you kind of say to yourself "oh well, I know its out here, ive found some, just have to get the coil over it next time" Tom
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    Ah yes !! The time had finally arrived... Sooo many trips out and nothing but the skunk on the way home... but things are a changin' Congratulations Mark. Thanks for not giving up. ...and to think I stood next to that rock and nugget for a few hours the previous weekend. Way to go. There's more out there !! Luke
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    Very nice first nugget! Now they will come easier!
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    There will never again be an un-turned rock on your hunts. WTG! Mitchel
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    I bet your sold on ML SDC 2300 .
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    Congrats Mark, that's how I found my first nuggie. I got Tom to help me move a big boulder and lo and behold there was my first piece of yeller. Great feeling Bro, keep it up. Old Tom
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    Oh yeahhh..! Piece of cake, right..?! To the horizon, and beyond........! Swamp
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    Mark!!!! That is so cool :Your on it now...just keep at it. You will always remember that nug. Glad you got it, Dad found one like that and so did Shay. Flipping boulders is better than flipping houses CONGRATS!!!! Tom H.
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    Very nice. Congratulations.
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    Whoo hoo!! You never forget your first, Mark. You never forget. ... what was I talking about... oh yeah.. Another one has now been hooked on GOLD!! Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!! Right on Mark!! and them hands are lookin the part of a prospector ... ha .. ha...(none of those dishwashing hands)
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    Nice going!! Oh what a feeling.?? Congrats!!!
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    Congratulations Mark, beautiful first nugget and way to show that skunk it's time to hit the road!
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    Way to go! That sdc will let you know if you're over it. Excellent work thinking outside the box.
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    That's great i will never forget my first nugget, since i have only found three! Your work paid off what an exciting feeling, way to go Mark!
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    Yo All... Introducing on the forum our recently moved in front gate guardians...A pair of chuckwallas ... We have gotten the larger one, Chuck, sort of tamed ... His mate, Charlene, is still a bit skittish.. They made their new home in a space between a 10 x 6 beam right next to our front door ... There's a third one about half their size that visits from time to time, but Chuck & Charlene seem to have moved in permanently ... I was going to chop out some weeds nearby but that seems to be their main food supply ... I was surprised to learn that chuckwallas are strict vegetarians... Also, after all these years, I learned there is no "a" in chuckwalla ... I've caught dozens of these when growing up near Death Valley ... I do like them, almost as much as I like burros, both species being childhood friends! ... These two are only half grown and more colorful than they will be after they mature... Cheers, Unc, Chuck & Charlene...Oh, and Dodacious, too!
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    Big Lots is where I think I found it. Red eyes and the head rolls side to side with cawing or whatever buzzards do. $20. Noise activated or it has a door bell style button to push.
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    I stopped feeding my guardian but he still keeps watch while camping.
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