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    Awesome !! I was hoping that after 40 years of living here in the desert, my 'desert Karma' would help me make a totally random, successful prediction. May the 4th be with you.... always. Luke
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    is it too lake to say May 4th? Tom H.
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    I dont know Luke. Looks like they updated to 101. We may luck out :-)
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    It's 63 degrees here now. Suppose to be 74 by the end of the week. THAT'S HOT haha. I couldn't imagine it being 100 already. This kid would tip over.
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    OK, contest is over...It hit 101 at 2:15 according to NOAA-- A quick count looks like we've got 5 Winners! I'll post the names in a bit, then the winners can go to my website -- WWW. AZ-Gold.com -- and each pick 3 maps and PM me on their choices! Congratulations winners! And thanks everyone for playing! -- If you didn't win, I'll give forum members a 10% discount until May 15-- Just include your forum name in the paypal message section--Cheers, Unc
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    We only need one more degree... NOAA station at PDX as of 12:51pm says the current temp is 99º!
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    OK Guys, I'm calling the end of the entries in the contest ... Any thing that is entered so close to the final date would not be fair to the guys who jumped in from the beginning ... So tonight, 5-3-16 at 10PM it's closed ... Cheers,Yer Unc in the Dubyah
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    STILL A HERO http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/05/03/video-retired-marine-crawling-to-top-hill-goes-viral-offers-inspiration.html?intcmp=trending