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    Adam and I have been working some previously worked gravels recently. 18+ grams shown. Long live this forum!!!!
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    Yesterday I found this backpack east of Cleator, AZ on the Crown King Road laying on the bridge (Mile Marker 12) over Turkey Creek near the Golden Belt Mine. It has items in it that I am sure are sentimental to the owner, plus a very small amount of money. If anyone can tell me exactly what is in the backpack I will gladly return it to them. If you know the person who lost it feel free to have them contact me via the forums PM system or text at six zero eight - three zero five - four seven six three.
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    Hey all: Got out with Dad today and hit some new areas on the outskirts of old areas we have found gold in before. Awesome weather for detecting today. Cool. breezy...ok...really windy by 2 but it was still nice. Hit some washes that looked really good. Nice to be in washes no one has hit before.....as you can see Need help ID...ing the old shell casing. No stamping s on the back side. No center primer. some slight marks to look like it was a rim fire. There is a small dimple in the middle of the base. Made out of copper! MIcs out at around 5 to 6 hundred thous. Didnt find any yellow stuff but the good Lord blessed us with a really nice day....WAYYYYY back in Tom H.
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    Wish gold was that course here in NM.
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    The Outhouse & The Cherry Tree
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