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    I've got to tell you that this was a great conversation to have. I check this site at least every other day and have learned so much over the years. I seldom post on here or other sites but I sure don't want to see it go. I started metal detecting in 1994 and have found over 50oz. My largest is 6.45oz. and is shaped like a heart. I have named it "The Heart of the Big Sky". It was found in Montana in 2009 while I was developing my placer claim. Also in the same hole of about 10'x10' 387 nuggets were taken out. I used the SD2100 and the Gold Bug II. That one area of about 50'x30' produced 13.5oz. I do a great deal of research in old mining publications and have studied geology until I feel like I recognize likely gold bearing areas with shallower overburden. If you are not familiar with Public Land for the People or MMAC.org do take a look. They seem to be on the right track to getting our mining rights back. I'm on the uphill side of 70yrs old and am slowing a bit but the fire is still in the belly. Keep posting everyone and we will continue to learn from each other. Thanks for sharing over the many years, Bugler
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    my last trip down around Yuma...produced 6 nuggies for about three grams and this much non-ferrous trash...the ferrous gets on my pick so I don't put it in my pocket. And my buddies jeff and ronnie came by...heeehah
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    1. Stolen nest egg In 1946, postal inspectors who had long had suspicions about a deceased post office employee's activities borrowed a metal detector from the U.S. Army and had their hunch confirmed. In the man’s backyard, 9 feet underground, they discovered $153,150 worth of pilfered cash stashed in jars and cans inside a length of stovepipe. 2. Argh, behold the booty In 1952, maritime historian and pirate specialist Edward Rowe Snow headed to a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia armed with a metal detector and a mysterious old map. Not only did the detector lead him to a stash of 18th-century Spanish and Portuguese doubloons, but he also found a skeleton that was clutching the coins. 3. The Boot of Cortez In 1989, a prospector from Senora, Mexico, purchased an inexpensive metal detector at Radio Shack and took it to the desert. After days of finding little more than assorted junk, he hit the jackpot: a gold nugget weighing 389.4 troy ounces, or 26.6 pounds! 4. Loving cup Ringlemere CupWhile pursuing his hobbies of amateur archeology and metal detecting, retired electrician Cliff Bradshaw discovered the Ringlemere Gold Cup (right), a Bronze Age vessel found in the English county of Kent in 2001. 5. Definitely not a beer can When Mike DeMar was diving off the coast of Key West in 2008, he thought he had come across some trash, but … not even close. 6. The great hoard On July 2009, metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert decided to try his luck in farmland close to his home in Staffordshire in the English countryside. He came across an artifact, and bingo.
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    Prospecting is truly a hobby for me. I may get out 5 or 6 times a year. I have a very busy schedule with work and other obligations. BUT, when I get on the internet, I check emails and NUGGET SHOOTER and maybe a few u-tube vids. That's pretty much it. This is my go to site on the internet. I have gleaned a ton of info off of this website. I thank all those in the know for their insight and knowledge. Like the others, I love this site too and would hate to see it go. I don't post a lot, who wants to see my trash?, but I will try and open up a little and maybe ask a few more questions instead of waiting for someone else to ask. I tend to try and figure things out on my own. Like andyy said, the pictures motivate me. Keep showing your finds. Steve
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    Thanks Luke and Argyle. Too bad the coils didn't work out. Looked like a good idea of having a large and light coil. Maybe building a large efficient coil is more complicated than I assumed? Back more than 5 years ago I made a several coils (7" and 13X18") including a 1 Meter coil and maybe got the incorrect impression that a PI mono coil was simple to build as the one's I built all seemed to work fine. I say fine, but I really didn't check them out thoroughly but they did work for sure. The only one I even remember doing a simple test on was the 3 meter coil. I had a very large steel Nut I had found somewhere that probably weighted 6 ounces or so. I just wanted to see how deep it could detect a fairly large metal object. If could detect it at around 6 feet (air Test). So I was pleased with that. I had to get on a fiberglass ladder to fully test it. I think I was just thrilled that it worked at all. Attached is the one meter build. 1. First made the loop, 2. then wrapped with shielding, 3 the wrapped with a spiral wrap 4. encased in PVC. Had to split the PVC. Looks simple but a few other time consuming steps there so it took a while to build. It came out as 28X44".
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    Thank you, Bugler! Very well said. What I've observed over the last 16 or more years of participating in various online forums is that (in nearly every forum I've ever been involved with) there is usually a large group of members who check in often or periodically, but who are observers and rarely (if ever) post, just like you. On a few forums, we referred to those folks as "silent lurkers." Nothing derogatory intended! It's just that some people prefer to maintain complete anonymity and silence, rather than let their presence be known. On some forums, they were actually a "silent majority" unless something came up in the forum that gave them a strong urge to respond to. Silent lurkers can include members of younger generations who come here to learn, as well as beginner prospectors and retirees beginning a new hobby. To those who are too shy to ask questions, we don't bite! I believe that the only "stupid question" is the question never asked or answered. All forums tend to quiet down from time-to-time, depending on many factors. Life and/or family should always take priority over forum participation. But if you take your family out prospecting, please post pics or at least share your adventure in writing!
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    That looks like my shop. Honestly how many sluices can I use? Oh well 1 for each member of the family haha.
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    This is the advantage of 'Litz' as I understand it... High powered PI detectors (Minelab) put a lot of current through the coil on each pulse. In order to move the current and not fry anything, the coil has to have a low resistance. You get a low resistance by using larger wire. Problem with larger wire is, at some point, as the wire diameter increases, the coil will be able to 'see itself' and not function properly. There are other drawbacks to larger wire, but I'll leave it at that. Litz wire is made up of dozens if not usually hundreds of strands of individually insulated very small diameter wire. The hundreds of strands, together, act as a larger gauge wire and provide for a coil with lower resistance. Since the gauge of the individual wires is so small, the coil is invisible to itself while still giving the benefit of low resistance. Small wire also makes for lower 'skin effect', and the individually insulated wire reduces the capacitance of the coil which helps to make the coil 'faster'. Luke
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    Yo All... I'm sponsoring a contest for gold forums members.... The winner needs to guess the date on which the temperature in Phoenix hits 100 F. as reported by NOAA .. The prize is 3 custom gold clubs gold claims maps of your choice from my AZ-Gold.com website ... It must be the exact date the mercury hits the century mark! ... Earlier or later doesn't count ... You can enter up to three separate times ... Have fun! Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah!
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    choosing some gear I like to have fun trying out different types of gear I even lik eto bring 5 gallons of dirt home to have fun running a mini highbanker with my little girl.
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    Hey have you ever tried making say a fat elliptical around the 18"x 16" mark Terry? Or a round coil of any size? In any of the types, Mono, DD, folded ect. Then either make your own mold out whatever compound, or have a small local plastics firm make it up for you? (I do not have the nous or even the slightest understanding of the tech side of things at all, not a clue. I only know how to use them, so not a touch of knowhow in my head) I only ask because I've aways been very interested when guys start to nut out the correct way of building their own coils, and in the end a few actually go into production, then onto a run of an initial stock line ... Some that did produce coils many years ago, and they were actually fine coils, never went on with it after the second or so Run. Then others like Barrie Johnson kept persisting and producing, then his son Rohan kept at it right up the current range of Nuggetfinder Evo's. You have the nous, and with retirement around the bend, could be an enjoyable hobby in between detecting trips. Maybe $$ for the future even.
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    And yet y'all still wonder why I continue to say no, you cannot stay at home by yourselves without a house sitter when I take off metal detecting for the weekend.. Giving credit where credit is due though, at least the place isn't totally trashed, with an empty keg floating in a tub in the middle of the living room and a rock band's equipment still set up in the den.. All kidding aside.. Yes, it 'appears' the forum has slowed down postings-wise.. I personally attribute a great deal of this to the SW US gang getting in prospecting time while the getting is good.. We'll see if that's right or wrong soon enough.. However, if you think this board is slow, you should see the others I check out.. This place is hopping compared to them..! Someone mentioned a livelier board.. I lurk a few, including one that many here post to, but it isn't more happening than here.. So I must not have that one.. It matters not tho, cos this is my go-to board.. There are other factors involved creating board slow-downs, not the least of which these days is social media.. Since I'm not in any sort of self-promotion mode, I have less-than-no-use for places like FarceBook.. If you want my personal info, you're gonna have to work realll hard at trying to get it.. I'm not about to willingly hand it to you, at least not until such time as I stand to gain more than I stand to lose -- which at this point in my life doesn't seem like much of an odd's-on bet.. Doesn't mean I don't keep my options open, tho.. Blah blah blah etc and so forth, but in my humble opinion the most obvious and logical reason bor boards-of-all-types slowdowns is the insidious and constant onslaught by our overloards in their quest for total enslavement of a population.. Of all the things they steal from us, the cumulative result ends up being the stealing of time.. This, to me, is the number one reason postings to subject-specific boards continues to decline.. One can either use the time one does have to persue the subject or talk about the subject.. Finding time to do both has become difficult.. The solution is to keep it (postings) short and sweet, longer if there's time and/or a story to share.. Not posting is not an answer or solution.. What that is is admitting defeat.. And just as with my guitars and weapons and metal detectors, they can have my keyboard when they can pry it from my cold dead hands.. Swamp
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    Fred, we always have our heads down looking for the black rocks as well. Nothing to report. We always look around Hornitos as we travel through that area and wish we knew some of the property owners out there to get some access. Nice area.
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    So many choices and so few streams ... haha
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    Its been over a year that i am not take mu detector. Luka its big boy, going to school now, i have a lot troubles to make him to take books in hands i am been in serious troubles. maybe year ago i have situation at my parents home. i am been to wisit them with Luka and my ex wife. and maybe 2 hours after midnight my mom enter our room and say there in some people in our backjard with torches. i jump out of bed and run to backjard only in underwear, and find 2 thieves runing out of dads garage. i run on them, firts pounch in face so gently that he drop like dead, and than i get in hand from somewere piece of wooden pole. smash another guy in head also, and both of them fith fists, pole and foot beat realy hard. afther that my dad call cops. and cops come and arest me!! crazy darn serbian laws. i am been on cort and got 1,5 years of jail. i am been in bars 6 months, and lot of people in my hood make hmm petition i hope its good word to let me free, becouse i only protect my family, and thanks to Lord i am see Sun of freedom. its been realy hard days in prison, withouth my family. but i have to say some more. my new wife give me a beautifl baby boy 2th this month, he its 16 days old, and his name its Vasilije. Luka now have baby brother :)) i am still in euphoriia, crazy fealings :))) and i am sad alot, my mom its not wery well. have some bad thing on lungs. fricking cancer. i am realy crazy abouth that. darn serbia not alow kanabis oil for curing cancer, so we buying it on black market. i try to buy seeds from netherland but 2 times customs find package. darn. i see that in California its legal, and have seed shops. i thinks that they dont kontrol that mych mail from Usa. if someone can help me, to buy for me 10 or 20 autoflowering seeds of 100% indica strain, i can send you money via western union. sorry if its against forum rules but i am desperate to save my moms life. big hug from Sloba Luka and Vasilije from Serbia
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    I have also noticed, over time, and with very few exceptions, it is usually the same "core group" of folks that will be the ones that post their finds and comments, their adventures, their pictures and their stories to their circle of friends. So I will ask...are new members too busy to post, or not knowing what to say about a post, or is it a fear of not being acknowledged in a constructive way, after they do post or what? I believe that if a forum is to continue to be active, ya got to get folks involved in the topics and feeling like they are or can become a part of the site community.......and that their responses or comments are worth their time to contribute and not something to be "glossed" over and ignored. Then again, the newer members need to post something to get the ball rolling.........
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    I was at the show today. I'm already back in Santa Monica. I go to those places and don't know anyone (not true any more) that will give information on how to hunt NorCal. I wish I could have seen that piece. Mitchel
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    Andyy I agree. I can't speak for everyone but to me there are still a lot of great folks posting great things. And if I have a question on anything it usually gets answered here. What I LOVE the most is the comments from everyone when I post about my kids and I. Most people don't care what a father does with his children these days. But when you have a AWESOME group of folks (All of you here) that encourage what you are doing with your kids and they act interested in what you find, it makes a feller feel good. We all share the same love for the outdoors and finding a little yeller stuff here and there. Let's keep it up everyone, because I know if something were to happen to me, my boys and maybe even my daughters would hang out here for some great advice from all you great folks. Dan
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    I may be new here, but I'm not going anywhere! I'm also not one to be silent when I see misconceptions or misunderstandings, having started a yahoo support group in the past, which I turned over to someone who asked me to start that group in the first place. I passed the torch (when I felt it was time for me to move on) and that group is still going strong. This time of year undoubtedly keeps our forum owner (Bill) very busy due to speaking engagements at some of the Gold Shows, on top of his regular work schedule and his obligations with his own business. That shouldn't have any effect on the level of activity on this forum - it's up to all of the members to participate, contribute and keep it active. It's Springtime and prospectors here in AZ are busy trying to get in as much time as they can before the Summer heat keeps them from going out there and finding gold. Sure, it's really motivating when I see pics of awesome nuggets that were recently found by our members! Bring them on! You don't need to share specific locations to generate interest, enthusiasm and forum activity. Sometimes just being here or checking in regularly to help answer questions from those who need a little help and guidance is all it takes to keep a forum rockin'. If it wasn't for this forum, I wouldn't have met the wonderful people I met at the last outing or learned as much as I have about the gear I need in order to be able to hunt for gold safely in the desert environment. Without that, I could just as easily wandered out, been struck by a rattler and dead by now... if not from the bite, maybe from dehydration... The concept of wearing a hydration vest wouldn't have crossed my mind, if I'd never gone to that outing. So to anyone who thinks this forum is going to disappear... I say BS! Ain't gonna happen as long as there are people who need information about prospecting, nugget shooting, and meteorite hunting - as long as there are people on here who are willing to share and help others. That's my 2 cents worth...
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    Hey there Uncle Ron. I can't speak for the masses, but I can tell you what keeps me interested in this forum, more than others. For me, the whole reason I started watching the forum was for two things: 1) learn from those in the know, who were willing to share (you just can't get enough information from books) 2) to be motivated. When I see you guys pulling up handfuls of nuggets, out of claims that I hunt on or outside of claims even, it keeps me going and urges me to look harder and learn better. The people posting make the forums. The stuff I learn from people posting on the forums is priceless and I very much appreciate this. Experienced people such as yourself, Bill, AzNuggetBob, Jim Straight ...etc.. all willing to share stories and even little hints once in a while is much appreciated. Even people with less experience who post their finds and stories really keep me going. I wish I could meet these people more in the field, too. But this is hard to do without giving out locations. The forum bridges these gaps. I have noticed things quieting down a bit, too; but hope it is just temporary. Too many good people to lose contact with.
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    I don't post much anymore. But I am sure some of ya old timers remember me. I met Bill back when he had the Yahoo forum. Bill probably remembers when I first met him at Rich Hill. And I am sure he remembers my old dog "BUCK" when he stole someones elk burger. And when Red Beard fell and bruised his face up good. I am sure that Grubby and Uncle Ron remembers me.
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    Ron: I agree....If the forum owner is not active. It will die. I had a plating forum for 10 yrs and it got to be too much so I stopped posting...it died. With the new forum I dont have to reply anymore...I can just hit LIKE.....I dont because I hate doing that. Also..........ive only gotten two nugs in the last 10 weeks. Posted them, but who wants to hear about my skunks? I also think Facebook/twitter/blibber..ect... has taken over a lot of time in peoples lives. Its more active. I think its sad when I go out and see how many people are disconnected from life and looking down at a "smart" phone. Fortunately I dont have a cell/smart phone so my time is not eaten up looking at all kinds of things. The other forums are kind of dead also. So...Ron........geet your arss out there...find some gold and post! You know were to get it. Tom H.
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    I was showing this piece around the Prospectors Show today in P'ville. It's still oi\ut there. The wife and I were just wondering if we might see Fred there. Sorry to see you close in Mariposa. Still digging away up north.
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    I've had a hard time lately even getting access to the web. I think I've got it handled now...but shite happens. Weather probably does play a role as well. It's been great lately in AZ and folks are out doing stuff. I hope this place runs for a long time. I've met some awesome people here and I'm sure others have done the same. I like the new format. 95% of the time I am using my phone to read it...it's much more mobile friendly now. Long live Nuggetshooter
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    Out on 'the claim' alcohol and carrying are a poor mix. But we-all know that. jim
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