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    Thank you all, especially Bill who has pinned this 'jim straight here' which has been full of tidbits of knowledge. So Bill you are 'the man' that is allowing all of us to 'spread the word'. So everyone keep this forum full of good information. As good Stewards of Earth we all know to be sure to backfill our dig-holes and to respect the critters while we are are out on the claim as it is their home... jim
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    Well, my butt is well over 50 so I want some federal funding, support and annual celebrations, being kissed and fondled by some official body ... Waitin'! ... Cheers Unc
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    There are worse things than cutting your lip. Having Iron City beer go down your gullett is one of those things.
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    Your in luck Ron, Pelosi is on her way for your fondling ceremony!
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    Made it out last week for a very full tiring day of detecing . Some how I was able to find a small nugget with the Minelab, the upper nugget in the picture. All others were found with a gold bug 2 and hard work .
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    I feel a bit odd replying to my own thread so I'll just call this an update so it don't look like I'm talking to myself. I emailed Chris at Carbon Coils in Australia. Apparently he is experiencing quality issues with his Litz wire so isn't presently selling any coils. Also I did an internet search of Litz wire to find out why it might be better. Here is a link to the site I felt had a pretty thorough description of the wire. http://www.litz-wire.com/applications.php. Seems it's stranded wire woven in a special way that reduces skin effect and proximity effect. Looks like litz wire can be engineered to have minimal AC loss at your specific frequency. I guess it means it better wire.
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    15 seconds of fame more like 50 years of admiration, respect and a great man helping spread the word as our most honest and trusted Diplomat to the unminers world also. Your great wisdom will live on forever in the library of congress by your great books. good laugh as in 61 I got my Tandy Craft bfo kit from Heathkit to make my first detector. Sure beat pushing that screen machine I made through the beach sands at the piers in the south bay-nothing but respect as always sir-tons a au 2 u 2-John
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    This beauty was found by my good friend Steve, and he blames it on training I gave him on his GPZ 7000 since it was a signal most would have walked past. Thanks for letting me fondle it Steve McDaniel. 1 dwt short of 2 ounces. You have become a nugget shooting force to be reckoned with..... This nugget was over 2 feet deep and found near Quartzsite and the signal was no more than faint weird noise at first so he moved a little dirt and soon a signal showed up in his headset. He said it would have been missed in his prior method of "high gain" hunting. He has been over the same spot before not hearing it at all....
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    Many of the old pulltabs that are the bane of most detectorist's world are now being considered "Historic Artifacts"!!! http://westerndigs.org/ring-tab-beer-cans-are-now-officially-historic-artifacts/ OMG!!! I've always thought that archaeologists go a little overboard and to the extreme now we have solid proof!!! I'm guessing that using a metal detector will be a hard road from here on out!! This statement says it all.... " Schroeder noted, because the ring-tab’s new status means it can be used to identify sites that may have historic value. " So I'm guessing the historic value he will learn is all the places people used to go and get drunk!!!
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    Although as I mentioned in my last post while all of us on the AZ0- forums are good stewards on our earth and back-fill our dig-holes so they are not open and unsafe hazard for others such as the tortoise or a bike-rider. We all know better to target practice willy-nilly with both a large calibre revolvers and high-powered rifles in areas where there are others wandering around. We all know better than to target practice on killing pit-vipers such as rattlesnakes, as they are important members of the natural critter community and will not attack you and normally out your way; but if cornered they will defend themselves... So we all know to just back off and let them go away... (we all know most of the snake bites occure when someone teases them)
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    Luckily I have never found an antique.
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    Hello Mike...This will be a first outing with the Nugget-Shooters forum members also. Looking forward to meeting you and the many others....Jim
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    As bill always says, the detector is just a recovery tool. Excellent job tracking down those nugs!
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    Nice , you might want to add to your username.. Boulder "Gold Bug 2" Dash!!
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    Yes, the timing is impeccable. But.... no, I can't risk exploding head syndrome....... yet. I'll leave that to the pros.
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    You're not re-thinking your exploding head syndrome scenario by any chance, are ya..? j/k Andyy.. Merely a fine example of kozmik coincidental timing the two are is all.. Swamp
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    Good going! Nice and thanks for sharing
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    Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus when you and Kevin honored me in your folksy presentation it really touched me deeply as it could be my last one; not that I plan on going soon as that is up to the Lord, so you and Kevin really "twanged my heart strings." ... jim