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    Ok all, I crushed 2 out of the 3 specimens. Here is the result. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    I Headed back out this morning to a different spot on the Lynx, and based on the sky being clear (with only about one cloud), I was preparing myself to not only get very "Hot", but figured on being out there for "maybe" (if I was lucky) about an hour. When I arrived at the Lynx I noticed that a darkish-gray cloud had positioned itself right above me, which kind of cooled things off a bit. SO-o-o, seeing the positive aspect of this I requested (out loud) that the cloud stay above me in my venture. And, after walking about a mile down stream it not only continued with me, but just hovered there when I stopped. Then other larger dark clouds congregated with it, and it started raining,..not a heavy rain, but a constant-steady-refreshing rain. So there I sat in the wash: me, my dog, my detector, and my high-energy protein bars enjoying every minute of it. I even had to put a plastic bag over my detector control box at one point as the rain picked up. I did manage to walk away with this 0.49 gram nugget before leaving though. Although It is less-than-a-third of the size of the one that I found yesterday, it's still a KEEPER in my book,..
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    Yeah me too Bob. That would be great to find the source. I have a friend that found a 25 ouncer that had 6.5 ounces in it. That was a sight to see. It is scattered all over up there.