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    I may be stepping out on a limb a bit here, but I thought that I would provide a few photos of the greenstone that I was referring to in this, my post. It may be a bit hard to see the green in these photos, but the darker stone is actually more green than grey in color, and is a hard, smoothed basalt. These photos also reflect the contact zone between the greenstone and quartz. There is also some areas where a brownish color can be seen from the presence of iron oxide. Gary
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    Here's a perfect example of why I love this forum, with me as the fall guy in this instance no less..!I of course take full responsibility for posting an incorrect photo along with making an incorrect statement.. For years I've been of the belief what I posted to be a sample of 'local' greenstone because someone (local to that area) who absolutely should know what's what told me it is.. When one sees the contact area in the next photo it's hard to argue against his statement.. All one need do is disregard the fact he's wrong and that's it -- game over.. There's no denying Chris is quite correct when he says there's more to geology than first meets the eye.. This is one of the reasons we all read his articles and columns: To learn, not to mention getting to travel along on his adventures.. I make no claim to knowing anything about geology beyond what I find in GA & NC streams, and even then I can't name what I'm holding in my hand for the most part.. I don't even qualify rank amateur status when it comes to knowledge of the field as far as I'm concerned.. With that said, I'll now post what " I " believe to be NC greenstone..No biggie -- if I'm incorrect I'm sure someone will let me know quickly enough.. Previous examples included in pix to verify I shot the photos: 10X magnification, different sample piece: I do wonder what the other rock is though, and if it's the same as what's in contact with the quartz..? SA
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    Bill don't cull anything:
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