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    Hi all, A while back, I made a post about Calcite, the stone known by the ancient Vikings, to be an aid in plotting their ship's courses across the open seas. http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=22763&hl=calcite There will be a new show on the travel channel on this Thursday about this unique stone. How the Vikings figured the way this stone would become such a valuable way to chart courses is beyond me! So if any of you are interested in taking your rowboat on a jaunt across the sea, here will be an opportunity to begin to learn just how to do it! I thought some of you would like to revisit this intriguing subject, so here is your opportunity! Gary/Largo
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    Great post and I agree with the others that you are on the right track and it is simply a matter of time. This is not an easy past time and join us at the outing!
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    Use the 2 P's persistence and perseverance.. Time and effort. See you at the outing.
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    Lol. No offense u sound exactly like me. I.m going with perseverance and persistence
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    Found my first gold with a BFO detector that took me months to con my mom to pay $50.00 for.
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    I look at the stuff you found and say that it SHOULD HAVE already been retrieved if the area has been detected hard. Experienced hunters do not leave that in the ground. Lots of room for a nugget there.....
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    What others have said ... with all the trash targets you have found it is just a matter of getting the coil over the gold ... I know it sounds overly simple ... "just put the coil over the gold" ... but it will happen and then it will happen again and again. We all started where you are right now! Keep at it! Be sure to look me up at the outing and I will try to help you out with that GMT and even the V/SAT which btw in it's day was the top of the heap for VLF's in my way of looking at it. Mike F
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    Luke keep in mind many of these guys have already found the easy nuggets. Now with that said, today will be easier than tomorrow to find a nugget. As time goes on, the pickins will get slimmer and slimmer and slimmer until it's all gone or a source decides to give up some new nugget's. GL Luke, you are on the right path.
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    Dave Wiseman asked me to post this. Grubstake
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    If you are finding that stuff, you will bang a nugget. Just have to cross paths. Dan
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    LukeJ, Saturday night at the fire ring is a blast and you can pick the brains of anyone you like. We will all be glad to help you out with advise and beer. The chicken and beer sounds good and if you can plan to stay overnight that would be great. Old Tom
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    Hey, I'm right there with you on the skunk. If it wasn't for me having such a blast riding my Rokon and exploring new places looking for those elusive nuggets, I'd have probably given up already. You'll find your gold eventually, I know I will, so I don't let it bother me. Main thing is to have fun doing it!
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    A GMT would have found that larger nugget on the dime. Don't be discouraged as gold is the hardest element for a detector to see. You should consider dropping by the outing in March, around evening time when most are back in camp. It may be deserted during the day....If you are finding nice color in your wash , try removing the overburden and only detecting the bedrock. Your chances will increase significantly. And, no , you do not need to spend 6K to find gold with a detector
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    Luke, first off welcome aboard. There are ALOT of great folks on here that have top notch knowledge of metal detecting. Other than a lucky few, it seems to take FOREVER to find that first nugg with a detector. Took me just over 2 years with the gb2. And that was detecting almost every weekend during the spring, summer and fall. Have you picked up any lead shot while detecting? Do you have a test nugget? If not, the biggest nugget in your pic should be sufficient enough to see how it sounds on your machine. I know it's not really what you want to hear but it really takes time, practice and the willingness to not quit. Seems like right when I was about to throw my detector in the trash I banged my first nv nugget. Patience and boots on the ground in known gold areas is the best place to start. Like i said, there are some GREAT folks here so stick around. Good luck and welcome.
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    I got the skunk but I was pig hunting. That is one time I don't mind getting the skunk. I was told that the best way to ruin a good pig hunt was to shoot one. AJ
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    Just a reminder to those who are getting into metal detecting and to those who still don't take the time to fill in the holes. I went out to a spot I go to when I need to change my scene or when I am just not getting gold in the spot I am in. The spot is an open area, and one has to go down a dirt driveway into a parking area. I drove down the road and parked. First thing I noticed was 5-6 huge holes in the darn small parking area .. after a few words, to the UNKNOWN _SS , I proceeded to fill in the holes. Their are many reasons to fill in your holes, in which I am not going to get into, please take the time to dump the dirt , rocks, leaves back where you dug it. If WE all don't follow the rules, you will see more areas closed to metal detecting. Also if you dig iron targets, take the trash with you. Don't Be A Mole, Fill In Your Holes.
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    I fill my holes even on the beach! When on the beach many think 'Kids are out here digging, I don't need to fill my hole.' and that is very wrong. When I dig at the beach with my scoop and I go down 10-15 inches that is a very steep hole. Someone can step in it and get hurt. It happens. At least one beach community in Southern California has made it illegal to detect on the beach. The reason is that someone stepped in a hole. They determined that hole was from a metal detectorist. The city lost a lawsuit so now they don't allow detecting. The same thing will happen one day to an area near you and they will stop giving permission to detect. They will require permits and insurance. Fines will be given to those who don't follow the rules. This part of the future can be delayed if you fill your holes now.
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