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    Sklybones was very helpful when I got my Minelab XT17000 and offered to send me a video on it, mentioned he also had an old coil also, got a big surprise in the mail today he gave me the old coil for free, what a genorouus gift and a great surprise. Thank you so much for your generosity. Will definitely put it to good use. Some great people on these forums, hopefully I can pay the favor forward in the future. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
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    It is interesting that the value of the Russian Ruble, ( a fiat currency like ours) has dropped 20 % in the last three days, and the price of gold in eastern Europe is rising quickly. Imagine that.............. Ben
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    Thank YOU Steve! That's one of Ruby's projects. I use it all the time. With the index and search functions it's quicker than digging through the library. That girl does good work - and she digs!
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    "California Treasures" ROCKS.........Thank you
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    Awesome, yes please. You can wait till the snail delivers and you deposit the check, no rush, busy days ahead