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    My buddy and I hit the was where I detected that 11.1 gram nugget. We decided to drywash, and ran 41 buckets before the heat got to us.the buckets were classified down to 1/2 inch. And bedrock was detected for a few nuggets with whites gmt and Garrett ATX. Wash seems to be pretty rich. Hopefully we can get into some more nugget. Wash varies from exposed bedrock to 2-3 ft deep. Picture in next post. Chris
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    Drywashings and nuggets. 4.3grams Chris
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    He should wipe all finger prints off of it and put it on a local game wardens truck. That should keep him on a wild goose chase until the warden finds it and pays him a visit. Mark
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    Drywashings and nuggets. Chris
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    I would plant the thing in a very remote area and wait-then invite him to a sock party Mike C...
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    Or maybe it was his old lady just wanting to make sure he was hunting nuggets and not women at the bar, haha
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    I met some people at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and I bought a 4.4 lb copper nugget for $80 but it has be processed in a way that brings out the copper. It looks better than these pictures I just took because the green shows well. This company had many, many nuggets and I think you can collect them on your own and I probably could have beat them up more on the price but they have expenses too. Mitchel
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