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    Just been to darn busy to get out looking for gold. Well over the 4th we went to the cabin (1st time this year) and I took the 5000 and GB2 and work over an area that has produced in the past. I have always come away with no less than 4 pickers from this area. I got onto this spot about the middle of summer 2012, and have posted about the finds I did a lot of racking and dirt moving from the top to the bottom and then would detect from the bottom up. Not a single bite, I even went at 90 degree to previous search with GB2 and then with 5000. Went back to exposing the crack that turned into a BIG crack or crevice (whichever) you want to call it. I figured with the gold I found on top of the rock and around it that there must be more down deeper in the hole Well it ended up being a dead hole. Took me about 3 hours in the 55 degree heat to move all that dirt. Figured it was enough digging and time for a ride to see the sight as the Bear Grass was the best I've ever seen Another old cabin that is falling in and this one was still used in the early 50's even went back and took another picture of this old ore dump and while wondering thru the trees came across what was left of old miners cabin that may have had a mine shaft right at the wall of cabin because it had caved in and about 25' deep. and yes that little white spot in the bottom of the hole is snow. Tried finding another spot to dig but came up empty handed detecting wise. My wife kept the 40 S&W close by and I had the Ruger 30 carbine pistol as there had been a number of sighting of a Grizzly in the area. Probably should have taken the 12 ga with some slugs and 00 buck All in all it was a good weekend, no gold but a fun time in the side by side. and it looks like might be a good huckleberry season this year. eahagd
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    Spent a day and a half out here in our southern desert. Was quartz crystal hunting most of the time. It was brutally humid combined with temps approaching triple digits....Even sleeping was almost non-existent and uncomfortable..... Even still, I needed to take the SD2200 for a walk and managed a nice little 1.5 grainer for my efforts This little guy visited my camp to say hi last night.....Glad he let me know he was there Heres the little piece insitu.....Found with the SD2200V2 / 8" commander Mono Here she is on the scale....
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    $2000.00 dollars. Ha! Ha! Grubstake
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    Thanks for sharing Allen. Than is some beautiful country you get to live in.
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