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    This one is in my collection and I would say it's one of my best examples of crystalline specimens. Its like a coral formation, of towers and tips look like small donuts, round circles with a recessed center...14 grams total. I am guessing about half of it is gold alone.
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    So, Boulder dash and I got together for some major recon in a remote area.A last minute invite was thrown out to a few compadre`s , but I think there plans were nailed down..... This is remote stuff folks....Boulder dash inspects a vein the old timers were working... An obvious stamp or jaw crusher was used in this spot...They didn`t build walls like this for nothing So now for the schooling... I placered out an area roughly 20 feet long and 2-1/2 feet wide...Figured I got the most of the gold as I did get several pieces from there ...Boulder Dash go`s behind me with the GB2 and cleans house !! He literally scores multiple grainers from my work area....I must eat my humble pie, and learn from someone who is very skilled with the Gold Bug II.... 3 days take.....mine on the left 10.1 grams , and Boulder Dash`s on right 6.4 grams
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