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    Coulterville, southern motherload, hard rock pieces .105.BMP .170.BMP .285.BMP .330.BMP
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    Thought this was interesting.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUeNozYadNU
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    Found these pictures online. This is one of the most beautiful gold nuggets I have ever seen. I know nothing about it.
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    I have some friends who have gone to Sierra Leone for many years detecting and dredging. Africa is sketchy and human life cheap,diseases galore and definately for the younger set. Although ol' Grubstake(not this one here) has gone over many times and has some nice diamonds and gold but takes years off your life doing it.....John
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    WOW, Bad, bad, bad. We need the Kauruks to stop piddling with dredgers, and start rain dancing.
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    I have used a straw and a bicycle pump and a leaf blower in order to blow the lighter stuff away on bedrock, so I could pick the gold up with tweezers. Interesting tool. It should work. RSJ
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