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    Just curious but who did the modification and what was done to change it? Mike
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    Neither the BLM nor the County Recorder have plats of claims. The individual location notices filed in the County Recorder's office should have maps attached that you can plot and aggregate onto a single map. nvchris gave you the only answer that will give you anywhere near an accurate idea about where you can prospect. It's the same method we use to plot more than 1,500 claims a year. You've still got to watch for new stakes on the ground but you will at the least know what is not prospectable before you head out. Here is the most efficient method I've found. 1. Study the geology and history of your area of interest. Books, maps and boots on the ground all help. Studying both of these will help you define where it might be productive to prospect. 2. Determine the land status of your refined areas of interest. If there are public lands that may be open to location in your target area draw them on a fairly detailed map - topo maps are a good choice. 3. Determine the actual location and extent of any claims in your target area and transfer those to your map showing land status. You should now have a map that shows an area of potential gold mineralization with areas that are potentially claimable and a plot of existing claims. If you still have areas left open to prospecting that might be of interest to you go and explore those areas with a view to finding any new claims locations. If all looks good on the ground ... 4. prospect the open areas. If your area of interest is unavailable or your prospecting shows no results rinse and repeat the above. Welcome to the world of real prospecting. Figuring out where good mineralization might lead to gold is a skill. Doing the land status research on those potential areas and mapping your finds is a skill. Finding the gold (or other valuable minerals) on the ground is a skill. All these skills and more can be refined and improved over time to increase your chances of success. I'm sure you have most, if not all, of these skills in varying degrees already. In the 70's I was really into #4 - boots on the ground. I probably highgraded a few claims or worked areas that weren't open to prospecting for various reasons. Ignorance was bliss but I wasted a lot of time and wasn't very efficient. I suspect most amateur prospectors today fit that description. Ignoring any one of the four steps has proven to be counterproductive in my experience. Yours may be different. There are many small placer deposits in the West that can be quite productive for the individual prospector. Mining companies have no real interest in these small scattered deposits so we as individual prospectors or small associations have a truly golden opportunity. If all of this seems like too much trouble or time Chris' suggestion of a club like the WSPA can be a very good opportunity. Even a 20 acre claim can take years for a single prospector to explore the full potential of. Previously vetted claims can be a very good deal for a detectorist with limited time or interest in developing other prospecting related skills.
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    Finally I found a nugget !! After days and days of nothing.. I found a nice 2.1g nugget just 3" down right where I had been over so many times before. So many many many times before. My nugget hunting partner and I were working on a side portion of one of the places we go to.. clearing brush and trash but not finding any gold. He said.. you want to try another spot.. I agreed... so we moved over just a bit and my first signal was GOLD! Just a little bit after he also found a nice 1.4g nugget. So it is worth it to move around. Work a spot for a few hours and then move to another fresh spot. You can always hit the other spot again another time. But let me tell you we go out almost every day to a variety of locations and while my partner was finding gold I was not.. We worked some targets together and that is fun too.. to work as a team, using the depth of his Minelab and the disc and pinpointing of my Lobo. But it's such a mental game.. searching.. wondering.. hoping.. and convincing yourself to keep going... taking pride in the exercise.. the thrill and pleasure of being outside in nature.. but nothing compares to the satisfaction of finding GOLD ! And once you go on a long dry spell... finding it again... means a lot ! Over the last couple of months keeping at it has rewarded me with almost an ounce.. 18 nuggets.. all found with my Tesoro Lobo from a variety of locations. My latest find: My finds over the last couple months: Happy ! Can't wait to go out again tomorrow... TB
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    That's beautiful !! Enjoyed reading your article on "It's Hard to Find Gold" .. I agree.. prospecting is a way of life and the difficulty makes it all the more fun and exciting!
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    Went out today to two spots with my friend... 8 -4 !! We are bad ass!! My lobo was working great and I really concentrated on paying attention to the sounds in both regular mode and disc... I can now almost tell what my target will be.. like wire and nails.. double sound.. I always fall for square nails (they trick me).. bullets I can tell they are strong and not as soft as gold... and if the regular sound is screaming and flip to disc sound is not so loud.. NOT GOLD.. gold is consistent loudness in both reg and disc.. zip zip.. bep bep.. soft and lovely... and sure enough I knew it when I got my .7g nugget today.. I knew it was gold and when I saw the shinny poking out the dirt clod.. major smile... yay!!
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    Went out yesterday with my mining buddy and found my fourth piece of gold with my Tesoro Lobo detector since this summer... I have been detecting for several years but only finding the usual bullets, nails, and micro metals... lol... finally seems I am in the "gold finding club" yay! My first piece weighed exactly and oz but I had it acid washed and it revealed about 5gm! My next two were from different locations one was .6g and the other was .4g shown here with other items found ! And.... the last one found yesterday ... a beautiful collection of gold inside a quartz void... Can't wait to go out again and find more !
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    Wow, save me some! I will be back some day.
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