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    Hick! Hick! Yea it's about HICK, Eggs.
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    Howdy All, I am Seeing Gold in Hard Rock with My Hand held 60X Uv. or White Light Micro Scope. I Have Built a Crusher out of a Ball-Pen Hammer Head and a Fence Post Crushing in Half of an Air tank Then I move it to a Rock polisher with Bearings and Lug Nuts, Makes a Fine Powder. Now I would like to Build a Bigger Ball-Mill some thing that Can Handle at least a Bucket Does Enyone have Plans to build a Ball-Mill. I would Love to get my hands on an old Sampson Jaw Crusher. Thanks for eny Help.
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    You won't go wrong with any of the Minelab Commander coils...the 11 inch mono is very sensitive...the bigger e-mono is very good and less money than the other brands. As for weight just take the coil cover off...with proper coil control you do not need to grind the coil on the rocks and gravel...Yes, I know most people do that but I find the noise irritating and distracting...that extra 1/4 or1/2 inch is not really that critical...especially to a beginner... A better bungee system and a Hip-stick will aid you in proper coil control and save your back, arm and shoulder... I am not knocking any brand just giving you more options...the fact is that any coil will find gold, there is little difference from one to the other and it really becomes a choice based on what succeeds and works for each person... And, used coils can be a good choice as long as you can trust the seller and hopefully try the coil first. fred
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