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    Boulder dash , and I got out for a round of nugget hunting in some remote Arizona landscape. We both managed to find a nice batch of gold for our efforts too. 7 grams total , between the two of us ! Its still out there folks !
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    Haven’t posted in a while. I enjoy seeing everyone’s gold finds so here is some pics. I will do a SG on this one at some point. I’m pretty good at guessing weight especially the half - 5 grammers. I was way off on this one. Found in a small wash about 3’ on the bank just out of the wash. 18” deep approximately. Probably knocked off 5 grams of caliche. I keep the scale at work so no pre weight taken. Brownie
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    Found a few unexpected nice pieces. Hunted about 5 canyons only 1 had gold. Got distracted and wandered into a small wash to find a small piece. Cut it short and met some friends. Later I finished out that wash and found the 14.1 Grammer, 13.2 after cleaning with CLR. I think I learned from Adam you always Finnish out a wash because you just don’t know what’s lurking at the top 1/3 or even end of that wash. I found gold in it so of coarse I returned and I’m glad I did. About 30ft away were some strips of faded pink flagging tied to a cactus and up on the other small slope a few old metal detecting dig marks. These were not animals. When I got home I found tire tracks literally right next to where I dug. All interesting pieces to the puzzle after the fact. Brownie
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    Well, it's that time of year, again. It's starting to get nice out during the day, but I thought I would get in one more nighttime hunt. And this last night hunt treated me well. I explored a new area about a mile from where I had found gold before. The rain really has changed the roads and washes in this area. Many areas were nearly unpassable. But I managed to get there with my trusty 4x4 and went out into the night feeling a little crazy (by myself) as I am many times. And the only thing that makes that crazy feeling fade away, is when you find that first piece of gold. And then the stars align and everything seems normal, again. Friday night's total came out to 7.25 grams. Some pictures didn't come out so well. Photography just doesn't work too well at night.
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    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Hand Stacking"" .......And look what they missed. Gary
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    Great day out hunting for gold. I almost didn’t dig up the nugget due to digging 3 bullet fragments in the same area. Even after the suspected nugget was in my scope it was covered with dirt and felt like another bullet fragments. I Can’t tell you the feeling wiping the dirt away and seeing a small area of gold.
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    Hey Everyone, I took a drive yesterday and went up to a location I've hunted a several times in the last few months. When I first found gold in this area, I was using the GPX and 15" coil. I went home that day with six nuggets for 3 grams. Many of the nuggets were deep and there wasn't much trash found. It left me thinking that I wasn't the first detector in there, but probably the 1st in several seasons. On the next trip in there, I was able to score 5 nugs, but they started getting smaller. Then I thought trying out my new 19" EVO would be good idea. The first nugget with it was under some rocks I rolled out of the way. The 1 grammer on the 1991 quarter's lower right was found at least 15" down in a sandy 'blow-out' spot. The dink in the center was found with the 8" commander after my arm got tired of the 19"er. Like a lot of areas, the subsequent trips have brought fewer rewards. Time to deploy the SDC.... Hope you all are staying safe. Sorry some of my pics are blurry. Luke
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    Holly, Lily and I headed out yesterday about Noon for a quick trip to pan some dirt. I took the Sdc2300 with so i could check some spots that I had worked over the last season. Well....Holly took the detector and started digging targets. Wire.... bullet... wire. Her attitude was still upbeat even though it was just trash. I told her to head for the bedrock and stay shallow. She did just that. She found, dug and recovered a nice little nugget! A side note: I was walking about two feet from the truck when I spotted this. Eyeball detecting on the fly. I guess its considered a sunbaker but it was under about 1/4" of water so i dont know if it technically qualifies.
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    Hey everyone... Myself and a buddy Chris (bsumbdy) got out to an area on the outskirts of Goldfield Nevada last weekend. Had a blast, we found a few things to take back home.... Chris ended up getting 8 grams of gold nuggets, I found the old 1893 silver lined World Fair Spoon, and the 1902 -S- Barber Silver quarter. Also brought home a dinosaur for the backyard, named him Godzilla.. We were able to get a little higher up in the hills to get away from the 100 degree heat from down below.... We brought back some ore that sounded off on the detectors, but need to crush and see whats inside. Take Care everyone, and see ya in the field... Dave.
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    Not bad for a P.I. effort ! 9x15 NF Advantage on the 4500 with twin external shoulder speakers. total weight 1.1 grm. 1 heart shaped cornflake and 2 rock "ettes". Proves I'm not totally deaf yet, AND I'm as good as I once was ! Hapy Huntn.
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    Well I haven't been on the forums much lately but detecting still happens every now and then. Here are hand full of nuggets from a new area I found last year.... I had to get them all first lol. I hope all is well with everyone here. I will try and get to the outing and say hi!
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    Out hillside and piddler wash prospecting in a new spot yesterday paid off... Think I will be going back because I like cornflakes.
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    Went out today with Luke and Dad to do some detecting. Weather was fantastic! First wash I went up I was able to dig this little guy out with my finger. Sure is a neat feeling when you see a little yellow smile looking back up at you. We met up after a couple of hours and Luke/Dad had not found anything......so we went to the old stand by Pizza wash. I was able to coax 1.4 gram nugget out of a small trib to the side that I have detected a lot and Luke even hit it. Must have been the bigger 13x17 EVO along with wet ground that I heard it this time. It was about a foot deep. Luke scored two nice ones in the main wash. He worked for them though! Must have been about 40 holes he dug chasing banded ironstone, but two of them gave up some yellow. Mine is on the right, Lukes is on the left. Just missed that big rain storm. Got hit with it on the freeway. Would not have wanted to be back in those washes as some of them were still flowing. Great day out in the hills Tom H.
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    It was great to see all the new faces, meet so many people from the forum, and subscribers to my channel ! Here`s some gold found during the outing. Boulder dash`s above the dime, and mine below the dime ...
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    Hey all, Just got back from a couple days in Gold Basin on my way back from Washington. Weather was cool enough to enjoy a couple days camping with my sweetheart and try out an equinox 600 that I picked up recently. Iv head of lots of people having success with the 800 but not too much said about the 600 accept a few things that Steve over at DP had writtin. So I figured Id share my experience using the 600 with the 6" coil. We went back to an old patch there where Iv had luck before did a little scraping and viola! picked up one with the SDC right away. So we pulled out the 600 and did some more scraping and picked up our 1st nugget with the equinox! We spent all day there picking up dinks, and some really dinky dinks, which I thought was darn impressive... Anyway, my set up may not have been ideal as Im just learning this machine, but I thought I would share what worked for me there.. Field 2 Sensitivity 17-20 -9 through -1 blocked out everything else accepted 2 Tones Tone break at 0 iron bias 0 Ground Balance manual recovery speed 3 I didnt know what to expect from the 600 vs the 800 but since i had no experience with either it didnt matter.. But now I am fully convinced it (600) will find small pieces of gold with ease.. (under the right conditions of course) I didnt try the park or beach programs, but would toggle over to the all metal every once in awhile but otherwise just kept it in field 2. It was stable at sensitivity 17-18 but if you watched the numbers the hot rocks were bouncing all over the place from 6-12-26+ with an erratic tone. But when a 1-2 flashed in between and locked on it was surely a small piece of gold. (only one bb and one piece of lead out of 20 targets, yay!) Since id already cleared any bigger easy nuggets/trash from this spot I had no problem just ignoring anything other than a 1 or 2 on the Target id. We had a great time out there in that beautiful spot, and my sweetie had no problem finding nuggets with it! The smallest lil nugglets are tiny, it took 3-4 of them to make a grain. BTW Bill if you read this: Thanks for posting your vids using the equinox, kinda the reason I decided to give it a try. Hope everyone is getting out there now and enjoying the almost fall weather!
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    Pretty much done for this year. We've had snow twice already and it's hitting the teens at night. Last season I got 106 bits for just under an ounce and this year I only detected 40 bits for just over an ounce so an improvement over my 1st season! 18 bits from Montana and 22 bits from Idaho. FULL DISCLOSURE: 1 gram of the tiniest bits came from crack scratching/panning in the creek. I had fun and met some locals from Helena area (BIG help) and that helped me stumble onto the two bigger pieces (25g/4.5g) that saved my season. As long as I can improve weight at the end of season over the last I've reached my main goal. Good luck out there guys!!!
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    Was able to get out with Luke today and get some hunting in at one of my old spots. Boy, the rains really moved some material. After and arduous 5 mile hike in (well, it seemed like it.) Within 5 min. starting to hunt, I found the small one on the right with the 5000. Had to chase it around a little as it was tiny. About 5 min. after mine, Luke comes back to me and he had found the larger one. Its really flat. After 4 hrs of detecting and no gold, Luke found the little chunky one next to the flat one on the hillside. Great weather out today and gold was found. Nice thing about this wash is I park on the side of a paved road and walk in. Easy peasy! Tom H.
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    Back in Feb, when the world was still perceived to be more or less normal, a couple of friends joined me to check out a hand dug hardrock mine/prospect that I hadn't had a chance to detect yet. No claims records or markers could be located and the mine wasn't currently being worked. The miners had crushed the ore and shoveled it onto the crude wooden ore chute that snaked down the side of the ridge to the creek below. The country rock of the mine adit, (from the outside looking in), appeared to be a mushy red quartz conglomerate that was unstable. No hard quartz lead was observed. After a few minutes of examination, It was decided that the large, indignant pack rat that currently occupied the adit could continue to reside there undisturbed. No gold was found but we drank up the "we found gold" beer anyway. Next day, I soloed to a spot in the Bradshaw's where I'd found gold before. It had rained pretty hard a few days days before and the ground was dry on the surface, but still damp a few inches down. I got into the area OK at first, then ran into a heavily washed out cut across the road, so I turned around going back out the way I came in. As I angled down to cross a steep "V" shaped creek where I'd had no problem coming in, the mushy schist bedrock crumbled and dropped my rear bumper down enough where my military style pintle hitch buried up, causing the bumper to be high centered with no rear wheel traction. Bummer. I cleared part of the hang up with a sledge hammer and chisel but finally had to resort to a high lift jack and stacked rocks for clearance and traction. While I was gathering rocks in the creek, I noticed where the bank had eroded off, and exposed a couple of rusty, vuggy chunks of quartz which looked interesting. After I was able to get my truck off the high center, and up the road a ways, I went back and started detecting the strech of the creek downstream from the where I found the rotten quartz. Most of the little cuties were shallow in the stream bed and a few were on top of rocks but out of sight covered with sand and dirt. I've been laughed at before for taking my truck and trailer into bad spots, but so far, I managed to get out, and after I started finding those little dinks (small though they may be) I forgot all about being stuck!
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    Did I ever get lucky. found this nug about a month ago. went back lots of times and figured out this area has been worked years ago. just fines left. poor sucker(s) missed this one. a real fatty. 3/16 inch thick at widest part
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    Finally was able to get out and detect for a weekend with a fellow forum member. He was only able to make it for one day verses my 2 days. We focused on hitting new areas looking for leader nuggets.. He was able to find one really nice piece. After that I spent many hard hours with no luck finding a patch. My first night by headlamp I headed to a old Bonevolent patch that we thought was worked out. Turns out we missed 3 chunky pieces. 2nd night hunt went to a different worked out patch and found 5 more chunky bits.. All the small stuff was just the gold monster 1000 being an amazing sensitive machine. 3 grams was my tally for the weekend.
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    Been a mighty fine week in the desert! I picked up a 12x8 Evo for the 4500, as I have been hunting a lot of rock strewn washes. The Commander 11" is my only other coil, and I was missing a lot of ground by not getting it in between rocks, and up under bushes. Very impressed with this coil so far. I have no doubt the Minelab coil would have found these, but I could never have gotten the round coil into the spots they were found. What really blows me away, is how stable the 12x8 runs, compared to the 11. With the 11, I had a lot of EMI, and false chirps from blades of grass. I usually ran the gain at 9-10, with the stabilizer as low as 7, to get a smooth threshold. With the 12x8, I can bump gain up to 12, and stabilizer 10. Sensitive Extra timing was marginal with the 11, and I often couldn't use it. It's very stable with the 12x8. I'm not the most experienced hand with this machine, but the difference was dramatic to me. Found a couple really cool specimine pieces! I'll be flogging this spot hard! Regards, Kyle
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    Well done Shay & Mitchel !! Here`s a close up of my bigger piece.
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    These are from some years back, I was weighing them before selling to Matt at Gold Rush Nuggets if I remember right.
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    Thank you to Bill, Minelab and everyone who put the outing together. My daughters and I had a great time! They loved all the Minelab schwag. Alexa even wore her Minelab beanie to school today. It's was great getting to see everyone and chat with some friends. I hope to get out with some fellow nuggetshooters this winter. Here's the gold we scored right before heading back to the outing and also my first GPX5000 nuggets.
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    Ok, I’ll post something. I got lucky last month and swung over this specimen in way up Northern California . I dug up a big rock and thought it was a hot rock but then swung back over the hole and the target was still in the hole and I found this. It was only 4” deep and I was using my trusty GPX4000 with the 12”x15” Commander coil.
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    So I sort of got a kick out of Mike Furness a couple of outings ago when he asked me, "So Doc, are you divorced?" I laughed and told him, "No far from it." But my wife Diana, has no interest in Gold Prospecting but she has never stood in my way to let me go out and look for the shiny. She knows I love this hobby. So anyway, just to update everyone on my marital status in case you were wondering. June 20th, my wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. I started dating her when she was 16, and married her a month after she turned 18. All our kids and grand children came over and fixed us a big meal on Sunday, along with a beautiful cake. We got gift cards, and a certificate for us all to have a family portrait when it gets cooler. I got the ol' girl a brand new car for our anniversary, a Telluride. I know this is personal stuff but all you guys are my extended family. So Mike, NO I AM NOT DIVORCED. LOL Doc and Diana
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    Was able to take advantage of a cooler day and got back into Truck wash with the gold monster. Have hit the area pretty hard with the 5000 and thought I would go crumb chasing today. Got 4 at .3 gram. 3 out of the washes and one from the hillside. Did some scraping on the hill side but no more. This place is infested with iron stone from 1/8" to 10". Had to go into disc some times just to try and keep it half way quite. It was just good to get out finally, but boy, I can tell I have not been detecting in a while. Will probably feel it even more tomorrow! There were a lot of these blister beetles out also. Guess they can leave a painful blister if you play with them. Tom H.
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    Well after a long winter, the boys and i made it out today before the new round of rain and snow hits us. First spot was one of my speci spots that we have hit prtty hard. Ended up pulling this 2 gram chunky feller from about 4 inches deep. Definitely made my day for sure. Then after that, the boys wanted to try our coin and relic spot. Still finding lots of cool stuff but it is thinning out a bit. I did squeeze out another coin and a sweet bell. The coin is a 1888 V nickel that is in awesome shape. Once i clean the crust off, it will look amazing. The bell i found down about a foot deep and it was about 20 yards from where my son found his bell last year. It was sure great to get out today. Ill post pics of the rest of the cool finds after we get them cleaned up tomorrow. Take care everyone! Dan
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    I finally made it back to the Big Az the weekend of the 18th! This time we were in prospecting mode for new areas and as usual, we hit it hard and took advantage of the time I was there. We did drop in on one of the Big Bug Mining District claims and that’s where I pulled these three from ‘eddy spots’ where bedrock crosses the wash. These came from places that started with no signal whatsoever, I just felt that gold would stop there when the wash was flowing, so I dug a bit with my pick, then detected again with my 2300 and was rewarded!
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    Hey all, It's been awhile, but the summer is on it's way out and great weather is here !! Met up with Tom early this morning in my driveway..... He insisted on driving and I didn't want to argue with such a nice guy. Tom is such a nice guy, that he took me out to one of his most coveted detecting spots. Many ounces found there in the past and with the recent rains, things had been stirred up a bit. Even though it's been detected thoroughly in the past, there was still the possibility for some good finds and we were both excited to hike in there. Upon arrival, Tom wanted to detect the lower portion, and I hiked up a bit further. Maybe not as far as I should have. I knew it was the place I was going to set my backpack down when I rounded the bend and viewed a nice stretch of bedrock poking up through the gravels. This area has very little trash, but lots of large iron stones. Every few steps or less, there's a target to dig. Usually a loud, black rock turns up. But good gold has been found here, so you gotta dig em all. My 4th target was a nice half gram nugget. About 20 feet away, I scored another. I went to get Tom and he poked around there for a bit before going on up ahead. A half an hour later, he comes back with a freshly dug nug he had pried out of the bedrock up around the corner. Perfect day so far, no skunks and still time to find more. So we did. My third nugget, the biggest and deepest of the day, was found under or right next to, a bologna sandwich-sized iron stone. I spent about 10 minutes digging and widening the hole so I could get the 15" EVO in there to better pinpoint the target. Then the iron stone came out of the hole. It sounded exactly like what I had been hearing when I passed it over the coil. But I wasn't done yet. Always check the hole for another target. I slid the coil back in there and it screamed. A 2+ gram nugget was my prize. When I met up with Tom a little later, he had another nugget under his belt so all was good. We talked and rested for a bit, and then detected for another hour or so, before starting the journey home. On the way out, I couldn't help but wonder if my detecting costume somehow played a role in today's finds. When I first purchased this shirt, the seller didn't exactly say it, but it seemed implied that the shirt possessed magical powers. The first couple times wearing it, I was worried that I got a dud. But these last two times, after enough dirt and sweat and some catclaw holes in the sleeves, it seems to be working as intended. If any of you can get ahold of one of these shirts, I'd highly recommend it. Thanks again Tom, maybe I'll drive next time. Luke
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    This past weekend I took another trip to Rye Patch. About half the time I go I don't find any nuggets but this time I found two! One was my biggest (ever?) in a long time at over 2 grams. I've been going there since 2011 and it certainly isn't easier now. The larger nugget was found on Friday the 13th. Those are early morning (sunrise) shadows. The smaller nugget was found on Monday after some 'side' trips to Winnemucca, Elko, Tuscarora and Charleston. Mitchel
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    I try to keep up with all the posts and questions from you all, but with my store, website,YouTube, and other social media I just can't get to it all and I truly am sorry about that. My focus these days is on education and entertainment through videos at YouTube and that takes allot of time in the field hunting and filming (which I love) so as a result I do not get online to social media like forums and YT near as much as I used to. Plus I still work 4 days a week at property management. So I am not ignoring anyone just busier than heck and being outdoors as much as possible doing what I love. the best way to contact me is by phone 623-910-0345 and LEAVE A MESSAGE please, I get dozens of calls all day long as well as several spam so if no message I rarely return a call unless I know you. However there are some really knowledgeable folks willing to help here and will jump in to answer your questions if they can and I will always keep this great forum going for that reason. Thanks as always for your support... Bill AKA Nugget Shooter
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    Well, it finally cooled down to 100, and I decided to get an afternoon hunt in Scored 8 little nuggets in about 6 hours of detecting Fun day with a nice breeze ! Just under 3 grams Get out there folks !!
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    Let me know what you guys think. Might be a little boring, its my first attempt at doing these kind of videos!
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    I was supposed to go fishing for my birthday over to Lake Roosevelt but my fishin' buddy had to back out. SOOOOO ... I went to plan B ... go find a nugget for my birthday! Headed down to the RRPC Aquarius Claims (my zodiac sign is Aquarius) and began to search in one wash that turned up a lot of hot rocks and trash! Time to move to someplace else. Second spot was much deeper into the claims and a spot I had hunted a couple times before. I knew I hadn't destroyed all the old dry wash piles so began my attack. No luck for the first few ... about 10 of them to be closer to the number. I was just about to give up when I noticed one with a bush growing out of it. Four little pieces of iron trash and screen wire and then an odd little signal from my Gold Monster. Almost didn't dig it but my training was not allowing me to do that! I must have moved that target around a couple of times before I finally had it in my scoop! Low and behold a nice little chunk appears after a quick rinse to show its true character. So I got my Birthday Nugget ... a 0.544 gram rough little piece that someone at least a few years ago lost off the front of their dry washer!
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    I thought I would share a couple pictures of some nuggets that I found while detecting NV and AZ. The 10.82 g piece stands by its self from from the field. After cleaning I touched up the edge to have it stand better. the 7.57g piece was found almost 24” deep with the GPZ.
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    About 3 hours of raking and chipping out bedrock released these little fellas from their eons of bondage!
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    Must say I had a very good day in one of Bill's favorite places. We got a little gold ... you will have to wait for the video Bill made to see his gold but here are my tiny pieces for your viewing pleasure. The gold season has begun!
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    I had a mining friend pass away very recently and felt I needed to head to the area I ended up meeting him out in the desert all those years ago. Arrived a bit after dark and started night detecting an area the mining friend had turned me onto. I managed 6 small pieces by 11pm. First thing in the morning I headed over to where the big gold had been found... not much luck with all the hot volcanics driving me crazy looking for a source... Someone had drywashed a part of the area and didn't vaccum very well as I scored 7 small bits off bedrock they missed. Around 2pm I headed back to another wash I had found many hundreds of small nuggets in. Boy howdy was I happy I moved as I was picking up piece after piece for about 2 1/2 hours till I had to drive home. Ended up with 34 small pieces with no shortage of targets. So 47 small fun to recover pieces ...total 2.5 grams
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    If Frank can post a can, I can throw this out there (maybe?). Trying to sell home and need to get septic pumped for inspection. Honeydipping buddy of mine is pretty busy so trying to help. I've dug it up 3 times in past 20 years but before had a tractor to help. Today, by hand and with pick dug about 6" farther from tank than ever before. This plopped out. Have dug up and actually found most arrowheads on the surface after a rain in my driveway. Found a 3" black obsidian blade over by my pump house a couple of years ago. No gold tho-
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    Well, Jan 9th makes one year of nugget hunting for me. I've had a blast, learned a lot, and gotten myself in decent shape. If I live another 30 years, I just might be able to absorb something from my pile of geology books. I spend summers in Wa. State, but spend half my time up there wishing I was down south. Here's my haul for my first year. Wifey has claimed the largest specimen as her own. I have been informed it will be a pendant hanging around her neck. Makes up for all the flowers I never get her, I suppose! Thanks for all the good advice and entertaining stories you guys post. I've learned a lot, with a helluva lot more to go! Regards, Kyle
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    So during Bill's last outing down at San Domingo, I had the opportunity to do a little educational video. Being forewarned is to be forearmed, as they say. Be careful out there! Doc
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    My wife and i stopped to camp along the Yuba river on our way home from a family reunion in Santa Cruz, Ca. When we got to the river the sun was on the horizon, but i figured plenty of light to go have a quick look around. Got lucky on the first area of bedrock i investigated and turned up this little slab, just over a half gram .6
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    The last nugget I found was west of Jungo, NV. It was on BLM land blanket claimed by Hycroft/Allied. I don't know the current situation but when I found this nugget Hycroft/Allied had no problem with people metal detecting on their claims as long as they were not being actively worked. There were quite a few old dig holes in the area where I found this beauty but fortunately for me the previous beepers missed this one. It was just under 1/2 oz and it looked way better than these photos indicate. Good luck out there!
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    Meet my grandfather, Frank Mitchell. He was born in the Ozarks in the years prior to WWI. He suffered from dyslexia which no-one had ever heard of, and by the 4th grade his formal education was over.  His parents couldn't understand his learning disabilities in school but decided it's best he stay home and work the family farm and lumber mill and help put his eleven brothers and sisters thru school.Fast forward to WWII, Grandpa Frank is driving truck delivering goods for the war effort. His wife had been diagnosed with tuberculosis years earlier and is in a Little Rock Sanatorium. He's raising two daughters on his own. When the war concludes, he takes his daughters out of school, drives them to visit their mother in the hospital. The hospital staff allows my grandmother out onto the grounds for a brief walk with her family but grandpa had other plans. He picks his wife up and with kids in tow dashes to their car. They drive away leaving AR in the rearview mirror and don't stop until they arrive in the Valley of the Sun He buys a lot west of Phoenix along the Salt River, builds a home out of river rock his kids carry from the banks. Soon his best Friend from AR joins him and buys a lot nextdoor, builds his home. Grandpa is offered a trucking route in west AZ, Parker, Quartzite and soon the family is living in the gold rich hills of Polomas. Yuma County, AZ. The home he buys there was built in the 1860s by Mexican placer miners and is on over a hundred patented mining acres. No indoor plumbing, no electricity, no neighbors, but not lacking in gold. Over the next several decades, Grandpa drives truck and has his children and grandchildren working his enterprises. They raised mules for prospecting trips. Goats were raised for meat and milk...the sheep, well they didn't work out, too many lion. Oh and gold was extracted from the placer deposits. A lot of gold. Doctors from the Valley had formed a mining Corporation and leased a milling site from Frank. They had a 60' trommel built and delivered to the mill site. But after just a year the docs were realizing how much work and money was involved and they abandoned the wash plant. Now grandpa had a free trommel. Grandpa didn't trust banks, not after living thru the Great Depression. The gold was beginning to accumulate. He put it in mason jars and coffee cans and got creative hiding it. Then came his divorce. His wife could no longer take their pioneering minimalist life style. She made it known she was moving to Phoenix to live with my aunt. She wanted half of the marriages wealth too. But she'd have to find it first. Fueled by equal parts greed, paranoia, anger and occasionally mezcal, Frank went on a gold caching binge. There was no way Frank was going to roll over for his ex bride and her subhuman rat like lawyers, NO! He hid his wealth, his retirement his love. He hid gold so well that in his later life and declining health, when he thought it was all clear. When he thought it was time to buy things for his ex-wife out of guilt and love, he would spend countless days searching for where he had hid much of it. Remember the home he built along the Salt River in Tolleson? It had been sold off decades earlier but his best friend of over a half century, still lived in the home he built next door to Frank. Frank was in his 70s, his health rapidly declining from exposure to the sun, tequila and the 4 pack a day cigarette habit. He wanted to drive home one last time to AR. Ever present beside him in the old datsun pickup truck was a leather briefcase with a dozen. Mason jars full of gold. He knew carrying gold was a risky venture. And the question of how much gold to take to AR weighed on his mind. On his way east, heading out on on I-10 he stopped at his buddies home. His friends wife wasn't fond of Frank. A plan to cache some gold at his buddies house was carried out that night after the friends wife went to bed. A couple jars of gold were hid and Frank had no doubt he could trust his buddy. Frank drove on to AR a couple jars lighter of gold but felt reassured caching gold was a smooth move, like having insurance. Frank's health was bad. Family in AR convinced him to see a doctor. After an exam and xrays, The news was grim, lung cancer. In the days ahead a lung was removed the other left in diminished capacity.. It would be almost a year before Frank would feel strong enough to drive home to Arizona and tie up the loose ends of his excessive life. But before leaving AR he received word from my aunts, his long time companion and confidant in Tolleson was dead, killed suddenly in a traffic accident. This left him with quite the cunundrum. How to recover the jars of gold from the home of his late friend? One aunt tells me Frank's friends wife was bitter, even jealous of the two men's friendship. She was outwardly hostile towards Frank like a simmering pot ready to boil over. Frank stayed clear of her and never recovered the gold hidden below the homes wooden living room floor board. My other aunt is much younger and has a slightly different recollection of where the gold was hidden. She says Frank confided to her it was buried in the homes side yard close to a stand of oleanders that separated that home from where Frank and my aunt had lived next door. She went on to tell me the home had a concrete floor, the gold is in the yard. How much gold in a Mason jar? I wish I knew first hand. EX. A quart jar holds 2 lbs of water. Gold weighs 19.3 times the weight of H2O, at $1,700 dollars a troy ounce...31 grams, you do the math. But it wasn't the only time Grandpa lost gold.Grandpa's headstone The mining operation wasn't a small one. Over the years, hills were literally flattened by him recovering gold. 
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    Wife and I was out on the claim on NYD for some nice relaxing prospecting. She was swinging her GB 2 working the main trail into the claim as we have never really worked it. She was happy for awhile with her boot tacks and other treasures, me, I got frustrated and drove back to the house to get my pan. Did 2 quick pans from a nice spot up on one bank and got this little flood gold roller. When I say I drove back to the house it is just one mile from the claim. Nice to be close.
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    Found a new area a couple days ago and got a couple with the GM 1000, there were some deeper spots so crawled through the brush today with the 2300....
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    Did a short hunt up one of my old washes that I knew got hit hard with the rains a few weeks ago. (owl wash) Wow...was it different. Bedrock ive not seen before and piles of blow sand. Got a little goober as soon as I turned on the 5000. Not much after that. It was one of those days when you just decide to take it easy/enjoy the county and look around......not focusing so much on finding gold. I had my headphones off on one target and heard some crunching off to the side. Investigated it and it was a big ol desert tortoise up on the bank. Got some good pics of it. The main wash to (owl wash) got hammered hard with the rains. Lots of Palo verde trees that were in the middle of the wash are gone along with the islands they stood on. Looks like about 6 ft high water in the main wash and about 15 ft high when it hit the main road/culvert. Tom H.
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    I've had the time to make a couple of Rye Patch trips. I did some swinging and some exploring. All of these nuggets came from near the burn barrel so no one got it all! These are from my last trip. This was the total of two trips. Just shy of 1/4 oz.
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