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    ….well, so far. So I went out the other day on a last minute hunt. During this busy time of year, it's a real relief to get out and go to my 'happy place'. I'd been looking at this 'new' area for a while now. I can actually almost see it from the other side of the 'canyon' and I finally made it over there to check it out. So glad I did. I found the large specimen within the first 10 minutes of turning the detector on. Right after I found a 'large' chunk of iron. After that, about every 30 minutes or so, I dug a piece of gold. The gully I was in, was just narrow enough to be able to detect it fully while standing in the middle. All of the pieces except for two were found in the gut, right where you'd expect to find gold. The large 'solid' nugget was found on a bench where the gully made a 90 degree turn. It was on the surface..... Obviously, I'll be going back in the near future. I'm curious to see what I left behind. Here's some pics. All of the day's finds, including trash targets, are pictured. I didn't find the coin. Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas !! Good Luck out there !! Luke
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    Been looking at an extremely remote creek on Google Earth for a while. Teamed up with boulder dash for what we already knew, would be a challenging day. The detour around the waterfall was by far, the most physical of all I have come across. Once we arrived my first 10 targets were gold. Boulder dash followed suit with his gold soon enough. A search for the source will likely be on the horizon early summer. Detectors used : GP3K, SD2200, GM1K, GBII Here, boulder dash hunts a bench. A fine coarse nugget as it was found: Almost all the gold found yesterday. Mine on left, Bd`s on right
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    Like I said yesterday it's been 2 months and one day since I had found gold! Today ended that! Woot!😁
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    Found my biggest one this weekend! A total of five nuggets!😊
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    I enjoy trying to find new ground and get fairly lucky from time to time. Of course, that can mean you get a few skunks in between. Heck, sometimes more than a few. But this trip is what makes up for those times. The day started out normal enough. Way out in the desert away from the city. Away from the stress, away from the noise. Just me and my truck scrambling to get to a place I had just detected a couple weeks earlier. On a previous trip, I had found a couple dinks in this shallow wash. It was a little strange because there were no rocks thrown out of the wash or hand stacks or dry wash tailings. It just looked good to me. Basically, earlier prospectors either missed the area or it just didn’t show worth it in their gold pan. And it had already given up two small pieces of gold to me, which did not even add up to a gram. And after finding these pieces I had continued a couple hundred feet up the wash and the ground just got ugly. Me, being the expert geologist (sarcasm) I decided to jump to the next wash and search there instead of finishing the entire wash Of course nothing else was found in this second wash. But on this trip, I wanted to finish that wash. Simply because it was the right thing to do … and as my friends always say … Beep It All!! And so I did. Only 50 feet or so where I left the wash previously, I hit nugget after nugget after nugget, until I had reached a new GPZ record of 11 pcs. Even with my GM1000, my record was only 10pcs. So this turned out to be a great day. The largest piece was 5.5 grams. Most of the others pieces were over a gram but a couple were smaller. Total weight was ½ ounce. Here is the quartz stringer I believe most of the gold likely eroded from. It was in the bottom of the wash and ran right down the center. Note the red hematite along with it. And here are a couple gold pics It's still out there!
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    My Texan son-in-law is visiting for the holidays. So I took him with me for a half-day to some open range in Southern California on a cold, windy, not so sunny day. I used my 7000 and he used my Gold Monster 1000. He is not a prospector and had never used one before. His familiarity with metal detecting is minimal having accompanied me on maybe 3 or 4 day trips over the past 16 years. On those occasions he used a GB2. So I figured that after I gave him a 5 minute crash course on the 1000 he could pretty much operate on his own without the need for me to coach. But I wasn't expecting him to nail this 4 gram beauty, especially after the snow began falling. Nor was I anticipating my own return home covered with skunk stripes. I suspect not many nuggets like this surface very often out of the Pecos.
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    Im up to 29 nuggets now!😁
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    Boulder dash and I got out for a day and he just smoked me ! Lots of hard work in the new spots but it looks like I need to chose a different area Enjoy !! Boulderdash`s is on right Mine on the left ......
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    Got out today around the LSD area, and waved to Bill as we passed each other . The thunderstorms almost bullied me out of this spot , but I stuck it out. Glad I hung around, as I found a very fine piece of wire gold...Enjoy !
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    Got out today for a few hours in a spot Boulderdash and I have nearly worked out. After much placering and praying , I managed to find a few gorgeous nuggets. The gold here is Isometric . It can be anything from square cubes, triangles to flat rectangles etc.... Two of the nuggets pictured were found 15 feet from the source. Can you guess which two ? I did not weigh them .. Enjoy !
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    Well, its been a while..but, myself and some friends were finally able to get over some gold! Went back to Road wash. to hit it again after about a year of letting the rains move some stuff around. Road wash didnt give up anything, but......Golden diaper wash did! Went back to a trib James found about 7 grams in, and I had gotten 3 grams after him. Stuff was moved around and I was able to get another gram out of it. I get almost to the top and Luke comes over from hunting another parallel trib that did not give up anything. I told him to go up in front of me and hit the rest but he didnt want to take my "new" ground and said he would just detect over the wash I had come up.....Well........he spanked my butt!!! I missed some. And he got the most with 2 grams. Either due to my smaller coil, He had a 15" and really good ears, or going too fast or im just a retard Anyway.... He hit a nice one about a foot downstream from one I had to chip out 8 inches of bedrock to get to. I just plain missed that other one. DOH!. But it was all for the good. Scott was able to score a little guy with his SDC he got from Bill also. Luke gave him a lot of great pointers on using it. All in all it was a fantastic day out in the hills with friends, finding gold and helping each other. YAH~~~ Tom H.
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    Yesterday I was able to make it out with the kiddos for a relaxed day of prospecting. Normally, if I take them with me its to a known spot and we spend most of our time on known patches. This trip I decided to do some exploring with them on new ground. Usually by myself I will hit quite a few washes in a day, having a four and seven year old in tow I only chose one wash to check out and it was only a half mile from the road. Well, lucky for me we didn’t even get 500’ from the road when we came across a nice section of bedrock in a small wash that caught my eye. Next, I noticed rock stacks on both sides that were washed down and difficult to recognize, it looked like one of adam’s “after” pics. I got down to check things out and spotted a tiny little sunbaker on bedrock, the smallest piece in the pics below. Lets get to placering! We spent a good portion of the day at this spot goofing around and could hear the roar of RZR’s going by throughout the day. The work was easy as the overburden was shallow and the big rocks were removed, someone had to of already placered and detected this section as we got the same amount of trash targets as gold targets, normally in a spot this close to the road I would find at least 50 BB’s. I haven’t been out but a few times in 2018 so I was a little rusty with the GM1000. Thick, moist, black sand deposits, quarter size hematite chunks and noisy bedrock made things a little tricky, lots of overload signals. It took some extra work to verify I wasn’t missing gold masked by those other targets. In the end we had a great time and I couldn’t have asked for a better day out, and an added bonus is the kids slept great last night!
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    Hey Everyone, Got out for a day hunt, hunting a trashy wash. This wash was full of old staples, and screamed on the Zed. After digging seems like the 100th staple, I decided to just stick to the sides of the wash, hoping to avoid these little bastards, which were all down the length of the wash. Not 10 minutes hunting the side of the wash, I got a screaming signal in the entrance to an animal hole, large enough to fit a turtle or fox in the side of the wash. Thinking oh great, another staple, I dug the entrance floor to the animal hole with my scoop, and waved the detector over it the scooped out pile, and zang !!!! I looked down at the small pile and saw the nugget right on top. Got it home and cleaned it up, it ended up being 7.9 grams. I hunted that wash for most of the day, pulling out probably another 100 staples . Until next time.... Dave
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    Man, did I ever find out how badly out of shape I'm in after pretty much just hanging out during our frying pan hot summer doing my "Honey Do List" chores. Well, the weather finally has dropped and yesterday I wanted to get out into the higher elevations before deer season opened up. I managed to snag these four before I ran out of gas -- 2.12g all told, the largest one a hefty .74g. No sooner did I get back home when the skies opened up and we were hit with around 2" at the house amidst a terrific "donnor und blitzen" show. The trusty GPZ 7000 came through again...
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    So Bill was hunting with the GPZ 7000 today. He found a target and after digging it up some lost the target and got frustrated and gave the target to me and I dug this up. I call it the teamwork nugget!😄
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    Found my second half gram nugget! Last one was 7 months ago!😁
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    Got a little nugget today! It's been 3 months!😆
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    I only had one day for the outing so I had to make it count. Hit some old areas and actually found a new area with extremely old handstacks. The handstacks were completely covered in lichen and appeared to be old. This new area deserves more attention when time allows. Wish I could of stayed longer. Gold total is 2.6 grams.
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    I managed to catch a break in the weather and make it out recently. No luck in several new washes so I hit a past producer for myself on the way out, I placered a few feet to what I thought was bedrock sticking up through the overburden, turns out it was a boulder with gravels wedged under it. It was too heavy to roll out of the way so with my pick I could only shimmy it over about a foot and prop it up, that was all it took to expose some hiding spots for gold. .8 of a gram between the two.
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    Leverite and I got some color today near Arivaca, AZ. The one on the right was detected with my new ebay "used" Joey Coil that was pratically brand new and the GPX 5K. The others were sniffed out by the GM 1000...
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    Had the monster out for a couple of hours and was having no luck, lots of iron. Then hit a bigger target, it was bouncing between iron and gold. Few inches down on top of bed rock a muddy chunky rock came out and I could see a little gold showing. Washed it off and it's a real beauty. Total weight is 16.6 grams, did the gravity tests and seems there's 7 grams gold.
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    Venturing into one of the most remote canyons in Arizona, I found gold . Put the quad on its side, and found Vanadinite ! All in a day A piece of gold sunbaking on a bench 3 feet up and out of the creek: Vanadinite, Cowboy Mine? 3.1 grams in gold ......New wash needs more attention....To be continued
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    I've dug I don't know how many targets since starting this adventure last February, this one turned out to be gold! Was working tailing piles and exposed bedrock from a mine worked in the early 1900's. Weight was .7 grams. Mr. Southern you have a lot to do with this find. Your videos taught me what to look for, to stay positive and probably the most important lesson, keep it fun. Thank you sir and keep the video's coming!!
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    Eleven targets to be exact. Had a few hours this morning, so I made a quick trip up the hill and once again visited the 'ol Thrashed and Hammered club claim. I started off in a gully that I've worked thoroughly in the past. It's narrow and steep on the sides and a lot of the dirt I've shoveled out, has made it's way back in via the monsoon storms. I found a little rusty piece of tin and was getting ready to move on when I got a signal at the base of someone else's old throw pile. It turned out to be a little skunk buster I poked around there for a few more minutes and then moved on so I could stop into another spot before I had to head home. When I got to the other spot... which has also been beat to death over the years.... I figured I would just take a walk and see if I could spot any 'changes' since I'd last been there. Right off, I noticed someone had raked/moved some material into the center of the gully. The material caused the water to flow to the left and had scrubbed the bedrock clean. So I fired up the SDC again and went at it. Turned out, there were no targets in the little run of exposed bedrock. But when I reached the 'end', I found a signal up on the side where the bank material was sloughing off and into the gully. A scrape with my pick and now crumbly bedrock was showing and the target was more pronounced. I ended up finding three little dinks there in about the next 15 minutes. I decided I would leave whatever might still be under the 'bank' for another time and went upstream to another area of bedrock that's been exposed for years. It's the same location where I had my 'first 5 in one day' a couple years back. I've been over this ground many times with different detectors. Most of the loose material has been long ago washed away. To my surprise, I got a clear signal on the bedrock over a little pocket that was about 3-4 inches deep. After scraping out the gravels and blowing out the leaves and stuff, I was still getting a strong signal but wasn't seeing anything. I picked up a little twig and started scraping along the cracks and then I saw it. Since I was already having a good day, I wasn't in such a hurry and decided to go back and grab my phone to take some in-situ pics. It looked more obvious in person than it turned out in the picture. Next time, I'll dribble some water on it so it will stand out a little more. So after that, I had a few more minutes and I continued up another 15 feet and got another signal right in the gut of the gully. That signal was actually three targets and they were all gold !! I wasn't expecting much today. Mostly just went to get out of the house and stretch my legs some. It's been awhile since I've had an eight nugget day. Looking forward to the next. Luke The long skinny nugget is in the center of the above picture to the right of the little pebble and the shadow is pointing to it.
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    Wow, "gold fever" is a real thing. I got back about 4pm, after finding my first nugget, and I swear, my hands are still a little shaky. I have been out every day weather would allow, swinging slowly away with the Equinox, and today was the day my coil and a small nugget converged! It weighs in at .25 gram, but it might as well be a pound, for as excited as I am! I was running in Gold 1, sensitivity at 19, Iron Bias 0, Ground Tracking on, and threshold adjusted for my lousy hearing. The target flickered at -8/-9, but I scuffed the small rocks away with my boot, and got a solid 1 on the TDI. I've quite a few bullets, and enough #8 shot for a couple boxes worth of trap loads, but somehow, in a way I can't put into words, this one sounded "different". I got it out of the ground no problem, but I didn't think it was gold, at first. It was caked in brown dirt, and I thought it was a tiny piece of rusty iron. A few quick scrubs, and I knew it was gold! I have to admit, the first thing I did was look around, to see if there was anybody watching. I don't know what I expected, out in the middle of BLM nowhere, but I suddenly pictured every expert, with a high dollar detector to come speeding in, jump out of the truck, and clean off the hillside. I hunted for another half hour, but had to bail back to town before dark. Tomorrow, that hillside will be beaten within an inch of it's life. Question for the experts, does the fact that the nugget looks rough, with Quartz on it mean that it might not have come from far away? The hillside I found it on is open desert for a hundred yards uphill, where there is an outcropping of bedrock. Google maps shows a pretty clear, but small flood channel right from there, to within a few feet of where I found the nugget. I plan to follow that uphill, for lack of a better plan. Any input would be of great help! Huge thanks to Bill Southern. I called and chatted with him tonight, to thank him for the excellent video series. I am a self-teaching kind of guy, and the internet is my classroom. I used a ton of tips from Bill's videos to get to this first small find. I believe I will go crack a cold one, and de-jangle my nerves a little. Regards, Kyle
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    A lot of 1st for me this weekend. I had a suprise trip sprung on me due to my wife’s late work day on Friday. We were due for Vegas and I was not going to sit in traffic so I said well I guess you can fly there and I’ll pick you up🤗. She said that’s what I was thinking maybe you can go gold hunting somewhere 🤗🤗🤗🙏. So I took off at 3am on the road. I didn’t sleep much due to my excitement. So excited I got pulled over going 73 in a 55. I won’t disclose the agency but let’s just say I guess I’m in his system for being an armed fire investigator so he told me to slow down. No ticket given (nugget #1 for the day. I had a plan and stuck to it. No reception so I relied on google image pictures I took before the trip to know how to navigate. It was super foggy at 7am so much I drove into the thickness of it way back in the hills. I stretched my legs and back from the drive and hit the trail. 3 hours of swigging and hiking with nothing to show. I then hit a friends old patch thinking you can’t get it all but he may have. Nice work Chris. I then didn’t have a plan and needed to pick up the wife by 7:15p. I don’t get out a ton and certainly not here so one energy drink down and round 2. I hit some similar looking ground as my friends patch. Sort of a desert pavement mixed with a chunky broken caliche chunks. No dice. I got lost coming out and made my own road. Thank God for Jeeps! I then with low spirits hit a wash way up in the hills by some old mining activity. My first target was a totally knarly screamer which made sense after I uncovered a hash pipe. My second target was a small specimen which I yelled out loud because I actually found gold. I could pack up right then and be happy. I then got another sweet mellow hit in the middle of the wash. After getting to bedrock I could recover a target. I then split the bedrock with my pick and screw driver to get a nice thick boot tack. Onward to 2 other targets which were gold and bullet casings and can fragments. Well my 1st gold in Nevada, 1st specimen gold, 1st over an ounce nugget (specimen), 1st finding a wet stack of dynamite 🧨 next to a hard rock drilled vein, 1st getting out of a ticket in another state🤷🏼‍♂️. So I haven’t done a specific gravity test but may I join the 1 ounce club😳. This thing feels heavy. Anyway thanks for sharing my day. Brownie
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    Had to do some patch hunting last night. The moon was full and the weather was nice a cool. Hit many areas for a deeper beeper skunk until my headlamp started getting quickly dim. Stopped by a old patch on my way out and managed these 6 pieces in about 5 minutes . I checked my time and it was 11:30pm and time to head home. I've always been impressed with the vlf as to how small it can find.
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    The heat sure kicks in quick ! boulder dash and I set out to find some gold today. From dry washing a steep hillside, to placering for gold. You can see how close we are to the top of the hill. Managed a few coarse pieces from 7 buckets of sample runs. The dry washing was not going as good as we hoped, so we set out on a mission to find placer nuggets. I found the ones on the lower, and boulder dashes are on top...Note the nice coarse hillside specimen beeped by boulder dash Its out there folks !
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    Hey all !! I just thought I would make a post and show some gold that I found over the last couple years. It's not all of it and some was bigger, but this is 'average gold'. I say that because if you are looking for gold with a detector, this is the size that you may find, on average. At least that's how it's been for me. I'll post two pics. The lighting was different and brings out more character. So here's some eye candy to raise everyone's fever a notch or two. 20 grams of Central Arizona gold. Enjoy !! Luke
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    Here's a nice nugget found in Lost Basin near Meadview, AZ. Used a Minelab 5000 and some serious digging to get to it. Stayed at the Canyons End Motel. Nice Folks. Miner Friendly. Bob
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    Boulder dash and I got out for a few hours today hunting for a new patch. Boulder dash may be onto something. He scored a few very coarse fresh gold specimens...The search continues I got the skunk, but here`s Boulder dash`s take.. res one Up in the mountains I noticed there was not a moon, so I took a few photos...Here is one. There is gold out there folks...
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    Got out today for a while, quite a ways up in a very large drainage. Bedrock was hard to find, but sometimes you just have to persist. 1 gram even......
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    Welp, another great outing under the belt. Had about 20 people show up. Mostly the old corp. group. Did have some new people though and that was great. Weather was over all nice temp wise...but as you know the Q can get windy! Had a great pot luck on Sat. River stix was kind enough to bring 16 boneless rib eyes, caviar, cheeses and dips for everyone and there were a LOT of side dishes. As of Sun. 4 of the guys found gold. I didnt get any pics of that so if you have more pics or gold pics feel free to post on this thread. I wanted to steal RiverStix little dog..... Tom H.
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    Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked.
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    I had Monday off and wanted to hit a rather large drainage that I had attempted to detect years ago. Basically all those years ago I went up a 100 feet and said, no gold here... I walked way up there this time and detected a very promising stretch with lots of exposing jagged bedrock. Now I like to brake for bedrock so I turned on and nailed my first one rather quickly. Within a foot was another target which turned out to be gold then another after that until I had 6 nuggets. Right up stream from this dropout bedrock stretch the gradient becomes rather steep, fast, and has lots of large angular boulders. Above these boulders it finally started to level out. First turn I approach was a nice sweeping exposed bedrock bend, which gave me my larger piece of the day and 3 smaller pieces. Moving forward the wash became rather to deep for my vlf for approximately 200 feet. Then bedrock all over the place!!! Except no more gold targets in all that bedrock. I personally think it's shedding some place along the 200 foot of deep ground. It was 3pm and I was trying to leave around 6pm. Running out of time I went back to a place I'd found lots of nuggets and done above average drywashing in the past. I headed to a stretch I'd pulled 24 grams of handsome placer gold from about 5 to 6 years ago. Well wasn't I surprised when a nice little nugget poped out in a place I vacuumed very well all those years ago. Checking my hole again and still another target.... gold. I was seeing fine gold small pickers and nuggets as though it had never been worked. Managed 16 more in 3 hours.
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    Heres the photo . Well done dude !!
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    I Did a house demolition at an old homestead in Wa. this summer. Tons and Tons of trash was hauled away. When it was all done (last week) I got to swing my old (antique?) Minelab Soveriegn xs2a pro on the front yard for (only) a few mins. I found a couple of wheaties, and this cool old mini cap gun, action still works! I bought that machine new in 2000 i believe and it is still beeping along, although heavy and awkward, i can still find deep coins, and discriminate with decent accuracy. Unbelievable amounts of iron trash, that was probably masking most good targets but was able to pick out a few treasures! Hopefully Ill be able to pick up where i left off this week.
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    So a customer called me today all excited, and with good reason. I'll call him DJ. DJ has been chasing those elusive nuggets for 15 years without success. Now in his defense he has owned every crappy $200 detector ever made, and he does not live in gold country. He lives way up in the NorthWest. His brother JJ who is also my customer lives in Utah. So twice a year, DJ flies to his brother's house and they travel down to Gold Basin for a week of fun. A year ago, DJ finally had saved enough money to invest in a Gold Monster 1000 that he purchased from me, and his brother's prompting. I met he and his brother at Gold Basin for training. I gave him all of the sage advice on what to look for, and the typical advice, keep your coil on the deck. Take your time etc. Today he calls, and he is over the moon. "Doc, you'll never guess what I found while looking for meteorites in Gold Basin, with my brother. I'll send you pictures." DJ said he got a target sound, and dug down about three inches and unearthed a pull tab. "But Doc I remember what you told me and I checked the shallow hole before I filled it in. And there was another target so I kept digging." At a depth of 8 inches DJ got the find of his life so far. A 1852 gold dollar. And it is a beauty. Still no gold nugget, but I don't think any of us would be disappointed to find this ripper in our scoop. Congratulations DJ. I told him I wanted to enter him into some FIND OF THE MONTH contests, because that find is a winner. Doc
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    I opted to take a "Nugget Day" after the post-Christmas chores were finally done and a pleasant weather window was forecast in between SoCal's series of incoming storm systems. So I charged my Walmart made in China battery booster the night before, went through my mental checklist of survival things to take (just in case) and then merrily rejoiced as I departed early to a place at some elevation that I hadn't visited for a long time. Somehow in my reverie I managed not to actually put the Walmart booster into my truck (stupid, stupid old man brain f___). As the sun was preparing for it's evening rest I finally nailed the attached .91g "cornflake nugget." I hustled down the mountain to insure that I would get back to my truck before total darkness fell. As I approached the tailgate my heart sank. There in the crepuscular dimness I spied a slight glow emanating from the F150's tailgate light. HOLY MOLY!! I must have forgotten to switch my headlights off!! Sure enough, battery totally unresponsive and I am quite a distance into the woods. Not a single Cro Magnon anywhere in evidence. Immediately I climbed to a high point and tried to text a message -- undeliverable said the iPhone. With temps dropping rapidly and my water bottles already freezing I quickly set about preparing for a miserable night alone in bear country. Try sleeping from 1800 to 0600 especially after not having with me the evening prostate med I usually take (in other words dragging myself out of the sleeping bag every hour or so, i.e., around 10 times that night into very cold, bone chilling weather). I began hiking out at 0700 after repacking and securing my truck and leaving a note in case I could not get back to it (or worse) until after the coming storm event. Finally got to a place 4 miles down were my cell got a text off. An hour and a couple of miles later my honey came driving up the crude mountain road in her Chrysler T & C, then vented a hissy fit about getting stuck on the way up. Triple A refused to send a truck into 4WD territory, but a local acquaintance took pity and we took with us 2 brand new compact lithium ion battery chargers claimed to be capable of starting a vehicle, plus the Walmart standard battery booster that I had left on my garage work bench fully charged. The lithium ion wonders of latest technology only made my F150 perform a clicking noise. Next, the Walmart. More clicking noise following some turnovers. The turnovers weren't supplying sufficient juice to ignite the engine in the thin, high altitude air. Next, the jumper cables. The F150 roared back to its former lion-self and the sun once more settled into the west. Lessons learned. No more cheap Walmart booster batteries or tiny compact but boastful lithium ion designs. I'm getting the heavy duty Interstate brand booster battery that AAA uses to restart dead batteries. They cost three times more, but I would gladly have paid the extra bucks not to have had to suffer through that bone chilling night. Also on my purchase list: the SPOT X that enables text messages to be sent and received via satellite from anywhere on planet Earth. Finally, a WRITTEN CHECK OFF LIST to insure my stupid brain ACTUALLY confirms the entire list is loaded aboard before my next trip out, not just assumes that everything is packed. I hope this is a wakeup call for others on this forum. It is for me.
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    I have done zero prospecting this season, so when I got a chance to head for hills...I took it. About 20' from the buggy I realized...omg I have gotten fat! I need to do this more often. I went all the way to the head of the wash to investigate some old diggins that I had previously discovered a few years ago. Along the way I collected rock samples and half assed beeped the old pits I found on the veins showing copper minerals. One particular sample sang pretty good on the gb2, so into the sac it went. On another old waste rock pile I found the compass in the pics below and a milk bottle someone used as a target...even found the bullet that smashed it. An old round ball was cool find too. After beating around the desert for a couple miles, I had worn myself to frazzle and headed for the buggy with my treasures and 3 sacs of samples. The samples were mostly duds and when crushed yielded nothing interesting in the pan. Remember that sample that I heard with the beeper? It contained a nice surprise.
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    I went to the WSPA Outing in the Dale district Thursday through Sunday...had to stay on fairly level ground but I did get this little 2.5 grain nugglet... fred
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    Well , I was out at Gold Basin on Sat. There was some folks looking at the ground so I asked what they was looking for. I was told that one of them dropped a small nugget while showing it to the others. I was then told no one had a detector with them at the time , so I got my Equinox out , set it up and in just a few sweeps I found the nugget. So in a way I found my first nugget (had no idea where it was) but it was not really mine to keep. Could say it is a start, I know the machine will do its' part , now I just got to do mine. The rest of the day I found plenty of .22 brass but no other gold .
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    Got out today with Chris (bsumbdy). Most of the day was partly cloudy, and gave us a little break from hot weather. Chris, gave me a pointy finger today, while he hiked over the hill to hunt. We both left today with some gold. Chris got 6.4 grams, I got 5.8 grams. Also came across two young desert tortoises today. Dave
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    My 18 pieces minus one I lost..great teacher and hard work pays off..and will say don't have the knowledge like most of you but seems I'm getting good at this..makes me happy to find a hobby that I can prosper from😊
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    Tammy got 2 nice ones and I got 8 and a rock with gold inside (I think) gonna crush it..... Cheers
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    Well now,... "That was fun!!" I was out today sort of early doing some detecting and trying to stay out for atleast an hour or-so, and yet beat the summer heat and humidity back as well (so much for that). I was detecting up a wash that had been thrashed pretty good by the last couple of monsoon rainstorms. The floolding water had opened up a section of bedrock and exposed it from bank to bank for a width of about 8 ft. Or-so; the center of which had been scoured thus-leaving a "V"-shape. (The whole exposed section was about 15 ft. Long). There was still water flowing at a trickling-pace, and most of the lowest areas had pooled-up holding water. I had just detected the exposed bedrock up against the left-side bank and was about to swing the coil across and over to the right side exposed area when my eye caught the slight coloration of something (sort of blurred) lite-yellowish down under the water in this open ("V"'d) pool. I had to take a double-take thinking it might just be a light-yellowish-colored rock (as I have found a few times in the past). It really wasn't bright, yellowish, and metalic-looking, so I wasn't really sure if it was a nugget or not at first. I didn't even bother to swing my coil over it;... I just stooped down and plucked it out of the water to take a look. It was just then that I realized that it was indeed a nugget that was just laying there under 4" of water in a wide-open "V"-shaped crag !!!! I can't say that I have come across a nugget that way before, so I guess there's a first time for everything. All I had with me was my cheep Tracphone, so the first few photos are of it ( probably blurred) "in-situ". They are probably not too good, but they should be good enough to see what the conditions were like. The last few photos are of it after I cleaned it up at home with a different camera. I also found a small "dink" just upstream (photo'd). The big nugget weighed in at 1.15 Grams, and the combined weight of the two came to 1.22 Grams. "Come-on Monsoon Rains,...come in hard and heavy some more!!!" Gary
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    With the onset of triple digit heat here in Las Vegas, I was a little skeptical when my hunting buddy Sonny Clary called and invited me on a prospecting trip. Sonny had researched a new area that looked promising for both meteorites and gold. I’m always up for exploring the Nevada desert and Sonny’s instinct is usually spot on, so off we went. Upon arrival at the hunting area I saw some signs of dry washing and started metal detecting some small tailing piles. After a short time I got a nice solid signal at the base of a small pile of discarded dirt. I scraped off the first couple inches of dirt and immediately saw a yellow gleam in the hole. I knew immediately it was going to be good and started video recording. I picked up the nugget and knew it was the largest I’ve ever found. (52.7 grams). The heat cut our hunt short, so the long wait until cooler weather begins!
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    Got out with a buddy this past weekend in the great state of Virginia. We both dredged on sat, then on sunday he continued to dredge and decided to fire the GM 1000 up and see if i could find anything. My buddy was on chucky gold and nuggets with his dredge, so I started detecting a section of exposed bedrock a short distance up stream from him. Got the detector up and running and ground balanced in the water, (settings were auto+ in all metal) swing a few time and she pops off. The probability meter was swinging both ways, I pull out my little crevice tool and pop open the little crack and out pops some nice shiny. Was about a 2.5 grain picker, and ended being my biggest piece for the day. I continue on and each target i hit keeps being gold, which is something i have not experienced before. I will say the probability meter was jumping around on each target, hence why it is ignored lol. All in all i got thirteen pickers in about 1.5 hours from about 5 square feet of bedrock, for a total of 8.2 grains. The bedrock in this spot is decomposed and can be crushed in your hand. I also had a few signals that came from exposed bedrock with no evident cracks, but once i ripped into it with a little pick out would pop a picker. I believe that there use to be a crack there, but since the bedrock is so soft the erosion force of the stream has melded some of the cracks back together. This i why when i hit these soft bedrock spots while dredging i will rip into it up to 6 inches or more. Im stoked i found this little spot. And i will be taking the equinox 800 and the gm1000 there this evening to continue sweeping the exposed bedrock and test both detectors on small gold. Based on what my buddy pulled from downstream a little bit with his dredge, there is the potential for much bigger chucks to be nearby. Pictures below are from his clean out on saturday. And once the exposed bedrock is swept with the detector we will clean up whats left with dredges, so that nothing escapes. Hopefully this little paystreak hold out for a good while and produces some big gold that this locality is known for.
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    This was a spur of the moment trip but Luke and I headed out to a old area that Ive visited many times.(Wades Sun baker Patch) I wanted to run through it one more time after the rain we had this year, and the area really got changed a LOT. I managed to pull the little guy out from about 5 inches in a wash I was headed down. I turn the corner and see Luke. He was working up the wash. He says "darn it, you found my hill side patch" Luke found two nice flat ones on the hill side in a type of host rock (schist) that has always given up gold to me. YAH!!! We both found some.I had walked by those two probably 5 times. Dont know if I ever swung over that particular area or not.....But, they are his now It was absolutely perfect weather for detecting and getting away from it all. Tom H.
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    I've used Buck's pick with the long handle for years, and have loved it. At my age the long handle is just the right length to use it as a walking stick/cane. But every year, it all gets tougher on me, so I have used nothing but the Gold Monster lately. I asked him if he could make me one of his smaller pick heads utilizing the long handle of the larger pick, and he came through perfectly. It's still the perfect length for a walking stick, and can still beat the hell out of stuff without the "weight"! Thank you Bunk. You have added a lot of hunting time to this old body.......... Patrick (Couldn't figure out how to show photo's. New camera)
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