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    Detected after work last night.. It rained right before dark and cooled things off some but kicked the humidity way up.. I was pouring sweat like the monsoons and basically put sweat lines on my new hat. It was amazing all the wildlife and critters I was seeing.. I saw 2 different deer, some strange night bird that looked like a small owl and a sparrow made a new species. Lots of crickets covering the ground.. At least 10 black widows and more other random spiders. I detected for 4 hours total and found 5 pieces during the night. Slept extremely well and bailed before the heat set in.
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    After getting out to the claim at midnight, I set up the detector. Well this place has been hit by every machine you can think of, including the VLF's. After checking the main hillside area, I had nothing. Only one boot tack I found that everyone missed. Then I headed down to the stream where I had found gold before. Lots of pieces had been found here. But the area had been worked hard by drywashers and detectors, too. My buddy with an SDC3200 basically cleaned this place out. Last time I was here, I got the skunk. It was starting to look the same this time. But then after hitting the sides of the wash, I got clear signal. There actually seemed to be a couple signals. The first two signals were the biggest pieces. But I kept hearing more and more signals. I dug down another 4-5 inches through the schist and pulled out another 4pcs for a total of 6 (all of which in a 2'x2' area). I had hit this specific spot before and found gold about 10' away. But here I am with more. I am not really sure how the larger pieces were not heard with the GPX5000 I used previously down this wash. I am pretty sure I had also hit it with the GPZ 14" coil. I do really like the small pinpoint accuracy of this coil and how light it is. Not very big gold (total of 2 grams), but I am only showing it to give an idea of its capability in the states. It does seem to add an inch or two depth on the .1g pieces. This is what I would expect for a 10" coil.
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    Another fun outing finding tiny gold. My sons take is the upper left, the rock at the top has gold in it and it made the Gold Monster really pop, the proverbial "whaa boo pop" (however Bill says it lol). I'm looking forward to him cleaning it up to see how much gold is actually in there. I am the king of finding shotgun pellets!
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    We get a lot of questions about different types of rock that might be gold ore and what this might look like. I did a video in which I show a wide variety of gold ores from around the world that vary from super rich to low grade open pit type ore. Its a long video, but there are a lot of slides of different types of gold ore. If you've ever wondered what gold ore looks like, this is the video you want to watch.
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    You bet Chris ....Heres another photo from the same spot
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    On Sunday evening my son and a big group were enjoying a paddle down Clear Creek Canyon near Winslow. There were about ten kayaks in a group headed back from a five mile trip upstream. They were a couple miles from the trucks floating along in a big group. The weekend was nearing an end and no one was in a big hurry for the day to come to an end. At one point someone said." Where is David?" His kayak was floating upside down. No sign of him at all. Everyone looked at each other for a few seconds in confusion. My son and another fellow dove down into the water and started swimming around. The water was only about 12-15 feet deep and they went down and came up a couple times. After a few dives my son's friend came up and hollered, "HE'S DOWN THERE!" They dove down and found him there laying on the bottom as still as stone. They grabbed him by the arms and drug him to (the very scarce) shoreline and performed CPR. He immediately exhaled a lung full of water and began to breathe around a lot of fluid. To make a long story short a motorboat came by and took him back to the launch. He was flown to a hospital and then flown to Albuquerque. He seems fine. He was under water a couple minutes AT LEAST. They are watching him for a few days just to make sure all is well. No indication of what went wrong. He says one minute he was paddling along and the next he was on the beach coughing up water. He just lost consciousness for some reason. It was hot and that is the first best guess is that he had a mild heat stroke. They had all had a few beers so that may have played into it although he was not intoxicated at all. He has no history of seizures or fainting but that is always a chance. It is a real mystery as to why he suddenly lost consciousness. He just did. No one was wearing a life vest. It was hot and they were all swimming around a lot. The canyon is super narrow. But as I pointed out afterward there is no beach in most places to swim to shore. A rescue in in most spots would have meant doing it in the water in a sheer sided canyon. Without flotation that would be dicey. If the same thing would have happened in cloudy, deep or moving water he would have never been found. Even if he was not wearing his life vest and just had it clipped to him on a lanyard it would have insured his recovery. Without it he just quietly slumped into the river and went straight to the bottom. I hear he is doing fine today. Thank God. It was as close as a person could get to checking out. Only one little thing went wrong to put him on the bottom of that creek. A whole lot of things had to go just right to bring him back up alive. Everyone involved was trained to do a rescue and knew just what to do. They are all young adventurers and outdoor guides. The people in that group had years of experience handing themselves in every natural setting imaginable. They were all in excellent shape and had prepared themselves mentally for this scenario. They reacted instinctively and ran the plan without saying a word. Within seconds of them figuring out there was a problem the guy was sputtering again. These guys are heroes. And not accidental heroes either. They put in their hours and trained and practiced to be heroes. When the time came they got it done. I think that is mighty awesome. I bet David does too.
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    I second the motion to read Chris Ralph's book. (since that's me). Its available on Amazon - Fists Full of Gold is the title. Perhaps the best area to detect in southern California is the El Paso Mountains area. (Goler Gulch, etc.) Yes, its a fair ways up 395 from Dana point, but people do find gold there. Another location is in the area of the Dale district. Farther out is the Chocolate Mtns / Cargo Muchacho / Potholes area, and people find gold there too. All these areas have plenty of existing claims. Join some clubs to get access. The trash and bullets are a product of people being there. You live in a highly populated area, and places where a lot of people have been over the years will be shot up and trashy. After reading my book, your second book should be California mineral resources bulletin 193 - gold districts of California. You can buy a paper copy or if you search the internet you will find a downloadable copy for free. Read this and you will learn loads on the gold districts of California. A couple more things that new guys need to know - 1) Gold sells for more than $1400 an ounce because its rare. Its hard to find. Be patient and dont set your expectations super high. 2) Gold prospecting is a skill - one that is learned by working at it, just like learning to be a plumber or an electrician are skills that require work and effort to learn. You wont become a successful prospector merely from owning a good detector any more than buying a pipe wrench will make you a journeyman plumber. Learning a new skill takes time.
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    They say one in eight Martian Men have a keen eye for fashion and won't leave the house with a wrinkle. Coulda been one of theirs. Maybe a Venutian came for a visit and forgot it. It seems every time a Venutian stays the night she leaves some kind of hardware or dry goods behind. So it could be Martian material even if it originated on Venus. Maybe it came flying outta Uranus at cosmic speeds? A lot of items initially thought to be Martian or Venutian actually come from Uranus instead. We see a lot of Uranal material here on this forum.
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    You would if you were one of the Rebels of Titan. Otherwise you would have never been brought back to earth. You would still be eating soylent green furnished by the government in some slave mining camp on Titan. Which by the way has been left in a smoking ruin after the Rebels pillaged it. So you can eat bird brains with the warriors or slurp a soy shake with the slaves. Those are your only menu choices in this Brave New World.
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    Welcome Nathan, You will learn a lot about meteorite characteristics here if you look over the many different posts of suspected meteorites. However, only about 1/500 newbie posts are an actual meteorite. Your rock is a fairly common obsidian-like terrestrial stone, either as a natural obsidian or a common byproduct of man-made slag. Both will normally have many impurities and be somewhat magnetic. Slag byproduct is everywhere across the US and gets mixed in with fill dirt to level ground and occasional larger pieces wind up in people's yards after winter cinders are put down on roads to add traction in snow country. Eventually they get noticed after a rain has washed them off and the Sun shines on them. How your stone ended up where you found it is anybody's guess. It has no characteristics of a meteorite and nothing similar to rocks from the Moon or Mars. It contains standard silicon black glass with impurities. It is still a cool rock though. Thanks for sharing it. Below is pic of an obsidian rock for comparison. Blessings, billpeters
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    Love the sound of half VW in the morning! My neighbors may not....
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    Any body missing this? I've heard it hasn't moved in minimum 50 years.
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    Nice BD!! I was out there too at night. It was beautiful, but the spiders were extra busy it seemed, last night. Then the random rain drops would hit my head and would jump thinking spiders were crawling on me. Drove me nuts.
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    The model of the rifle Clay. Not the poodle. It is a Remington 700LE. Left handed action with a Bell and Carlson stock and Harris bipod. I think that is a Vortex 6.5 X 20 50mm scope on top with the optional 4" sun shade. Nice Nikkon steel scope rings too. Almost the same setup as my varmint rifle but without the sweet LaRue rail. I wonder what caliber it is chambered in? Lets try another one. Same poodle, different rifle...
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    Thank you everyone for the great tips and your time to answer. I will definitely get the books. I am also going to join a club so I can go on some of the claimed lands to try my luck.
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    Join a club ! You`ll get there .. I`m still trying to figure this stuff out myself
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    Hunted from 8 am until 4pm today in the Desert. It was tough going with a handful of trash and 2 little pieces. I moved rocks, cut down bushes, raked the ground, and just couldnt scrounge up a another bit. Enjoy !
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    We were out last night floating across the desert when we came across a vinegaroon. I have a friend that uses an electrolytic process to copper plate insects and I decided I was going to put this rascal in a Gatorade bottle and take him to her. I bet he will be awesome copper plated and mounted on a rock or piece of polished wood. I have played with these things all my life. They are not venomous at all. They are just ugly and smell like a pickle. But I am here to tell you they are not harmless. The cut on my second finger is where this rascal nailed me. He was so fast I didn't even see him do it. He cut all the way through the skin on my old tough finger and left some kind of black fibrous stuff in the cut. It was like a black vinegary tattoo under the skin that burned like hell for a couple minutes. Fast and deep I'm telling you. All the way into the flesh so quick I was not even aware he did it. And I was watching that ugly bug pretty good as my fingers got close. I just suddenly felt pain and saw a black mark under the skin like a splinter. After I got the bug in the bottle I dug it out with the tip of my knife. The stuff he left under the skin stank of strong acetic acid and was obviously designed to carry a dose of that stuff into the cut. It musta been some sort of tissue around that claw that he left behind in me. It burned like heck. He could have really put a gash on a person with tender skin. If he would have done that in a soft spot it would have really hurt. I had no idea these guys could do that. So how many of you desert rats can say you have been bitten by one of these critters? Coming home I got to thinking that I might be in a pretty exclusive club. I also seem to be developing some strange powers and think the bite may have made me immune to several types of virus. Ill keep you posted on that one. But I figure that if anyone has had this experience it would be someone on this forum. So let's hear it from any bite victims out there!
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    Many years ago I was married to a beauty from Boston. She was a trooper but had never been out much and certainly did not know the desert. I took her to San Carlos, Mexico for our honeymoon. We spent days on the beach scuba diving and fishing. One night she got stung by a scorpion in the tent. Twice behind the left knee and once behind the right. Right in the soft spots as the scorpion was running across under her legs. As I was getting her in the truck she started having trouble breathing and was in severe pain. That was about three to five minute after she was hit. It took an hour or so to get to the little Medico station in San Carlos. Back then it was just a little village. I had to stop twice and blow air in her along the way. She would only take one breath every few seconds and it sounded like she was snoring. To make a long story short again, she started breathing normally after about two hours and regained consciousness right after that. Her left leg "shuddered" like she had MS or something for two days afterward. For several hours after she woke up she just wept and held ice on the backs of her legs. She had had two children and she told me that it hurt as bad as childbirth. She described it as having her legs burned in a fire. We found the scorpion in the tent the next day. I mounted it on a little purple shell she found while scuba diving. I lacquered it with some clear fingernail polish she had in her bag. When we showed it to our fishing guide his eyes got big and he said, "Amarillo Grande! Muy Mal! Muy mal!". She was quite a celebrity once the word got around and she had to tell the story at the docks a half dozen times whenever we got off the boat. They all wanted to see the backs of those pretty legs it is true. But they also really had respect for her because many of them knew just how bad that bug is. It kills some folks. And the ones it does not kill are baptized in fire. I have been bit a hundred times by our garden variety yellow scorpion and it hurts like hell. Like holding a cigar to your arm for an hour. But that rascal was 2 1/2 inches long and built like a bulldog. And it bit her three times in a super tender spot. I just could not imagine how much that hurt. No doubt that was as bad as it gets.
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    When we were down in Winnemucca in June, we dug out two 4" scorpions. Monsters. never seen them that big here. An hour or so later, one of the guys got stung by a smaller one on his rib cage. Scared the crap out of him. That particular spot must have been full of them. From all I've read, the bite of those desert centipedes is one of the most painful of all the insect bites. Glad we don't have them here. Jim
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    Here they bury themselves in the sand and come out in force around the firelight. We used to go out in the summer and build a big fire in the wide arroyos and drink beer. They would come out all around the fire and jump up and catch bugs flying around. The darn moths would be flittering around so crazy you could not keep your eyes on them but the wind scorpions would catch them in mid air. The rascals would jump three or four feet high sometimes. Awesome critters, but like you say, bold. I have them all over in my shop too. I think they roost under the concrete slab or something. You often see one a couple inches long cruising around the shop looking for bugs. None of the above bother me much. I think scorpions are kinda cool. Being a carpenter for so many years I had to deal with them every time I picked up a board off the ground. I would chop off the tip of their tail with my framing axe as they were running across the plywood. You could pick them up and handle them without getting stung. I used to lay them on my tongue and close my mouth and they would lay there flat and still. Then stick my tongue out at someone and they would crap all down their leg trying to get away. Tons of fun! Centipedes are the only thing that freak me out. They are sneaky and will get in places that just make your skin crawl. And we have them nearly a foot long in this desert. Especially up north. The darn things are thick and seem to get everywhere you don't want them to be. I have seen them twice as wide as my thumb curled up in the sink. Or have one nine inches long come wiggling out from around the crapper while you are sitting on it. The darn things make my skin crawl. I would almost rather see a rattlesnake than one of those critters.
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    Dang Bob thats rough. We dont have those here but we do have a ton of wind scorpions and regular scorpions. Those dang wind scorpions are so aggressive, we cant lay on the shop floors around here without a creeper. When i was younger and working on my dads race car in our shop, we constantly had to have a look out. You could see them coming from across the shop floor while you were laying on it then you had to haul butt out from underneath the car before it got to you. The guys on the floor would always scream like a little kid, while the look out guys were laughing their butts off. Basically it came down to rock, paper, scissors or drawing straws to see who got to hang out under the car if we were working on it at night. My little brother would always scream the loudest and come out with the most bumps and scratches from banging his head trying to shag out of there as fast as he could. Oh man, good times.
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    I would guess after your experiments, you have a chunk of slag, as Billpeters already pointed out. As others have pointed out it is not a meteorite. Now you got the bug, so start the learning process and with some effort you can find a real meteorite. Happy hunting Nathan.
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    I caught a bunch of nice walleyes on Red Lake and shot a nice whitetail buck near there. I also learned to respect Native Americans. One of the last official Red Lake Indian delegations to Washington, D.C., in 1909 to discuss treaties. Shown above left to right are (front row) George Highlanding, Everwind, John English, Chief Nodin of Ponemah; back row, left to right, Joe Mason, P.H. Beauleau, Kingbird. Basil Lawrence, Attorney John Gibbons of Bemidji, Alex Jourdain, Babeegeshig, Ehmeewequanobe. Photo Courtesy of Beltrami County Historical Society From http://www.lakesnwoods.com/RedLake.htm
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    Me too! Airplane noises only get you so far
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    With the painting done, I have moved on to final assembly of the fuselage. Control stick, floor, rudder pedals, seat and safety harness are all installed. It is kinda fun to sit in it and make airplane noises
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    I would refuse to go to Titan and continue mining earth. Anyone who tried to force me to leave would have to whip me good and then whip me again after I healed up. Then they would have to whip me some more. It would not be easy. Whomever was doing the whipping would need to wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast because it is going to take a while. If they put three or four big guys on the job and managed to get me on the rocket ship to Titan I would take these items - Five nice big jasper pieces as big as I could carry. A long handled Estwing geologist's pick. A shovel. A 24" section of drill steel. As soon as I was released on Titan I would strike as many sharp edged flakes as I could from the jasper and fill my pockets. I would use the shovel in my right hand as a defensive weapon and the geologist pick in my left. I would set out directly to slaughter every idiot involved in putting me on that worthless rock. Then I would turn my wrath upon the settlers. I would enslave the ones that would not fight and force them to support me. As soon as I enslaved a few people other strong settlers would join in my fight. They too would have hammers and shovels. We would wade through the masses on Titan slaughtering anyone who would not join us and enslaving anyone who could not or would not fight. We would take over the landing facilities on Titan and demand they take us back to Mother Earth where we belong. Once back on earth we would build high fences from the bones of our enemies. We would bury ourselves in dirt and howl at the moon like dogs. We would crack open the skulls of small birds and eat their brains with a lobster fork. But we would never be relocated to Titan. Never. The End.
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    Our thoughts and prayers go out for David's speedy recovery. High praise for the skilled and timely actions of the react team. Outstanding.
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    WTG Andy! Good on you for getting out in this heat......and all the night critters Tom H.
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    I was coming home from bow fishing yesterday and stopped by a place that I thought might have a meteorite. Within five minutes of searching I found this beautiful oriented iron. It is in fairly good condition and has a removable handle. When I took the handle off I discovered genuine lint. I have sent this lint to NASA because I suspect it came from Mars. There is no telling how old this aerolite is. The foundry that manufactured this sad iron started production way back in the 1780's and produced various styles of irons into the late 1800's. I have not done much research so I don't know exactly how old it is but it is a nice piece to add to my collection. The markings say Colebrookdale Iron Company, Boyertown Pa. U.S.A. Maybe in the future I will offer polished slices of this rare Martian aerolite. Terry Solomon may want a dandy wrist watch created around a slice. But for now we can all bask in the glory of the main mass as it was found.
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    HAHA Love it!! Gobsmacked. No retort from this end.
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    Just thought I'd stop by and say hello, I just joined so I'm looking forward to sharing a few thing and hopefully learning a few things.
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    1906 Dua Lipa with rhinestone collar.
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    Close but no poodles on the model I posted, but I think that maybe a much older model from Spain.
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    That makes sense. So since you figured it out then it is your turn to go next. You post a model number for a rifle, a typewriter or an alarm clock and the first one to post a picture of that item wins!
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    I thought it was pictionary, so I posted a picture.
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    I thought "men" were from Mars! Doubt this would have been there. :P
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    Hi everybody, Made it back out to the new spot today for a few hour with the boys. I actually beat the heck out of Cameron today on relics for the first time in....well ever. He just wasn't getting over the good stuff. I actually found 3 coins today. One was a 1887 1 Ore from Denmark and another 1889 2 Ore from Denmark. Thats a first for us. Then i found an 1883 Indian head penny in great shape. I also found some really cool ornate 1 piece and 2 piece buttons along with 4 Chinese robe buttons and some other really cool relics. My little guy found 1 nice ornate 2 piece button with what looks like a shamrock and some other rusty stuff. Here are my finds for the day, my little guy is trying to find his button now. Have a good night everyone. Dan
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    Petr, check your message inbox. HH Jim
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    Research research research then prospect. 80% Research 20% Prospect. I suggest reading Chris Ralph’s book Fists Full of Gold. This will help you get started and be a reference beyond that. Also get out anywhere and practice with your detector (coins, jewelry, garbage, whatever...). Just to learn how to really use and not turn on and go. Join a local club for sure to start.
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    I have been told that a man should look for outcroppings carved into the shape of manicured poodles. These poodles are said to mark where the Spanish found great wealth. If you can't find any mountains carved into the shape of poodles then a prospecting club would be a great place to get your foot in the door. I made a trip to Southern California years ago and kicked around the San Gabriel area a bit. No poodles. So I hit a couple GPAA claims and managed to find a few specks of gold not very far from Big Bear lake. I just followed the directions in the claims guide. No doubt there are lots of good places in your area but the learning curve is going to be slow unless you meet folks. A club is probably the best way to do that.
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    Got a little bored while waiting for the wife in the Doc's office so went to YouTube and found this little jewel....enjoy:
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    Hello everyone, i just bought a F-Pulse and want to share some important findings. Alkaline AA (Panasonic Platinum Power) = Sens-3, works perfect. Lithium AA (Energizer Lithium Ultimate) = Sens-3, noisy on everything even holding in mid air. Hope this helps someone because i've been reading about people thinking there pointer is broken.
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    This story is of a friend of mine, "Bob Ellithorpe" an equipment operator in Colorado. The rock is on display in the Denver Museum of Natural History and I have personally seen it on display http://pagosasprings.com/the-summitville-141-oz-gold-boulder/
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    Bird brains it is... hand me a straw would you? I like the slurping noise
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    I think the closest she got was Boulder, Colorado back in the 70's. I know I told this story on Nuggetshooter a dozen years ago but here it is again. Just in case someone gets a kick out of it. Back when that big quake hit Japan and melted that nuclear reactor they said the wave travelled across the entire globe. It was a hundred miles wide and a foot tall. They measured the movement of the wave through New Mexico by how much it disrupted the VLA radio telescope west of Soccorro. They said the sphere of the earth grew a foot in diameter at the equator from that quake. It actually changed the length of time it takes the earth to do a full rotation by a nanosecond or so. Right outside the village of Tecolote, east of Santa Fe there is a big sandstone outcrop. Under the huge blocks of stone there is a layer of bright blue clay. The ancients used to dig the clay from under the rocks and made a big overhang. Years later they built a road right by it. Modern potters go there and park on the side of the road and dig at the two foot wide seam of material. Over the centuries the outcrop has been undermined and is a big sandstone overhang running beside the road for several hundred yards. The day the shock wave went through New Mexico there was a group of pottery and ceramic artists from Santa Fe filling buckets with clay. They had just finished grubbing a few buckets each from under the giant blocks of sandstone. These blocks were as big as doublewide mobile homes and had been undermined 10-12 feet. The folks were sitting there on the side of the road having a sandwich and getting ready to drive back to town when two of these giant slabs broke off and slid into the excavation. The sides of those slabs were just inches away from the vehicles parked on the shoulder. I'm talking a 12 foot cliff 40 feet long suddenly breaking off and sliding down the hill. It stopped at the bar ditch. I was driving back from Las Vegas (New Mexico) and was passing that spot a few minutes after the slabs fell. I was listening to the PBS station and they were talking about the quake and the shock wave and all that. There were a dozen people all standing on the road and several cars stopped. It was quite a scene. I am convinced that shock wave gave those big slabs just enough push to collapse. I checked out the reports from the USGS and the stuff at NOAA and the timing was pretty much right on. You gotta figure a big azz vibration like that flowing through the earth is going to knock a lot of stuff loose that is not bolted down right. Anyhoo, as I was driving away they were playing Carole King's tune. I hear that song every time I think of an earthquake now. Hope they get it all squared away in your home town Ron.
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    some new material for me Blue Lassen creek obsidian.
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