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    Well after seeing Bobs last post about his scorpion/wood that was copper plated.......it got me thinking. This is probably more of a post to pass on to your plating friend to help her out. So.............. I took one of my seed pods that looks like a reptile, and decided to plate it. First thing I did was spray it with black lacquer a couple of times to seal it up. After that I put on robbers. What robbers do is keep the points from building up. I use thin safety wire just because that is what im used to. Any wire will work. After that I painted it with conductive paint. I used the really expensive stuff on this. Im working on a cheaper paint right now......waiting for the components to come in. As you can see, the wire builds up, but the point you are protecting do not. This part was in copper for about 2 hours. All in all im happy with it! Points are nice and sharp and all areas plated. When I heat up the nickel tank, I will plate the beak and feet. Will post some more pics when it is done. Tom H.
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    I guess that you haven't been out in a while either Andy. It's so hot down here that all I do is go food shopping and put out out the garbage each week. Come cooler weather watch out man I'm going all in. I'm feeling a lot better and I start my Stem Cell Therapy for my knees next week. Sherri, Young Tom's wife, is making a miraculous recovery from her bout with Cancer. After operations, bone grafts, feeding tubes, Radiation, Chemo etc., etc. She is healed of that dreaded scourge. Tom took great care of her for all that time and coaxed her along all through it. He might be a little crazy at times but he makes a heck of a Soul Mate. I was pretty crazy at his age also. I guess he learned some of it from me. We'll get out now as soon as it gets cooler and he gets some free time for himself. I don't dare go alone as I might just fall in one of those holes that I dig. See you out there Andy........... Old Tom
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    Well he got pneumonia at one point and later COPD. Eventually he was on oxygen almost all of the time. They only gave him a couple years to live since it is a progressive disease. He researched stem cells and thought he'd give it a shot. It is fairly expensive. But 5 years later he is still going. He still needs oxygen part of the time, but not as much as he used to. So It seems to have helped some. If anything, it has definitely stopped it getting worse. (which isn't supposed to happen)
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    Me! I'm the automated assembly line. Only 1700 more to assemble. I can't keep up with orders. Your dealers should have more this week if you have been waiting. I have not seen any field reports from people who have purchased the Swing Assist Guide Arm. I would love to hear some news. Thanks gang! Doc
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    Found the perfect hat for detecting
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    Well at least someone's been productive in 'quarantine'. Congrats Mitchel !!
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    That Stem Cell Therapy is good stuff. It really is a miracle. I've seen what it had done for my dad's lungs. Awesome!! And you know I'm play'n about that son of yours. Young Tom has a heart of gold. It doesn't surprise me one bit. I am sure Sherri is in good hands. Hope you see both out there soon! Andyy
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    Old Tom - you still give me hope. When I'm out hiking at night trying to cheat the sun, I start huffing and puffing, and then remember Old Tom wouldn't stop. So neither will I. Too bad your good habits didn't wear off on that crazy son of yours. Oh well. Time to have another kid!! You keep going, Old Tom! Oh yeah, Luke, …. I typically prefer to watch youtube videos on how to finding gold. No gold, here. Noooope. Andyy
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    As Land Matters does every new mining year we are offering for download our annual mining claims flow diagrams and written explanations of the annual BLM mining claim filing requirements. These filing aids have helped many claim owners wade through the BLM filing requirements. These popular PDF handouts are updated for the upcoming 2021 mining year (beginning September 1, 2020). Feel free to share and post these wherever you wish as long as you don't modify them and keep them intact with their copyright notices. Reminder The federal filing deadline this year for all mining claims is Monday August 31, 2020. Download the Free 2020 Annual Federal Mining Claims Filing Requirements
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    Glad to hear that your dad is responding so well to the Stem Cell Therapy. I hope it will help me in my case. I am not a good candidate for knee replacement as my age is 86 now and no one wants to handle my case. Medicare has opted to cover Stem Cell Therapy now within the last couple of months. Previously it was too expensive to consider and the steroid shots were working well. Now they don't work at all so here I go on the other option. One other thing I considered very closely was that stem cells are gathered from umbilical cords of fetuses'. I told the Doc that if they came from aborted fetuses' that I would not participate in a program of that sort. He assured me that it is not the case and he would not be in it either if that were the case. I go in for the shots on Wednesday, 'oh happy day'! Old Tom
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    Dino-bird is done! I let the copper pantina a bit and plated the beak and pointed tips with nickel. Sprayed it with clear and Whala! Tom H.
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    Get that rascal fixed Dave! The operation sucks but it is worth it. I had three operations on the same side so far. The first was a screw up by the surgeon. The second 11 years later to remove the mesh that was wadded up. Then I got a hernia above the surgical scar from the removal. The last time was laparoscopic from the inside. It has been ten days and i feel pretty good. Im restricted to 35 lbs. But that is unconstitutional so I am already wrestling cobbles as big as volkswagens. Honestly im just kidding. I'm taking it really easy. I'm walking good and just have a little pain down there. Im not lifting anything heavier than my 8.5lb. Air rifle. I will be on 35 lb. Restriction for another month. If the hernia is round it can get trapped. That is bad news. I had a buddy that got an entrapped hernia while on a mule trip in the wilderness and he almost died. So it is no joke. Especially if you are a bit adventuresome. Everyone has a hernia sooner or later. And the surgeons are good at it. I am going to have another one down low on the right side soon. I can feel it. As soon as it gets a lump im going back to my Jamaican cowboy and have him do some more cuttin'. I was scared as hell after that first horror show 11 years ago. But I have confidence now and won't hesitate to get it fixed when it starts popping out. So my advice is to go and get it done. I spent a while deciding and talked to a few surgeons before I did it. But I'm glad that I did. The guy that I went to digs bullets out of gangbangers and puts people back together after car wrecks so he has the right no BS attitude. So that helps the confidence level a lot for me.
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    Here is one of the scorpions completed.
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    Found this nugget at Angels Creek,Ca, We dont know what it is? If you have any Idea what it is let me know please,Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Andy. That is fantastic that it helped your dad so much YES!!!!!!!! Tom H.
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    Hi I just wanted to share two recent finds. Not sure if I should post these in the gallery or to share them here.
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    I’d guess it’s chalcopyrite. Strictly a guess on my part.
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    Just a quick word on this, the VA will give you free I-pads to disabled Vets that have to drive too far to see a DR. Your primary care can order it for you, I got mine today, so I can do tele confersering with them. Grubstake
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    Keen and Vasque are the best value in boots now days. Both offer metal free or mostly metal free construction. They are the same company. 2 different brands. I have been using them for about 5 years now and have not been disappointed. You can get them at Sportsman's Warehouse and Dicks.
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    Keen. Most comfortable boot. Very light. I don't wear anything else and I do wear them out. https://www.keenfootwear.com/p/M-VENTURE-MID-LEATHER-WP.html?dwvar_M-VENTURE-MID-LEATHER-WP_color=1021619&cgid=sale_all
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    Bob: The bath make up is 26 oz of copper sulfate 11 oz of sulfuric acid (that is by weight, not fluid oz) Also, if you use battery acid it will have to be 33 oz as it is only 1/3 strength. 1 gallon of distilled water. I get my baths tested twice a year, or if I start to have problems. The range for the copper sulfate is 22-26 oz per gallon and the acid is 9-11 oz per gallon. If it gets out of range the plating will suffer by being hard and rough. In the winter I heat my baths to 80F. Its rather warm here right now and they stay at about 90F without heat. When it drops below 80 the plating slows down and the ion exchange of copper does not work as well from the anodes to the solution. The heat makes the acid work better. I add proprietary chemicals for brighter/leveling agents. I dont know what they are but in past research I found that polyethylene glycol 3350 (Miralax stool softener!) will do the job. I just dont want to experiment on a 90 gallon tank so I keep buying the proprietary chems. I use 8 dual diaphragm air pumps for agitation. If you use a compressor it will put small amounts of oil in the solution and you DONT want that. The agitation is to help with a smoother plating in both the copper and nickle. During the plating process, small amounts of hydrogen bubbles are forming on the surface of the part. The agitation scrubs them off. If left on, they will cause pitting. I did notice a split on the body this morning. I think it is because the seed pod sucked up some solution/water and expanded. I guess I did not get it 100% sealed. May try dipping it in water/elmers glue next time and let the body swell, then plate it. Tom H.
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    That shot above the copper bath is really groovy!
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    I found one that seems like a fairly good deal from Midwest Refineries. "We pay 95% of the amount of pure gold contained in your order and you receive whatever the spot price is, on the day and time your order is completed and the metal brokered. We have no minimum amounts, however please don’t send in one ring, as it’s not cost effective for us to handle tiny miniscule orders. Regards, Gary Midwest Refineries
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    I have had a metal detector off and on for years but haven't really consistently used them (never for gold). Now I want to start, even though it is HOT out. I finally took the leap and purchased a Minelab Gold Monster 1000. So far I have found it pretty easy to use (after watching a number of YouTube videos). Nugget Shooter videos have made it pretty clear what needs to be done to be up and running in prett short order. I have only been in my yard to practice ground balancing and checking the detector on coins and other metal objects. No hot rocks to deal with here so that will be something to learn when I visit other sites. Now I will look for someone to go out with to really learn how to use it. Thinking about some APA claims up near Wickenburg. Glad to be a member of the group. Bill
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    You were real close Grubby. Four days early. Here's the spot price as of 9:20 a.m. Tuesday the 4th of August.
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    Every mining claimant that intends to keep their claim has to record an annual public record Chris. Just because you paid the maintenance fee doesn't exempt you from the requirement to update your claim record at the County Recorder. It may not always be called a "notice of intent" in every state but the requirement has been there since 1866. Here's a link to the law in Arizona: https://codes.findlaw.com/az/title-27-minerals-oil-and-gas/az-rev-st-sect-27-208.html Notice they even have a suggested form for making your public notice at the Recorder if you paid maintenance instead of performing labor. Two paperwork requirements for every claim every year: File with BLM on or before the last day of August Record with the County Recorder in which your claim is located. The deadline for the County Recording varies by state. In Arizona the deadline is on or before December 30. In California September 30. In Nevada it's November 1. Check your state laws.
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    I don't keep track of the months but this was 2 trips from one patch ..scale isn't near by but probably around 7 grams.
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    Ok, I’ll post something. I got lucky last month and swung over this specimen in way up Northern California . I dug up a big rock and thought it was a hot rock but then swung back over the hole and the target was still in the hole and I found this. It was only 4” deep and I was using my trusty GPX4000 with the 12”x15” Commander coil.
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    Happy Birthday Jeff, I hope you had a great day!
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    Aaesome thank you for the advice!! I will update when i end up doing it. I think i will keep it....unless life changing money because it is hella cool conversqtion
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    Hey Tom, I just think a lot of people are getting tired of breaking other Swing Arms. One accidental move and they snap. And a lot of folks who like using a Swing Arm have not been able to find one that fits other detectors they own. Just like one old style that I used to carry called the EZ Swing it used a "Bow Knuckle" as the attachment point. You know the "Bow Knuckle"? It was that piece Minelab would provide with the SD/GP/GPX machines to attach the bungee to. Well unless your detector's rod was exactly the right diameter the EZ Swing would not work on any other types of detectors. I designed this SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm so it would work on any brand detector. I am trying to have a wider appeal for my accessories and gadgets. Doc
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    Jade, Nice pieces! Yes this would be the best place to post photos of your rock collection, not sure if very many members check out the gallery, but the members interested in rocks will see them here for sure.
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    Tom, Fascinating subject and nice outcomes. Thanks for sharing your information with everyone! Jeff
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    That surgeon sure is operating on the right guy................ Old Tom
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    How did your surgery go Bob? Hopefully they patched you up better this time! I've been putting off going in for the same thing. Mine is the size of a baseball and almost as round. The scorpion came out really great.
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    Hey Bob,... Does she do lapidary work, and if so, does she use authentic turquoise in her stone settings and rings???? I have some Old Kingman Arizona Turquoise nuggets from out of the mines around that area that I may be interested in selling if she is a buyer. Here is a picture of a couple that I have listed on ebay. Gary
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    I'm going all out and say gold will get very close to $3000.00 by Christmas! Grubstake
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    I hope bedrock sold his gold to buy silver. Gold is up 12% in the last 30 days. Silver is up 41% in the last 30 days.
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    Your 'story' is now in the ICMJ issue written by Ray Mills!
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    Yeah I probably should of also tested the pieces in manual. The reason I didn't is because I used to use manual but found that the setting I would be using would be just as sensitive as auto 2 but didn't handle the ground as well. So I really don't use manual a whole lot, I know some of you do. I still wish I would of added that to the test though.
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    OK, I was finally bitten by the drone bug and amd almost done studying for my part 107 license. What a fantastic research tool and once mastered one can see the goldfields from a birds eye... I am amazed by the abilities of the DJI Mini and Mavic Air and the video quality. Now I can see over that next hill without humping my chubby self over it. COOL....
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    For those of you who didnt know him he helped develope the Whites TDI-Years ago I hunted with Reg here and there at Rich hill I even bought a modified american goldstrker from him which really kicked butt wish I still had it-so you see he was modding detectors before the TDI even came about-Reg was a Big wealth of knowledge and a nice guy-he use to contribute here quite often but was chased away for reasons I wont get into-He will be missed-Mike C...
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    Just beat it down into walnut sized rubble with a hammer. Then pulverize it the best you can using a piece of steel and a hammer. Then pan it out. It is really not that hard to crush a few pounds of rock to pan and you can tell a lot more about what you have. There are lots of clever ways to beat the small pieces into powder. You can use a mortar and pestle made from an old axle and a hub. Or turn it in a cement mixer with a bunch of nuts and bolts. If you do a bit of research you can find a way that is cheap and "easy". There might be someone in your area that has a crusher and is willing to pulverize some for you. But you are better off just hammering it down by hand unless you have a half pickup load or more of rock to run. Either way you are going to have to beat it down into small pieces with a hammer first before you feed it to a crusher.
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    I hate to say it, but it looks like mica and iron pyrite to me (maybe some fine flakes of gold in the mix???) Best way to find out is to crush up a good specimen or two and pan out the concentrate. Gary
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    Electric crusher works good. Kingman az. 928-377-5622
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    Well Hello Luke,..... Sure glad this "ISN'T" one of those "Way-To-present, AND Way-to-frequent" Leftest, ...Rightest, ...Political, ....Opinionated, ...Extreemest,...Conspiracy Theoryest Bull Sh.... posts that persist on this forum these days;... I'ts gotten to where it's not even worth posting a picture on here any more,....But, for the sake of what gold has been found lately I'll post a couple just to keep the subject on track. The last photo (of the vile of gold) is what I have accumulated thus far by panning-out concentrates at home. So far I have only 2.15 grams of: specks, flakes, slivers, some wire gold, safety pin head size nuggets, sub-pickers, and a couple actual pickers. I'ts been way-too frig'n HOT even up here to go out much. Keep er-Safe out there....... Gary
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    https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/bridger-walker/ Bridger Walker, a 6-year-old Wyoming resident, is going viral after he saved his little sister from a dog attack. On July 9, the young boy jumped in front of a dog that was running to attack his sister, according to his aunt Nikki Walker on Instagram.Nikki Walker explained that the dog attacked Bridger Walker instead, landing him in the hospital with about 90 stitches on his face. Despite being bitten on his left cheek, the young boy was able to help his sister move away from the dog and hide, Nikki Walker continued. I'm sending him a nice crystaline gold specimen from my collection and a small fragment of the Sutter's Mill Meteorite. His mom posted an address for him. Bridger WalkerP.O. Box 22141Cheyenne, WY 82003 And if you know any of the Avenger actors, he would like to meet them. Rock on Bridger.
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    A movie or photo of the mom with baby scorpions would be great!
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    I think, with all the Democrats running, and the economy, the way it is, worldwide, that its going to get there!. Grubstake
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