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    I appreciate the product and the reminder. I recently found out about Bridge Claims, have two fees due. A Bridge Claim is when someone files a claim with the county prior to Sep 1 when fees are due with the BLM but uses the 90 days to file with the BLM, so its after Sep 1st. Since the BLM considers the claim found with the date on the county filing, both years need to be paid. This is discussed on page 67 of this BLM Packet https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/2018_mining_claim_packet.pdf The price has went up to $165 from what is in this handout. Someone might file a claim with the county August, but wait to file with the BLM until after Sept, and think only the locating fees are fue, but that is not the case. I also noticed the BLM has closed claims because of no Proof of Labor when someone switches from the small miner waiver to a year such as 2015 to paying in 2016, but the claimant forgot to file the Affidavit of Assessment work for the prior year by Dec 2016. Took them until February, but closed it out. There's a lot of i's to dot and t's to cross when maintain claims and missing one step will close your claim. Also know someone that paid for the wrong claim by writing the AMC# wrong and the BLM caught that and corrected it for him.
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    Aaesome thank you for the advice!! I will update when i end up doing it. I think i will keep it....unless life changing money because it is hella cool conversqtion
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    Found this nugget at Angels Creek,Ca, We dont know what it is? If you have any Idea what it is let me know please,Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Glad to hear that your dad is responding so well to the Stem Cell Therapy. I hope it will help me in my case. I am not a good candidate for knee replacement as my age is 86 now and no one wants to handle my case. Medicare has opted to cover Stem Cell Therapy now within the last couple of months. Previously it was too expensive to consider and the steroid shots were working well. Now they don't work at all so here I go on the other option. One other thing I considered very closely was that stem cells are gathered from umbilical cords of fetuses'. I told the Doc that if they came from aborted fetuses' that I would not participate in a program of that sort. He assured me that it is not the case and he would not be in it either if that were the case. I go in for the shots on Wednesday, 'oh happy day'! Old Tom
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    Andy. That is fantastic that it helped your dad so much YES!!!!!!!! Tom H.
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    I hate to say it, but it looks like mica and iron pyrite to me (maybe some fine flakes of gold in the mix???) Best way to find out is to crush up a good specimen or two and pan out the concentrate. Gary
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    I'm not seeing 'the gold' you are talking about. Could it be pyrite/mica you are looking at? Man, 30 rocks with gold showing, just laying there to be found by eye. Sounds like a really good area.
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    Ok, I’ll post something. I got lucky last month and swung over this specimen in way up Northern California . I dug up a big rock and thought it was a hot rock but then swung back over the hole and the target was still in the hole and I found this. It was only 4” deep and I was using my trusty GPX4000 with the 12”x15” Commander coil.
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    I will pray for peace for your family and if I see your big nugget I will leave it out there with your name on it . I really hope the health issues you and your family are going through will get solutions and that your doctors get the wisdom they need to treat them . Blessing my friend .
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    That cricket has found more gold than the 'Two Toms'. We haven't been out this year as yet due to other than the heat and virus. Young Tom is all tied up taking care of his wife who is very ill. I've been coming back from my own bout with hospitals and cancer. My back and legs don't work very good anymore and tomorrow I go to the doc to find out about Stem Cell Therapy for my knees. I sure would like to get out again. I know there is a big nugget out there just waiting to be picked up and i want to be the one to do it. The rains are coming and cooler weather is not far away. Screw the 'Virus' :-) Old Tom
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    If you ever get another one in the future check out the new Yamaha X2. 850 I love mine lots of carry space and full dumping bed and tailgate.
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    Frank. if you are not a speed demon, or care about climbing steep hills, his ranger will be just fine. Now that I am retired, I restore and sell garden tractors,(Made and put buckets on all of them) I can assure you that an 18hp cub cadet, may have a lot of power, but the 1962 7hp Allis-Chalmers that I can't see to part with will do more, it may not be as fast, but it is unstoppable.
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    Hey Jack ... Glad the seller was the pro UTV mechanic ... I was just hoping he was not a shade tree variety as many times that comes out bad. UTV's aren't difficult to work on but they also are not cars. We rely heavily on good workmanship on our ATV's and UTV's because they tend to take us way off the beaten path ... nice to have them bring us back too rather than a long hot walk!
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    Took my last truck many places that to be honest scared me. Best 4x4 I’ve had was a Tacoma single cab. Big trucks don’t belong on some goat trails. Some days I ended up on them in the chev. Glad to have something small again. Pics are from the Dale district in CA. The Ranger should put my wife and I around just fine. Providing it doesn’t break =)
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    I picked it up for $3,800 today. I looked at his list of repairs. He’s a professional utv mechanic who bought it from a customer. We went over the vehicle. He showed me all he fixed, and was honest about its flaws. I was comfortable with it and brought it home after test driving. Again, I don’t need a sand rail. Just wanted something to get me around “most” desert terrain I’d rather not take my truck. Been down those washes before. I do appreciate the comments and feedback though.
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    I have 1 opinion to share , from personal ownership, I owned a Ranger "700" XP. I would not buy a 500 cc underpowered for a side x side. 700 minimum cc that's 40 HP. IMHO. Especially if its gonna be you + another person + gear. Estimate Hours vrs. Mileage 100 hours equals 1000 miles. 743hrs figure theres at the very least over 5 thousand miles on it "more in my opinion." True that some units "idling" time is ALOT also in the total hour reading, and in my opinion that's WORSE. Diesels are made to idle forever, NOT gas setups. Ultimately YOU will make a decision on what to buy. Best advice is , "take your time" do not be in a rush a good/great deal will surface, johnny on the spot with cash will get that deal. Google more about owners problems and opinions from usage good place is on the Polaris forums or whichever name brand you may like. Once you make the purchase, "you" assume the headaches. Good luck an Hapy Huntn. ALSO, should you choose an ATV instead of SxS be sure to go with "shaft drive" not chain. heres a link for any and all "spec" info to do yer window shopping on em all. https://www.atv.com/specs/polaris/utility-utv/2006/ranger-tm/4x4/detail.html
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