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    Another fun outing finding tiny gold. My sons take is the upper left, the rock at the top has gold in it and it made the Gold Monster really pop, the proverbial "whaa boo pop" (however Bill says it lol). I'm looking forward to him cleaning it up to see how much gold is actually in there. I am the king of finding shotgun pellets!
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    Detected after work last night.. It rained right before dark and cooled things off some but kicked the humidity way up.. I was pouring sweat like the monsoons and basically put sweat lines on my new hat. It was amazing all the wildlife and critters I was seeing.. I saw 2 different deer, some strange night bird that looked like a small owl and a sparrow made a new species. Lots of crickets covering the ground.. At least 10 black widows and more other random spiders. I detected for 4 hours total and found 5 pieces during the night. Slept extremely well and bailed before the heat set in.
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    Bob you shouldn't had told that vinegaroon that you were going to take it to be copper plated, heck I would have bitten you if you told me that!!
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    Yooperite is a local term they use for these. The actual mineral that fluoreses is called sodalite. These were deposited by glaciers that came down from Canada.
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    Have fun, I haven't been to cave of the mound before should be be interesting. Unless you were talking about driving all the way up to lake Superior from Madison you wont find many if any agates at lake Michigan beaches but if you have a long wave UV light you could find some of these....
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    They look like Gold Basin.. Skip is an awesome hunter. billpeters
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