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    The web page is up and preorders are coming in. Those on here that are interested in getting a copy of my book, here is the link http://goldseekerbooks.com/
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    Sounds good Bob. You have no idea how much work this has been since June 16, 2016, all while working a full time job at 52-68 hrs a week. When the books have arrived to us I will start the 3rd book. It is too much to try and start it now. I will be buying between 2-25 copies of this book (preorders) every friday to help reach the printing cost goal as soon as possible. I have already paid over $2000 to get the book to this point of being online and taking preorders. That is between editor fees, graphic artist fees, and web designer fees. I am commited to putting out a top quality book for all of you.
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