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    I found this "THOMAS ONE TON MINING CART" in the brush on the El Alamo , Baja California mining area I was running a PAY TO DIG operation on. It took me a year to persuade the locals to start a small museum to save this and all the other historic mining items that were fast disappearing . Someone would have tried to take it to the states but the checkpoints would catch them!
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    Im gonna say i dont agree with all of the people saying the United States is full of inequality. I have 5 friends that are a "Minority" and they have awesome careers making over 100 grand a year. College educations and families. I will say that life is all about choices and how YOU decide to live your life. Im not trying to preach and this will probably be a very unpopular comment but in my eyes its the truth. Sorry, just how i see it. In my eyes there are no black people, white people, blue people or whatever. We are ALL PEOPLE AND HUMAN BEINGS no matter what color we are. Just depends on how you want to live your life.
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    From my perspective, and the way I was taught in two different police academies and years of police work (under California law), A police officer (or a citizen) may not use deadly force solely in defense of property. Burglary, auto theft, etc. No shooting at moving vehicles, even if it's coming at you. (Unless you can't get out of the way and it's life threatening) No deadly force against rioters or looters unless in self defense or when defending the life of another, unless: the crime committed is so great that it would be justified to use deadly force to prevent a suspect's escape or to prevent the crime. And the threat must be actual, not just perceived, coupled with a present ability to cause death or GBI (Great bodily injury) Murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon etc. Arson is one of those iffy, borderline areas because fire behavior is often deadly unpredictable. No furtive movement excuses "I thought he reached for a gun" No sorry, that won't fly. You better see the darn gun and not a "drop gun" either. And: No shooting of fleeing felons, unless to prevent the escape of a violent felony suspect: Rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and the other violent felonies mentioned above. AND ABOVE ALL: No unnecessary "probable cause" shootings. Don't shoot somebody just because they are "bought and paid for" Just because there is legal justification to do so. We were taught to disarm suspects not shoot them. I was also taught, If you have to use force when making an arrest, make darn sure it's justified and according to the law: "Only that force which is necessary to effect the arrest" Police officers are expected to take risks and taking those risks get officers killed. So eventually, officers may start to burn out due to constant stress, disillusionment, and apathy. They "burn out" and become jaded and short fused. They live with a "revolving door" criminal justice system and "cafeteria style justice" that lets repeat offenders off with little or no punishment and deterrent effect. They see the same criminals committing the same crimes, day after day and getting arrested by the same officer, who is taunted and mocked for being an Opie Pecker-head, Howdy Doody looking Mother F'er, and the usual variety of familiar colorful adjectives. Cops are human and they get tired of the abuse and mistreatment too. They are commonly subjected to phony citizen complaints, (Mamma, he called me the N word!), and if you work in an inner city community, you will probably hear "300 years of slavery" every time you make an arrest. After years of a failed, liberal justice system, so many officers react by resorting to "street justice" - "You might beat the time, but you won't beat the ride" they develop an Us vs Them mentality, and they withdraw, feeling isolated and alone, backed into a corner. Then the burn out starts. When cops burn out they sometimes enter a spiral of excessive force, a little here, a little there, until it becomes a routine. The adrenaline is always amped up, shootings and questionable arrests happen, planted evidence issues, citizen complaints increase, prosecutions are thrown out and on and on. By that time a cop may be drinking too much to relieve stress until that becomes the norm. Then, domestic issues, divorce and further isolation. He usually only has other cops for friends. He is stereotyped, disliked and distrusted by the community. He will be told: "If you wanted to be loved, you should have joined the fire department" Cops over react and act too soon sometimes because they are in a state of constant stress and a "Pavlov response" can turn out deadly in a confrontation between a citizen and police. Such as the previous case in Minnesota where the officer shot and killed an apparent legally armed black man on a traffic stop (in front of his wife) The victim supposedly made an inadvertent move, not with aggressive intent, and the officer reacted. This kind of stuff is going to happen but it shouldn't. I don't know for sure; I don't think that officer was a "bad cop" but he probably wasn't suited for the job. There are a lot of cops out there that are not suited for the job anymore, IMO (if they ever were) Not necessarily because they are evil racists, but because of a variety of other things such as inability to over come fear and the stress of the job. I didn't respond to this post expecting that anyone would start being empathetic toward police, it's probably too soon for that, but most citizens aren't aware of, and don't take into consideration the specific cause and effects, human costs, and occupational demands of being a police officer. In the 60's and 70's minority officers in all of the under served communities was one of our important goals and we got there to an appreciable degree. It was a start. I believe when changes and reforms come about, it will not be just because of the societal pressures against the justice system from without that we are now seeing, it will also be because young idealistic world changers, some of whom are now considered radicals, will finally figure out that change has to come from within. Just as we did, back in the 60's and 70's. And I don't mean political or revolutionary change as much as I mean evolutionary change, although politics may play an adversarial role. But don't be fooled, the power structure understands force most of all. If you beat your head against a brick wall you accomplish nothing. You have the key and the path to effect positive change, IMO. It's through the front door. '
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    Some of you have saw these pictures before. I have just recovered them from an old windows Picasa CD recovered from my 2013 fire along with 100's of others and got them transfered to my chromebook. TOM H inspired me with his recent post to repost them and others for the edification of the members who haven't. Most of the items where found with a LOBO ST, some while digging bottle dumps and outhouses and other sources. Enjoy , Max
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    I like to take pictures when I'm out metal detecting or scouting farm fields and new permissions. Here are some bird shots from my back yard to local woods and beaches here in lower New York.
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    His ip address is showing he's posted this ad from Dallas Texas. I also did a search and saw this exact same ad was posted in 2017 on Steve's forum...detectorprospector and was promptly deleted, I also saw all the ads that Slim mentioned. I guess I get to ban another Spammer with my Spam Bat!!
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    This old log cabin with the log out house sits just a few 100 feet below the mines at Lolo Pass on the Idaho / Montana state line on the Lewis and Clark trail. Lewis and Clark camped at the nearby spring on their journey. The mines came in he 1800's. There are numerous dumps around . Smokey Quartz Crystals and other pegmatite minerals plus petrified wood can be found. The area has been devastated by beetles and forest fires in recent years and the cabin is probably gone. I made a hobby for a couple of years finding Lewis and Clark camp sites, A lot of them are stiil in the wild and acessable.
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    My son's mother is from San Salvador, El Salvador. My son is a Sheriff's Deputy in Kentucky. He took a brick to the helmet two nights ago, seven-stiches, bad concussion. He was trying to help a 71-year-old woman get safely away from "protesters." We need better police officers. Better psych tests and evaluations, better training. We have Thousands of bad, seriously troubled men and women with badges in this Country. People that riot and loot, burn and beat, should be shot on sight. period.
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    Hello all, The boys and I were able to make it out today to a spot down the road from where we have been hunting. We checked it out a little bit last time and decided to go ahead and give it a go today. For some reason i have been on a button kick. I found some really ornate buttons this trip also and i also found my first eagle button. And it was an Infantry button. My little guy found a cool pendant slash pin, which is kinda rough and he snagged another Chinese coin and some other neat stuff. My oldest son finally beat me on the coins this trip. He found a really sweet 1861 UK half penny. He was pretty happy with that one. Other than the Chinese coins we always find, this is his first foreign coin. That makes 3 from this area. And of course we found the usual stuff, suspender buckles, round balls that have not been clipped yet straight from the mold and some other neat stuff. It was a beautiful day in the low 70s with a nice breeze. Take care everyone and stay safe out there!
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    That's so very strange...I have always thought that you both were much alike in that respect....that I wondered if you both were maternal twins separated at birth, or brothers from different mothers, or something along those lines!!
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    Here's a couple pictures of good citizens standing up and protecting a police officer who was separated from the rest of the squad. Not everyone who protests police brutality is there to hurt people and destroy things. Property is replaceable, People are not. They are not equal, nor should they be viewed that way.
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    Slim, In your initial post you asked, "How can people use anything for an excuse to riot, loot and burn down property that had nothing to do with anything?" In my experience people don't generally riot when their utility rates increase, or when their neighbor has a bbq and does not invite them to the party, or even when politicians are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.... This murder is an affront to the decency of all who have seen the video. Way past anything. It seems most of the posts have acknowledged the truth of each others position, the cop who kneeled for several minutes on the neck of a handcuffed man prone on the street seemingly oblivious to his cries for mercy or assistance, the other cops who either participated in the excessively forceful restraint of the man, or did nothing to intervene and prevent a tragic and unwarranted death are all guilty of using excessive force under the color of authority. I don't know if more training would have changed the outcome, but common sense says that was all wrong. As someone said before, you would not treat a dog like that. Maybe the "prudent man test" is all that is needed to end the debate. Yes the looting is a crime in progress, lots of white youngsters participating. For many it is an opportunity to get some free stuff and have their few minutes of fame. Criminal, senseless and sad. The consequences will be far reaching and play out over a long time. Jeff
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    It would be one thing if you had a thick enough skin to see these topics through to the end. But no, you start them and then tattle when you don’t like others responses. That’s the equivalent of the little kid in school who loves playing the game when he’s winning but as soon as he’s behind he starts throwing a tantrum and doesn’t want to play anymore and says everyone else is cheating.
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    I'm pretty sure that mining operation is one of the Custom Landscape Materials quarries. They sell boulders and decorative rock through their retail division West Valley Rock. I've bought several tons of gravel from them through the years. They buy the rock material from the BLM and pay them for the tonnage and type of rock they remove. They've been mining there since 2005 or so. You can see how much they mine and what they pay for it on the BLM Serial Register page for the material sale. As you can see there they put in a well. The guards/gates are to protect their considerable investment in on site mining equipment. You don't need "Clay" to answer these questions. The fine folks at Land Matters provide all the information and links to mineral ownership, claims, leases, sales, mining plans/notices and a lot more for Arizona on the Arizona Land Status Map. Just zoom into the area in question and click the button for more information.
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    Hi and welcome! I’m still new to this forum also, but have found a lot of help and hope to return it to others as well. First off, I commend you for what you are doing for your son, that’s awesome. He will definitely grow up to be a better man for what you are doing for him! Ok, well for a summer prospecting adventure, as much as I love the desert and do summer prospecting out there even in 90+degree heat, I’d save the desert for cooler months and go to the mountains or up north, especially if it’s a first time prospecting trip. A couple ideas come to mind: Jamestown and Sonora, CA have good prospecting areas along Woods Creek. There is a prospecting company in Jamestown with a local claim that helps you out with doing gold panning there. You’ll either have to stay somewhere in Jamestown or in Sonora, which is the larger of the two towns and has motels. If it is open, also check out the California Gold Museum in Sonora, it’s pretty nice. Here’s the link to the prospecting company there: https://www.gold-panning-california.com/ Another fun summer activity in the area is staying at Camp Lotus near Coloma, Ca along the South Fork of the American River. They have tent and RV sites on the river, and cabins available near the river too. Look up white water rafting while you are there, you and your son might enjoy yourselves doing several activities together during your stay. I used to work as a raft guide there a long time ago and it is a great river. https://www.camplotus.com/artists Another place I found that might be interesting is in Libby, Montana. There’s a public designated panning area in the National Forest there at Libbey Creek, and the town looks like it might be an interesting place to visit. Not sure about housing though, you might have to stay at a motel or if you like camping, there’s a campground near the creek. Or look into small motorhome rentals, could be a cool summer trip for you guys: http://www.libbymt.com/areaattractions/libbycreekgold.htm I hope you guys have a good summer, I have a 14-year-old daughter and we only have a few short years left together before she becomes an adult also, so we are both planning some summer adventures and trips together, too. You’re doing something that is not only going to be a lifetime memory for your son, but a really nice send off for his next part of life as an adult!
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    I have owned a few claims. Made a little money off of some of them but my best paying claim was not for gold but Amethyst Quartz Crystals. I discovered the location by accident. I was leading a weekend rock hound group to search an area for stalactites , it was in karst area and they were found in the soil from eroded caves and crevices along a canyon wall. Most of them have filled in solid with different colors ans when sliced made nice little cabochons. The area had recently clear cut and replanted by ripping with a bulldozer and then hand planting replacement seedlings , one of the planters had tipped me off to the find. The cleared area was several 100 acres and everyone was finding lots of material. I started back to the road where we were parked with one of the people who was exhausted and needed to rest, now the road had between the site and and area declared as Endangered area so we had to cross above or below it. I knew some clear quartz crystals had been found in the general area but most of it was heavy brush and some was private property. We where following the dozer path back to the road it was loaded from and while crossing a deep gulch the person had to rest and sat down on a large stump to rest. I saw a crystal sticking up from a clump of grass in the dozer trail . I raked it out and it was a hand sized chunk with deep amethyest color! digging around some more exposed a large vein. By the time it got dark the group had way more than they needed and we had nearly 75 miles of mountain roads with a lot of it gravel. The next day about 20 people showed up and started digging, many of them didn't pay any attention to the Critical endangered area and drove across it. Most of them I did not know and I heard one group tell one of them to go to town and call a brother in Texas to come and get in on the find. I left because I knew the FS rangers would be writing some hefty tickets. This was on a Sunday and local ranchers lived near by and it was less than a mile to the state line and all of them had mutual aid law enforcement. Well I didn't get off the gravel before seeing the rangers and sheriffs officers heading up. They seized about 600 Lbs of crystals and gave tickets to those they caught driving in the critical area. Later after all was settled down and all the diggers moved on I filed on it, had to put up a bond on the critical area and went to digging. I was supplying every rock shop I could between Silver City , NM and Springerville , AZ . Got tired of it and sold it to H Glen Carlson of Deming ,NM the book publisher be cause his wife had a doll company that made Birthstone dolls and needed a good source. More on this to follow about this and a later claim. There have been many claims filed in this area since including some club claims .
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    Wow.........for some reason i was thinking this was a gold forum!! Jeez.
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    Don't think bullets as a response will work well in America. Not sure this worked well in Vietnam. Didn't work well in Iraq. In Iraq not much nation building happened, but there were a whole lot of insurgents getting paid good if their mortars hit on base. As much as using real bullets seems rational, its unlikely to produce a rational response. I can't do anything except prepare with things like a good supply of food, shelter, water, and a bug out plan if things get really bad. I am hoping for restraint. Hopes not that great of a plan though.
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    Well BOb, you let these punks, put my life or my wifes life in danger, aqnd they will be met with deadly force, the END! Grubstake
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    How did i know this was going to turn out to be one of those ridiculous argument posts? Jeez. I agree that debating on everyone's different opinions is a good thing, but it always goes overboard because some people think their opinion is the only one that matters. My opinion is: It was murder and that guy needs the highest discipline there is. As far as the riots and looting, just plain stupid!! Destroying and burning down your own neighborhood is quite dumb. You get to live there when its all done.
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    You’d make a great politician Mac! You managed to jump in here and within minutes simultaneously agree and disagree with everyone here. Good solid on the fence answer man!
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    I haven't been there for about 12 years. Spent a lot of time camped at Decision Corner. Found my 1st nugget there and did pretty good on the 24K claims -- including this chunky 57 grammer.
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    Frank, when I contacted Mr. Tom Algerian via whatsapp he said the box is $2700 extra, I'm saving my pennies so I can get the box as well!
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    OMG ! a Minelab 5000 BRAND NEW for $1500.00 I wonder if he has the box it came in too ? MAYBE,....................... this guy has connections an I can get a new 2021 Ford Bronco for $1500.00 too !
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    I was toying with him earlier today. He was asking $3400.00 and free shipping. He wanted me to send him a good faith deposit to hold it.
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    A few years later my wife and I were on our way back from Alaska heading to Deming,NM. It was very hot so we decided to detour over to Luna ,NM and spent some time in the high country where its cool most days and all nights. We camped nearby our old crystal claim 3 miles from the AZ border and 8990 ft high. I walked about a mile to our old claim that we had sold to Glen Carlson and found the shaft he had dug caved in and the claim papers posted had expired. Meanwhile my wife had walked just across the county road we were parked just off of. The country was very changed and there were signs of a big forest fire recently clearing out everything but the biggest tree's . About 50 feet off the roar she found an elk trail worn in to the dirt and sticking out of it was amethyst crystals , this was exposed by erosion after the fire along the edge of the canyon that was about 800 feet to the creek at the bottom. Well we could find no claim markers , no sign of digging. So we got up the next am and dug some nice clusters and took them over to a small lake and washed them. Needing some supply's I took the back road to Alpine , AZ . I had about 30 clusters wrapped in toilet paper nests. At the grocery store they remembered me from before. I didn't even get a chance to ask before they said we missed your crystal too sell . I said yes I could be but the crystals have gone up . Well let me see some and we will make a deal on groceries, gas , beer what ever you need. So I showed them the 30 I had all washed and shining and said how about 2 dollars each ? He never blinked an eye and said I will take 30 every week and you now have $60 credit with the gas station and the store. I asked him if he thought it would hurt his sales if I took some over to Springerville . He said no I have an interest over there too and you can bring 30 a week over there too , I had told him we needed the laundry mat in Springerville so he told me where too deliver them too for cash. Well $120 a week w can make it good until it is too cold on this Mt and in Deming we would just be setting inside running the AC. I had a couple of rock hound friends in Deming and had to make a quick trip down there any way so I went and looked them up and asked if they wanted to file a claim with me on the new ground but I had the exclusive selling in the High country! They both were power plant engineers and I told them to gather up stakes (PVC PIPE) and come upon some vacation time and we would set stakes, do the paper work and have some fun ! I had warned them about the Black Bears since then would be tent camping and all the precautions and that it would take them a couple of days to get used to the altitude and lay off the beer for a while, ( They were both flat landers , young and bullet proof. Hard workers but well just young! See the pictures. After having the usual altitude sickness they settled down and produced the crystals and developed their own market and eventually dug the largest thunder egg ever found at rock hound state park, I left them the claim when I moved to Yuma and they eventually let it lapse. I had no problem selling the flats and stocked up before I moved to Yuma where I got 4 times as much for them, paid for our trip to Alaska.
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    These coins all came from a very small site in the bend of a river with high rocky banks on one side and flat ground on the other with large cottonwood trees along the bank. Many US and Mexican coins found mostly dated in the 1880's. I would sure like to date these , the flying eagle 3 cent is unreadable , the others who knows ?
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    Tom H. I am afraid that my Baja and other digging days are over unless I could figure out how to get one one of those 4X4 wheel chairs at about 15 grand, Grubstake and I where talking about a drone and a "Alexa" vacuum cleaner ., but a drone that will lift 100 LBS is about 15 grand ! I was actually on a MD club outing down south of Arivaca ,AZ when one of the members had a drone with a camera and flew it straight down an old vertical mine shaft that had been rumored to have bodies at the bottom of it , this was right on the border with Mexico. He had no problem flying it down and we had a clear view on his laptop , nothing on the bottom but a broken shovel. But his drone could only lift 1 LB. I did not have a drone but my claim had a horizontal tunnel on it so I talked Stan into going into it and checking it out, it was supposed to have the gold vein exposed on the back wall , I was recovering from a hip replacement and was still on crutches. Well he took a good flash light and headed in , it had flowing water so he was taking his time. A few minutes later he came back out some what faster than when he went in. Well I asked what did you find ? A Mama Javalina with 4 babies he said, she can have any gold back in there!
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    This topic is being locked, I will try and explain further after I get off work, no time now!
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    …and in the end we'll all end up laughing. We all want the same thing, a better America.
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    Terry, from my heart...I am sorry your son got hurt. My nephew is an Oakland SWAT officer and, like your son, is constantly at the forefront of whatever disturbances come up and in Oakland and Berkley…well you know what it's like. It occurred to me as I read your post, that most of the kids on both sides of these protests (and riots), are somebody's son or daughter. I haven't seen a clearer delineation of a large part of the problem than "... We need better police officers. Better psych tests and evaluations, better training. We have Thousands of bad, seriously troubled men and women with badges in this Country…" I also feel that 'qualified immunity' has had a lot to do with the impunity with which police shoot people. An investigation by Reuters published last month showed that, over the past three years, police won more than half of the excessive force suits in which they claimed qualified immunity, a sharp increase from prior periods. Qualified immunity was “making it easier for officers to kill or injure civilians with impunity,” the news service reported. I don't think rioters or looters should be shot on sight unless deadly force is necessary because of an imminent and specific threat to life. Best wishes to you and your family
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    That is such a relief to know that the cops did nothing wrong at all. He was just black, stoned and would have probably died in the squad car on the way to jail all by himself. Now let's go arrest those uppity protesters and get back to making America great!
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    Criminal behavior should be punished to the full extent of the law whether it be LEO or a citizen. What happened to George Floyd was criminal behavior and hopefully Derek Chauvin gets what he deserves. When Chauvin gets to jail, most likely justice will be served by the inmate population...God bless George Floyd and his family. Regardless of race nobody deserves to be treated that way.
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    Local police gets local responsibility and punishment unless it is a civil rights violation. Here is what our local police said: City of Santa Monica Curfew Effective Saturday, May 30 The City of Santa Monica values peaceful protest as vital to our democracy. Tonight, we follow the City of Los Angeles in imposing a City-wide curfew from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. to ensure public safety across our region. Emergency responders are exempt, as are those traveling to and from work or seeking or giving emergency care. As a City, we grieve with the family of George Floyd, feel the anguish across our broader community, and commit ourselves to the healing process that must follow. From Santa Monica's Chief of Police Cynthia Renaud on Friday, May 29 The Santa Monica Police Department feels the strong emotions and concerns that are being voiced and displayed countrywide. We share these emotions. While the death of George Floyd occurred more than 1,900 miles away, the actions of every sworn officer have the potential to tarnish the badge many of us hold dear. With this, our mission and commitment to the Santa Monica community is unchanged. We remain dedicated to safeguarding our community by improving public safety and upholding the public trust. SMPD believes strongly in accepting individual and collective responsibility for our oath, duty, and actions. We will continue to adhere to strict, unequivocal standards of conduct in keeping with our ethical obligations while respecting the value of human life and dignity. We encourage discussion and conversation in an effort to promote freedom of speech, transparency, and to preserve the layers of trust and confidence we have worked hard to enjoy, collectively, with our community. The actions of the officers involved are directly in conflict with the oath we have taken which is to protect and serve. Our prayers go out to the family of George Floyd and the City of Minneapolis.
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    I hear what you're trying to say. The United States is a diverse place with many different communities. Arizona and Nevada are most likely on one end of the spectrum. While our country is not 'full of inequality', in some communities it still does exist.
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    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/protestors-knock-down-white-house-securitys-barricade-as-tensions-mount-over-floyds-death/ar-BB14ORuY?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=edgsp Here's something I don't agree with. The protesters have every right to say what needs to be said. But when damage is done, and other Americans are put in a dangerous position, it's wrong.
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    Actually almost every single American is still in solidarity against an unspeakable injustice. They are also concerned about the rioting and looting. But they know it is a reaction to the ongoing unspeakable injustice in this country. A few are focusing on the rioting in an attempt to distract from that unspeakable injustice. For them it has become "the whole issue". But for most the issue is still a cop murdering a black man by kneeling on his neck while he begged for his life.
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    seriously Slim, you complain more than anyone, as far as I know, when topics start to stray into politics or something that you don’t agree with. Then you make a post like this trying to make it seem your looking for an intelligent conversation when you know exactly where it’s headed. you’ll even help nudge a few loose rocks down the hill to help the land slide get started. You need a new hobby man this one is getting old.
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    Excuse me Slim. But IMHO Chris paraphrases it pretty well. You say you don't get it. You ask for opinions. And if they disagree with yours you get hurt and want to argue. You posted this thread to start crap. You got it. Now you will play the victim. It is just you doing what you do.
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    Cops who kill men by kneeling on their neck while they beg for their lives should be executed. The cops who do nothing and facilitate the murder should do hard time in State prisons in GP. Looters and arsonists should be held accountable for their actions too.
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    Slim what about the Asian cop who was more concerned with looking tough and proving that he wouldn’t flinch than he was with checking to see if what all those people were screaming was true? I don’t know how you complain about other people stirring the pot so much and then make a post like this. “Gee I don’t know what would make these people so mad they would loot can you guys please explain it to me?” Despite your best efforts I don’t think anybody here believes your that stupid.
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    Again, I don't think anyone thinks looting is justified. Nor is anyone trying to justify it. Everyone knows it is wrong. And everyone knows what these officers did was wrong too.
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    Anyone else want to play with Tom before I Ban him for being a Spammer/Scammer??
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    It is happening in the streets of every major city in America. It is being used to criminalize the voices of dissent. Not to say that some "ANTIFA" groups are not raising hell along with other groups and individuals because they are. But the far right extremist groups are the ones that want a race war and are using the protests toward those ends. We see this very clearly in our area. All the organized agitators identified so far are various groups of right wing militia organized under the "NM Civil Guard" and are being organized and funded by a conservative political group called "Cowboys for Trump". Lots of conservative donations intended to be used for the campaign are being spent organizing and providing travel expenses for armed militia to attend rallies all over the State. Their official motive is "protecting businesses from looting" but they are really just armed idiots wanting to parade around with guns and cause trouble. That is also where the support for the protests against the Covid 19 restrictions were coming from. They even paid a print shop in Farmington to print New Mexico flags with the Zia symbol turned into a swastika. These are not good people. They are being organized by several local operatives who support far right ideology. Three are elected officials and several more are wealthy businessmen in the area. I know two of them personally and they are very up front about their intentions in funding and empowering armed vigilantes to intimidate what they feel are "radical liberal voices". Their idea of the "radical liberal voices" are anyone that does not support far right ideology. And they believe anyone who opposes them is "ANTIFA". This is the narrative being pushed to silence any opposition. It is why Trump is trying to criminalize "ANTIFA" as a "terrorist organization" and empower these armed militant groups. The closer it gets to the November election the more we will see and hear these extremists in our community. The plan is to make voting as intimidating as possible. (Fun fact - ANTIFA is not an organization. It is a viewpoint.) There is talk of weaponizing the virus and infiltrating the protests with active Covid 19 carriers. One forum is looking for willing "jihadists" who have tested positive to do just that. Many are talking up this idea on the internet and no doubt will find people who are willing to carry it out. There are a few local businesses that are allowing them to stand with their guns and body armor on private property near the protests. The police can't do much about it except keep a close eye on them. That is the situation here and across New Mexico. I am sure that this same element exists in various shades across the country. I have not heard of any real problems in our community with any far left agitators or subversives but the potential is certainly there. Many anti fascists are involved with the protests but no trouble has been attributed to them so far. There is the definite possibility of trouble though when you have armed right wing militia travelling to protests. They are looking for trouble and the various anti fascist groups and individuals are their natural enemy. The anti fascist element has organized peaceful protest in our area since Charlottesville. They have always cooperated with the police and I know there is good repoire there. They often coordinate demonstrations and have been very successful at keeping a lid on it. The ones I am familiar with support authority and are not Anarchists. That is not always the case but those voices are few and far between. The radical militias for the most part are not police friendly. There has been conflict. But many officers are sympathizers too. So it is really twisted and confusing. Allegiances are not clear. It is a really complex situation without any obvious good guys or bad guys. Both ends of the spectrum have the propensity for direct conflict. There is no doubt that before this is over there will be conflict between them. A lot of money is being spent to promote conflict. That is a sad truth that everyone is going to have to deal with. Most of the protesters are oblivious. They are focused on George Floyd and the issue at hand. There is not a radical soul in the group. Just average citizens outraged and heartbroken over what happened. I recognize many faces from our community and these are good people. It is not a mob at all.
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    I agree. It looks like murder to a whole lot of people. And it looks like those other cops standing there are at the very least accessories to murder.
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    Dan Bongino: Protest agitators 'ready to burn your city down' should be charged as domestic terrorists https://www.foxnews.com/media/dan-bongino-george-floyd-rioters-are-domestic-terrorists
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