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    For sure. Just as they should. Defending oneself or one's family is an entirely different matter, than killing people who don't share a political opinion.
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    Well early in the year I said gold would hit $1800.00 dollars a ounce we made it. How much higher do you think it will go.
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    I think we've hit the high and gold will start to fall. Each place you look, you see a little different about how gold is used. I'm going to go with 50% jewelry, 30% gold bars, coins, and central bank holdings, and about 20% industrial. Since Jewelry accounts for over half of gold use, the thing that concerns me the most is the number of young couples I see who are getting rings made of something other than gold, and less jewelry being worn that has precious metals in them. I really think its losing its appeal. Of the rest of it, about 30% falls into what I consider speculation, bank holdings and gold bars and coin, and the rest is used by industry. I just don't think the speculative demand for hold will outweigh the reduced demand by consumers, and perhaps if COVID causes industry to scale back on gold need, I see the price trending down. Stock market is doing pretty good also. It's recovered nearly everything from the tumble it did for the first couple months of the year. People who have money to spend in investments will probably keep it in the stock market and not gold speculation. I know people like to say things like gold goes up when the stock market goes down or there's uncertainty, and that certainly does make good radio and TV commercials, but when I look at the charts that says gold prices and compares it to things like the stock market, I see no correlation. I'm no expert here, but I think by looking at charts, I'd say the true price of gold right now may be closer to $1000-$1200, but I don't think we'll see that by the end of the year. THe spike we say in the early 80's lasted around four or five years, the spike we saw around 2012 lasted a year or two longer, and it appears we're over a year into this spike.
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    With the millions of more new gun owners, maybe more are ready to defend themselves against their own moron countrymen?
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    I just wanted to see how everyone who bought my book, likes it? If you haven't left a review on here, can you please post one, so I can get them up on my website. I would really appreciate it. I have a variety of shipping options on the website now. If anyone hasn't gotten a copy yet, please go to my website, check it out and consider getting a copy. https://goldseekerbooks.com/ Also I would like to know if any of my info from my book has lead anyone to new nuggets. If so, tell us all your story. Since I am Sidelined with a torn Achilles Tendon, I can't get out to detect, or work, so I have to live vicariously through all you fine fellows. - Reese
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    Congratulations. Sounds like you are making progress Chris. Claim size reductions are properly accomplished as amendments to the original location. There is no need to make a new claim location to reduce a claim's size. In Maricopa County Claim Amendment records are grouped under "MINING CLAIM AND/OR LOCATION". You are probably better off to search for claim amendments by the claim name. Not all recordings are always categorized correctly in Maricopa. Sure would be a lot easier if they would just follow the law and organize their records by TRS. A word of caution regarding claim amendments. Claim amendments are most commonly the result of improperly filed claims at the BLM state office. The locator is sent a notice by the BLM to amend their claim or have their claim case file closed. Usually those notices will occur within the first three years of location. Once a notice to amend is received the claimant needs to stake the modified claim location on the ground, make a claim amendment with map if needed, record that amendment with the county and file a copy with the BLM state office. Usually they only have 30 days to accomplish all that. Most claimants just skip the staking and county recording. That's bad for the claim validity and stupid because the public has no other way of knowing where the claim is now located. Often you will reach a dead end with claim amendments. How you deal with that is problematic. The amended map filed at the BLM has no legal existence until the staking and county recording are accomplished. It may show what the claim owner intended but it legally amounts to nothing more than wishes and dreams. Without a public record and stakes the claim essentially is in limbo. The BLM won't recognize the validity of the original location but there is no legally required public record of the amended location. No stakes on the ground and no public record made means the amended claim has no definable location. If the location isn't definable then it isn't really a location at all is it? As you know I deal with this stuff daily. I'll help you with what I can but if locators and claimants don't maintain a public record there is nothing you or I can do to know where or if a valid claim exists. Welcome to my world.
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