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    Was able to get out with Luke today and get some hunting in at one of my old spots. Boy, the rains really moved some material. After and arduous 5 mile hike in (well, it seemed like it.) Within 5 min. starting to hunt, I found the small one on the right with the 5000. Had to chase it around a little as it was tiny. About 5 min. after mine, Luke comes back to me and he had found the larger one. Its really flat. After 4 hrs of detecting and no gold, Luke found the little chunky one next to the flat one on the hillside. Great weather out today and gold was found. Nice thing about this wash is I park on the side of a paved road and walk in. Easy peasy! Tom H.
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    I've had the time to make a couple of Rye Patch trips. I did some swinging and some exploring. All of these nuggets came from near the burn barrel so no one got it all! These are from my last trip. This was the total of two trips. Just shy of 1/4 oz.
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    Here are a few of my friends from the last several weekends. GM 1000 and SDC 2300
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    Well, today, Craig, Bob and I had an amazing day. The video will be coming soon. Have to do some editing, and make it great. But here is a teaser. Stay tuned!
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    Here are a few of my friends from the last several weekends. GM 1000 and SDC 2300
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    Look out for this guy in October. He is a claim jumping mad man
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    They got a good score today without me but my legs and lungs are getting a lot stronger. Soon I'll be able to go with Tom and pick up what he misses. I'll be at the outing to do some beeping and eating. I miss getting out a lot and it's sure better than that dang hospital. That wash has produced a lot of gold for us in the past and I am anxious to get in there and dig a little. Glad to see that it is still producing. Old Tom
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    Sloppy joes and corn bread for dad and I. Tom
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    Check this one out! 6 lbs 3 oz. and 22" long. The little one is just under 2.5 lbs. and 18". That is a bottle of beer in his mouth. He is laying on the tailgate of my truck. Check out how wide he is in comparison to the tailgate! I am pretty sure that this is the biggest largemouth bass I have ever taken. I sure can't recall ever landing a bigger one.
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    It's nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting once in a while isn't it?
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    I happened to run across a news article from the '50s that mentioned a remote picnic site that was popular for weekend and holiday gatherings. A faded black and white photograph showed several concrete tables, benches, and stone bar-b-que pits on a secluded hilltop outside of town. I couldn't find anything else to go on and everyone I talked to had never heard of it, so I explored the back-roads until I located it by a process of elimination. There was nothing left of the concrete and stone that was functionally intact, and the (4x4 only), inaccessibility of the rocky washed out road made the location an ideal lover's lane, beer drinking - high school hideaway. After several trips to the site and a modest clean-up effort, I managed to unearth a few nice surprises: Wheaties, rosies, jeffersons, one buffalo/Indian head, a girls10k gold ring with a tiny "diamond" setting, and a singed 1961 Ben Franklin half dollar. The biggest surprise though, was the improvised "black-jack" made from a gym sock filled with (217) clad pennies, hidden under a pile of rocks. That's what makes detecting so head shaking interesting. You just never know what you might find next!
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    Here's an interactive 3D map version for those with good bandwidth.
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    Oh and here is the and one
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    Can you give an example of me having ever crapped on someone? Please provide links to posts so I can see for myself. To my knowledge I’ve only ever offered opinions about rocks. In fact, most times I give an opinion, it’s couched with terms like, “looks like” or “might be” because my being 100% certain about a rock ID from a photo is exceedingly rare. So please, if I have actually overstepped, show me, so that I may learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.
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    Nice bass Bob, that about the same size as the biggest I have caught on rod and reel with 10 lb test line on it, I was completely surprised when I caught mine since all the bass we had been catching up to that point were in the 2 Lb range or smaller, we were in a 16' canoe and there were some very big alligators in the 5 acre lake we were fishing and that bass was sorta towing us a little bit as I was fighting it, it took me a little while to land it because there were many submerged trees and log in the lake and I didn't want to get tangled and break the line and I was afraid that one of those gators would also come into play before I could get that rascal in the canoe, but in the end I won!! A little more about the gators in that lake, the shore line had a few small coves along the edges, we went into one of the bigger ones and not too long afterward a very big bull gator didn't seem to like us being in that cove and came right towards us, and wasn't stopping, as he got within 5 or 6 feet of the canoe and was every bit as long as the canoe or close enough to the same size for me I took my paddle and slapped the water right in front of his nose, he swirled and dove under the wake from his actions almost capsized us but we managed to stay upright and paddled as fast as we could to get out of "his cove", he resurfaced in the middle of the cove and just sat floating there staring at us as we made a fast exit, luckily he seemed happy that we were gone and didn't pursue us and we continued fishing the rest of the lake and left him to his cove.
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    I'll bring some homemade coleslaw.
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    The ones that stabilize have orientation and that is really cool. Irons that spin on an axis get twisted steel wings. Iron butterflys. Lots of little ones have arms or wings rotating in the same direction. You can tell they were rolling like barrels as they came in. Ablating into spiral arms at either end. Glorieta is almost always pulled in a direction and has a black shield on the leading surface. Many have twisted wings from spinning. Some of the "chunks" have regmaglypts formed around ridges where the stone never stabilized in a particular spot. I think the long or irregular pieces tend to go crazy and spin and make weird shapes. The chunky pieces tend to be more oriented or regmaglypts. I also figure a lot of individual rocks fall into our atmosphere and slow down without exploding. That is more likely to yield an oriented stone than the product of a large bolide that fragments or blows all to hell in the sky. Fewer pieces would stabilize and orient after a violent fragmentation. Those are my unsolicited ruminations on the subject of hot steel falling out of the sky and the shapes it makes as it falls. A subject on which I have pondered many hours around a campfire while listening to my belly growl.
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    I did have one just like that one. I found it in a old barn that the widow of the man that owned it said I could have anything in the barn that I wanted. There was nothing of value there until I checked on top of the rafters and found two very old rifles'. They were all rusty and pitted but I got them working again. I had more fun with the 22 until it was stolen from my little travel trailer I left in Pennsylvania while moving to Arizona, that was in 1966. The other was an old Henry square barrel that I sold to a man that put it over his fire place. It was not fit to be used properly. Old Tom
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    For sale 1890 3rd Model 22 Long Winchester Pump Rifle. Manufactured in 1909. Very Nice condition. Must see to appreciate.This rifle has been in the family since the early '60's. I actually met the original owner when I was just a youngster. He used it as a "Saddle Gun" on his horse. Can send more detailed pictures upon request. Must have AZ Drivers license or AZ Concealed Carry Permit I.D. Bill of Sale will be completed. Local Sales Only, No Shipping. $425 or Best Reasonable Offer. Thanks for looking.
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    Very cool! Believe it or not, I found one exactly like that in an abandoned ranch closet near Death Valley when I was about 14 ... Only problem was the barrel was bent ... I ended up trading it for a stripped down bicycle ... Then traded the bicycle for a little gas powered air plane which I crashed and destroyed on my first flight attempt ... Win some, lose some ! ... Cheers, Unc
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    This is right in your mining area Desertpilot USA v Tom Tierney Tom didn't need permission either. It's an important mining case to understand your right to mine no matter what "regulations" the local Forest Service comes up with. If you see Tom give him a big Thank You! for seeing this to the end.
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    Where are you hiding the 7000 gold? haha
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    This is an amazing chunk of gold, found 3 days ago (Oct. 23) walking along a river in Ohio where it was eyeballed on the surface of a river bottom! Estimated gold value alone is almost $900,000...Add collector's value and it's probable value is in the $3.5 million range! A beautiful find of a lifetime! Cheers, Unc
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    Hey if you don't think it is worth much I take donations!
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    I have a shirt just like that...
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    I'm back everyone, I didn't find anything because i didn't even make it to the destination. But close. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. My girlfriend hated every bit of it, lol. She also slipped and fell on the GM1000, scraped herself up and now the GM1000 wobbles a hair. I wont even go into the complaining I heard about walking up the hills. 🙂 I got there at about 11:30am temp was about 75F. It was VERY close to highway 87. Decent dirt road to the place where we parked. Continuation to the destination needed a ATV which i didn't have. The walk to the destination is about 3750ft. The area seemed not so touched by man sorta speak. was quiet, saw a prospector come out on a ATV and rode past us. I started at the purple box. I ended up at the light blue box. (notice the white turn in the wash, i have a picture) The red box was my actual destination. I think i'm going to get a Honda Pioneer 500. I can't be spending my whole time walking to these claims. 🙂 Here below is what the new area looks like. I'm to new to determine if this location looks good, but i'm guessing it looks good.
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    There's so many things the metal flakes could be besides metal. The easiest to eliminate is mica. I don't see metal in the pic. Native metals are very rare in rocks, mostly because they react over the years and turn into compounds. Billpeters is a good authority, and he says no characteristics.
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    I will be bringing my Chili if I can figure a way to keep it cool from Wednesday to Saturday. May have to freeze it and keep on ice and reheat Saturday.
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    I raised my hand, USAF 1979 months before graduating high school and waited 5 mos delayed enlistment for a tech school opening at Chanute AFB, weather tech course. Worked NORAD 26AD, Luke AFB to Gila Bend Range and Europe to Central America. It was amazing. Father was WWII Navy vet and I have two kids that earned their USMC Combat Badges, Iraq. Big thanks to all our vets.
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    Found in a farmfield in southeast Wisconsin. Found completely as is no polishing, cutting or tumbling. Weighs 3.5 ounces. Dozens of layers visible. Deep shadow. Mostly red orange and yellow with a hint of blue.
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    Was that from the other side near that trailer they took out? i found a piece over there that looks alot like these with the pyrite cube in it... I havent really used the gold monster in a major trashy area but at this point I would say you need one eitherway. That old spot will probably have piece after piece sitting there that our PI's didnt see. I've found over 70 tiny pieces of gold with the gold monster...if only they were all just a bit bigger! Think I've found about 4 grams of small stuff out here... missing Mariposa for sure! I'm still learning the area though, the bigger pieces are getting closer.
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    You're welcome! I live in South Carolina so unfortunately I can't be at the outing, but I hope you have a great time and find some gold!! You will most likely get to meet Old Tom there.
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    Reading that survey made me feel like a computer was asking me how I like propespecting. Wtf! We dont need robots digging targets for us, wheres the fun in that! The op should spend his time deveolping a detector that only hears gold, now that I'd buy for a dollar!
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    Nice Bass! Is that at big hole?
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    I think I've looked at photos of dinosaur bones or teeth, which were found somewhere in that area.
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    Yes, in the middle of the desert literally. to be specific, near west Sahara in the Mauritanian border but later on my friends came to Nouadhibou city which is like an island where we took some of these pictures
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    Middle of the desert...huh? lots of fossil sea shells in the first pic. Way cooler find than some light copper oxide staining.
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    Nice video, they are getting better and better.
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    OK ... Here ya go ... my no dicker sticker bottom line price ... all cash sales ... NO TRADES ... all pick up locally in Prescott Valley AZ. Or I can deliver at the Nugget Shooter Outing in November. If you need shipping it is on you! Minelab SDC 2300 ... stock equipment plus 3 sets of rechargeable batteries .... $2200.00 Fisher Gold Bug Pro ... two coils: 5" round DD, 10" elliptical DD included ... $300.00
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    Thanks and i'll keep trying
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    Gold and lead. Your doing something right! Nice goin
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    There is a Federal grazing allotment division that roughly parallels Castle Hot Springs Road. On the East is Desert Hill allotment and on the west is the Wickenburg Arrow Y allotment. The State Lands there are also leased for grazing. Most of the area is leased to Rex Maugham with some other State Trust areas leased to the Lemons Family Trust. I see a lot of cause for livestock fencing in the San Domingo. There is also the issue of watering holes and who gets to use them. At least two of those water sources are on private land.
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    Dont forget climate doesn't change
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    Gotta love those bakers, wish my first was that big!
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    Chris, There is gold in and around Aiken, albeit a little fine gold in the local streams, you'll find more northward, northwestward and northeastward from there, the closer you get to North Carolina and the better the gold, also there gold in north Georgia, you most likely will not find much if any detectable gold but you may get lucky since the gold detectors now-a-days can detect much smaller gold. Here are some images of the southern gold belts, I had more of these maps on my old computer but it died and I haven't tried to retrieve any of the images yet, and I can't find some of the ones now on the internet that I had on the old computer, if I find any more I'll post them. Georgia gold deposits map from 1909
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    I plead self defense.....Actually, when we would meet later he called me the socker!
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    Sometimes, I wish I was too. But I'm not so sure I'd want to go through it all again. Not to mention the fact that the coin has probably held up a lot better as well . . .
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    This topic is sorta a "conundrum", but I don't think you can scrape your "diamond" on it.
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    not going to make it this year, I had a bad reaction to a change in my meds.....almost killed me...still very weak. All my thoughts and good wishes to all at the outing. Enjoy.
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