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    Got out today for a few hours in a spot Boulderdash and I have nearly worked out. After much placering and praying , I managed to find a few gorgeous nuggets. The gold here is Isometric . It can be anything from square cubes, triangles to flat rectangles etc.... Two of the nuggets pictured were found 15 feet from the source. Can you guess which two ? I did not weigh them .. Enjoy !
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    Got out today around the LSD area, and waved to Bill as we passed each other . The thunderstorms almost bullied me out of this spot , but I stuck it out. Glad I hung around, as I found a very fine piece of wire gold...Enjoy !
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    Im up to 29 nuggets now!😁
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    Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked.
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    Got out with a buddy this past weekend in the great state of Virginia. We both dredged on sat, then on sunday he continued to dredge and decided to fire the GM 1000 up and see if i could find anything. My buddy was on chucky gold and nuggets with his dredge, so I started detecting a section of exposed bedrock a short distance up stream from him. Got the detector up and running and ground balanced in the water, (settings were auto+ in all metal) swing a few time and she pops off. The probability meter was swinging both ways, I pull out my little crevice tool and pop open the little crack and out pops some nice shiny. Was about a 2.5 grain picker, and ended being my biggest piece for the day. I continue on and each target i hit keeps being gold, which is something i have not experienced before. I will say the probability meter was jumping around on each target, hence why it is ignored lol. All in all i got thirteen pickers in about 1.5 hours from about 5 square feet of bedrock, for a total of 8.2 grains. The bedrock in this spot is decomposed and can be crushed in your hand. I also had a few signals that came from exposed bedrock with no evident cracks, but once i ripped into it with a little pick out would pop a picker. I believe that there use to be a crack there, but since the bedrock is so soft the erosion force of the stream has melded some of the cracks back together. This i why when i hit these soft bedrock spots while dredging i will rip into it up to 6 inches or more. Im stoked i found this little spot. And i will be taking the equinox 800 and the gm1000 there this evening to continue sweeping the exposed bedrock and test both detectors on small gold. Based on what my buddy pulled from downstream a little bit with his dredge, there is the potential for much bigger chucks to be nearby. Pictures below are from his clean out on saturday. And once the exposed bedrock is swept with the detector we will clean up whats left with dredges, so that nothing escapes. Hopefully this little paystreak hold out for a good while and produces some big gold that this locality is known for.
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    I haven't posted gold for awhile so thought I would show off these little gems the Easter Bunny brought to me over the weekend. Combined weight at just under a half gram found with the GM1000 setting in Deep Auto 1. Both were found about 3" deep.
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    Greetings, Its a boy! After 2 long days of hard labor, and under a stormy sky, the rebirth from the womb of mother earth finally came. At approx. 3:15 PM local time on Tuesday April 23, 2019 in southern Arizona, it arrived. Weighing in at 1.4 grams, with a pointy head, chunky body and a golden disposition, I decided to name this unique nuggie "Arrowhead" Along with its 2 earlier siblings, I reckon he can officially be called a patch nuggie. The delivery was rather uneventful as the soil blanket that covered him was only a few inches deep. The doctor (me) was extremely surprised due to the fact this "golden boy's" vocal rebirth scream was so loud that a butt ugly lead bullet was expected to be had. Arrowhead is so far the prettiest and heaviest nuggie found thus far with my Gold Monster 1000. Bigger and better ones will surely come to past. As our Australian friends like to say, "Its a Rippah!"
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    Just some cool looking gold so thought I would share, GM 1000 .... GH
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    Update. Went to see dad today. He is doing WAYYYY... better. They did find another blood clot in his right leg and will give him some kind of medicine to reduce/get rid of that one. He was eating more and wants to go home. I talked with the Doc. and he said he may be able to come home on Sat. His pain level is really down a lot now. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. Tom H.
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    I found a nugget in a spot showed to me by someone I look up to. Long story short the agreement was to name the first nugget after him IF i found one. So i am introducing "Golden Tom Jr. Jr." .16 grams Found with sdc2300 Setting Sensitivity = 4
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    During a recent search of the Arizona Sonoran Desert I aerially scouted ahead and was surprised to find a large Hohokam structure and rock line wall. This past Sunday I was able to make it out there and survey the site. The main site is a double rock maze with narrow foot paths between the stones with a long, diagonal line of rocks nearby . The site is uniquely isolated and out of the way from reasonable travel paths. The remote site is pristine in that there are no signs of anything being disturbed and virtually no litter, trails, nor tracks. I do careful searches, studying the ground, and pick up modern trash. Here there was none, a rare sight. I followed the slight alluvial rise in which it resides for 3 miles and found only one instance of 50 year old weathered small, one inch square man-made fallen stakes crossing the rise about 1 mile away. Nothing was in the vicinity of the rock designs. The main rock design is made up of singular basalt rocks only a foot high making two maze patterns. The rock line similarly are single natural basalt stones in a not very straight line with one small S-curve in it. The rock line runs diagonal SE to NW naturally cutting across most of the alluvial rise with no ancient trails entering nor exiting the site. There are a number of ring groupings from 6 to 10 feet across with a gradually thickening side each with small, white limestones piled on the center of the thickest part. There are about 25 more loose rock groups fairly unorganized, but often with limestone added in. One larger one has a barely discernible spiral shape, a second has a small yin-yang maze pattern. One circular feature has a large boulder in the center. The site has no fire pits, charcoal, worked stone, mortar, tool chips, nor signs of ancient digging below the surface. There were about a dozen small, degraded potsherds a half to 1 inch long scattered with several at the main design, some along the long 450 foot rock line, and several at the various rock rings. The potsherds are typical Hohokam, some with buff one side and more natural unpainted red other side of which period is indeterminate. There are an additional 25~ groupings of basalt rocks, some with distinct patterns, often with small limestone rocks added to the centers. There is a large amount of natural basalt rock abundantly scattered all along the slight 3 mile long alluvial rise emanating from the nearby volcanoes, none of which are in patterns. Everything constructed is made of immediately accessible nearby basalt and limestone rocks. The full site area covers about 6-10 acres. I have reported the site to the the appropriate staff at the Antiquities Departments of ASU and Mesa Community College. I would expect Dr, Shereen Lerner, who studies rock art at MCC, to authorize a study of this site to understand its significance. . Cheers! billpeters
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    I want to thank each and every one of you guys for you prayers and good vibes. They were indeed felt at the time of need. This was a rough one for me as I had no inclination just what was going on. I put it off too long trying to get the family Easter Celebration going. Finally called in the paramedics in and they got me to the hospital. Extreme pain and couldn't breathe. Lungs full of blood clots and wouldn't let oxygenated blood flow through lungs. Clots came from an operation that I had two weeks prior. Had me on a heparin drip for three days and that took most of the pain away and now I have to be on Eliquis the rest of the way, no more blood thinners or aspirin. Life feels good again and I thank God for my 'Return to Life'. Old Guys, Don't try to go too far after feeling something go awry. Get it checked on most times Medicare will take care of it. That's what you worked an paid for your whole life. A very grateful 'OLD TOM'
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    I found a nice blue Beryl the other day ! Pretty cool eh ?
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    Thank you everyone. Dad is a lot better and coming home today. He still has a clot in his leg and the doc. said they are just going to let the body assimulate it. It is small. Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes. Tom H.
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    Was able to get out on Fri. with Dave and Jen to do some exploring and detecting up in the San Domingo area. 5 Min. into the hunt I found a little guy. After that LOTS of trash But that is a good thing! Place has not been hit. Which seems unbelievable considering how easy it is to get to and the area around it I know has been hit. It was only down a couple of inches and the 9x14 got it. Saw some old mines, the palo verde trees are starting to bloom. Should look nice in a week or so. Took a pic of a tarantula hawk wasp. Nasty little creature if you read up on it. Found an intact box mold bottle! And.....broke another Idler arm on the YOTO. Did find out guys are making a brace to stop this from happening. I will be making one also as this is the 3rd one ive snapped. Getting kind of old. I had a spare in the YOTO so we swapped it out. Great day out and the weather was decent. Got blessed with a little yellow! Been a while. Tom H.
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    Well, what it is...is...called a finger seal. It covers an area between the augmentor (afterburner) and the turkey feathers on a F-16. If you dont have them...The wind will rip the turkey feathers(AKA, external nozzle segments) off. I have changed out a lot of them in my career in the AF. Hated every one. You have to open up about 4 turkey feathers to be able to reach in and undo 4 bolt/nuts to get the finger seal out. The nuts and bolt are just about at finger tips length, yah and your face is mashed against the rear of the turkey feather. Then re- do it without dropping any nuts or bolts. I would like to meet the engineer that did this and smack him in the head Well, finding it brought back memories Tom H.
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    I figured I would add some pictures of a few fire agates that I mined for people that are not familiar with the material.
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    Welp ol Dad did it up good this time.....Down at the Q, he hurt his back...pretty bad. After that he was in pain and had some surgery for melanoma in a lymph node under his left clavicle. He was still not feeling good but thought it was just his back, went out to do the irrigation on his property on Tues. night......went down hill from there. He could not walk 30 feet without huffing and puffing, lots of pain and short of breath. Finally called 911 on Wed. They came out with fire trucks and ambulances ablasing. Got im into the ER real fast and found out he has blood clots in his lungs. So......they are medicating him to bust those up and are doing all kinds of other tests. I was able to talk to the pulmonary Doc today and he was pretty positive about everything working out in a few weeks. So, if you could send up a prayer or positive thought, I know he would appreciate it. He loves the forums and you folks and will be back soon. Tks all. Tom H.
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    Bedrock Bob Bush Doctor Premium Member 2,026 2,977 posts Gender:Male Location:New Mexico Report post Posted April 15 A cool $100.<<<<<< Congratulations Bedrock Bob! the actual amount was $101.07 Bob, message me with your shipping address. This was a lot of fun, so I'll do it again soon. I want to thank Bill - and all of you, for making this the BEST gold prospecting forum on the net today!
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    Woooo! I welded the cylinder heads this morning :-) I had another strange premonition, so I stopped into the local welding shop yesterday. After talking with the manager, I walked out with a free bottle of argon that had a little still left in it. I'll return the bottle Monday, but that little bit was more than enough to weld the heads up. ER 4043 works great as a filler wire. I have some some cleaning to do before final pics...but they are both welded finally!
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    When experimenting you will have a bit of an eye opener about the differences between timings and resulting depth differences especially with medium to larger coils on large targets. When I was testing this detector for Minelab before it's release we worked many hours with different coils and timings regarding target size and depth.... If you can find a natural deep non ferrous sounding target that is faint adjust your detector and listen to the target in different timings to get the best results. You can bury one on the edge of hearing it with the "fine gold" timings then try different timings and coils. Learning your machine completely is the key to finding toe deeper and missed nuggets. Minelab DID NOT and these timings and settings for no reason and learning them is the key as said.
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    Bought time I was able to whoop her
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    Looking for gold at the time. Ran across a large pegmatite zone roughly 1/8 mile square. It now has a home in my case.
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    Pretty compact little engines, and not much wasted space inside the case either! The last few days have been productive! I checked the ring gap on my piston rings and had measurements from .011 to .018. I used a small file and adjusted each ring to .018" gap. A little larger gap is good on a modified engine, that is going to run hard... it's entire life. I installed all the rings and inserted the pistons into the cylinders. They are ready to be installed onto the engine. I also painted the valve covers and sprayed a light coat of flat black on the cylinder heads. I may have assembly pics tomorrow if all goes well.
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    Awesome job, Tamster...What's the total weight? Maybe you can have a weight guessing contest, down to the grains weight and Bill can give a 7000 to the winner .... ...Cheers, Unc
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    Hi Guys -n- Gals, Some time ago I mentioned about looking to invest in a prospecting rig, so I thought I would post up what I got!! Well I finally found what I was looking for without buying a new rig for desert trails. I picked up a stock '97 Toyota 4Runner Limitted Edition 4x4 w/rear E-locker from the original owner last summer. (never been in a wreck and lived entirely in NV- NO RUST) :-) It's taken a while to go through the whole rig to make sure all is in shape to get me back at the end of the day. The only thing I paid to replace was the timming belt, belt tensioners and water pump. Google and Youtube are awesome for Do-It-Yourself'ers. I managed replacing the rear brakes and brake cylinders, axle seals, on frame fuel filter, all oils with synthetic (engine, F & R diff's T-case) plugs & wires, tranny oil and installed a magnetic in-line filter on tranny line, new radiator and B & M tranny cooler. I customized the roof rack installation by eliminating the OEM cross bar before I installed a Curt rack. Seat covers, covered the cracked leather originals, new door speakers, Weather-Tech floor liners and Bug Shield and 2-way communication from a Anytone 6666 radio. Most recently, I installed a complete 3" lift with OME (Old Man Emu) springs, Bilstein shocks, SPC upper control arm, front diff drop, rear pan-hard drop (welded in place) and extended rear brake line. I removed the back seats and laid down the back, cut plywood to fit covered it with carpet and am able to sleep in the back on extended trips. I also ordered a front plate winch bumper which is 3 months out. Took her out for a run yesterday and everything worked as it should. The ride is awesome and handeled the rough road with ease. I managed to clear the desert floor from some used lead bullets and found a nice sharp rock to puncture my left tear tire in such a way that it is torn beyond repair. Well I wanted to buy taller tires, but not until I wore out what I had on and wouldn't you know it.... the tire shop didn't have a used tire. New (taller) tires were ordered. (good thing the bumper is out 3 months, it'll give me time to work OT for a winch since tires took that $$ away). I removed the OME side step-boards, so rock sliders are down the road a bit. Be safe out there..
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    Been facing a few specimens of this material. It was collected over 50 years ago. I got a fair amount from the son of the guy that collected it. A few other people got some also but very little was ever collected.
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    Can you smell the rice cooking?I recall being far to the north in a historic gold field, and I had the opportunity to have a chat with a Sourdough (a seasoned miner from the area) about his claim. He took me to a spot one day and told me a most interesting tale.However, before I relate his story, I’ll describe its location. It was far down in the bottom of a secluded valley. Steep, black-walled mountains rose on either side, and courageous growths of spruce and fur clung to the steep slopes, with birch, poplar and aspen peppering the evergreens lower down. Dark draws inhabited by deeper areas of gloom gave birth to swiftly flowing streams that emptied into the valley. From these gulches, the icy, ghostly breath of unseen currents of air rushed forth to randomly lift the hair, before chilling the neck and spine. Indeed, an eerie atmosphere pervaded that sullen spot of murky shadows where the long dead miners of some 150-years past had chased the gold to make their fortunes, or to lose their lives.On a gentle slop above long rows and piles of cobble stacks, the remnants of a massive hand-workings, the miner’s cabin was situated. It was an ancient cabin, one in continual use since the original gold rush, the cabin perpetually maintained and rebuilt until it was later used by a member of the North West Mounted police as a retirement refuge. Later, it was acquired by Glen the miner. Heavy logs formed the base of the walls, with smaller logs progressing up the sides, and there were only two windows, one big enough to allow light to enter, and one small one which served as a lookout. The log ends were all beautifully axe cut to fit and lock together, and there was an addition on the back of the main cabin that housed a food storage and washing area. The doors were heavy and sturdily built as grizzly and black bears frequently visited the area. (I have a story somewhere about the attack on Glen’s cabin by an enraged grizzly, quite the hair-raising tale he told me of his experience that truly made my blood run cold.)A path led down from the slope to a long draw that then led to a bedrock rise, with the draw, or gulch, continuing upward. On the other side of the bedrock rise a fast-flowing creek could be heard. The bedrock rise continued to climb as it joined the shoulder of the mountain. There was a trail that led up the non-creek side of that shoulder, and I headed off on foot to look the area over.The first thing I noticed, as I looked down into the draw from the trail, were the sunken places. There were five large areas where the earth had slumped, with smaller areas running perpendicular to the gulch that were still at the original level. This of course spiked my curiosity.When I returned from my hike, Glen the miner was at his cabin, and we had a chat.He started in with a bit of history of the area. That the place had been extensively hand-mined I had already seen; that it was shallow to bedrock in many places was also obvious. What he filled me in on was that the early miners were after the easy, shallow gold, and they had done very well, with many ounces of coarse gold quickly gathered from the shallow diggings. But, as was the common case in the 1800’s, there was always the news of new gold rush farther to the north where the gold was equally shallow, easier to get to, so the miners that loved the quick gold soon left to chase other strikes. That left the deeper gold that required organized groups of people with the necessary capital to start up larger operations.Then, he told me about the arrival of the Chinese miners in the area. They followed the gold rushes and came in after the other miners had had creamed the shallow gold and had either abandoned their claims or were looking to sell cheaply. The Chinese, he said, were not afraid of hard work, and moreover, many of them did not have a choice of whether they liked hard work or not due to being indentured laborers, a form of slavery so to speak, until they had paid off the Tong for their debt to the organization. Glen went on to explain how the Chinese used a lot of opium during their miserable existence, and he told me of bottle hunters that had come a few years before my arrival and of their efforts in trash dumps to recover the precious little bottles. He also told me of the tiny log huts the miners lived in, short-walled on purpose as they were easier to heat during the brutal winters. In addition, he told me of the superstitions the Chinese were bound to, mysterious ones that propelled their efforts.Then, he took me on a walk.The bedrock rise that I’ve already mentioned was where he took me, but he walked me over closer to the face where there was a bit of a fold, and that fold hid from view the entrance to a tunnel, but one that he had caved in with is heavy equipment as it led to a large area of unsafe underground workings, ones the Chinese had excavated by hand. I then told him about my upslope hike, and of seeing the collapsed areas, and he confirmed that all of that long draw was a continuation of the original Chinese workings. He elaborated that the Chinese had struck an ancient channel by cutting below it through the solid rock so they could hit the base of the channel where the coarse gold was trapped. A lot of trapped water had flowed when they punched through the last of the bedrock, but they had cut the tunnel on purpose so it would drain the ancient water down and away before they went to work.The gold was coarse, and they took out a lot of good gold over several years, but then one day the horrific happened, the roof of the tunnel, off on one side excavation of the gulch, collapsed, killing several Chinese. They left the area . . . (This is not an isolated incident, and I have read about this in other gold rush accounts, bad Josh/Joss [bad luck] was something they didn’t mess with, and the area was forever cursed to them.)When Glen first acquired the claim, he had gone into the tunnel mouth, and he’d taken samples from the floor of the tunnel. The buckets of dirt he’d recovered were full of pickers! To prove this, he gave a jar of the dirt for later panning, and it was indeed loaded with gold!!So, his interesting tale had answered my questions about the sunken areas I’d seen on my walk, and I could see just how extensive the underground workings were that the Chinese had driven up that gulch from the size of the collapsed areas. Those determined miners had really got the job done, regardless of their motivations.As we were leaving the tunnel mouth, Glen turned to me and said, “Can you smell the rice cooking?”I said, “What?”He said again, “Can you smell the rice cooking?”I answered, “No, can you?”He then told me that on certain days, when the wind was just right, he could smell the scent of rice cooking as it drifted down to the cabin from the gulch. He didn’t smile or joke in any way, and the gloomy setting of the area, with its accompanying tragedy, put nothing but a large punctuation mark on his story.All the best,Lanny
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    These are my friend Adams photos from today. Yes... a wagon as a trailer..... with an ATV on it. Needless to say it was a poor choice of transportation for the ATV. I just became more interested in finding a way out of the city!
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    I wish I never would have asked...
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    Finally go the video finished of comparing equinox 800 to the gold monster 1000 on in-situ targets in the field. This is my no mean the comprehensive review as im sure the settings on the equinox could be tweaked more produce even better results. But from what i saw on my ground they were vary evenly matched. The gold monster seemed to pop a little harder on the targets, but the equinox still hit all the targets the gm1000 hit. Since i detect mainly creeks the equinox has a leg up since its water proof and i dont have to worry about it getting wet or falling in the creek. Hope you guys enjoy the video and ill take more footage as i work this little patch.
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    Went fishing at Cottonwood Cove. I got 2 , but lost a couple , my Girl Friend got 2...This is the big one. No Scale...
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    Hi Chris, I bought the complete new trays with upgraded riffles along with the Keene boxes...I liked the older Keene 151 as the trays were easy to put in and take out for clean ups. Nothing I can do about it now but warn others about it...as far as the gold recovery..here s a pic ..a few of them on top were detected near bedrock that was exposed.
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    Hello dear friends, its been a while from my last come to forum, i have some troubles that make me unable to have acces to internet, but now its all ok. i hope you guys are well and in good health, and that there its some good gold for you all. here in Serbia its realy bad weather these days, lot of rain and its wery cold out, but there its one good thing, lot of rain means new gold in river to be find hehe. my older son, Luka, its caught by gold fever, and ewery day ask me when we go to river he say hello to our Garimpo, he finaly learn enough of english so he can understands his xmass guift, Fist full of gold book, realy good one Garimpo thanks a lot again
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    Holy smokes! I have never won anything in my life! Thanks Terry! What a hoot! And Bill too. The forum is a whole bunch of fun. When guys get involved it really makes it a neat place to hang out. ...Dude, a hundred bucks worth of change at face value is a pile of detecting. My hat is off to you man! Even in the best areas that is a bunch of digging.
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    Congrats a coupla rippa's !
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    Sexy nuggets Bill !! Love the Angular and Isometrc look ! I was in the general area yesterday , and only found this little guy
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    I read a news article about this but it didn't have any photos or a video, that's really scary, I lived in a mobile home a long time ago and a stray dog had made her home under the trailer and she a had a litter of pups, I heard them under at the back of the trailer so I crawled under there to get them out and put them into an old dog house I had, the trailer was only about 20" to 24" off the ground so it was a bit tight crawling over pipes, etc. and very dark so a flashlight was needed to see under there, the only way under there was from the front, I crawl 24 feet to the back of the trailer on my belly, got all the pups in a cardboard box and started dragging them back out I had moved about 1/4 of the way towards the front and I looked up at the bottom of the trailer and saw a few spider webs, the more I looked the more I saw and then I noticed the spiders in the webs, BLACK WINDOWS EVERYWHERE , as I proceeded to make my way out I counted no less then 200 BW from young ones that haven't turned black yet to many full grown ladies just waiting for me to raise my head enough to get a bite , I'm not sure how I had crawled all the way to the back without getting few of them in my hair, I was sooo glad when I got out, after I did get out I looked back under with the flashlight and then noticed that there were few BW crawling on the ground as well, I guess my karma from going in to help the Mom and her pups was the only thing that saved me from getting bit many times over, snakes I can deal with, but SPIDERS makes my skin crawl, mainly because being so small they are harder to spot before you get too close or make contact with them!!!!
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    https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/world/man-stumbles-upon-nugget-of-gold-while-walking-dog/ar-AABjno3?li=BBr8YXK An Australian family has uncovered a small fortune while on a Mother's Day walk. The father, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was walking around the outskirts of Bendigo, in Victoria with his two daughters and his dog, aptly named Lucky. "Mum actually stayed at home so me, my two daughters and Lucky were just walking along," the man told The Age. "I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking. She then goes 'Dad, is this gold?'"....... Weighing in at 624 grams, the family has been told their lucky find could be worth more than NZ$37,000 (AUS$35,000)....
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    Dude I wish you would of posted your question about the new 151s before you purchased.. Or you may have and I just missed it. As a highly experienced drywasher with many pounds of gold recovered with the the gray box 151 ( model before 151s) it was a incredibly reliable and high recovery machine with an average of 90% recovery. I currently own three 151 boxes due to there higher recovery over all other drywashers. Keene was making them right as all 3 machines are about the same when it comes to recovery. It should also be mentioned I do not pre classify ever as it's a huge waist of time, there is a screen on a drywasher for a reason. Now when the 151s came out I was able to use one in the field... The biggest problem for me was the new 151s was loosing high amounts of gold to my tailings as well as the tray not fitting and spilling all over the place. I tried every secret I knew to help recovery and was very disappointed in Keene trying to reinvent the wheel on something that was working so well. I feel like they made it all complex so people would think it was better and spend the extra $... that was not the case as it is junk in my professional opinion. It may be possible I just got a bad 151s box. But seeing how you have 5 trays with problems I'm leaning that 151s is a bust. Here's an option. Send your 5 crap trays back to them and have them send you 5 trays from the original design. And send 5 original design fans with adjustable weights. The 151s had a new fan and weight system in the one I used and I didn't care for it as I couldn't change the weight counter balance.
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    Your coil must have gained some weight from not being used much Mike C...
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    CBD with out THC is legal in all US states now. The only place there's a potential problem is Canada. CBD oil is legal there but only from Canadian suppliers. Technically, the hemp must be grown in Canada, processed into oil in Canada and distributed by Canadians. A licensed Canadian importer/distributor can bring it in with the right license. I know one CBD US company that ignored or didn't research the law that has had big shipments seized at the border and confiscated...Big loss for them. Canada legalized it solely for the benefit of Canadian agriculture and marketers. OK by me because there's a huge US market growing every month. I'm really enjoying helping others feel better and we had two major good results in our own family. My wife's step mom was diagnosed in Fall 2018 with stage 4 cancer throughout her body. Drs. started her on chemo immediately, and at the same time we began providing CBD oil to help her however it might. Six months later she's been given a clean bill of health, no cancer and she's been out of bed since February and doing well. One of Dodie's brothers has major diabetes and was diagnosed several months ago with major Macular Degeneration which apparently is a common effect of long term diabetes. He went back to his doctor very recently who told him there was no evidence of MD. The Doc was amazed, but we never put 2+2 together until we started researching it. Check it out! Cheers, Unc
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    I still have some loose ends to tie up, but it's officially an aircraft engine!
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    Happy Cinco de Mayo Bob! Enjoy some Santana shredding along with a frosty one
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    Lanny Its hunting season here in Az. I'm heading out on a bit of an off the grid new area. I do have at least three or four more stories about road finds that Id like to post. I learned a lot from them. will post them when I get back. ya need to get down here Lanny. this is the time of year to hunt Az. be back in a couple weeks. AzNuggetBob
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    Finally got them cleaned and weighed up. Just over 2 grams even.
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    I figured you would win this contest too you rascal! I just won me a couple of really nice nuggets over on the Nugget Hunting forum too! Adam found some sweet gold and we are supposed to guess the two nuggets from closest to the source. I nailed it big time! I have already sent him my address and expect my nuggets to arrive in a couple days! I can't believe the luck I am having lately!
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    Just my 2 cents the new coils are better than any boat anchor commander coils-Are they worth the high price tag thats up to you everything in this hobby is expensive - In my book they are if they offer any more depth and sensitivity advantage over stock or previous aftermarket coils and they definitely do Ive used both the Coiltek elites and the NF evos the elites seem more sensitive but are heavier than the evos but the evos seem built better both have good depth -all it takes is 1 mm of depth better than the previous series of coils to find a target everyone else walked over because they didnt hear it-do you want to be that one.Some food for thought Mike C...
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