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    Well done Shay & Mitchel !! Here`s a close up of my bigger piece.
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    Bill put up a vid. on his you tube channel. Tom
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    Chet has a nice one coming when he gets back to a WiFi connection at McDonalds or somewhere! I got my first nugget in LSD/SD. It is a .25g whopper!
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    Holly, Lily and I went out to a pretty far (for us as a family) place on Sunday morning. I found wire... Holly found a nice little rivet that im assuming is pretty old. I wasn't excited until I started researching it. I still cant find much info for the year. Here is a few photos. Also...Lily was very much enjoying the light up bracelets that were handed out.
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    No air bags as they are rotted out so very little clearance. Dave idea on how to drive it was gun it to get across and tear it up lol. Not an option even for someone like me that does not know how to drive.....
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    We drove over and pulled him out of the wash. Forgot my camera though...
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    Nice bass Bob, that about the same size as the biggest I have caught on rod and reel with 10 lb test line on it, I was completely surprised when I caught mine since all the bass we had been catching up to that point were in the 2 Lb range or smaller, we were in a 16' canoe and there were some very big alligators in the 5 acre lake we were fishing and that bass was sorta towing us a little bit as I was fighting it, it took me a little while to land it because there were many submerged trees and log in the lake and I didn't want to get tangled and break the line and I was afraid that one of those gators would also come into play before I could get that rascal in the canoe, but in the end I won!! A little more about the gators in that lake, the shore line had a few small coves along the edges, we went into one of the bigger ones and not too long afterward a very big bull gator didn't seem to like us being in that cove and came right towards us, and wasn't stopping, as he got within 5 or 6 feet of the canoe and was every bit as long as the canoe or close enough to the same size for me I took my paddle and slapped the water right in front of his nose, he swirled and dove under the wake from his actions almost capsized us but we managed to stay upright and paddled as fast as we could to get out of "his cove", he resurfaced in the middle of the cove and just sat floating there staring at us as we made a fast exit, luckily he seemed happy that we were gone and didn't pursue us and we continued fishing the rest of the lake and left him to his cove.
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    Hey all. I have been in contact with Bill and he had to change the area we are going to camp. He got stuck trying to get across the wash in his RV. It will be at a big camp spot on the RIGHT side of CASTLE HOT SPRINGS ROAD. It is just before the pavement ends. Tom H.
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    Ditto with the slag and chunks of glass. But an oxygen isotope analysis will prove they are from Venus. And if you rub them under your toilet tank lid Elvis's image will appear.
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    Today, uranium is a rather worthless ore. It is about $30 or so per pound. That is already processed, and not the raw ore itself. The uranium is nothing that you could make money off of without large scale mining. I had been excited when I first found that little yellow rock, thinking if I found a vein, it'd be worth it. I saw the price and thought at first that was what I could get per pound out of the vein, but Chris Ralph posted that the price was actually for processed ore. Not sure how processed it actually is, but I don't think its to the point where its put in fuel rods, but ready for the next stage. Each time I go prospecting, its in the hope of finding something I could make a living off of. So far, the closest its been is gold, and I am by means successful at finding that, I hope to find something like turquoise. Thought i did, but turned out to be a much more common copper ore chrysocolla .Would be nice to find something my wife could turn into jewelry.
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    Are you saying you are getting messages from someone on this forum telling you to pursue this path? I find that really hard to believe. Why don’t any of your supporters care to comment with their encouraging messages and supporting ideas on the thread you made? It’s strange that they will only offer support to your cause in secrecy, via private message. Sounds like finding a sandstone meteorite is some real cloak and dagger type stuff. Even the “supporters” who believe in your cause have chosen to remain anonymous so far.... In all honesty Odin you are really being dense about this. You got some real educated guys who’ve devoted YEARS to this subject giving you advice. You are not even smart enough to recognize wisdom when it’s being freely giving to you. You are getting freebies here from veterans. This is not normally free info man! These guys put in the time and have the knowledge and are good enough to share it with us. Not only are you getting free advice from some dudes who’ve been around twice as long as you, but your throwing the advice back in their face with insults. You are all mixed up man. If you want to get passionate about finding a meteorite you’ve got guys here who will help. What you’ve chosen to be passionate about is obsessing over that one rock you’ve found, which really has nothing to do meteorites, AND, at the same time, claiming all the other guys who’ve been doing it long before you even thought about your first meteorite, are completely wrong? Can I ask what amazing accomplishments have you achieved in your life that give you the amount of hubris and misplaced self confidence you have?
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    I see absolutely nothing that indicates any fossilization in either specimen much less a turtle foot fossil. I do see some minor copper mineralization on quartz... perhaps malachite on the specimen to the right. Not sure on the one to the left.
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    Thanks for this - I want to comply with regulations, but I'm coming at this out of the blue a little bit. I should be out there for 4 or 5 hours on Saturday - I'm reading the manual of my metal detector just now
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    We were out by Stanton when Mike Furness texted me about the new spot 👍. Maybe he's looking forward to potato salad Saturday afternoon. Thanks Mike! PS: Linda just made me get back on here to tell everyone about how I drove a Kia Sportage across the wash after taking it up the wash to the Vulture Bait claim. She said it was a hell of a ride! And I was a good driver
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    Hey everyone. Thank you so much for checking out my video. Also, I will be bringing some T-Shirts to the Fall 2019 outing. They are White, Short Sleeved with the official Arizona Gold Hunters Logo on the back printed in black.. They will be 20 Dollars a piece. Every cent will be going to the channel, (I.E. Fuel, equipment, or to fund future trips and videos) I really appreciate the support. WE have smalls, Mediums, L, XL and XXL please PM if you would like to get one. Here is the video you have been waiting for!
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    Check this one out! 6 lbs 3 oz. and 22" long. The little one is just under 2.5 lbs. and 18". That is a bottle of beer in his mouth. He is laying on the tailgate of my truck. Check out how wide he is in comparison to the tailgate! I am pretty sure that this is the biggest largemouth bass I have ever taken. I sure can't recall ever landing a bigger one.
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    It looks just like a hunk of sandstone to me. What is your objective here? We have all given our opinions and you won't accept them. Now you are writing volumes in your defense. It is going to be up to you to prove your theories. I can't see how your dissertations to us get you any closer to that goal. Why don't you invest the time and effort into finding a real one? How about focusing on pitching your sandstone to the scientific community? It seems your objective is making someone "believe". You are using a lot of calories towards that goal. Now your posting is getting more abusive because you don't like our opinions. It is clear you are emotionally invested in the quest. The disconnect here is we are not your therapists and we don't care about your emotions. We are rock and meteorite guys. So it is getting a bit weird. Why don't you make these appeals to people who might be interested in them? I am not sure why you keep hammering at us for validation. The only thing that is clear is that it has become an emotional thing for you. While you are trying to make someone believe your stone is a meteorite we are out finding real ones. It is my opinion that this is the reason for your abusive posts and emotional behavior. I believe that you want the acceptance of this group and to be recognised as a "meteorite hunter". In order to do that you are going to have to go out and find a rock that looks like a meteorite. It is my prediction that you will be frustrated with any other approach.
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    Gotta love it, nice one. Cool on the beanie Tammy liked her's too
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    Nice nuggets alwaysdirty. I think you when 1st place for largest piece detected during the outing. 10 gold stars sir..
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    I doubt they kept the gold ..back in those days the family including young children who worked contributed everything towards the families well being. One for all and all for one. It's the only picture I personally have seen where children worked a rocker box. I am sure there were others.. It appears this picture is form the Australian Gold Rush of the 1850s and not the Klondike which actually makes more sense considering the Klondike and weather hardships. Many Children went to the goldfields with their parents and by december of 1852 their were almost 12,000 children on the Victorian diggins. Most of them spent their childhood helping their parents search for gold. They carried wood, looked after tent or hut and cared for animals. By the time 1880 came around government laws changed requiring children to attend school. Whats interesting is in states like West Virginia, children worked in the deep depths of coal mines. By 1910 their were 2 million children working in the coal mines of the United States.
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    I wonder if they got to keep what they found or just regular old child labor!! Great photo!
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    That's going to be a great deal for someone! Maybe a Christmas present from some spouse or SO for some lucky prospector who has been more nice than naughty this year!
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    Now we are hunting meteorites my friend! Obviously a ruby bearing pallasite that came outta Uranus at cosmic speeds! You may need an oxygen isotope analysis on that one. Maybe develop some artificial intelligence to help interpret the flow characteristics. ... I was just standing in the full length mirror admiring my godlike physique when I realize I have a chondrules growing out of my rock hard fanny. They must have come from Pluto because of the clear roll over lip. I think I am going to send a photo to Perdue University. Maybe they will want a small slice for science?
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    Alright Bob, I’ve got another one. Its clearly a pallasite. It’s got a paper thin fusion crust over metallic iron, except for where the elements have gotten to it. I’ve never seen a pallasite with ruby before though, so this must be new. And it’s definitely way too heavy to have been put there by a man.
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    The Model 19 .357 Magnum K Frame Revolver was a favorite of Law Enforcement and civilian shooting aficionados alike. The K frame was lighter and considered easier to carry than the heavier N Frame .357 models, like the original mod 27 .357 and the Mod 28 Highway Patrolman. Although all of the S&W .357 revolvers had a tremendous following among police officers in the 60's and 70's, as did Colt handguns, (NM State Police carried the Colt Trooper .357 in the mid to late 60's), the Mod 19 was the duty weapon that I saw show up most, on the street and in PPC (Police Pistol Competition) matches. A .357 Mag Revolver, paired with speed loaders and up to 1,000 rounds a month practice at the range, made for a formidable law enforcement capability on the street. 6 inch S&W Mod 19 .357 Magnum with custom medium heavy barrel, target hammer, target trigger and sights, and Goncalvo Alves grips. 1975 Police Academy Top Gun Trophy. (Polaroid film)
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    I have a similar gun that I purchased at an estate sale...
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    I do in fact have some Uranium Ore sitting here in a coffee can oh say the last 20 some years. Use it for a Door Stop. LOL The stuff doesn't produce much more activity then most any Granite can.
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    Went to a gun show last month , could not resist....Got an EAA Windicator...turned out to be really accurate for 22 in barrel. Was 280 out the door and new in box.
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    Missed you bro, didn't get my semi annual hug from Dodie. Take care of your selves and be there in March. Old Tom
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    Please block me too! Your wheels have come off.....
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    Most uranium ores are only mildly radioactive. Wouldn't harm a detector in any way. Some.uranium ores are fluorescent under shortwave - longwave lamps and fluoresce a bright green.
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    WELL GEE,...….????? I'm tuning in late to this post Odinxgen, but I have a puzzeling question about one of the samples you posted a photo of,. Is the sample in this photo ( the circled area) "Pregnant" ? Inquiring minds want to know ?
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    Why would you be afraid of me??? This forum has gone far from its intent.... go with God fred
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    I don’t have to sell it.... however, if I don’t have it I can’t be tempted to use it... Fred
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    Nice clean detector, works perfect. Comes with stock 11" DD, 16" Nugget Finder mono, 14 X 7 Nugget Finder elliptical coil, Doc's Gold Screamer lithium battery power pack and 2 lithium batteries (cost $500), Doc's Signal Enhancer (cost $135). Camo cover, Mine Lab harness, extra power cord and Koss Headphones. Located on the Central Coast of California. Asking $1,500.
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    Hello, new member to the forum, new to GPAA and new to gold detecting, so noob all the way around. Looking forward to joining the fun and meeting some new people and try to learn a thing or two. Picked up a GM1000 and have been out a few times. The thing works great at finding lead and tin, now just need to find some gold!
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    I will be tenting too. Max, my black lab mix and well known to the regulars here as a grilled meat thief will be here as well. Black lab with orange collar. You see him you may have found me ... but not always. He likes to roam and see who will give him treats ... wish folks would not but that is the way it is! He is a champion beggar!
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    That’s sucks. Here’s some of the stuff I’m finding out here.
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    Steve do you know of anyone whom has a business that has nugget shooting outings? I and some other club members are seeking adventures in nugget shooting during the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks mstreasureseeker aka Toni Griffith
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    Hi Bill, I am a new detectors and I watch all your videos when they come out. I sure plan on joining y'all in November.
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    I have that in a 3 screw, mother of pearl grips.
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    The original mini-gun. I saw one of these while at a gathering at a friend's house in the Seattle area several years ago. It had a brass coloration, and was in new condition. Until then, I wasn't aware that a private citizen could own a piece like this with an FFL.
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    It's a Howitzer Mike... I like the full lug on that weapon. All my faves are 6" with the full lug. I wish my 6" Mod 29 had it. The lug makes the front forward balance superb. It points perfectly when your arm fully extends and the extra weight carries the gun straight out. That is a true combat revolver. I love my 4" for drawing and for carrying. But I like the extra sight plane and weight up front as well as the lessened noise of the 6" for all around shooting. And since the .44 Mag is so darn versatile you can do just about anything from plinking bottles to shooting the tracks off excavators with it. Beautiful piece Mike!
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    WOW! Look at that blade for a front sight! BTW why the 'carriage' in the wheeled carriage gun? Never heard that term before.
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    Very Nice Gun!: Technically Mike, that would be a wheeled carriage gun, but you went ahead and made my day! I never owned a stainless version, but long before, "Dirty Harry" I had a couple of Mod 29's after I worked my way up from the Ruger old style Black Hawk and then the Ruger Super Black Hawk .44 magnums. Custom grips of some kind are a must IMO, (especially on the Ruger's). I added Pachmayr rubber grips to my .44's. Before the Houge's came out I believe. Sure made a difference. The grips on my first .44 Magnum, sold by Herter's, looked like something between a Bisley and the old Peacemaker design. A buddy and I pitched in $30.00 apiece (including shipping) and ordered a Herter's .44 Mag out of their mail order catalog, (before the 1968 Gun Control Act), and the punishment soon began. We got used to it with the stock grips, but couldn't keep the screws in it due to the heavy recoil, until we discovered LocTite. It shot OK, but was aesthetically challenged, you might say and had a gruesome front sight . . . (see photo) Herter's also came out with their Ford Edsel supercharged wildcat version of the .44 magnum called the .401 Power Mag! Hyped it like crazy, similar to what Ford did with the Edsel, and for whatever reason, it never really took off. With the help of Elmer Kieth and others, the .44 Mag cartridge , the S&W Mod 29 and the Ruger Black Hawks left most of the competition at the gate.
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    Im blocking bedrock for his comments and will not be responding to his posts unless they are brought to my attention. Thank you to the people PMing me, you guys are great and may continue to do so!
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