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    I only had one day for the outing so I had to make it count. Hit some old areas and actually found a new area with extremely old handstacks. The handstacks were completely covered in lichen and appeared to be old. This new area deserves more attention when time allows. Wish I could of stayed longer. Gold total is 2.6 grams.
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    Here's a nice nugget found in Lost Basin near Meadview, AZ. Used a Minelab 5000 and some serious digging to get to it. Stayed at the Canyons End Motel. Nice Folks. Miner Friendly. Bob
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    Well , I was out at Gold Basin on Sat. There was some folks looking at the ground so I asked what they was looking for. I was told that one of them dropped a small nugget while showing it to the others. I was then told no one had a detector with them at the time , so I got my Equinox out , set it up and in just a few sweeps I found the nugget. So in a way I found my first nugget (had no idea where it was) but it was not really mine to keep. Could say it is a start, I know the machine will do its' part , now I just got to do mine. The rest of the day I found plenty of .22 brass but no other gold .
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    Yay, finally broke down and bought a new GM1000 from Bill today....Been watchng his instructional videos and those of others all day long...I'm thinking the new unit and my repaired heart will finally get me back out in the gold fields after nearly 4 years lost to physical issues...I'm excited ... Can anyone tell me how they work on coins too??? Yahoo! Cheers, Unc
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    I picked up a used GM 1000 and was able to get out today for a few hours. First time defecting for gold and had a great time. Looking forward to the next time i can get away. I think I watched all of Bill's videos on the Gold Monster at least twice and was able to figure it quickly. I think I'm going to watch them again. Found some lead and a small piece of gold.
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    I hope you will all post some of your pictures here. I am going to start with one of my favorites taken Sunday morning as everyone is packing up ... even the kids enjoyed the spoils! It was a fitting end to a fabulous outing with the Nugget Shooter Family and our friends from the West Valley chapter!
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    Here's a few of mine. I think that snake bit off more than he could chew! Found some nice little nuggets that were hard earned over three days. Weather was great and had a blast seeing everyone! Chris
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    Yesterday I scanned a very nice signal. ONE very nice signal. The hole kept getting deeper and deeper. Finally the target was out. But then, "What's this?" I'm getting two signals from the spread out dirt. It broke my heart in a way that only nugget fanciers can know so well when I realized that I broke my own nugget. She wasn't too big -- around a pennyweight -- but now she is two. Oh well...
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    I'm sure there will be some great drone and regular video of the outing...Dodacious and I just got home from the biggest gathering yet after 20 years of gatherings ...There were easily 100 folks there, amazing food (and lots of it) ... Lots of good talk with old friends and a few new ones ... Jack Ass Flats was jam packed... Several ladies found their first gold nuggets and some guy I didn't get to see found a nice one...Hope someone posts some gold found...Anyhow another roaring Nuggetshooter success! Cheers, Unc
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    I was sick .... Your nuggets were safe for now!
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    Mike: Yup...really great time this year. LOTS of people at the end. We had a couple of guys come up from Tucson. We were able to get them/us over some gold and most of us got some yeller Heres my pics. Trap door spider, came out of the wash to the top of the hill to walk back to the truck and got a shot of Anderson mill that no other nut would climb that high to get!... The two story saguaro, Little rattler that we relocated from out fire pit and good ol Dave cooking up some AWESOME chile verde. Tom H.
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    Had to go to Bullhead City to get gas this morning so I took my Equinox 800 with me, got the new 15" coil on it . When I got to the beach on the Colorado River there was 6 other folks walking with detectors. As I got mine out I was told they had covered that area already and I asking if they minded if I just followed along . Was told to go ahead but they had covered it good. I was trying out my new 15" coil on my Equinox , set it on Park 1, every thing stock setting. Off I go. Got a hit..bottle cap , cleared it out swept over same place, nother hit...Penny @ 2 inches. all in all I got 4 pennies and 2 dimes...won't count the bottle caps or pull tabs...not bad for a beach that had been worked over...…
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    Clay, What you do for the prospecting community is way to under recognized. It gives me a chuckle when I see people utilizing other avenues of research for this hobby instead of www.mylandmatters.org . You have created such a user friendly interface, with a wealth of data that others only dreamed of achieving. Thank you for everything that you do for us. Adam
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    Found this a few years back nuggethunting...had a nice deep target...after digging down two and half feet I though I may have struck the Big One !!. Than this little beauty came out of the hole, an 1840's- 1850's Naval officers belt buckle. Its one part of a two piece. This is as good as gold as far as I am concerned...the history behind it must be amazing. Imagine a naval officer going awol and leaves San Francisco for the Sierras to mine gold. California just joined the Union, and Mexico lost most of its Northern territories.
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    Off to a Las Vegas GPAA outing at Gold Basin this weekend. Not going to camp , but will enjoy the day...any day in the goldfields is a good day
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    Howdy Folks, I was able to get out this morning for a half day hunt at Stewart Valley, planning on leaving by noon, since I had some errands to run this afternoon. I arrived at StV about 8:30am with a brisk 36 degrees and thought, perfect weather for meteorites hunting. With-in 10 minutes of leaving the truck I scored a nice little StV rite. However, that changed for the next 2 hrs. Nothing. Granted I made all my finds on the North side of the lakebed. But it wasn’t until it was close to leaving. Then I scored the next three almost one after another, but spread some distance. The lakebed has changed since the last time I was there, with more soft ground then I remember. Almost got the truck stuck, but managed to keep it going until I hit some firmer ground. All the rains we have had made the ground upheavaled As I was walking back to the truck I scored two more and called it a day. All in all a good morning of hunting. Until next time.... keep looking down. Jayray
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    That`s why I gave up looking for gold... People on the forum make it look to easy I spent today looking for meteorites in the San Domingo with no luck.
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    Yahoo! ... Took out the 1000 to the back yard and it was making all kinds of god awful noise, so I came back and and watched Bill's and Aquachigger's training video...What a difference in my brain!!!! After watching the video I took it back out and followed the info Bill presented...Wow, what a difference...I love the Monster and, thanks to Bill, I got it running smooth, and used both shallow (discrimination on ferrous) and deeper all metal mode ... Now that I know what I'm doing things are looking great...I have tiny 2 grain nug on a poker chip that it screams on from about 6 or 7 inches of air...I'm so happy I got the Monster and, with Bill's video help, now feel confident in running in gold ground and hot ground...What an awesome machine... Thanks again, Bill! Cheers, Unc
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    Man , I never get any messages except from Skip telling me to cool it ....
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    Chris and I ran into this guy on the way up wash on sunday, he was still there about 3hrs later and hadnt made much progress!
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    Went back to micro-ville and picked up a few more in the morning and i think we cleaned the spot out. (yeah right) I found the two bigger ones ( .48, .3g) with the sdc (not selling now adam) in the first five minutes! So funny, missed both of them after many times detecting this spot (3x15ft area), just goes to show ya never get it all... Just for reference, this is right next to the road on a club claim, just sayin...
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    WTG, Rick; You found your first...the next one was dropped by God, you just have to find it! fred
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    If you want to hunt nuggets. Go straight to the 4500, and there will not be a need to upgrade. Dont make me say " I told you so"
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    Copped socket arrowhead made during the copper culture era age 3000 to 5000 years BP.
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    A "Day After" nugget Frank -- to go along with my day after headache from celebrating my 76th trombone.