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    The heat sure kicks in quick ! boulder dash and I set out to find some gold today. From dry washing a steep hillside, to placering for gold. You can see how close we are to the top of the hill. Managed a few coarse pieces from 7 buckets of sample runs. The dry washing was not going as good as we hoped, so we set out on a mission to find placer nuggets. I found the ones on the lower, and boulder dashes are on top...Note the nice coarse hillside specimen beeped by boulder dash Its out there folks !
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    Out patch hunting with boulder dash last Sunday, I managed to find a few small pieces. Boulder dash scored some pieces too. These are the ones I found. I did not get a picture of Boulder dash`s gold though. Its out there folks !
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    I woke up early this morning and drove out to the desert to meet up with the 2 Toms. We went to a place where a couple of claims had been dropped earlier this year and it turned out to be a good thing. 'Younger Tom' and I walked up a gully for a distance and when it split, he went left and I went right. After a couple hours and a couple dozen bullet fragments, I found a .22 bullet in some decaying bedrock on the side of the gully. After retrieving my 'prize', I noticed the whitish grey material that seems to trend with the particular bedrock. I've found gold in stuff like that before. So I scraped the loose material down and exposed the decayed bedrock clay stuff. Within a couple minutes I located a signal and had a little dink in the scoop. So now... I know there's gold here. I started working my way out and around the area, carefully maneuvering the coil and also moving any loose material that prevented me from getting the coil to the soil. After awhile, and a few feet to the east, I found a threshold warble. The 'disturbance' was centered over what at first, looked like an iron stone, then it turned out to be a rotting mesquite tree root. Once the root was relocated, the signal sharpened up quite a bit, and I was fairly certain it was going to be gold. Tom also scored a nugget in the other gully and now we've got a 'new' area to explore. Good Times. Luke
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    Boy, you talk about a beautiful (weather-wise) day to be out,...this one was it!! It was clouded and overcast and there was a mist-like rain that greeted me when I opened my front door this morning around 7 am. The air was coooooool, and I could hardly wait to get out. When I finally got into this new wash around 8:30 it began to sprinkle a bit heavier,.....man it felt GREAT!!!! The rest of the day (up till about noon when my battery died ) had on-and-off rains come in that where "just-Right"---not too much to drench you, and the humidity was low. I was detecting toward upstream when I approached this inside bend where I saw a nice looking exposed-quartz vein ( contact zone) that had cut thru the decomposed granite bedrock. Not more than a foot down stream of it I got this nice mellow signal (not the loud and obnoxeous ones you get from trash). Nothing big,....but it's gold..........I'm ready for more weather like this...........with a fully-charged battery next time. Gary
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    So I am getting ready for work and into the room comes Tammy in cargo pants and detecting gear in hand I gotta go to work I says, have a good day she says and off her and Bruno go on the buggy gold hunting.
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    Got a surprise this morning at an old long gone homes site.... In killer condition!
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    Been waiting to do this for some time and got the chance today!
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    This topic has become a distraction to what we are about folks, it is over and locked.
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    While detecting in an exposed bedrock section (while working my way upstream) in a wash today, I noticed something "juicy." It was a naturally-formed riffle that had formed in the exposed granite bedrock up about 5 ft from me. In my mind I thought: That would be an ideal spot for a nugget to drop and be sucked up under the ridge of that riffle. The riffle was probably only about 5" wide, but ideally, it was positioned in the lowest part of the wash. Although I continued detecting, slowly working my way up to the riffle, my "minds-eye" could see that nugget there. I could hardly contain myself to continue slowly detecting where I was at, because I just knew that there was a nugget there. It even slowed me down a little more when I had to stop a couple of times to dig lead targets,..."drats" When I finally reached the spot and swung my coil over the riffle,....it was there!!! It was a nice-mellow signal that I had hoped would be there. When I took my digging tool and dug out the little bit of sand and clay mixture, out came that little-bit-of-yellow that we all enjoy seeing. It isn't a real big nugget, but it was where I knew it would be. My detector really didn't find it,..I did,....my coil just pointed out where it was. The last picture is of a quartz vein cutting thru (contact zone) the exposed granite bedrock, which was about a foot-or-so upstream of the riffle. Happy Hunting all. Gary
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    Found 2 small pieces this morning!😊
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    She's still learnin'.... I wait until my wife has already left for work, then I load the truck.
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    Well guys, the gold is all gone up here on the Lynx,...........only managed to snag two little ones on a Very-Hot-Day up here Found this new wash,..(forgot my camera) with some fairly good bedrock. I'm officially ready for Fall and Winter; least it Not be late. Gary
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    Wait, Jimmy M is Jim Mccullough? THE Jim McCullough? How have you been Jim? Are you still roaming around out in that fabulous Pinto mountain/Twenty-nine Palms area? I will always remember that it was you who basically introduced me to one of the most haunting and evocative areas in the southern desert a whole bunch of years ago. I have a funny memory of how that first meeting with you went, and since we're among friends (mostly), I'm gonna remind you of it. I had, I think emailed you and asked for a phone number saying I was a new detector prospector - I had dredged for 6 years of summers in the Sierras but in the desert that didn't count - and would you consider meeting up with me and showing me around the Pinto Mountains? Do you remember? You kindly said yes and we make a plan to meet somewhere in Twenty-Nine Palms or thereabouts. Now I'd been out into the Pinto's a few times and I know it's got lots of places to make mistakes if you don't have the right vehicle or the right driving style, so I am slightly nonplused when I see you pull up in an older sedan of some type, obviously two-wheel drive and fairly low slung - but I figure well that means we will probably stay on the Gold Crown Rd., the main road out there and so I park my 4x4 SUV and climb in. I cannot adequately describe the tour you took me on, or the roads (well some would call them roads, they were barely tracks), hauling ass though this wild place commenting at almost every hillock and gully pointing out where you had previously found gold and when - in this low-slung two-wheel drive sedan trailing a huge plume of dust. I was enthralled and amazed and to this day I still remember your afternoon ride full of good humor and experience and knowledge. I thought you should know. Thanks again.
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    Whew, I feel better now, thanks Bill. Also, thanks for the kind words. But I guess my cover has been blown. One of my favorite connections with the word "salt" has to do with the first nugget we found at "Half Pound Ravine." Hawkeye was detecting the bottom of the ravine (her back was hurting her) standing in heavy brush, and I was on the hillside detecting the bench placer. I was trying to isolate a target, when she called me over. She was getting a signal from the hole someone had already dug. "Would you dig this?" she asked. A signal from a potentially good site; I told her "Sure, dig it," said, and returned to dig my target. Ignorant husband that I am, actually what she was saying was "My back hurts. Would you please dig this for me?" My target was lead, and then glancing in her direction, all of a sudden she stands bolt upright, she had dropped her machine, one hand was clutching the other. My natural thought was that she had encountered a rattler, and had been bitten on the hand. I ran down to her, her golden-brown eyes flashing, she thrust out her hand, and excitedly said "Lick off the salt!" What she meant was, "Clean off the dirt." She was holding a double sugar cube sized specie with about a half ounce gold content. Ten pounds of yella' later that ravine is still producing... gotta do more digging, though. HH Jim
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    Jim my friend no I have lost them too and walked away in vials and not. You are actually one of my nugget shooting heros from long ago because you stood up to teach others. To those that do not know Jimmy M is Jim Mccullough from White's detectors and a dear friend. He has found him a share of nuggets and taught others as well as supplying some of the best equipment out there to them. Jim I guess you are "salty" but not "salting"
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    Hi All, I was sitting in the living room last evening and looking over my summers pile of maps and places to go and that lead to me getting out my Woody modded Nugget Sniffin' GP 3500 and getting it all ready to go which made the itch even worse It has been a long summer and though it has been fun chasing the local dinks from LSD etc. I am just wanting to get out with the PI into the deeper desert patches and new areas I have on the list. There is gold in those hills and I think I have some good solid leads for this season, but alas this weekend will not be cool enough for camping comfortably so will his some spots to our West this weekend in the morning hours once again... Hope some of you get out and ya don't have the itch worse than I do almost as bad as chiggers.... Just a few more weeks and prime hunting weather for months!.
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    Great news! I made use of my time at Holbrook this weekend. It was very hot and I thought my rental might get stuck but with the help of Bob and other guys on this forum I got where I needed to be and after a few hours of scavenging around I found some little Holbrook mets. I think the rain we had earlier in the week and the high winds played to my advantage as most of the top layer had been mixed around quite a bit. Thanks for the help with my first finds!
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    But there will not be any adults there Mike
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    Why you gotta do that? Dad Gum It, now I got to re ponder my earlier ponder to wander..... Tammy just said "where is GB"
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    Wyoprospector, I had to laugh when I saw you say "typical libtard reaction." Dude do you know where you are posting? This is not exactly the Huffpost of prospecting in here. This is what I hope for you: buy a great gold detector, you can get plenty of suggestions if you ask. Then get someone (obviously a fairly conservative type), to take you out to a known gold area. Then have them go around until they find a target - ask them not mark it - then ask them have you come over and go over the area with your detector and find where the signal is so you will know what the sound is like. Many people are shocked when they hear their first gold signal, it is not at all like what most think it will be, it has a unique sound that is hard to describe until you hear it. Hope you know I am not talking down to you, but this is a proven way to get started. I know from first-hand experience as do many other successful gold hunters. Good luck.
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    Nothing wrong with a GoldMaster. Lack of success is always operator error. The GMT can track black sand, but once you have done that, you'll need a detector that can see through it. As someone who as actually found gold with an SPP, with the stock 6" coil, not the Miner John's. My SDC destroys the SPP in performance. Sad to say. I've found tiny, tiny pieces of gold that the SPP can't even hear while rubbing it on the coil. If all the nuggets you're looking for are 1g and larger, then maybe, the SPP could hang. But that's not the real world, and I haven't even brought up mineralization. I get it. Believe me I do. I was stubborn like you, (but not dumb enough to insult people on here) and wanted my White's to find stuff like the Minelab guys, but it didn't turn out that way. The SPP collects dust now and my Minelabs go out regularly and get dirty. You may as well go back to lurking. Doesn't seem like you're making many friends here.
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    New boat did great...got to add fish finder, seats with cushions,,,,,,,,and a little taller in height. caught lots of small ones, small mouth bass and striper. Kept 4 for a meal, smallest was 14 inch and the big one was 18inch....good fighters.
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    The challenge of the hunt, the thrill of success, the imagined "connection" with fellow Argonauts of times long past, the sense of fulfillment when we feel the "thud" of the nugget as it drops from the nugget cup onto our palm, the hoped-for flash of yellow.... is all very gratifying. For me, the first nugget of the day is always the most cherished, since it means that Little Jimmy is back in the game...