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    Went back to a wash with a small stretch of ragged bedrock today, where I had found a .3 gram picked with the GPX last week. I scraped and scuffed, and got just a hint of a break in the threshold. I fiddled around with a screwdriver, broke out a couple little chunks of bedrock, and found this tiny little speck. Once I got it in the scoop, it was nice and loud. For anyone wondering if the Equinox can keep up with the Gold monster, on this target, I'd say yes. Back at it tomorrow! Regards, Kyle
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    We had one heck of a mess to clean up and we had to get all current members to vote so we could move ahead which has now been done. As of now we only have 3 claims left due to the previous powers that were not filing properly and losing the rest. We are currently rebuilding and adding new claims as we begin to finally move forward after the first of the year. Anyone having claims that would like to contact us for the club to use thus becoming a member and able to use club claims and have membership are welcome as well. Our purpose is to educate folks about mining as well as to help fight for our right to mine by working with other organizations doing the same and by pulling together we make a difference. There are currently a good pile of very good claims we will be adding and we are continuously working to acquire more. The more that step up and join with or without a claim to add the better and this is a totally NON PROFIT Corporation and all our efforts are focused of keeping our right to mine intact and find some gold while doing it... Cheers Bill, President of WSPA
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    No problem at all Skip. Just stating an opinion. The same guys start the insults on just about any topic if you disagree with them. I agree the political topics cause more trouble. But that is nothing but a trigger for their intolerance. Lots of guys have internalized the political screed and actually believe those that disagree with their extreme positions are the enemy. Less patriotic, support crime, treasonous and all the rest. Our excellent leader echoes these thoughts daily. They are proud of the belief that their fellow American is their worst enemy. That is what makes them extreme enough to belong in their group. An honest exchange of ideas is what we need in this country. It seems that both sides get pissy as soon as they must be honest about why they embrace them. I don't agree with either extreme. Very few do. But it is the extreme idealists that prevent any constructive discussion that may not be in line with their deeply held convictions. We avoid discussion even prohibit it because of the tantrums they throw when anyone presents a valid argument that does not mesh with their beliefs. It is sad that intelligent men are stifled because of the whine of a few ignorant and extreme idealists.
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    Bill Withers wrote that song. He was one of the best lyricists to ever write a line. He was also just as funky as heck. Here is my favorite Bill Withers tune. Use Me Up.
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    I'd be willing to bet that the difference between 19kHz and 45kHz, GB Pro and Gm1000 respectively, is the main reason for your observations. Congrats on the nugget !! Hopefully there will be many more. Luke
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    I have a Garmin rino with Topo maps downloaded in it-its a GPS/2 way radio-it also has the ability to find someone else with a garmin via gps when linked together- it has a 5 mile range but unfortunately like most of the other 2 way radios it struggles in the mountains as well- Mike C... PS-forgot to mention you could carry a flare gun-make smoke signals or get one of those aresol powered horns or as a last resort follow the buzzards circling
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    Actually we know exactly what it is. You are the only one that has not figured it out yet. We recognize the material from having seen hundreds of metric tons of it. We have years of experience at this game and have found dozens of meteorites. We can obviously see the gas bubbles and oxidation and know this is a product of a pressurized oxygen rich environment. It is made entirely of oxidized iron and oxidized silica. Neither of which are possible in a meteorite. You on the other hand do not know the most basic principles and are fooled by material that could not be meteoritic. What you have simply could not be from space because it was obviously formed under pressure in an oxygen environment. Any person with a basic understanding of chemistry can see this. It is becoming a real drag reading your posts Will. You are just trolling for attention. You refuse to learn anything about the subject and keep posting ignorant crap. We keep offering you knowledge and experience and you just keep disrespecting us. The sad fact is that you could actually find a meteorite if you were willing to apply yourself and learn a little about it. Sadly you reject experience and cling to your fantasies and ignorance. As a result all you can find is slag and you still haven't developed enough skill to identify that. You won't waste any more of my time with your childish crap.
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    Here's to a great new year and mucho nuggets in all our pokes!...Cheers, Unc
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    We've had an outing in Rye Patch for each of the last 5 years. We stayed at the cabins and the club owned by the Humboldt River Homeowners Association. We still have club members that said they could make it happen again in 2020. It has always been one of my favorite outings anywhere even when WSPA didn't have any club claims there. Open ground is abundant and the gold while harder to get is unique and prized. Mitchel
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    You have absolutely no idea what a shatter cone is. Or a meteorite for that matter.
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    The most valuable gold claim is the one a big corporation thinks they have but is in dispute. It does not have to have any gold at all. If you can find a tiny sliver of land you can make a good argument about it is worth as much as a rich placer. Lots of guys make their living getting in the way of a big project. It is easier and much more profitable than mining. There are hundreds of claims filed in areas where large mining interests are proposing a mine. Most of them must be dealt with in some way before plans move forward. A guy is much more likely to sell a claim to a big company to give them a sweep of mineral rights in an area than sell a claim to an individual prospector. Rare earth deposits have been of interest for years. Big corporations know these are the minerals of the future and are busy securing the richest areas. A guy that can get mineral rights in one of these areas and can wait a decade or two could really have a valuable claim if it is in the right area. I know of two spots where individual prospectors have done well identifying strips of open ground that were "in the way" of corporate plans. And a couple more that just happened to have "recreational placer claims" in areas around where large mines have been proposed. None of this ground was worth much in mineral value but the location was important for corporate strategy. So they were worth a pile of money after it was all said and done.
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    Heres a few more, these are still from dredges on the Yuba. I think I'm getting toward the end, I've got one more box to go through with maybe a dozen slides.
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    Jewelers saw, which basically a coping saw with metal cutting blade. https://www.bing.com/search?q=jewelers+saw&qs=AS&pq=jeweler"s+saw&sc=8-13&cvid=5CB8FED609D84BADAEC5E05F4549493C&FORM=QBRE&sp=1
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    Great attitude my friend! The iron you are looking for is free metallic iron. Not an oxide of iron. There isn't any oxygen in space. So the iron is unoxidized. It appears bright and shiny like steel. Earth is oxygen rich and all iron is oxidized. Except for the smelted iron that is man made. So terrestrial iron is always oxidized. Meteoritic iron is never oxidized. If it sticks to a magnet the first simple test is to determine the state of the iron that is making it magnetic. A window will give you a look and the cuttings reveal the streak. Oxidized iron will streak in shades of red and grey. It will appear sub-metallic in the window. Free metallic iron streaks metallic and looks metallic in the window. Most of the time ruling out a meteorite is just as simple as that. If you find something with free metallic iron then it gets a bit more complicated. But identifying oxidized mineral iron in a stone rules out the possibility of extraterrestrial origins.
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    Thanks for all the compliments. I really need to find another one now. Santa gave the nugget to my sister for Christmas.
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    What do you say WillMeteor, ? would you really be open to getting a real meteorite for X-mas, well p.m. your address and i will send you something to compare with. HOHOHO!!! ht
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    Hi, New to the forum. Looking forward to reading gold comments and stories.
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    Welcome to the forum. Pull up a chair and enjoy all of the reading material....
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    Here's a few more. The first two pics are Yuba #21. Found this interesting info from the March 2003 article in the ICMJ: The last one is labeled "Trinity Dredge Co., Mary E. Smith Manager, 1912-1940." Found some info on historicalmarkerproject.com that states "The Trinity Dredge, operated by Mary E. Smith, was the richest, dredging over $2,700,000 in gold from areas now covered by Lewiston Lake."
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    If it were up to me these thread would get locked the moment they are posted and ban repeat offenders; all they do is provide a bunch of misleading information to people who may not know any better at a glance. Nothing positive or productive comes from them.
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    I actually carry a whistle. I thought about blowing the whistle, but it didn't seem appropriate since I wasn't lost. Luke
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    Aaron, many thanks for leaving such a nice complimentary note! Truly appreciated. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, but there's always more to learn; that's the challenge of chasing the gold--it's something I'll always enjoy sparring with. All the best, Lanny
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    Thanks for the advice, Tom. I do try to branch out, and hunt different areas, with different rock formations. I'll keep pounding away, and learning as I go. Regards, Kyle
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    That's it exactly, as a matter of fact the same image is on the linked website about courting flutes and the ritual. http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2015/02/native-american-courting-rituals.html
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    I suspect the Eddy Current of the surface would be detectable. As Gold.
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    There is the belief here that any rule is some sort of environmentalist plot to "lock us out". When actually it is a free for all race by unethical public land users to destroy it all before some other idiot destroys it first. 20 years ago it was all about buying a jet ski and seeing what a huge tool you could be on the water. They had to restrict the river as well as the irrigation canals and drainage because guys would try to ride those things everywhere. The lakes became chaos and there were all sorts of problems. Now every swinging sausage has to have a Razor to drive in circles around every tree. They have cut networks of trails until the desert is unrecognizable. They are doing huge environmental damage and people are going crazy. The cost to just keep them out of sensitive areas is tapping resources meant for other projects and costing the taxpayer big time. The battle is rapidly being lost. The entire southwest is going to look like a motocross track if they dont get control somehow. The idiots are reckless, disrespectful and completely unethical. They will ride anywhere and everywhere regardless of rules. They spray paint over petroglyphs, drive up rock formations and dump garbage way the heck out there in the hinterlands. The damage these ba$tard$ have done already is irreversible and widespread. But if there is any suggestion to try and regulate their shameful activities they scream the government is oppressing them somehow. Some people are selfish bit€hes where the planet is concerned. They will deny and ignore any ethical boundary just to get a cheap thrill in their expensive little noise buggy. By the time this ATV fad fades away we will be left dealing with the aftermath for hundreds of years. All we really need to do is stay on existing trails and respect the land a little. Since we can't do that as a society then the land managers have the duty to close the roads and restrict vehicular travel. It is the direct result of unethical and disrespectful mindset of the people who operate these vehicles. Not some liberal plot to "lock" anyone out nor some extreme environmentalist scheme.
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    Happy Day After Birthday ... its a great time of year to be detecting. I hope you got out and found a big one. Mitchel
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    Happy Birthday Old Tom !!
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    Wow!! Amazing work for sure.
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    Happy Birthday Rick, I hope you have a great day!
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    Dont be to sad TomH, I still got the gold monster!
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    Charlie, Did I miss the picture? This must be the one you got at the outing when no one else got one, right? Mitchel
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    Great perserverence! I had a buddy go 4 years with a skunk, as well. For him, it was being able to cover more ground with a nerve surgery he had, that allowed him to break the skunk. Suddenly he was able to hike around more and focus more on the ground. Sometimes a new machine does that too.
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    Happy birthday Rick, may your pan be full.
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    Thats Nice! Very well done. Art work Tom H.
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    I hear ya Brian. Well when I get you your copy and you read it, I would like to know what you think of it. Deal?
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    someone mentioned something about somebodys sister..... then a chair flew across the room.... someone grabbed a pool que and here we are? Nothing like a good internet brawl! I have nothing constructive to add (just trying to stir the bucket a bit)…...
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    Nice hearing the input from guys who've done it before and have not seen a vein pan out as much as they'd like. Without hearing that, I'd automatically hit any vein I found gold in. I had thought any vein with visible gold would be worth going after. If I had found the vein, I would not be able to resist the urge to borrow, rent, or buy a rock crusher, fill several buckets, and then crush and see what I have. My assumption is a ton of ore is about 30 buckets. Probably take me a lot of time with a pick and axe to pull this much ore out, so at some point, I'd run the buckets a could make. I'd first run it through a dry washer, or perhaps a trommel.
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    Hello Bill, Don't know where to post this message, so I just add it here. Just looked at your Thanks giving YouTube vid. I always like to hear you sharing your knowledge with us greenhorns it's always informative. The only thing I don't like about it is, when your are saying Your just rambling on. Please don't say that anymore, because for us watching you on YouTube you are never rambling on! You are a store house of information we can only dream about. All the years and decades of experience you share with us for free, is of great value to me and I know also to others, although they don't say it but this worth mentioning. you deserve some credit for this ! Please keep up the great work you are doing , I appreciate it and I know others will do to, although they don't say it!! So I say it for them! PAUL P.S. A grateful watcher of all your posted youtube nuggets shooter vids.
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    Here's one last one from Good News Bay.
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    I'd like to start a collection of X wives and their lawyers bleached skulls.......John
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    This one is a present Don (Garimpo) gave to me because of the love I have for dogs.
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