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    Hey everyone... Myself and a buddy Chris (bsumbdy) got out to an area on the outskirts of Goldfield Nevada last weekend. Had a blast, we found a few things to take back home.... Chris ended up getting 8 grams of gold nuggets, I found the old 1893 silver lined World Fair Spoon, and the 1902 -S- Barber Silver quarter. Also brought home a dinosaur for the backyard, named him Godzilla.. We were able to get a little higher up in the hills to get away from the 100 degree heat from down below.... We brought back some ore that sounded off on the detectors, but need to crush and see whats inside. Take Care everyone, and see ya in the field... Dave.
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    Not bad for a P.I. effort ! 9x15 NF Advantage on the 4500 with twin external shoulder speakers. total weight 1.1 grm. 1 heart shaped cornflake and 2 rock "ettes". Proves I'm not totally deaf yet, AND I'm as good as I once was ! Hapy Huntn.
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    Back in Feb, when the world was still perceived to be more or less normal, a couple of friends joined me to check out a hand dug hardrock mine/prospect that I hadn't had a chance to detect yet. No claims records or markers could be located and the mine wasn't currently being worked. The miners had crushed the ore and shoveled it onto the crude wooden ore chute that snaked down the side of the ridge to the creek below. The country rock of the mine adit, (from the outside looking in), appeared to be a mushy red quartz conglomerate that was unstable. No hard quartz lead was observed. After a few minutes of examination, It was decided that the large, indignant pack rat that currently occupied the adit could continue to reside there undisturbed. No gold was found but we drank up the "we found gold" beer anyway. Next day, I soloed to a spot in the Bradshaw's where I'd found gold before. It had rained pretty hard a few days days before and the ground was dry on the surface, but still damp a few inches down. I got into the area OK at first, then ran into a heavily washed out cut across the road, so I turned around going back out the way I came in. As I angled down to cross a steep "V" shaped creek where I'd had no problem coming in, the mushy schist bedrock crumbled and dropped my rear bumper down enough where my military style pintle hitch buried up, causing the bumper to be high centered with no rear wheel traction. Bummer. I cleared part of the hang up with a sledge hammer and chisel but finally had to resort to a high lift jack and stacked rocks for clearance and traction. While I was gathering rocks in the creek, I noticed where the bank had eroded off, and exposed a couple of rusty, vuggy chunks of quartz which looked interesting. After I was able to get my truck off the high center, and up the road a ways, I went back and started detecting the strech of the creek downstream from the where I found the rotten quartz. Most of the little cuties were shallow in the stream bed and a few were on top of rocks but out of sight covered with sand and dirt. I've been laughed at before for taking my truck and trailer into bad spots, but so far, I managed to get out, and after I started finding those little dinks (small though they may be) I forgot all about being stuck!
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    Was able to take advantage of a cooler day and got back into Truck wash with the gold monster. Have hit the area pretty hard with the 5000 and thought I would go crumb chasing today. Got 4 at .3 gram. 3 out of the washes and one from the hillside. Did some scraping on the hill side but no more. This place is infested with iron stone from 1/8" to 10". Had to go into disc some times just to try and keep it half way quite. It was just good to get out finally, but boy, I can tell I have not been detecting in a while. Will probably feel it even more tomorrow! There were a lot of these blister beetles out also. Guess they can leave a painful blister if you play with them. Tom H.
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    I decided to post this! Along with finding gold detecting, I do find other treasures out in the Az. desert. A 350 dollar Garmin that I use all the time now, old flip phone, lots of mining relics (usually dug up) A rectangular steel door with latches on it and a data plate that was riveted to it at one time. Even found part of a human skull and had to take Peoria detectives back to the spot to investigate. 6 Mon. later they said they were able to ID the person.....hopefully it gave some body closure on their missing loved one. Anyone want to guess what the door and data plate are from? I know....will tell in a few days Enjoy! Lets see what other "cool finds" you guys get?
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    With Covid and isolation the honey do list all of a sudden grew...form painting my daughters room to replacing the flooring, replacing hot water heater, to need to paint my house, replace composite roofing and so on. I did take a brief time out and dusted off my ML 4500 and hit some old patches with the intention of slowing my swing that a snail could beat me in a race. I cranked the detector on , backpack on, and started working a dirt road near a seasonal stream I worked before and found some nice pieces..I got a nice soft deep sound almost could be mistaken as ground noise form the iron minerals. I took the pick and scrapped off about half and inch and noticed this was solid packed clay, after about 4 -5 inches..I plucked this little .80 gram piece.
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    Good stuff Tom. Here's my 'coolest' find from the last several months. It was just laying there in the sand... Found the nuggets on the same day. Good times.
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    Morlok: Thanks. Im happy just to find a couple of dinks now and then. I have gotten LOTS of gold out of that area and am not driven by the "I got to find a big one" anymore. This is from one of the washes close by. Over 4 oz. total over the years from Pizza nugget wash. Named after the big flat one.
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    A Barstow day run yesterday. Met up with a few club members . 2 trips out 2 scores . 5 years wasted with the GBPro in the desert and only 1 score on my maiden voyage 1.1 g and Zero ever since except parks and beaches .
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    Hello all, hopefully your staying safe and healthy out there. Well we just got back from 3 days of camping and detecting. No nugget hunting this time, just coins and relics. Man did we hit it hard too!! This is one of our best coin and jewelry hunts we have ever had though. I found a all time record coins for me totalling 3 Indian Head pennies in amazing condition and a 1866 shield nickel, which is a first for me also. The dates on my 3 pennies are 1882, 1889 and 1890. The nickle is very wore out but you can see the rays between the stars and the 6 as the last number for the date. My oldest son found a 1890 Indian Head penny in amazing shape and a nice Chinese coin. My little guy found his first Chinese coin and skeleton key and some cool buttons. I also found a 14 karat gold pendant down about a foot and some of the coolest decorative buttons i have ever found. Also some really cool cuff links with dates on them from the 1860's. This was a really fun trip with 3 completely wore out shoulders and elbows haha. Take care everyone and stay safe.
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    "MY FACEBOOK CHANNEL IS": ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES for anyone interested in viewing any of my video's....Gary
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    Yup all's well that ends (not so) well. We almost pulled out of that nosedive a few times but we finally flew her into that dang mountain of opinions. Good riddance.
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    Apparently this topic has run it's course and is now locked, no one is really posting any more "Corona Virus Info", most are more concerned in ego conflicts, bashing each other over their political beliefs, name calling or simply crying over what someone else posted, or he mentioned my name so I need to respond and mention his name, etc., it seems most can't act like adults in topics such as this. So now everybody can get their info fix elsewhere on the internet or TV, etc. and they can post their concerns and opinions on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever.
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    The usual suspects? You are the only usual suspect. And that's usually being rude and disrespectful to anybody that has a differing opinion to yours. There's nobody petting anybody behind the ears for anything. The only people to respond to the above post are you and FlakMagnet. Why not stop posting hate and start posting something positive? Who gives a crap about this new guy's post? Do you get out and do any prospecting? I would like to hear about it! The only reason I visit this forum is to read about people prospecting because I don't have time do get out. My kids are at the age that my time is spent raising them and keeping them involved in sports, school, and being kind to others regardless of their political beliefs. I wish we could go out prospecting all the time. Yes, I want them to love what I love, but won't force it on them. So until they are away at college, reading this forum to keep connected to the hobby is all there is. I wish I could post about my recent adventures, but unfortunately that will have to wait a few more years. I found a lot of gold before I had kids and I will find a lot of gold once they are out the of house on their own. The attached picture is some of the gold I found with the gpx4500. That was a killer machine, especially with the 9x14 elliptical coil! At least one of the nuggets in the picture is in an article I wrote for the ICMJ several years ago. Good luck, be safe, and take care...
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    Well,.............Hope this isn't as blurred as I think it may be,.........I grabbed the wrong camera heading out the door this morning UGH..Gary
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    Near Earth Asteroid 2020 JJ was only discovered yesterday, May 4th, within a few hours of closest approach only missing Earth by 4350 miles. Asteroid 2020 JJ is only 13 feet in spherical diameter. It could be seen over the Arizona at 11.7+ magnitude for about thirty minutes yesterday. It would have left a few tons of meteorites over a strewnfield had it entered the atmosphere. It was one of about seven spotted NEO asteroids that passed closer than the Moon in the last two weeks. Another 45 which pass closer than 20 lunar distances in the next few weeks are listed at spaceweather.com . Last week another NEO asteroid 1.25 miles in diameter passed 3,900,000 miles from Earth visible for about a week at magnitude 10.7+. billpeters
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    At Ease, and Carry On! I will be in the area all afternoon! Actually, all four tires are Generals. That adds up to a 4 Star General ranking! But of course, if that were actually the case, I certainly would not be driving my own vehicle or digging my own sorry azz out of trouble! Just as an aside: Last Fall, I experienced a perceived electrical problem which left me stranded several miles up Santo Domingo wash. Fortunately, a Bob Cat trapper came along and graciously agreed to tow, (drag) me to Jack Ass flats in his older 4 X Chevy truck. I can't say it was a nice ride, but at least it got me back (almost) to where my AAA RV membership would kick in to pick me up and take me to Randy's Automotive in Wickenburg (so I thought) Problem was, AAA wouldn't drive that last mile or so from the end of the black top on Castle Hot Springs Rd. onto the dirt road and on to Jack Ass flats. By this time I was the one feeling like a Jack Ass! So I swallowed my pride and drove my ATV to the local prospecting shop in Morristown where I humbly requested assistance from the kindly white bearded gentleman proprietor whose name momentarily escapes me. After a bit of minor grumbling about a pending client appointment, he commented,"If I didn't help you now, in a couple of weeks, I might need a hand and sure as hell, no body would help me out" (or words to that effect) So the gentleman, driving an interesting looking Chevy truck with a psychedelic paint job, accompanied by his young blonde female (supervisor or spiritual adviser, not sure which), proceeded to tow my Tundra 4 X 4 (and military trailer) the one mile or so onto the black top where I could get AAA to come and pick it up. The gentleman, (jokingly), threatened to take a photograph of his Chevy, towing my Toyota Tundra, (that's two Chevy's in one day, if anyone's counting), and post it on the forum. I believe the Lady may have talked him out of it, for which I am grateful. To show my gratitude and return the favor, I turned around and purchased an ML Equinox 800 from the gentleman's shop, with which I happened to find the above displayed nugglets! Thanks Luke! I love you Man!
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    Here is my toddler with a fish he caught. He was fishing with a little collapsible backpacking pole and a crappy little spinning reel loaded with 8 lb. test line. He took all the line off the reel and he chased him down the river. Somehow he managed to get him in the net. The fish went about 80 yards downstream jumping and thrashing before he landed him. He weighs 9.75 lbs. Not a huge catfish but plenty big for crappie tackle in a river full of snags. He was using a chunk of cut carp for bait.
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    Mr. Bedrock, sir, you would be correct in your concerns for all three. The bottom one is of particular concern to me. I don't believe that many people understand what is going to happen in the very near future with the value of money and the continuous printing of paper dollars. If the current monetary policy continues or is accelerated we are most likely heading for a depression. We have all been through a couple recessions in the past 20 years or so but not many if any have been through a true depression. That being said there are a few things folks can do right now to help prepare for what may come to pass! I don't want to post doom and gloom here this morning but with everyone out of work and businesses shuddered there is a real possibility of an extended recession if not a depression in the very near future. Here is a list of what has been suggested to do in advance by many to help when the depression hits: Pay down debt. ... Boost emergency savings. ... Identify ways to cut back. ... Live within your means. ... Focus on the long haul. ... Identify your risk tolerance. ... Continue your education and build up skills.
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    Come on guys, Let's not start that crap over here. If we can't talk about gold here let's be silent, huh? Old Tom
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    I went ahead and let this specimen soak in Whink for about 9 days. It's a first time for me to alter any of the nuggets I've found. I 'lost' .12 grams of rock and now this nugget weighs .46g. I realize my pictures aren't the best. Still getting by with the phone camera. What do you guys think? Did I 'ruin' it?
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    The Unbelievable True Story Of The Greatest Beer Run In History "Drunk ideas, while entertaining, rarely end well. But there are exceptions. Like that time in New York in the late 1960s when a conversation about anti-war protesters led one veteran to set off on the greatest beer run in history. It was November 1967, and a 26-year-old former Marine named John “Chick” Donohue was hanging out at Doc Fiddler’s — one of the many bars and pubs that dotted the neighborhood of Inwood, then an Irish-American enclave near Manhattan’s northern tip. The bartender, George Lynch, began complaining about the anti-war movement that had taken flight across the country. For a lot of vets like Donohue, the marches and picket signs must have felt like a snub. So when Lynch suggested that someone go out there — to Vietnam — and bring those boys some beers to let them know they’re not forgotten, Donohue volunteered to go. And off he went" "What followed was an 8,000 mile, four-month odyssey. Donohue trekked across a war-torn country, talked his way onto transport trucks and military aircraft, all so he could meet up with local guys from his neighborhood and bring them a cold — okay, lukewarm — brew" “A lot of my friends were serving in Vietnam, and I just wanted to go over there and buy them a beer,” he candidly explained in a 2015 video short, in which Donohue met up with three of the servicemen he’d provided with beer in Vietnam: Bobby Pappas, Tom Collins, and Ricky Duggan" "Something of a local neighborhood legend, the story has often been met with eager but disbelieving nods of approval. To set the record straight earlier this month, Donohue, now 73, self-published “The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A True Story of Friendship Stronger Than War,” a book about his beer-hocking trek across Vietnam. Here’s how he got from a bar in New York to a war zone with beers in hand" Donohue took a job on the next ship headed to the war, the Drake Victory, a merchant vessel transporting ammo to the ’nam from New York. He got the names and units of a half-dozen guys in the neighborhood, grabbed a seabag, stuffed it full of PBR, threw on a pair of light blue jeans, a plaid shirt, and headed out. Two months later, in early 1968, he arrived in Vietnam — just in time for the start of the Tet Offensive against U.S. and South Vietnamese troops" "Donohue ran through his beer supply in transit, but stocked up when they hit port in Qui Nhon harbor. “It took two months to get there, so I drank all the beer,” he told the New York Times. Shortly after pulling in, Donohue noticed the unit insignia on a group of military police officers who were inspecting the Drake Victory. They were from the 127th Military Police Company, the same unit as one of the names on his list: Tom Collins. Donohue, known as a smooth and quick talker, pulled one of the MPs aside and spun a sob story about looking for his brother-in-law, gave the man Collins’ name, and then waited. Not long after that, Collins arrived" “I said, ‘Chickie Donohue, what the hell are you doing here?’” Collins told the Times. “He said, ‘I came to bring you a beer.”After sharing a few drinks with Collins, Donohue set off to find the other names on his list. Donohue went from Qui Nhon, to Khe Sahn, then to Saigon, striking off names and handing out beers, then restocking. Donohue talked his way onto convoys, military mail planes, and transport helicopters. He even got caught in the Tet Offensive and was briefly stranded when his ship left port without him. So he hung around, caught up with his buddies on the front lines for a bit longer, and by March 1968, made his way back to Inwood where his beer run quickly became a local legend" "The beer was hardly the point, though. For guys like Pappas who had been having a tough deployment, after learning several old friends had died in combat, seeing Donohue, brews in hand, “gave me a lot of encouragement that I was going to make it back,” he told the Times. “For half a century, I’ve been told I was full of it, to the point where I stopped even telling this story,” Donohue told the Times. But even skeptics of Donohue's story were happy to reward him for the deeper truth it contained. Back home in Inwood, he said, “I didn’t have to buy a beer for a long time.”
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    Sometimes I just like to set it up and camp out a few days. We put it up on private property that borders the park. The land owner is cool, and I know them from getting permission to metal detect their farm.
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    I happened to reside on the Checkerboard Reservation near Gallup when I was about 6 years old. A Navajo family who had a little boy my age lived next door. He didn't have any toys to play with, so we played with the few toys that I had. My favorite toy was a purple colored Roadster car resembling the Batmobile, that I absolutely loved. The little Navajo boy loved it too. At night, I left my toys in my front yard, and they were always gone in the morning. At first I got mad at finding my toys in his yard every morning, and I felt that the boy was stealing them. I would then march over into his yard with a frown on my face and make a show of taking my toys back.The boy would peek out at me from behind a curtain with a big smile on his face and I would frown right back at him.. After awhile, with my mom's help, I came to realize that he wasn't actually stealing, he was just sharing my toys with me. A few months later, when my dad's job took us to other places, I went next door to say goodbye to my little Navajo friend. No one answered the door in time so I had to go. As we drove away, the boy came to the door, looked down, and saw the Roadster where I had left it on his porch. As he picked it up, he had a huge smile on his face. And so did I . . . .
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    Nice! It kinda looks like a pair of pants with crossed legs...
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    When our monsoons hit our coolers die. And things start rusting in the shop. Constant battle. I still run it as it keeps the shop at about 85-90 and tolerable.Better than 110-115 outside. I have always had the 4 sided aspen pad cooler, ( I do miss the smell of the pads for the first couple of weeks) but this year Luke and I put a brand new Mastercool on the shop. Right now I have to turn it off sometimes as it gets down to 68F. I coated the inside with 2 part epoxy, put another coat of paint on the outside and have a bleed off to keep the calcium build up down. Great for watering trees and plants in the yard! Our water here is bad. Tom H. Excited....but not so excited, to see how it does in the latter parts of our summer. It costs 2-2.50 dollars a day to run. Im good with that! Tom H.
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    Tom you probably actually rode your horses. A lot of these "modern" horse folk don't ride them - that would be cruel. Fat out of shape bored horses. Fat out of shape poser owners. Not a happy horse or owner in the bunch. Price of hay goes over budget it's the horse that doesn't get a choice on what's for dinner. Besides in California if your horse dies you sue. Horse expense solved and another Toyota in the garage from the settlement money. The lawyer got a new Mercedes. Life is good. These particular blister beetles are known as Iron Cross Beetles. I don't think they bite or sting but they don't really need that sort of defense. They ooze cantharidin toxin out of their bodies when endangered. Cantharidin is deadly to humans and most animals. Just a tiny bit of this toxin, which is found throughout their bodies, is enough to start a strong toxic blister reaction. Pick one up and you will be swearing, crush one in your hand and you will probably be vomiting while you scream. You are probably old enough to remember Spanish Fly? That was made from a watered down version of dried blister beetle cantharidin toxin. Bad juju all the way 'round..
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    That turned out pretty good. Really like using Whink as it's much easier to obtain and safer as well. I used Whink on this piece but it took weeks.
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    I made this 12v 35Ah (420Wh) portable power battery with left over parts, but you can do it for $100 to $150 (or more) depending on options you want, such as solar charging, vehicle charging vs. 120v charging, adding a 120v power inverter, etc.The battery is based on a low cost 12v 35Ah deep cycle gel cell made for mobility scooters and trolling motors like these:Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery Replaces 33Ah, 34Ah, 36Ah Brand Product Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery Replaces 33Ah, 34Ah, 36Ah Brand Product https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K8E0WAG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_k-tQEbXSZ1ZA0 The case is a HF plastic ammo box with a built-in handy cover storage area for cables, connectors, etc.: https://www.harborfreight.com/tactical-ammoutility-box-64113.htmlAnd I added a switch, voltage meter, USB power pluss and a cigarette lighter plug port like this to it: Linkstyle 4 in 1 Charger Socket Panel, 12V 4.2A Dual USB Charger Socket Power Outlet & LED Voltmeter & Cigarette Lighter Socket & LED Lighted ON Off Rocker Toggle Switch for Car Marine Boat RV Truck https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JHH5YP4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_.buQEb57XPGAEAlso adding a 13.8v step up transformer to run my refrigerator and drone charger as they are designed for slightly higher voltage than the 12v a automotive battery provides after the engine turns off: DC-DC Boost Module 9-14V to 13.8V 10A 138Wmax Power Supply Converter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AW1JKO8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5euQEbC6YHX1T Stay tuned, this project is in progress still (adding fuses and additional plugs) so I will add more info to the build here shortly, including how to make just the basic version with the parts listed above and just a few more.
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    Nice B-17 ball turret door. That’s a rare find!
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    Rainbow Obsidian Tanto style blade 13 1/4 inches long 1 1/2 inches wide .
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    I think if you just adjust your point of view and forget about keeping the road "open" you will see your rights are intact. Here's an example:
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    Here's some Ethiopian fire opal on a friday.
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    Another word of warning here, I'm about to walk out the door for work and really don't have time to post this but all 3 of you are off topic and again in violation of forum rules of posting political content and also on a smaller scale person attacks! The subject matter here is Covid 19 info, NOT political campaigning, political criticism, or analysis, all of which fall under "political content", refrain from posting any more of this banter/content this please!!
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    Oh yea that helps huh? Thanks Dave
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    There have been over 1 million diagnosed COVID-19 cases in the US now and more than 56,000 have died. Nobody knows how many would have been infected without the steps we have taken to stop the spread of this nasty virus but there is no doubt the numbers of those infected and those who died would have been substantially higher. We can come back as a nation but the people who are gone are gone forever. Please try to keep that in mind and be patient as we go forward. The life you save may be your own or that of a loved one and as you can see on this map, the virus is in every corner of our country. Remember that masks help protect others. You may be asymptomatic and able to infect others without even knowing it. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html
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    You can have life without liberty. You can't have liberty without life. I prefer to concentrate on keeping my loved ones alive for now. We'll worry about the rest later.
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    Well luckily for the heat tollerant nugget hunters out there, you wont find me and my detector out in anything above 80 degrees.....
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    Does that sign to the lower left in the picture say Donald has brains with a high IQ? .......oh god......I did it... Why did I hit submit reply !!!!!!! Tom H.
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    I have had swamp coolers for years. They work great until the humidity goes up. Humid air will not evaporate the water. I would think the best way to operate yours is to have it so it can suck in outside air and expel it through a window on the other side of the RV. If you keep it inside with no fresh air, well, you will find out why they are called swamp coolers Tom H.
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    Too bad El Dorado doesn't visit the site anymore. I'm sure he would liven things up a bit!
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    The link is to the site http://www.apcrp.org/index.htm If you go there and follow the various links you will learn more about Arizona Mines and Mining and see more early pictures than you will believe. It all so includes the complete book " A Light House in the Desert". Maybe that this has been posted before somewhere on the Nugget Shooter forums , anyway here is is again and it will give you something to read about other people living through hard times. I have personally traveled to all most all of the AZ locations. Max
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    Well that is a question that gets asked a lot on here. Unfortunately the questions always end up being, what are you willing to spend? What are you hunting? And how serious are you going to be about it? There are SO many different types of detectors that we literally could spend all night discussing them. So maybe answer the 3 questions above and we can go from there. Just my thoughts, but there are way more great folks on here with lots of great answers so stick it out and see what is said. Good luck! Dan
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    https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/01/us/new-mexico-town-lockdown-coronavirus-trnd/index.html One of my best friends owns a big trading post in Gallup. He is a very powerful and influential figure in the town. I just spoke to him on the phone. The National Guard has been called in to help. People are scared, sick and angry. The community is in big trouble. They are arresting some people who wont comply. The rez has been on complete lockdown off and on for a week. Now the City of Gallup is on lockdown. The off ramps to the highway are blocked. No one in or out. Only 2 people per car. Curfew from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Every available agency is working to keep a lid on things. This is a very rural and undeveloped area. Hardly a paved road. Mostly mountains and mesas. Virtually unpopulated with very few resources outside of the city limits. They have over 200 new cases per day and growing exponentially. It is running the same course as the flu in 1918 that killed over half the people there. There is no use pretending this is all an illusion. Or a conspiracy. Or an excuse to curtail liberties. This is a severe health and social emergency that is spinning out of control. Pray for the people on and off the reservation. They need the prayers a lot more than they need people who refuse to believe this is really happening. At some point denial to support a person's narrow political ideals becomes a selfish and unforgivable thing. In Gallup New Mexico we have reached that point. Please have enough respect for these people to at least acknowledge this crisis is real. They are scared, sick, acting erratically and the officials are trying to get it under control and save lives. There are plenty of people trying to further their own personal and political agenda. It would be great if they gave it a rest on this forum for a short time for no other reason than to pay respect to our fellow Americans and Southwesterners who are having to live through this difficult time. We can deny it is happening when it is over. Until then let's say a prayer for these people who are having to live the reality.
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    Well either way here was a nice Salute to the front line workers. Enjoy! (Did you see it!!??)
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    Thanks Bob. I had a doctor appointment last Friday and there were 3 others in the waiting room when I got there. All of us were wearing masks and separated by at least 6 feet. One gal was there with her elderly mother and they were both from Kingman where known cases are increasing at a moderate pace. Sure enough, the gal from Kingman took off her mask and started talking non stop. She didn't cough or sneeze but she put out enough warm moist air in her meaningless drivel to infect hundreds of people. I got up and waited outside. I guess the gal from Kingman never heard that masks protect others.
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