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  2. Ok Tom here is the story Like fishing just when you think you have the pattern figured out, made it pay for a while they change the rules. I started up this hill for no good reason and got the signal thinking trash. I looked down and saw the sun baker piece just as you see it in the picture. I have a theory and have made it pay many times "Gold is never alone" so I stayed it the same area and picked up 2 of her friends. Truly a good day with the weather, fall colors on and gold. Did you know when the Ocotillo leaves turn yellow fall is here.
  3. I agree petrified wood, it can't be Pet Rocks, none have collars on! Dan, I think you sometimes you just have fat fingers and can't get them off the submit button! LOL
  4. So Don, what we are looking at goes more like this?
  5. Aaron: I was using a 9x14 Evo Coil by Nugget finder. I have used CoilTek in the past but they seem to have problems with falsing after banging them around a few years. My buddy was using a 15 round Evo coil He was shooting deeper than I was with it. This is not to say the "stock" minelab coils are not good. They are very good. Best advice I can give is just boots on the ground. Learn your machine and the coil that is on it. Once you learn that, you can experiment with other coils as the budget fits. I like the Mono Coils in the Arizona desert. Seems to handle the ground better. If you have any other questions....just ask. Tom H.
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  7. Nice Tom 👍 Mind if I ask what cool you were using on your 5000? I'm working on learning mine but I did find a boot tac that was about 4-5 inches deep, with the stock DD.
  8. Yes, I agree with Tom H. Let us know how we can find them on top of the ground too! Not that I'd mind digging for a nice one like that.
  9. Nice nuggets Luke and Tom! I appreciate y'all teasing and getting me ready for my trip next month during Bills outing. Oh by the way... I like the shirt too
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  11. Well it did it again and i dont know why. Skip you can delete one if you want. Thanks
  12. Petrified wood. Looks similar to what we find here in one of our spots we have. Yet to determine what kind though. Nice finds!!
  13. It's petrified wood but unable to determine the species. Nice specimens.
  14. Pics make it look like wood. Possibly from a hollowed out tree. Even looks like there's an insect hole in it.
  15. At first glance, they appeared to possibly be petrified bone: They are very hard and heavy. The large pieces are about 12" long and the wider object has smooth open ends but no porous surface like bone is supposed to have. Nor do they appear to be petrified wood (IMO) Could they just be Rocks that were buried in the sediment at the bottom of the ocean? They were found in the desert mountains of So. NM. Any guesses or opinions?
  16. Who brought the Pork Green Chile (aka Chile Verde) last year?
  17. Taking the t2 off the market. Joe
  18. I've never heard of or seen pink spray paint being used for traffic purposes. Whose brilliant idea was that? Your very famous Joe Arpaio?
  19. For reference I took some pink traffic paint and sprayed this gray rock. Then I rolled it around in some dirt.
  20. Bump ... Both still available as of Monday morning!
  21. Looks like we have a lot of bean counters ... ah ... I mean bean cookers here. Maybe I will skip my chili and opt for something else. Any requests???
  22. Can you be more specific as to where it was found?
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