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  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/veteran-of-d-day-okinawa-recalls-fight-with-ptsd-as-he-prepares-to-travel-back-to-normandy
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  4. Good luck with your new hobby! A few things to think about... Don't mix stones of different hardness. The harder stones will beat the softer stones to death, and you’ll never get a good polish on any of them. Clean everything thoroughly between grit changes. Any course grit left over will ruin the next stage. Try to avoid tumbling rocks that have pits or other places where grit can get stuck and carry over to the next stage. Don’t ever rinse your tumbled material in the sink. The grit and sludge that comes out of your tumbler will clog your pipes like if you filled them with concrete. There are some more tips here. https://stoneageindustries.com/product/tumbling-with-rotary-or-barrel-tumblers/ I like the last pic. Looks like either fossilized coral or oolite. Neat stone either way.
  5. Looks like alot of pictures I've see of meteorites but I'd appreciate any help with the ID just n case it's something worth saving. It's about double the size of my fist.
  6. That sure is a great total! Congratulations, and all the best, Lanny
  7. Not too far away. Barry county.
  8. Couple of probably not much but I like em. Started my new inexpensive tumbler three days ago, hopefully some will look good. I’m still learning
  9. Hi everyone, I just got done shooting this video and thought some of yall would get a kick out if it. If anyone has a impact mill they want to sell for a good price I'd probably be much better off!!!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Welcome to the forum. I would imagine there is a lot of good rockhounding where you're at. Are you close to Joplin?
  12. Howdy! It's a pleasure to be here. I'm in SW Missouri, USA and am a novice rock hunter.
  13. Thank you BMc. I like to thank everyone for their help. I will be ordering my detector probably today. :)
  14. Is it possible it's olivine? That mineral comes in many shades of green. It is a little odd you would have two shades within a few millimeters though. Just food for thought.
  15. Looking forward to finding good stuff and making new friends.


  16. Here it is zoomed in. It's definitely a different shade of green than the usual olivine crystals. Does anyone know another green mineral that can be found in meteorites?
  17. Looks like a polished slam if ya ask me!! Nice job... thanks for posting.
  18. That's a beauty! Cool Horny Toad too. Glad it was camo instead of green and trying to sell you car insurance while talking with British accent . . .
  19. Thanks guys! Here is the other side. Does anyone have enough experience with meteorites to venture a guess what could the tiny bright cyan crystal by the right edge, 1/3 to the top be (you have to zoom in - it's tiny)? I haven't seen that kind of color either in this meteorite or the other ones I have.
  20. Yes indeed great photo and no spam, and i like it when we don't have to guess which chondrite under the sun we are looking at. h.t.
  21. Thanks bob. It ain't quite that ready yet...but in the next few days it will be.
  22. You can't possibly spam the forum with such beautiful pictures. Great looking meteorite slice as well as excellent photography.
  23. Do tell me if I am spamming the forum with my meteorite photos. Here is a tiny silce (0.8g, about 2cm long) of the Aba Panu L3 chondrite. Currently, it's my meteorite with the best preserved chondrules, even if it's S4 shock grade. It's also my highest detail photo, both focus stacked and panorama composited, with a macro tubes, reversing ring and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (sharp from edge to edge).
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