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  2. Congrats my brother! Very proud of you. Brings memories of detecting at Gibson Park-Did you put pic of your Isle of Man piece you found! Best of luck. I will probably be getting 3 copies!!! Love your Sis!
  3. Hi garikfox, I've read this post with interest the last couple of days and there is a lot of really good advice in it from very experienced people. I want to add my thoughts but please keep in mind I've only been at this for a little over a year now, so I am still very new to it. I just recently purchased a new VLF gold detector. I did my research and it came down to either the 24k or Gold Monster 1000, I believe they are both excellent VLF gold machines and you can't go wrong with either one. I ended up with the GM since my local dealer sells Minelab detectors and he helped me sell an AT Gold to partially fund the purchase. Last summer I picked up a TDI SL SE, to answer your question about it vs a GPX....there is no comparison! I'm basing that off using a GPX 5000 and TDI SL side by side, the 5000 saw both smaller and deeper targets. My understanding is the only difference between the 4500 and 5000 are a couple of added timings for the 5000 so results should be very comparable. Knowing that though the TDI is still my go to prospecting machine, being as lightweight as it is I find it way more comfortable to swing than the GPX. I hopes this helps sir.
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  5. BMc, Thank you very much for your information. I'm most likely going to get the GM24K. I'm curious what do you think about the limited time deal on the White's TDI SL Special Edition for only $1050? It's significantly less expensive than the GPX-4500
  6. Nailed that one Adam. Frigging fox tails fill up the socks then you spend all of lunch plucking them out. Then again at home.
  7. Yeah, then you spend an hour when you get home picking them out of your socks and boot laces. Nice nugget Gary!
  8. Nice finds dude! I was down there Sunday as well. Did you see my 4Runner parked near that area? We got in late and left early so maybe not. There was a couple large groups of quad riders, unusual for that side road.
  9. garikfox: I don't know how much research you have done on the 24K but here's a review by Steve Herchbach you might want to consider. Also, keep in mind that although many nugget shooters go the incremental route as described by Knifemaker84 (I was no exception); beginning with a GB2, then a Minelab XT18000, and finally a ML SD2200 about a year after I first started chasing gold. Personally, I wish I had gone to the SD originally or at least sooner, but I didn't know then, what I found out through experience over time. IMO, the expense of a PI is justified by it's ability to detect gold much deeper, and handle hot, highly mineralized ground, much better. I did keep the GB2 for more moderate ground and for working the walls of deep washes since it's light weight and normally, easier to extend your reach with than a PI (for me at least) As far as paying for itself, I'm probably still upside down on the 3K I paid for the SD2200, but back when spot gold was 300-350 an oz, it usually took longer to make it back. Nevertheless, not long ago I plinked down another 3K plus, for a GPX 5000. Why? I have no idea. But I plan to spend this summer in Wyoming searching for the answer . . . Detailed Review Of White's New Goldmaster 24K By Steve Herschbach, September 11, 2018 in White's Metal Detectors The White's Goldmaster 24K is a new 48 kHz gold nugget detector released in the fall of 2018. Production models started shipping in September and White's forwarded one to me to check out. What follows are my thoughts after a couple days of detecting for gold on several northern Nevada nugget patches . . . . . . I have been getting lots of messages from people who seem to think I have secret private information regarding which over 30 kHz detector is best. The truth is not much has changed since the 50 kHz Goldmaster II came out around 1990. I can drag a half dozen of these “over 30 kHz” nugget detectors out and spend hours trying to figure out which one I like best. They basically all get the job done, and none so well as to make the others not worth consideration. It very much does boil down to what feels best on my arm and sounds best to my ear. Most importantly, which machine is best depends a lot on the exact mix of ground, hot rocks, size and type of gold, the amount of trash, and level of operator expertise. This being true I might prefer one model at one location, and a different one someplace else. This is actually almost guaranteed. I just don’t see how anyone can make decisions like this based on anything other than getting and using the detectors in question. Sure, I could pick one for you, but you might hate it for reasons that matter not at all to me. I think the 24K is a fine machine but my gut feeling based on memory is no, it does not automatically blow the GMT away. It’s just different, that’s all, and I have no idea whether a die hard GMT user would consider this an upgrade or not. From my perspective going from one 48 kHz detector to another 48 kHz detector is a side step. To really add capability you need machines to be as different as possible, not the same as possible. Will switching from a GMT to a 24K make a giant difference in gold getting capability? Not really. Would adding a TDI SL to a GMT extend a prospectors capability in a significant way? Much more likely. So if I was going nugget detecting tomorrow and had to pick one, the GMT or 24K, which would it be? I honestly do not have a preference. I tend to trust the GMT more as being the “old reliable” but I did like the concentric on the 24K. Yet I have never used that coil on the GMT and it might do just as well. Gun to head I would probably go with the 24K just because it’s new and I do like the new toys. But if a GMT owner gets a 24K and says they prefer the GMT I am not going to argue with them either. If I can barely decide which machine of four I like best when they are sitting in front of me then I have to really, really sympathize with those trying to make these decisions just based on reading reviews.
  10. Nothing stops those foxtails Frank. Don't mess with mother nature!!! Excellent nugget you found there. A very successful day.
  11. Enjoyed the many nugget shooting articles, RIP Jim!
  12. Try microsofts "photos" software if using a laptop running WIN 10. My Cannon DSLR now has to be uploaded to laptop that way, the old camera software stopped working with all the new automatic updates. Technology keeps evolving. Microsoft photos came with the laptop, check your list of programs. Plug in device, turn it on, wait to see if images load. If they do, click download, if not in upper right find tab for import, then devices or your device name could show then click it..
  13. Thanks again Jimmy M, I appreciate your help
  14. Knifemaker84, Thank you for your great advice. I will listen. I will get a VLF as my first device.
  15. AU Seeker, thank you for your expertise. I'm planning on going out maybe twice a week. I don't work because i'm a caregiver for my ailing/dying twin brother and mentally unstable mother. So i'm looking forward to getting out of this house before i myself go mentally unstable lol. Thank you and I will be getting my first VLF very soon.
  16. How did I miss this post.... Awesome on the patch... congrats and thanks for sharing the experience. ..Commander 11" one of the most underrated coils today. ...
  17. Swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!! If I know you, there is not going to be much in that wash, now. Nice work. I'm surprised you waited so long to go back.
  18. My advice for newbies is to always "learn to walk before you learn to run." Start with a good VLF, and determine whether nuggetshooting is really for you. To be honest about it, most people who buy a prospecting detector do so after seeing pictures of massive piles of nuggets, and they think nuggetshooting is easy. But it's not. As mentioned above, some folks search for years and find little or nothing. If you find that nuggetshooting is not for you, sell your machine, and move on. Which is why I don't recommend a newbies' first machine to be highly expensive. In my own case, back in 1983 I bought a Garret A2b, and practiced for hours in my yard. And I read everything in print, which wasn't much. My first outing was with Jimmy Sierra and Woody Woodworth, two of nuggetshootings earliest icons. After three hard days of detecting, I found a raisin-sized piece. The first thing I said was not "Eureka," but "Well, it's about time!." Bottom line: buy a Goldmaster 24k with both the 10x6 AND 6.5, searchcoils, get a set of high performance headphones, a nugget cup, my book "Advanced Nuggetshooting with the Goldmaster 24k" , do your site-locating research, and go at it. Hope you do well. HH Jim
  19. Adam ya need to wear yer snake guards , they will keep em out.
  20. I didn't even think of a PI detector until down the road. Just remember to invest wisely. Dont spend more than you have to. Also, most people keep their vlf machines when they bump up to a PI. For me , I got the gold bug 2 for myself, the gm1000 came shortly after. Sdc2300 around 1 year later.
  21. Nice looking nuggets sir, congrats.
  22. Gorgeous nuggets Luke. Congrats.
  23. do the monster mash its a goldfield smash & ez to learn then if you get more involved & find nugget hunting is for you get a pulse
  24. Hot darn!!! Great job Luke!!
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