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  2. Wow, that's not very good now is it? My volume control doesn't work, limiter switch doesn't work, and one headphone cup is black and the other is green. Was able to get a hold of the main distributor for the US and he told me that there was definitely something not right about them. Thank you for the email address. Much appreciated.
  3. Did a short hunt up one of my old washes that I knew got hit hard with the rains a few weeks ago. (owl wash) Wow...was it different. Bedrock ive not seen before and piles of blow sand. Got a little goober as soon as I turned on the 5000. Not much after that. It was one of those days when you just decide to take it easy/enjoy the county and look around......not focusing so much on finding gold. I had my headphones off on one target and heard some crunching off to the side. Investigated it and it was a big ol desert tortoise up on the bank. Got some good pics of it. The main wash to (owl wash) got hammered hard with the rains. Lots of Palo verde trees that were in the middle of the wash are gone along with the islands they stood on. Looks like about 6 ft high water in the main wash and about 15 ft high when it hit the main road/culvert. Tom H.
  4. kristen@golddiggerinnovativeproducts.com send email to this link. i had to send back my black widows twice in 3 months before I even used them in the field; they are my back up pair now
  5. Whoop whoop!! Awesome Doug!! Time to start griding heavily before the snow sets in. Good job bud.
  6. You were right Dan!! It took a bit of walking over an area that I already checked and found a brotha -n- sista.... another 1.2 and a .2 dwt. I guess I better tighten up my swings a little more.
  7. No left noses are irritated in that process?
  8. LOL, Yep, I look to the Blocking and Banning as a Badge of Honor. Someone Willing to tell the truths and get in the faces of those in the wrong. Guess I get up the right noses.
  9. Does anyone know an actual way to contact DetectorPro for a warranty issue? I have called their number multiple times and left detailed voicemail messages, as well as several emails describing an issue I have with a brand new pair of Black Widow headphones, and have not received a single response in almost 2 wks time. Not sure if some are going to say that that's not enough time... that I should be more patient...but I feel even a short response acknowledging receipt of my complaint isn't too much to ask just so I know things are going to move forward. And just in case some are wondering, taking them back to the dealer really isn't an option since I bought them while on a detecting trip and the dealer is almost 300 miles away...lol. TIA
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  11. I'd like to have one and send it in to get it modified https://detectormods.com/forum/ "All detectors can have increased performance by replacing the input Field Effect transistors with lower loss types that have recently become available. The SD2100 to the GPX5000 can have variable frequency added, this makes a very big difference in regards to the size of the gold, the depth and type of coil that you are using. All detectors can have a variable gain board added that greatly increases the sensitivity and also allows for correct ground mineral reduction so that gold targets can be distinguished in noise ground or in noisy electrical environments."
  12. Hi Boogfhu, It only has the one 11" round stock coil.
  13. Chris, what size coil/coils come with the machine? I might be interested in purchasing.
  14. Did I miss a week? Not the date on your notice is 10/22/2019!
  15. Bill, Brevard and Indian River counties used to be my old stomping grounds, and I did my fair share of beach combing but never found gold. Now the area looks too much like the rest of South Florida for my tastes. Heading back into central GA when the weather cools off to continue searching for tektites. Maybe we could coordinate a hunt and I might be able to pry my son away from the computer long enough to join us.
  16. Welcome Robert! I'm not a Met guy but there are some knowledgeable folks here on the forum that should be able to offer you their opinion, so feel free to submit whatever you think might be interesting. Good luck!
  17. Very good outing, your doing well. Hapy Huntn.
  18. Glad to see you back out there Chris, Dave
  19. Another water smoothed quartz piece, similar to the brown one, found around the same area too. This one seems to be tinted blue with red on a portion of it, maybe jasper? When looking closer at it, I can see dark blue flakes throughout the entire piece. What are those? Also there are portion on the edge that look burned, but could be bits of oxidized iron, my detector didn't pick anything up on it. Thought I would share, it seems unique
  20. Hello to all search enthusiasts. At the beginning I apologize for my English. I think it will be better if I use the interpreter. He has been treasure hunters for 25 years. Never take an interest in any meteorites, and during these years I have probably treated many as a remnant of the war. I am looking for in Europe where many battles took place. Five years ago I visited the Vienna Museum of Natural History. The meteor collection I saw made a great impression on me. Since then, I brought suspicious stones from every trip. They are probably meteorites only in my dreams, but who asks don't fool. So I am asking for opinions, although one of several hundred kilos will turn out to be just that. best regards robert
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