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  3. Looking forward to finding good stuff and making new friends.


  4. Here it is zoomed in. It's definitely a different shade of green than the usual olivine crystals. Does anyone know another green mineral that can be found in meteorites?
  5. Looks like a polished slam if ya ask me!! Nice job... thanks for posting.
  6. That's a beauty! Cool Horny Toad too. Glad it was camo instead of green and trying to sell you car insurance while talking with British accent . . .
  7. Thanks guys! Here is the other side. Does anyone have enough experience with meteorites to venture a guess what could the tiny bright cyan crystal by the right edge, 1/3 to the top be (you have to zoom in - it's tiny)? I haven't seen that kind of color either in this meteorite or the other ones I have.
  8. Yes indeed great photo and no spam, and i like it when we don't have to guess which chondrite under the sun we are looking at. h.t.
  9. Thanks bob. It ain't quite that ready yet...but in the next few days it will be.
  10. You can't possibly spam the forum with such beautiful pictures. Great looking meteorite slice as well as excellent photography.
  11. Do tell me if I am spamming the forum with my meteorite photos. Here is a tiny silce (0.8g, about 2cm long) of the Aba Panu L3 chondrite. Currently, it's my meteorite with the best preserved chondrules, even if it's S4 shock grade. It's also my highest detail photo, both focus stacked and panorama composited, with a macro tubes, reversing ring and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (sharp from edge to edge).
  12. Funny that you should mention that, as that is exactly what I did today. I worked my way up a small wash where that rattler had slithered out of, and then had crossed the road where I got the photos of it. I got about 4 to 5 chunks of lead targets first out of this hammered wash, and then got this nice signal up on the side bank about 18" above the actual low point of the wash. The nugget ( just .03 shy of 1-gram) was down about 5" and covered up with rocks that had been slammed up against the bank from a time when the wash had been really running and moving a lot of overburden ( I call it a "push",..or rock-pile-up). Also got a couple of photo's of a very sleepy Horned lizard,.that did not want to move, and completely ignored me as I detected over it's body;...check out it's coloration (camo). Gary
  13. I know Dan.. it is crazy. You know as well as I do, we'll probably see a snow shower or two into June as well.
  14. How about you exert a little effort and tell us some physical characteristics? Rocks and meteorites are identified by density, hardness, attraction to a magnet, and by chipping or grinding away a little to reveal the unoxidized interior. How about giving us some basic info? You can start by taking that rock into the bathroom and rubbing it on the underside of the toilet tank lid. Tell me what color marks it leaves on the ceramic. ...Or should I not pressure you to exert that much effort?
  15. A high of 72.... That's detecting weather I can handle all-day-long.
  16. Doug we got 6 inches of snow the other day at work. Been raining and snowing every day since last Wednesday. Still another week or so left i heard. Its crazy.
  17. I didnt see anybody say " No" in this. Skip is right, you are going to get more opinions and guesses on here than anything. You cant tell by just pictures you know. I think you started off on the wrong foot with your remarks. These are great folks and its a great forum with some extremely wise people, so if you just kick back and relax, you might get an answer. But dont hammer on people when they throw out a guess. Welcome aboard!!
  18. NO DEAL!!! That is one thing I can not tollerate is humidity!!! I'd say... stay dry, but there is no chance of that with me and humidity anyway. So, at leats try and stay cool.
  19. I found these while going through my detecting stuff. They are brand new and I know they fit the GP Extreme. I'm not sure if they work on earlier model Minelab detectors I am asking $25 each shipped (con USA). Contact Ron by text or phone at seven seven five 300-1736.
  20. No problem, they look likwhat I have my yard ringed in! Grubstake
  21. only wake-up for Harley's. surly won't sound like a v-twin Harley which fires every 315 degrees with a 405 degree gap. great work dave, looking forward to it tomorrow.
  22. @grubstake I'll take it! I can't express my thanks for the guess... Honest. It's better than a no since I didn't ask if it were a meteorite. Just wanted a few guesses 😉
  23. I do not know the origins of the piece I actually received it as a trade for electrical work from a friend.
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