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  2. Not sure if I still have it, may have sold it a while back.
  3. Patrick, Let me check to see if I still have it. its been a while since I posted this,.
  4. No I mean if its a open claim. Meaning nobody has renewed or filed a claim on the area. But is BLM or state land.
  5. This forum was recommended, it's where my in-laws like to hang out. They tell me interesting things they've learned here so... Looking forward to it!
  6. Today
  7. I would like the Meteorite book if still available.
  8. I have tessted it on another mineral, it just does not react as much,this machine goes above a reading and beeps for another reason lol
  9. Got it. Thank you. Holding out just a bit for a 5k. Who's got one?!
  10. Way to go Scott. My season ended in August thanks to LHC sending me out of town.
  11. I really don't think its a diamond. You could always take it to a pawn shop and see what they say. I don't think it'd be nice though. The picture makes it look like a piece of concrete, but when I magnify the picture it looks like an average piece of quarts I used to find in the glacial gravels in Massachusetts.
  12. I've never seen a closeup of Mike Furness before. Handsome devil.
  13. Its too good of knews it worked on the smaller one too so i should get it really verify it, the quartz I have does not make it go off
  14. Quartz can be found just around anywhere, so I would recommend trying it on some localy found quarts samples. I would like to know how that device works and I think it is through thermal and electrical conductivity, so perhaps you found something close. I'm a little skeptical of $15 detectors whether they be for gold or diamonds. This single Diamond Selector II of yours took the top 5 diamond selector devices, all five spots, one device. That is another red flag for me of a marketer that created its own top 5 list to sell its product. I'm no professional, but I think you've identified a design flaw in the device you bought.
  15. Thank goodness this guy only comes around during the last of October!!!
  16. Excellent job, congrats to both of you!
  17. Outstanding job, congrats sir!
  18. Finding gold in utah east and west
  19. The most common blue or bluish/grey minerals include azurite chrysocolla linarite vivianite, also turquiose. Dont know if found in your area? Sorry I couldn't give you a positive id J.
  20. Happy Birthday Sir. Have a great day today. Old Tom
  21. Okay i got this diamond indicator, does that really mean its that much diamond? Gtfo here the device must be activated by quartz someone save my sanity.
  22. Australia has the best meteorite names.
  23. Dang you asked me before and until this thread popped up, i totally forgot. I will ask my father inlaw. He has huge peices. Mine are all softball size and down.
  24. Look out for this guy in October. He is a claim jumping mad man
  25. No, the minerals belong to the claim holder, and any removal would be considered theft. There is a lengthy discussion about this subject on the Detector Prospector Forum, the thread is "Rye Patch Claim Jumpers". Barry with My Land Matters has words of wisdom posted there for our education.... Don't feel alone.
  26. Would you happen to know anyone that has some large pieces?
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