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  2. Definitely not fire agate. The small bubbles inside preclude agate.
  3. It is not fire agate. I would bet on slag or obsidian. The rainbow is probably light being refracted through an internal fracture.
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  5. Hello, can any of you recommend a good coil for the Rich Hill area? I have a smaller nugget finder coil and had to listen to every single hot rock. Also, what soil setting would you guys use with the gpx5000 where there are tons of hot rocks? I was just recent out on the road runner claims out there, have any of y’all had any luck on their claims? Thanks!
  6. Tom, please tell Tom that Dodacious and I are praying for his continued speedy and thorough recovery! .... Cheers, Unc
  7. Yes, way better than ol' stinky! On the other hand you let Bill win this trip!!! just teasing, Bill fred
  8. I remember this story from a few years ago. Can't believe you haven't found a buyer after all this time.
  9. Worked hard this past weekend. Better than being skunked.
  10. And also clean them up a bit, and maybe file a window into them?
  11. Wow, great find story! Can't believe someone just left it sitting there, lucky you.
  12. Agate is pretty durable, hard stuff. When it fractures the broken faces are short and often end in step or hinge fractures. This specimen has long, thin flakes that end in a feather edge. The fractured have ripples. This indicates a much softer material like glass or obsidian. If there are little bubbles in it I would say it is opalite glass. A crafts creation. I have a friend who makes jewelry and she does opalites. That looks like something that might have been left over after she formed her little jewels. A hardness test would differentiate glass from agate. I have no idea what it is but the fractures look like glass to me.
  13. The biggest problem with fossil hash is keeping the limestone lit.
  14. I think Diggingd is spot on the ID of the sample. Your sample looks very much like the small pieces of Fire Agest from S.E. Arizona
  15. Interesting find. I think the term for all the fossil pieces is "hash" such as "trilobite hash", or "coral hash" etc..
  16. Very nice find! I love your display, simple and elegant.
  17. Bill - that's some nice gold. It's starting to warm up out there. Not too much more time before night hunting is here. Adam - That's like a little dragon guarding its gold!
  18. Beautiful Snake Adam! Cool picture....
  19. Good going Bill, another day in office for you. ht
  20. Wow! I see the prayers worked without mine as I didn't know anything. I'll send along a few prayers now that he stays in touch with the doctors and feels better than he has in months! The rest of us need to learn from this also. Don't ignore symptoms. Mitchel
  21. Tell dad I says quit playin and get better
  22. Have not had one coil not find me gold ....for the exception of one my 15" Detech DD and that was because I have not put a nugget under it.
  23. Sexy nuggets Bill !! Love the Angular and Isometrc look ! I was in the general area yesterday , and only found this little guy
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  25. Very cool Guys, Just saw this, been walkabout
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