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  2. I'll check locally to see if someone has xrf. I really don't want to send it out unless I absolutely have to.
  3. Agreed, a XRF scan should tell all the content of the specimen in percentages, at least the surface area.
  4. It will do the whole specimen, then should tell you the percentage of everything. I thought one of the fellers here was telling me about it. Worth looking into i think.
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  6. Would a xrf zero in on the electrum by itself? Or would it anaylize the specimen as a whole which means the calcite as well? I have very little knowledge of xrf.
  7. No i mean with a XRF analyzer. I know the assay labs here have them but not sure if they would in your area. Pretty sure the XRF would do it. I could be wrong though.
  8. Thanks gentleman,its been explained to me by several kind folks now,I just needed to hear it from a few 'masters' first though is all ,I will however post pictures with any future questions or topics I may have,and I'm sure there will be many!!!! The daytime bolide/fireball that lit up the skies here in Manitoba,Canada was a longtime ago,but literally right near my residence.the heading in the newspaper was 'Fireball lights up Sky North of Winnipeg' Mikestang,I googled it the other day,and although it happened longgggg time ago now the info can still be read.Thanks for the replys guys!!!!! " Happy Huntn "
  9. I meant say,our tower is to the NE and across the street their towers for WIFI to the SW. Tried a colorful underwater YouTube video last evening, played all the way through with out any problem. I got all my speed back, maybe plus a little extra never had before.
  10. Dan, I'm hoping that's my last resort. I'd like to to somehow check for gold % without damaging the specimen. I'm going to take it to a manufacturing jeweler down the street in a couple weeks to get their opinion. In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to know what they are.
  11. I think that would have to be sent off to an assay lab. Thats a good question.
  12. How does one determine the % of gold in electrum? I have a specimen of electrum that defies attempts to streak for acid testing. The electrum is finely interspersed throughout the matrix.
  13. Cut it tonight. Looks like an L!
  14. Nice looking knife Terry;,..............$123.48.................."In a New York minute".
  15. Thank you It does show some tiny holes I could be wrong but it looks like it has two exterior layers that are deteriorating and the highest elevations in the rock are damaged ,a consistent metallic shyne to it. feels like a rock and not a stone. I did google pics of agatized breccia they definitely have some similarities
  16. Keep those Guesses Coming! There are two of you that are Very Close! Hey Bill & Tammy, keep those YouTube's coming!
  17. first photo looks like agatized breccia
  18. Wahib, It is not a meteorite. It looks sedimentary. Cheers! billpeters
  19. Hi When I saw the round stones with the halos inside of a stone that was inside of a stone I thought it might be a meteorite Its not heavy ,magnetic, Exterior looks like it has 2 weathered layers, it's heavily damaged on the highest elevations, it has a rock feel to it not a stone I put water on the first and the second last pic Looked cool though I'd share it and name it (spaceface:) Just wondering if it is a space face any help would be great Thank you
  20. Yesterday
  21. Good stories. Hey ... I was thinking ... maybe you could be *my* Uncle Bob?? LOL. (really ...... I am serious) My uncles are lucky just to get their butts off the sofa!!
  22. Most of the time there is less trash too. I find myself throwing my test nugget down more on the hillsides just to see if the machine is still working haha.
  23. Actually, it's a CO3. They have a much smaller chondrules than any of the ordinary chondrites. Only CH class has smaller. The other one is lunar, a tiny but beautiful nwa 5000 fragment. Here is the back side:
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