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  2. It does not flake or chip off when I use a thumb tack, sorry for the bad close up of the metal flake, my led on the Jewelers loupe makes a bright glare on pictures.
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  4. I can't see metallic flakes in the pics. To me, I see small white quartz. Perhaps a close up would help. Does the silver flake crumble or flake when pressed with a pin? If so, that points towards Mica, and not metal. Not a meteorite guy, and I've only been to one ASU meteor showing, but what struck me about their confirmed finds was how thin the fusion crust was. The Glendale meteor had a paper thin fusion crust. The photo you have makes your crust look much too thick.
  5. That's evidence of life on Mars. Seriously, that's a pretty common coral found in sedimentary rocks.
  6. Its a coral of some variety, got a lot of of it here in Wi as well.
  7. Nice nuggets! ... Good to see some gold here posted...Cheers, Unc
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  9. I'll be there attending the potluck on Saturday with my friend Linda. Just the two of us and I clicked the head counter up above. Likely we will be wearing shirts with our names on them and hopefully meet some of you guys and ladies. Our flight, car and housing reservations are already booked and confirmed. We will be staying in Wickenburg and will be there on the 10th through the 20th. Linda will be using my old Gold Striker and I will be using - learning my new GPX 5000... Likely I'll be back in the spring for a couple of months and R-V camping in Stanton. I'm thinking about making a southern potato salad to bring since we're coming from Georgia and staying in a place where we can cook.... We're both looking forward to our visit!
  10. I will be bringing my Chili if I can figure a way to keep it cool from Wednesday to Saturday. May have to freeze it and keep on ice and reheat Saturday.
  11. I'm beginning to think the upper end of slave digs, across the property line, might hold good gold, if permission is hard to get from that owner.
  12. Maybe they weren't in the right spot or perhaps make you think no gold found by them.
  13. Awesome score. Thanks for the info. We love it over there.
  14. The two .7g nuggets at the top of the scale were at 7-8 inches. The little .12g nugget was about 5 inches. Those 3 were found on the first afternoon after my 10 hours of driving. The next day the 1.5g was in rock at about 6" and the final nugget on the next day at the bottom was just a scrape or two down at 3-4 inches.
  15. RD since posting the pic of the area I have permission to beep and you and I talked about it here I just a few minutes ago got a message from the owner saying she is going there because here land has been invaded. Now just after receiving her msg I got a email from another party saying this: "this weekend i went to a place near "Bucaina balneario", do you know it?? It is between niquelandia and uruaƧu... me and two other guys... 3 machines, almost 3 days of work... and nothing!" No exact location was mentioned but it seems to me ironic that the two incedents happened together. I'll let you know more when I know more.
  16. Haha yeah I can't go 20ft into one of the fields without finding some piece of fossilized stone. Michigan is full of fossils. In the recent past, a couple years ago I think, they found mammoth fossils in a field near where I live
  17. Thought I would share this cool looking chunk. When it is wet, the areas with quartz are very transparent, and I can see bits of opal reflecting in the interior. Any idea on what it used to be? To me it looks like a small group of coral, or maybe a larger shell.
  18. ? ? ? Sorry. . . Don't know what "P-&" is. or maybe I haven't had enough coffee yeT Edit - Found what you meant on Rob's forum . . . P-7 . . Thanks
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