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  2. I’ve found one piece of reddish chalcedony that had one tiny spot of actual fire. I sometimes wonder if that’s where the confusion comes from.
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  4. Great topic. I have seen people calling reddish chalcedony fire agate based on the color alone. You have shown the true Fire Agate
  5. I figured I would add some pictures of a few fire agates that I mined for people that are not familiar with the material.
  6. Thanks for responding, everyone! Much appreciate everyone's input.
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  8. Great job delivering that baby! The labor took eons of time to produce that special boy! Congrats!!
  9. Thanks for the show and tell. I just love seeing gold, I just love holding gold, I just love finding gold. Hell! I just plain love gold. Congrats and well done.
  10. That is what they call a fist full of dollars. oops! Nuggets too. Congrats. Nice going
  11. Thanks to all who saw my posting and a special gratitude for all the kind words from the respondent. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. After viewing this post, I was disappointed in the quality of the pictures shown. They were a little blurry so I took more care and photoed a few more. The new pictures look much more clearer (at least on my computer). We'll see what how the new photos look on this post. Cheers
  12. You in jail again! What did you do this time? ... And Mikayla Happy Happy Birthday!
  13. That's how it is done! WTG!
  14. Bob ... Leave it to you to find something on those disgusting little vermin creatures!
  15. Very nice! I haven't had time for anything lately.
  16. Happy Birthday, young lady...I'd do BD wishes on FaceBook but I'm in FaceBook jail...So this is the only way I can wish you the very best of days, from me and Dodie...
  17. If it leaves a black streak it is almost certainly magnetite, unless it has been heavily weathered meteorite? Correct me if im wrong, so i guess cutting a small window to see what it looks inside could prove to be crucial in determining what it truly is.
  18. Try to cut a window so we can see what it looks inside, never hurts to look.
  19. Marlo, No, it is a chunk of rusted, man made iron devoid of its original purpose. It you are able to find more in the near area you might be able to discern what it was part of. Cheers! billpeters
  20. Hello All, Not sure if others have seen this but Miner John lost everything in the Paradise Fire back in Nov. I wish him the best on getting his feet back on the ground, with such a terrible loss. Obviously because of this, his coil covers are not being produced at least at this time (his site says at some point he hopes to be back in business). I am in desperate need of a coil cover for my GPZ 14" and really don't want to have the go with a Minelab one. Every place I have looked that used to sell Miner Johns coil covers is Out of Stock. Does anyone know where there still might be some for sale, or does anyone have an extra one they would like to sell me? If so please let me know, we can easily do PayPal friends and family or cashier check. My Minelab coil cover started getting a couple small holes in it and it got pretty coated too with the chloroform of scorpion weed. A new plant that I unfortunately learned about, ugh. Thanks!
  21. If you are getting a black streak, it's not a meteorite. Chances are what you have is magnetite.
  22. Not a meteorite. Looks like an old piece of rusted iron.
  23. Not sure where to turn to. This showed up on the side of my driveway last fall. It's very heavy for it's size and magnetic. It's really odd. I don't think it's a chunk of man made iron, it seems too unusual. But if it came hurling through the atmosphere from another world I would expect it to have a smoother surface? Hoping some of you with experience in these things can give some insight.
  24. Great job, congrats sir. Nice looking nugget too!
  25. you getting any of them copper nuggets? friends in Grand rapids Michigan found a 32 pounder
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