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  2. If so, it would be nice if i could find some. But in all my years i have nothing like that and there's a bit of sedimentary where i live too.
  3. So where is that moderator person now to referee this one? When Bedrock Bob and stillweaver had a friendly banter on my post he swooped down faster than an owl to a rabbit to blow the timeout whistle!
  4. That is so cool. I think I'd be out in the field most of the time. Have a hard time tearing myself away when on the search for rocks!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Oh, that is the pain of success!
  7. Thanks jrdemaris, ill check it out
  8. Gold in the big curve starting at the patch of trees in the lower right of picture.Been there. Good luck!
  9. We plan on getting there Wed. and stay till Monday. Cowboy beans for the pot luck. Can't wait.
  10. I never would have thought of that either! I would have been amazed at the beautiful pink nature could produce LOL
  11. Another green rock with red in it. I wonder is it granite?
  12. I find a lot of these green rocks on the beach here in Newfoundland. Not usually with quartz in it though. Can anyone tell me what they are.
  13. Now I know. It's a fact most of the fires in this country are started by meteorites.
  14. A rock with hot pink survey paint sprayed on it.
  15. I used super glue to hold it together, then I ended up using Gorilla Glue (which is what I had on hand) I built up a complete cast around the outside from the holes on the coil ears to an inch down the shaft and was able to spread it on the inside as well. I ground down the inside enough to slide the coil connector through. It seems to be rock hard solid. I installed the new lower shaft I bought but not before building up a cast around the outside like I did on my broken shaft for added strength. I think it will be fine for a spare. Appreciate all the helpful ideas that I can fall back on if my attempt doesn't hold. Doug
  16. Reinforcing with fiberglass drywall tape works wonders , and adding microspheres is great at thickening runny epoxies that need a long set time.
  17. Last week
  18. There are epoxies that adhere to plastic quite well- just look for it on the label. Always, but always, I cross hatch the area to be glued with a razor knife, then coarse sandpaper, and then acetone or non lubricant ether(starting fluid). I have even used brake cleaner in a pinch.
  19. Hello, Found this in southern lower Michigan. The color is more hot pink than the picture shows. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. It is an awesome rock! Looks like a quartz vein in some sort of country rock. The quartz was chemically and mechanically more durable and the country rock has mostly been eroded away. A rock like that tells a good story. It's not just a dumb rock that does not give you much info. It definitely represents change and movement. The passage of time. You can plainly see how the harder rock is persisting and the softer stone is weathering away. The quartz was once surrounded by the dark rock but now it holds it together. When you look at a rock like that you can actually hear the hubs of Hell spinning around and feel the eons passing.
  21. Both PC7 and JB Weld are the same stuff. Duro 1000 is even better. But none of it will stick to plastic. You might build it up enough for a repair but don't expect it to adhere to the surface. Wipe it good with acetone and then rough it all up with 80 grit paper and the epoxy might adhere a bit better. But the takeaway here is epoxy won't adhere to plastic. The best you can do with epoxy is build a "cast" around the break and hope it holds for a while. Sooner or later the glue will pop loose from the plastic. The shafts are some type of thermoplastic. Probably nylon or pvc. If it softens when you get it hot it can be welded. Just use a like material for filler rod and get it just hot enough for the filler to coalesce with the part. PVC and ldpe will soften with acetone. HDPE and Nylon won't. So you can narrow down what type of filler you need by rubbing a spot with a solvent rag. You can get a cheap welding kit from harbor freight with an assortment of rods and it is worth the pittance you will pay. A heat gun and a wood burner will get you there though. If it is PVC it can be solvent welded. It is tricky to get a strong joint unless you use a sleeve or coupling. All my detector poles are PVC pipe. When I break one I just replace it with a home made one. It is better than trying to fix a snapped piece. I have never broken a home made one and have broken a few factory ones. So there is that. Just my two cents.
  22. I need the crf and a getting a ride to go there. it lmao The hospital sucked
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