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  2. Almost makes me want to come back to AZ for the summer instead of staying here in NH ...almost! Great job guys!
  3. That's is a great day! For both of you.
  4. RIP Jim..... loved talking gold with you... Dave
  5. Rest in Peace Jim ... Sorry we never got to meet in person but so glad for our electronic com and our phone chat. You will be missed by many and you leave such a huge void in our community by your passing. I will be forever grateful for having known you!
  6. no gpz, but lobo that replaced two times. the second one laid around for a year or so, no way it would go on so put the coil in the fridge and smeared the coconut oil on it and heated it with the hair dryer it slipped on. plastic contracts and expands alot. coconut oil makes one healthy no arthritis, tooth aches and young and happy heart.
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  8. I never knew you Jim, but have heard many great things about you. Thank you for passing on such great knowledge. Bill has passed your knowledge along to so many including myself. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this gold prospecting community. RIP Jim Straight.
  9. My Mentor has left..... It is not that I am selfish, but I feel a loss like no other over this. I dealt with the pain of knowing a month or two back of this day coming. I am sad and proud to have known this man so well for so long.
  10. Ugly gold is beautiful eh? we were at Saddle Mountain today and had a blast....
  11. Pretty amazing stuff guys!! nice work👍🏻
  12. Dang! nice gold and look at the hard working hands! fred
  13. WET/DRy; just curious, Do you have a gpz 7000? And have you changed the coil Cover? fred
  14. Hey, If you don't go, you don't know! Maybe the stripers are biting . . . ?
  15. Steal of a deal here, new in box (never fired up) with everything that comes with it Powermate PM2200i Suitcase style inverter generator. IF YOU WANT MORE INFO GOOGLE "Powermate PM2200i" 1ST $300 in my hand takes it. EXCELLENT for prospecting trips and camping. Reply here or Call me NO TEXTS/DATA on this number 928 303 8474 Frank.
  16. Crimmy! WTG you guys. Im drooling. Tom H.
  17. found one small rock, might have some gold in it, did have a good time.
  18. Boulder dash and I got out for a day and he just smoked me ! Lots of hard work in the new spots but it looks like I need to chose a different area Enjoy !! Boulderdash`s is on right Mine on the left ......
  19. That was a good decision. I did not see the Whites GMT 24K in your list . You should consider it. I wish I could get my hands on one for a day. For gold nuggets and you being new user, I would recommend the Gold Monster 1000 , or the Whites GMT 24K .
  20. I don`t think that the consumer should have to jerry-rig a brand new product for that price. The problem is that there is a large learning curve to drywashing. You can not just buy a new unit, and be successful without delay. I would imagine , most of the purchases are new to the hobby and they wont have a complaint because they do not even know there is a problem. The simplicity of the older boxes are much more user friendly.
  21. Here is a map of where he could have found that nugget! http://www.prospectinglocations.com/regions.php?id=211
  22. The audio boost on the GM1000 is great, the audio boost on the GB2 is great, not so much on the equinox 800 in gold modes. Don't expect much for depth with any of the VLF nugget detectors they are all surface machines for tiny gold. Just a few pointers. I am in between vlf nugget detectors right now, my last one, a GB2 was very successful for tiny gold, but noisy. I am waiting awhile to see what new machines turn up on the open market for sale. There might be a Minelab Multi IQ dedicated nugget machine in the works dunno for sure, lots of rumors floating around right now.
  23. Last time I was at the site pictured above, there were what appeared to be homeless people around, but they were panning for gold so I was happy for them. The land is private ( Fain ) surrounding that portion of creek by the bridge, so..... Maybe Dozer Dave is going in there to Mine it out
  24. RD I had my computer upgraded a week before takeing the pics of the crystal, buess what. Nothing is the same, I can't get the pics out of my cell phone into the computer to post them here. Still trying.
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